Flying the Raya in Vermont

A Vermont reader named Heimdall emailed me recently with a question:

I have a question about Islamist flags. I recently saw a pickup truck with Vermont plates, with a large sticker decal on the back window of what looked like the black flag of jihad, the black banner with white writing of what I think is the shahada. I didn’t get a chance to get a pic, but I am concerned due to the fact that the truck was pulling into a neighborhood known to be populated by Bosnian refugees transplanted to Burlington, Vermont.

There is only one main Islamic center here in Colchester, Vermont, but there are several smaller masjids and several halal stores, and the communities are notoriously closed-lip. We have a goodly-sized Somali and Sudanese communities, and a lot of Bosnians. Are there any mutterings in your research of Islamists residing in Vermont? Our press just loves them. The politicians here are basically socialists, and use them to create division in the community — so it is hard to find any info locally.

I wrote him back and told him that the flag decal was likely al-raya, more commonly known as “The Black Flag of Jihad”. It has been widely used by Al Qaeda and its admirers, and was the pre-eminent flag among the world’s Sunni mujahideen until the Islamic State began to dominate the market with its version of the black flag:

Concerning the Islamization of Vermont, I told him that I had very little information on the state, and suggested that he check the archives at Refugee Resettlement Watch to see what they had. As it turned out, he knew quite a bit himself — he wrote me back this morning with a wealth of first-hand information on the cultural enrichment of Vermont.

With his permission, here is Heimdall’s account of what’s happening in Vermont:

Vermont, especially its largest city Burlington, has a sizable Somali Bantu community. It was started as part of the Vermont Refugee Resettlement program. They have been balkanized into mainly two towns, Burlington and the neighboring city of Winooski.

The Bosnians have been coming here since the war in the early ‘90s, and there are hundreds of them. For the most part, they have assimilated into life here fairly well. I actually have three families on my street, and I know them all. However, they have not been without issues.

I have added some links below; they are interesting as well:

Somali Bantu Community Association of Vermont

Tabar Women’s Leadership Program with Somali flag

Islamic Community Center of Vermont: This site is a little odd, but upon driving by its location several times, it appears to be frequented only by Somalis, and all of the windows are whited out. There was a halal store in the same building, but that is now a thrift shop. The neighboring area is populated by Somali refugees. It is a pretty run-down area of town.

Concerning the raya sticker. I drive through the neighborhood twice a day for work, and haven’t seen the truck since, but it was a bit disconcerting (albeit not unexpected). The Muslim community here is fairly large, and diverse — including Somalis, Sudanese, Bosnian, and a smattering of Arabs and “Asians” — but I know several Egyptians who go to the one “mosque”, and they say that no one talks to the Bosnians because they socialize with their woman, and the women don’t cover their heads. And the Africans don’t like to talk to anyone else.

They are fairly divided, and that is why (I believe) the second, apparently Somali-only center opened up in Winooski. Here is a link to the main mosque site, located in Colchester, VT — borders with Winooski.

I also know several school teachers and administrators in Burlington, and there are some serious issues that the city will not allow to be spoken of outside of the schools.

In one of the three elementary schools, no Somali males over the age of 18 are allowed on the premises because they are too aggressive and have caused numerous scuffles with staff. At the same school, several mothers have been issued trespass warrants because they have physically attacked staff — one lady has choked the front desk clerk twice — no arrests, no press.

Since the men are not allowed on site, if there is an argument in the community, the men gather outside of the perimeter fence during recess and goad the male children to fight each other. The police come, but no reports are allowed to be made.

A kindergarten teacher lives across the street from me. She has retired after 33 years because of a head injury she sustained from a Somali boy hitting her and pushing her over onto a table — she hit her head so hard she was taken to the hospital. She has not recovered much, and she decided to retire instead of going back. The school did nothing to the child, and the parents were proud that their child stuck up for himself when the “female teacher” disrespected him. Remember, this is a kindergartener!

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  1. This is like reading a pathology report of a healthy person who contracted AIDS by tainted blood transfusion, and the progress of the decay, degeneration and ultimate demise of that person, due to opportunistic infections against which his organism no longer had a defense.

