April 13th: Geert Wilders in Dresden

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, will speak at a PEGIDA rally in Dresden on April 13. Below is the notice about the event from the PVV.

Geert Wilders to Dresden on 13 April

Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Dutch parliament, will speak at the Pegida demonstration in the center of Dresden on Monday 13 April.

For many months now, thousands of people have joined weekly Pegida rallies against the Islamization of Europe.

Geert Wilders: “It is wonderful that I have been invited to speak at this meeting. I support all these people who protest against the growing Islamization of Europe, and defend the preservation of our Western culture and identity.”

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