Allahu Akhbar: The Practicum

Vlad Tepes just uploaded a video of sharia “justice” in Afghanistan that is far too brutal and disturbing to embed here. When he gave me the link, he said: “It’s like ‘Planet of the Apes’ meets ‘Lord of the Flies’, except they all convert to Islam.”

Most people will not want to see this one, even though the worst parts have been pixelated out. And I’m not going to talk about the actual content; it’s too horrible to describe. But if you have a strong stomach, and want to see Islam in action, follow this link. The LiveLeak page has a link to an RFE/RL article that describes what happened today in Kabul.

This is what our brave boys died to defend in “the sandbox”. Does anyone think it was worth the life of even a single one of them?

As mentioned here previously, Vlad and I have to deal with this kind of horror every day. To be honest, I don’t know what the long-term effects of it are on us. I seem to be holding up so far, but I’m no longer young and resilient. What subliminal price am I paying?

Dymphna has PTSD, as do some of our readers, so I don’t want the content of this incident discussed in the comments. If you need to address the details, please do it in the comments section on the LiveLeak page. Keep your descriptions here non-specific and general.

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  1. I’m proud of you for refusing to leave civilization even if for an instant. We don’t have to see anything because we have learned that there are people who will do anything that our imaginations can conjure. Thus we already know. Again, the banality of evil.

  2. I don’t think we need to be graphically reminded by the mindboggling high definition non-pixelated videos that make the rounds concerning the barbarity that is Islam. Simple words have the propensity to conjure up in any thinking person’s mind the full horror of what some so called human beings are capable of doing to others when driven by a hatred that is so rabid and so extraordinary that there are no efficient words within the English language to actually describe the actions caused by such hatred.

    I have refused and will continue to refuse to look upon such barbarism just to be shocked by it.

    • I share your sentiments, but unfortunately I am forced to watch this stuff due to my choice of occupation. Plumbers have to dig up septic tanks; I have to watch this [offensively odiferous excreta].

      • I understand your position, but cleaning out or digging septic tanks won’t give you PTSD. I believe this kind of thing we are all too familiar with these days has its own affect on everyone it touches. Even old Mo’ lived to regret some of the killings he had carried out or had partaken thereof.

        In the end, it affects everyone, even the watchers.

      • For getting what you want from civilised peoples and governments violence as a means to expand a rotten belief system has worked beyond expectations for islam.

  3. The Daily Mail has an article on this here:

    Notice they write “because she set fire to a Koran”, without inverted commas… has this been established as fact? Or is it now “Islamophobic” to question the judgment of such a mob of very pious Muslims – many of whom may well soon be claiming asylum and staying in a 4-star hotel not too far from the Mail offices?

  4. Is mob violence like this specifically sanctioned by sharia or is this mob of pre-stone-age barbarians violating even sharia procedures?

    I have heard that Hadith support immediate mob killing of anyone who insults Mahomet, so is this just an extension of that? (Burning the Quran = insulting Mahomet, thus mob killing?)

  5. Can we please stop listening to politicians who promise us that these barbarians “are just like us and want democracy”?

  6. I hope all the despicable acts of atrocities by the Mohammedans are being documented for posterity. I guarantee you that the apologists will say that those events never occurred. There will be denials and there will be excuses. We have seen this sequence before.

  7. I chose not to look. I have seen (the results of) similar and even to the hardened eyes and heart of a professional soldier the horror of what the execution must have involved when it took place is almost too much for a rational mind to bear.

    I have also looked into the eyes and faces of those suspected of being the perpetrators shortly after the event and there was little there that could be even remotely described as human.

    Islam is as Islam does, and when they achieve anything approaching a significant demographic profile in the West we can expect much of the same. We have already had a taster in the form of Lee Rigby’s slow beheading on a public street even though that had nothing to do with anything, I’m relieved to say.

  8. Perplexing to watch the perpetrator in the black shirt and bandaged arm that at times appears to be distressed at the savagery of the attack and is even comforted by the mob, the impression at times is given that he maybe a distressed acquaintance of the woman.

    But then the western eye refocuses and we see that he is indeed a vicious perpetrator and the signs of distress are not for the brutality that is unfolding before him but is a preconditioned expression of the perceived distress caused to him by the woman’s alleged transgression.

    In the West that preconditioned distress as a defence of provocation is being codified in law, the thin edge of the wedge towards the same Theo political extreme.

    A written account of this incident may not have captured or conveyed the preconditioned distress and victimhood of the bandaged perpetrator, as documentary evidence these videos should not be censored.

    • Dr Phil had his own take on why Major Nidal Hassan would take up weaponry and attack his comrades at Fort Hood. Dr Phil refused to entertain the idea that Islam may have been represented by that attack, and even after all the Allahu Akbar’s had been shouted out by Hasan as he shot and wounded or killed all those unarmed soldiers Dr Phil resolutely defended the ‘religion of peace’.

      His explanation for why Hasan, a supposed Army Psychiatrist, would do what he did was due to ‘secondary PTSD’ , that is, his listening to soldier’s mental health problems had overwhelmed his own mind to the point that he had a brain snap that caused him to carry out that massacre.

      Talk about obfuscation for the FACT to be exposed. Needless to say, Dr Phil lost all credibility with me then and there, but he may have a point in that it is not widely reported about mental health practitioners becoming affected by the things they hear from their patients, but to deny the blatantly obvious by a still much respected psychologist is just beyond the pale and truly reflects how absurd our civilization has become in what is now ‘expected’ from everyone.

      On PTSD, words can have their effect.

  9. If anyone hesitates to watch this for fear of seeing something gruesome, have no fear. I watched this 3-minute video, but all I saw was a group of shouting men around a blob of large-size pixels. What the pixels are hiding is uninferrable, and I looked in vain for any object violently striking anything. Whatever gruesomeness might have been in the original video has been completely pixellated away. This video is indistinguishable from some kind of buzkashi pep rally, in which many of the spectators are taking pictures with a cellphone. The verbal description is more gruesome than anything seen in the video.

  10. This is what our brave boys died to defend in “the sandbox”. Does anyone think it was worth the life of even a single one of them?


    Churchill’s The Malakand Field Force is useful background reading. I can see the US (I mean the real US, guided by people who love the country and understand the benefits of our underlying Western Civilization, having some kind of rapid-response force designed to “keep the lid on” place like Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. But trying to turn them into participatory democracies and allies? Not in this century.

    (Also see The Story of the Guides, a history of The Queen’s Own Corps Of Guides (arguably the first modern integrated special forces) for some interesting side light on Muslim soldiers serving in England’s military.)

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