    Actually, it’s worse than that, for AIDS patients nowadays at least know and acknowledge that they have the disease, and try various cure methods. But in the “Migra-Refugees-God’s Children-We Need Foregn Workers” AIDS, the patient “celebrates” his disease, yearns for more of it, discounts the mounting symptoms, explains away the pathogens, showers invective at prescriptions for healing, and believes fervently that if only he got rid of his racism, nativism, unconscious white privilege etc., everything would be bright and wonderful.

    • Or in a more simple term – insanity.

      The reference to the kindergarten reminds me of the time I was called to ‘deal’ with a disruptive primary school age male (10) non-Muslim, who had to be locked in the broom closet to keep him from attacking other students.

      Only female teachers at that school, and he (the kid) had only the one parent (mother of course) and it became quite obvious to me in the course of ‘dealing’ with him that the kid had no respect at all for women.

      His first words to me when I opened the closet, were to the effect; “You can’t touch me!” Obviously the mother and maybe one or two of those female teachers had read him his rights concerning lone policemen out to chastise him.

      But touch him I did and frog marched him all the way to the back of the paddy wagon where he was literally thrown into the cage, and all this while the same teachers who had locked him in the broom closet remonstrated with me about the way I was treating the little darling!

      Such is the insanity of the learning institutions today.

          • Any male, of any age, is insane to allow himself to be confined with children, in a classroom, without outside witnesses.

            It’s an absolute invitation to a child molestation charge.

          • Absolutely what Dave said. Unless the classroom was built with a large see-through window on the top half of the door or there are other ways by which random passersby can look into the classroom at any hour of the day to verify for themselves that no unlawful contact (not exactly the same as “no contact,” but for male teachers may as well be…), I agree: a male teacher with elementary-age students is an unfortunately easy target for child-abuse charges.

            Even/especially when absolutely nothing untoward has taken place. 🙁

      • Well, this is the same sort of “educational” institution where if a bully is physically attacking another kid then both kids are considered equally to blame, unless of course the victim tries to defend himself in which case he ends up being solely to blame.

        This was certainly my experience in school. However I knew the teachers were idiots, so I’d defend myself from violence and bullying regardless of what idiot “social justice” teachers said knowing that police and the court system wouldn’t be so stupid.

        These idiot ideas like “everyone is equally to blame” and “blame the victim” end up teaching kids to believe stupid things that don’t work in adult society. The kids who are taught to believe this kind of thing end up in jail unless other adults outside the public education system teach them how the actual justice system works.

        The cause of most of the stupidity in the public education system, if you research it, pretty much comes down to student teachers being taught marxist zero-sum conflict theory in college (though they don’t realize that’s what it is because it’s never called that).

          • Just sue them for assault in civil court. A teacher here did that and the LATINO perps lost and got a huge fine.

          • Ummm…Notice that Latinos are from the West? Sue a Somali and your whole family goes down w/ you.

            Where do you think the Sicilians learned their omerta gig? It was ceaselessly cruel piracy making inroads for generations. No mountains to which they could flee.

        • Earning respect from those one teaches has much to do with the violence now common in all educational institutions. Kids soon learn who to respect and who not to respect by the calibre and metel of the teacher who teaches them.

          And without that respect, the teacher is simply wasting his/her time teaching.

          What we are now seeing from ‘teachers’ is a symptom of a system that no longer cares much about anything let alone getting students good results from learning so that they may have a decent chance in life to prosper and to fulfil their dreams.

          Not everyone can be a good teacher, just like not everyone will make a good police officer or soldier, yet we in the West are now turning out ‘teachers’ like sausages while we wring our hands at how it has all gone wrong.

          • It isn’t just that people who aren’t suitable for teaching are being placed in that position. Yes, standards in schools of education are exceedingly low, however the reason for that is that it’s more important to make sure that everyone has fully accepted marxist conflict theory beliefs and is willing to implement policies based on them than it is to make sure they can teach effectively.

            As for why there are almost no male teachers anymore, that’s largely because so-called “feminists” have convinced everyone that men would have to be pedophiles to have any interest in teaching kids. There is actually a book about this problem, but I can’t remember the title.

      • It’s off topic I know but you raise an excellent point about the public schools. They are no longer about education, they are just public warehouses for the youth.

