Courthouse Trashed by “Vandals” in Toulouse

According to the French MSM, a courthouse in Toulouse was “vandalized” last week, presumably by “youths”. Gallia Watch, as usual, was more candid, saying that the building was “sacked”.

It’s just a coincidence, of course, that there were threatening graffiti in Arabic left on the wall at the site. And the fact that an immigration decision by the court was pending — nah, that must be unrelated.

The damage to the building was fairly serious, and operations had to suspended for a period. Also, the unions threatened a work stoppage until security at the site could be assured.

Below is a news report about the incident from French TV. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Behind these sheets are the messages of the intruder(s)
0:04   One tag is of a religious character; others are
0:08   direct threats naming staff and magistrates of the Tribunal.
0:12   The ground floor ceiling has caved in, one of the interview rooms
0:16   is unusable. All morning the fire brigade tried to
0:20   stem the flooding, the taps of the second and third floors had been opened,
0:24   evacuations were hindered, the damage is impressive.
0:28   It’s devastating. Everything
0:33   is ruined, ceilings collapsed, files are on the ground,
0:37   computers are on the floor.
0:41   No traces of break-in on the facade of the building. The culprits seem to
0:45   have entered via the parking. The staff are in shock.
0:49   The unions claim “the right to stop work” and demand appropriate security measures.
0:53   We demand a police presence
0:57   in every jurisdiction, (and) the securing of
1:02   tribunals, because this is not in place everywhere.
1:06   We’ve already signalled security problems at the reception,
1:10   and we also demand the securing of the building.
1:14   Coincidence? Hearings were suspended today because of
1:18   the visit by the vice president of the State Council. This
1:22   is a measure of the gravity of this situation. I think that the staff are
1:26   worried, there is a real gravity at the heart of the tribunal
1:30   of the Administrative Tribunal of Toulouse, (but) I don’t think
1:34   that the “right to stop work” is valid here.
1:38   And anyway, we will do everything necessary
1:42   so that the concerns expressed here
1:46   will be treated in a preventive manner. A complaint will be lodged,
1:50   and hearings should restart, partially, this week. As to the staff named in the threats,
1:54   they will have the benefit of protection by the State.

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  1. Toulouse was such a pretty city. I was there six years ago. Even then there were places one was not supposed to go. My co-worker who acted as a guide on lunch hours was careful as to where we went. Now all that seems to come from Toulouse are stories of muslim violence.

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