How the Muslim Brotherhood Operates in Tennessee (Part 1 of 8)

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #163 — How the Muslim Brotherhood Operates in Tennessee (Part 1 of 8)


There are Islamists living in Tennessee who are top tier leaders in ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), one of the unindicted co-conspirator organizations named by the Muslim Brotherhood in its plan for the U.S.. This plan was exposed during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing prosecution.

There are Islamists living in Tennessee who are individually named in that same Muslim Brotherhood plan, and Islamists who have served in executive positions with Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR and the MAS (Muslim American Society), both designated as terrorist organizations by the UAE.

CAIR’s executive director who visits Tennessee has publicly voiced his support for HAMAS. CAIR has inserted itself multiple times in Tennessee events, even trying to prevent Tennessee citizens from exercising First Amendment rights to free speech and free assembly. In 2013 CAIR’s Michigan director was brought to Nashville to train Muslim high school students in political activism. Currently CAIR has a de facto office in Nashville since its former CAIR-Houston director registered as a Tennessee lobbyist and is running the American Center for Outreach (ACO).

A former CAIR intern worked with the UT Knoxville MSA (Muslim Students Association) and was on the faculty of the private Islamic school in Knoxville. Another former CAIR chapter leader was the self-appointed Vanderbilt University Muslim chaplain who confirmed during a public event that he must abide by Islamic law that commands death for homosexuals.

Guest speakers known to be radical Islamists have been brought to Tennessee with messages like “Islam is better than democracy” and that under sharia law “the kafir [non-Muslims] won’t be equal with the Muslim.”

Deeds to some Tennessee mosques list Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Imams preaching inside the mosques are trained in Saudi Arabia where the strictest form of sharia law is practiced or are trained at Al-Azhar University in Egypt, which is credited with starting the Islamic Muslim Brotherhood movement, promoting Islam and sharia as a complete way of life.

Tennessee even has a mosque whose mortgage is held by an organization working on behalf of the Iranian government.

Tennessee is home to the leader of an Islamic organization which shares many attributes with the Holy Land Foundation that was shut down by the U.S. government for providing material support to HAMAS.

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Our elected and appointed political leaders should be required to receive complete and factual information about the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups operating in Tennessee because these groups represent the politics of Islam. These groups and individuals should be exposed.

Our citizens should also know these facts. Watch for the next seven installments in this series.

6 thoughts on “How the Muslim Brotherhood Operates in Tennessee (Part 1 of 8)

  1. There are going to have to be campaign ads based on this or awareness won’t reach the level where the information can have any effect.

    • That’s where AFDI posters campaigns of Pamela Geller&Co come into equation. They have experienced and dedicated lawyers on hand in cases when transport authorities are trying to muzzle them. That’s USA. I used their sticker in South England, it has been taken off public space in 36 hours- and that was small town…There were also reports about arrest of vigilante anti-halal activist using stickers from Jihadi Frog (Twitter) but guerilla tactic mostly goes unpunished 😛

      • I’ve been reading about those ads. Pretty pathetic how they always have to sue the city in order to get them posted. Then when the city loses the city council usually resolves to turn over the profit from the ads to some group that will just use the money to support jihadi lawfare or propaganda.

  2. Tennesee in Al Gores home state. The residents are going to have to start sightin in their shooting irons

  3. I remember a news story four (maybe?) years ago about a mosque under construction in Murfreesboro, TN being burned to the ground. At that time, there were no suspects.

    Has that mosque been built? Is that where some of these…people…are operating from?

    I clearly don’t have the Internet Search chops I thought I did….


    • I believe it has. But the folks in TN would have the full story. I just did a google search on Murfreesboro Mosque and it’s all there. People fought hard against it but some of the heaviest Islam hitters in this country were behind it. IIRC, they laid the groundwork by beginning with a cemetery. A Muslim cemetery is sacred ground eternally. It’s interesting that they’ve focused on Tennessee and then on Rutherford County. More churches around there than probably anywhere else.

      When Islam is invading one of their strategies is to impose architecture on its subservient populace. In this country they do it via money, influencing politicians, and plain ol’ fear.

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