        The general public doesn’t realize this but if you cannot get into any other college on any campus in America you can always get into the “Education College.” Not all teachers are stupid but the stupid people cannot get degrees anywhere else, except for of course in “Education.” But I have yet to meet an educated ‘educator.’ Yet millions send their children to public schools where these children are put under the thumb of these twits (sorry to be so disparaging but it is the only word I can find to reflect what they truly are.

        So these are the people who are ‘educating’ young people. So that by the time these children are 18 or so they are taking REMEDIAL READING in some “university.” No wonder the universities, and America, are facing a grim future.

  2. The United Staes of America will soon become The Divided States of Islamic America !!

    • That is highly unlikely and sounds quite ridiculous.

      The problem that people here are concerned about is that problems are being ignored because of political correctness. When problems are ignored they get worse, and more individuals end up suffering because of that.

      • No, that is not the case! And without going into detail about what the REAL problems are, and as they are dutifully recorded by patriotic Americans, perhaps you would like to make yourself aquainted with Sipsey Street Irregulars that has all the ‘good oil’ on what is really going down.

    • Well, we’ve already got Dearbornistan located in Michiganistan…….
      Other stans are firming up daily.
      NJ has 2nd largest # of muzlims in US.
      It’s a process……..

  3. Interestingly, the Clarion Project has no Islamist organizations listed for Vermont.

    I predict that this will change in the future.

  4. This is indeed “al-raya,” which is Arabic for “the banner.” The inscription is simply the shahada: “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.” The Taliban adopted it first, then al-Qaida and then the jihadist movement generally. Al-Shabaab in Somalia uses it as well.

  5. Islamic Somalis are the the festering odoriferous ooze underneath the barrel of multi-culti islamic slime. I seldom see immigrants more violent then them.

    • Same over here, wherever Somalis congregate.

      A few years ago a friend of mine who was a Prison Officer of many years experience, and a large, fit and physically capable man at that, left the Service and became a self-employed builder because he had been (fortunately only lightly) injured several times yet was constrained from using the force necessary to defend himself – i.e. from taking pre-emptive action in the face of imminent pack attacks, which were frequent and in the main covered up by the authorities whenever possible.
      His description of Somalis cannot be iterated here in the interests of good taste and the draconian prescriptions of the Race & Religious Hatred Act (nor can my responses to my experiences in the Ethiopian and Somali Ogaden, either).

    • Hussein Ibn Obama brought a lot of them with US Air Force Freighters severel years ago directly to the US…. maybe there were several of the Al Shababh Militia among them….

      • Complete combat ready cells in any are where muslims “refugees” live.

        We need to try to access our neighbors who are muslim and keep a watch secretly on them. I actually followed in my car , a van full of 4 “scarved” women and 3 kids …one man from Wal Mart one evening…they live two streets over. And now We have an Iraqi run food store 4 blocks away.

        But my favorite butcher shop across the street actually takes pictures of the tags of ANY vehicle in the Iraqi store’s parking lot because he has had notes stuck under his door complaining of the BAR B QUE pork he cooks/smokes in his huge fireplace…get this the butcher shop has been there for over 10 years…. the Arabs 6 months.

        So the butcher lets the Arabs know he is watching them. Then he smokes PORK 3 times a week instead of just 2 . PLUS NOW also Friday…and we buy it every week. People have come from all over town for his smoked Pork and turkey for YEARS.

        • On occasion the Baron likes to go to a grocery store in another county, especially since they’ve begun carrying more organic foods. The place is not far from an Islamic compound – inhabited mostly by resentful ex-felons, U.S. citizens whose leader lives in Pakistan but is persona non grata here. Many of the women are on food stamps – or whatever they call the modern version – and I doubt the particular county where they live checks them too closely. As a former social worker, I sure wouldn’t want to work in that county or have to do home visits to the compound.

          Anyway, he does see the Islamic female attire sometimes…but no notices about halal foods – if there were he’d not be there.

        • Well done that butcher! And I hope that the ‘locals’, that is those who live within what we term ‘cooee’ of that Butcher Shop are his/her best customers – which just goes without saying.

          I’d be very disappointed if that is not the case.

    • First correct the grammar: the second last word is THAN not then.

      Secondly, you seem to be full of hate and bitterness. It only destroys you. America is for Americans – land of immigrants. Your forefathers came here once, and these Somalis are here now. They are definitely a resourceful part of the larger American society. No one can deny that. That hatred in you will subsequently be an incurable festering odoriferous wound which will one day need the treatment of a doctor from the Somali community you once had hated.

