Grover Norquist and the Muslim Brotherhood Again, This Time in the NRA

Grover Norquist is is a Republican low-tax activist who founded and is president of Americans for Tax Reform. He is also a strong advocate for Islamic interests in the United States, and was one of the people who helped leverage Muslim Brotherhood operatives into positions of influence within the Republican Party.

Secure Freedom (formerly known as the Center for Security Policy) and Glenn Beck have taken issue with the National Rifle Association for having Mr. Norquist on their board of directors. Below is a press release on the topic that was sent out today by Secure Freedom.

Secure Freedom Salutes Glenn Beck, N.R.A. for Investigation of Grover Norquist, Calls on Board to Deem Him Ineligible to Serve

(Washington, D.C.): Secure Freedom (also known as the Center for Security Policy) today applauded radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck for his principled declaration that he would end his close association with the National Rifle Association (NRA) if Grover Norquist were to be reelected to the NRA’s Board of Directors in balloting now underway. Mr. Beck initially made this pledge on his syndicated radio program in the course of an interview with Secure Freedom President Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. on Wednesday, calling Norquist “a very bad man” and enabler of Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

Evidence of Mr. Norquist’s longstanding ties to Islamic supremacists was compiled in a detailed dossier transmitted in February 2014 to the then-leadership of another prominent national organization, the American Conservative Union, by ten influential national security professionals, led by Bush ’43 Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey and Clinton Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey.

A fourth edition of this monograph, entitled Agent of Influence: Grover Norquist and the Assault on the Right — Targeting the NRA, has just been released by Secure Freedom. It includes illuminating correspondence written on the one hand by Mr. Norquist and one of his defenders, Washington attorney Cleta Mitchell, and on the other by General Mukasey and Mr. Gaffney.

Glenn Beck announced during his radio program on Friday that he had spoken for over an hour with Wayne LaPierre, the Executive Vice President of the NRA. In response to what Mr. Beck described as “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” of phone calls stimulated by his earlier announcement, Mr. LaPierre promised that the National Rifle Association would be launching a “transparent” ethics investigation of Mr. Norquist.

In the interest of assisting in that investigation, Mr. Gaffney today sent every member of the NRA’s Board of Directors copies of the new edition of Agent of Influence, together with a transmittal letter (see below) offering to provide to have the Mukasey-Woolsey team provide its members with a briefing on the wealth of evidence of Grover Norquist’s involvement with and assistance to Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist figures.

In response to this week’s dramatic developments, Mr. Gaffney said:

For sixteen years, it has been evident that Grover Norquist has helped jihadists — including two who were subsequently convicted on terrorism charges — gain access to and influence over conservative organizations, the Republican Party and, most especially, the 2000 campaign and presidency of George W. Bush. Until now, none of the groups with which he has been associated have been willing to do a serious inquiry into the nature and acceptability of such activities.

Members of the National Rifle Association are to be congratulated for their success in instigating such an investigation, as is Glenn Beck for raising the alarm that precipitated this inquiry and Wayne LaPierre for appreciating that nothing less would be acceptable. The investigation will be in order and should be rigorously completed — even if, as seems inevitable, Grover Norquist resigns from the NRA Board.

Agent of Influence can be downloaded for free at or purchased at For more information, contact: [Samantha Nerove at or 703.504.8856].

11 thoughts on “Grover Norquist and the Muslim Brotherhood Again, This Time in the NRA

  1. I wondered about Mr. Norquist way back in 2002 when the blogs that were in operation really didn’t know who this person was.
    He is married to a muslim and has been pushing Islam at the highest levels of our gov’t since then.
    The fact that the NRA has him on their board is very discouraging.
    Mr. Norquist claims to be a “tax fighter.” Beyond that he has an agenda that we would all find distasteful.
    All American citizens reading this should email the NRA and ask that he be thrown off their board.

  2. His anti-tax shtick is a Trojan horse for gaining access to republican and Conservative circles so that he can pursue his real agenda, just like a virus infects a healthy cell.

    • Learning about GN’s connection to the MBrotherhood has helped me understand why the Republican candidates/electees who signed his pledge were so frightened about raising taxes.

      They didn’t articulate reasoned arguments against raising whatever tax was in question, nor did they articulate why a particular tax might need to be raised in a particular circumstance. No. The body language consistently reflected FEAR.

      Good God. (Truly meant.)

  3. Don’t expect the NRA to dump him. Norquist is part and parcel of the GOP and people are either afraid or simply don’t care about his associations. The fact it’s taken Beck and a massive outpouring to get La Pierre to even listen is worrisome.

    30 minutes of doing searches on Google would have exposed him as damaged goods by La Pierre’s subordinates. But La Pierre probably cares more about the money he brings with him.

    What I think will happen is this: Wayne will do the Kabuki dance for the masses then declare there is nothing to see and close the books and tell Beck to pound sand.

    Too much of the GOP/NRA is full of fat cat country club Republicans – who are really very comfortable with the status quo. Like Obama’s followers they will turn a blind eye to shady/terrorist connections of their own kind.

    The only way he’ll be dumped if is half the NRA memberships quits.

    • Norquist is In Name Only a Republican.
      His views are the opposite of Republicans especially his pro Islamic views and working with the Soros crowd for criminal justice reform along with Libertarians Rand Paul and Koch Bros

  4. I joined the NRA back in 1995, and I left in 1996. This age old group was something useful in the early 1900’s, but since they rolled on most of Clinton’s policy changes, I can not abide their foolishness. If you want change, join the Gun Owners of America. The NRA is nothing but a liaison between the congress and gun owners, milking your acquiescence with hard words and soft action.

    • Heimdall, you are sadly out of touch with gun ownership in the U.S. and the role the NRA has played in preserving it. Any organization the size of the NRA is going to have disgruntled members because you can’t get more than 3 Americans to agree on anything. It is a sad fact that you have to constantly play politics these days to preserve the status quo as it is. We would have a severely more socialist nation than it is if it weren’t for the intervention of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. The GOA is weak as far as political clout goes. The NRA’s training programs are only rivaled by the nation’s military and police training academies which the NRA also supports. The NRA has raised millions in funds for Olympic shooting athletes, summer youth camps, Boy Scout programs, local gun clubs, Friends of NRA events etc. I don’t see the GOA doing any of that stuff. Any organization run by humans is going to be flawed at some time or other. Using the Norquist issue as a carte blanche criticism of one of the nation’s most patriotic organizations is intellectually dishonest. Yes, I’m a member and will continue doing so because there isn’t anything else that comes close. You’re part of the solution or part of the problem.

    • Please. By “nuts” do you mean Mr. Beck tends to react emotionally to issues which concern him? I certainly don’t always agree with him, but he’s built a great deal of interest in the Founders’ writings and America’s original writings so for that I’m glad he’s around. In general he seems to spread more light than heat, and that is a plus.

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