  6. It’s Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders and granola crunchers. A very progressive state with lots of people with no survival instinct.

    At best the locals are nothing but self-propelled cheeseburgers waiting to be ingested by the first predator that comes their way. Which in this case happen to be by recently imported stone age primitives whose contribution to the world is a big fat zero.

    Perhaps when enough of them beaten to death, raped and ruined by their imports they may wake up. Maybe not. Time will tell. Then again they may very well be a new form of humanity bred to be sheep – like Well’s Eloi.

    • Sorry; I’ve never been to New England, except for a one-weekend-long seminar way back in college. But…

      I thought surely Vermont has a lot of hunters? i.e., people who own and know how to use firearms–rifles, at least, prob. not handguns?

      Wouldn’t hunters have some “survival instinct”?

      Please enlighten me; clearly I’m all at sea on the current situation in New England, esp. Vermont. thx

    • “The white races of Europe should be destroyed and replaced with a race of Eurasian-Negroids who can be easily controlled by the ruling elite.”
      Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi ,“Praktischer Idealismus” 1924.

  7. FWIW: The link to the Islamic Community Center of Vermont implies it already uses shariah arbitration in it’s “about” page:

    The Islamic Community Center of Vermont was established in 2011. After many meetings and discussions, the community agreed to open a mosque where they can meet, pray, educate their children and resolve problems.

    • Gross. God help us. “Problems” need to be resolved either by open community arbitration *or* legal court processes. “Problem resolution” at an Islamic Community Center sounds ominous in the extreme.

      • Yep, expect any woman who hopes to have her problems resolved to not have them resolved if she seeks help from one of these illegal sharia courts. Husband lying to you? Too bad, that’s halal in Islam. Getting beaten by your husband? Too bad again, that’s halal too.

        And make sure to pick up some halal beef on your way home.

  8. So what made Coudenhove-Kalergi want to commit the greatest genocide in human history by destroying the white races of Europe?

    Simply put, the evil [redacted] illegitimate one couldn’t come to terms with his own ethnicity; he was mixed race and there was nothing he could do about it. His parents were Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi, an Austro-Hungarian diplomat, and Mitsuko Aoyama, a Japanese woman from Tokyo.

    The only way he could come to terms with his own ethnicity was to make ‘mixed race’ the norm rather than the exception. This could only be done by destroying the racial purity of everybody else by forced assimilation and miscegenation.

    Being an elitist and a member of the Aristocracy, he thought he had a divine right to genocide the white races of Europe which have survived without interference for thousands of years.

    Hitler was right when he called Kalergi “everybody’s bastard.”

  9. There are some strong indirect plausibel speculations that Ibrahim – Mohammeds Last Son – could have been also target aim of an assassination just weeks before Mohammed himself was murdered –

    Any knower of Hadiths which can support this Thesis ?

  10. This is how Rotherhams start. Presstitutes not reporting, apologists in schools, police not filing reports, going along to get along.

    Of course with Vermont and MN leading the way.

    Welcome to the U.K.

  11. Is this the thread where I should share the following?

    Today at the local, large dog park, upon getting my dog into my car and about to leave, I saw a very nice traveling RV. It had a customized license plate, the usual “I love my [breed of dog here]” bumper sticker, and this as well:

    Black on white and white on black bumper sticker. The black on white text said “Armed Infidel.” The white on black text looked like the Islamic statement of faith.

    I waited in the parking lot for 5 to 10 minutes, but the driver of the RV didn’t appear. I had wanted to let him/her know of our shared feelings, rare though they may be here in northern California.

  12. A very strong effort must be made to discredit the black flag anywhere it is flown. It should be seen in the same light as the Nazi swastika flag or the skull-and-crossbones pirate flag. In fact, the Western pirate flag is a derivative of the corsair’s sea-jihad pirate flag showing a scimitar, the scimitar being easier to sew onto black cloth than complex calligraphy, but conveying the same message to victims of corsair attacks. Here are a few memes I created on this theme. One compares the green Saudi flag to the ISIS flag, one compares the ISIS flag to the swastika flag, another compares the ISIS flag to pirate flags. Please feel free to use them where they might help.

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