A University-Funded Sharia Library in Montreal

A library set up the Muslim Students Association at Concordia University in Montreal includes works by authors that might be considered “radical” or “extremist”, including Bilal Philips and Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The contents of the library might not seem so controversial — after all, this is what Muslims all over the West read — except for the fact that the library is indirectly funded by the university.

Below is an investigative report on the topic that was aired last Friday by TVA News. Many thanks to the Counterjihad Collective for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Good evening everyone. Islamist propaganda inside the walls of Concordia University.
0:05   This is what Jean Michel discovered in a space
0:09   provided to a Muslim students association. We find the works of imams
0:14   that are barred from certain countries. Michel.
0:19   Indeed, it’s the MSA’s library which is Concordia University’s Muslim students association.
0:24   There is a large Muslim population at Concordia University.
0:29   Here you see the web page, this is the library. We find Islamic books in an Islamic library.
0:36   The problem is that many of the authors found in these books actually are characters who are often persona non grata
0:43   in many countries, including Canada and for all kinds of reasons, as you will see, in the report that follows.
0:51   From the street we don’t see anything; the Islamic library is located under the stairs.
0:56   A modest location but still, equipped with cutting edge software.
1:00   From which we are able to consult books available online. TVA Nouvelles found the works of dozens of radical imams.
1:08   Such as Raheem Green, who says here that it is normal for a man to beat his wife.
1:16   as long as it doesn’t leave external marks nor fracture any bones. As for Zakir Naik,
1:20   he says in this video that the law of Islam provides for the death penalty for those who deny their faith.
1:28   We can also find books and videos of Imam Bilal Philips, banned from England and many other countries.
1:33   He explained that Islamic law provides for the death penalty in some cases of homosexuality.
1:39   And many works by Yusuf Qaradawi, one of the most famous radical imams.
1:43   He endorses female genital mutilation.
1:48   When we introduced ourselves, a group of veiled students were there. ‘As we are very busy I cannot do an interview now’
1:55   Just two or three questions then? … ‘I cannot answer …‘ impossible to get an explanation
2:00   on the works offered to students.
2:04   The fact that we find such books of… ‘I cannot answer again so you’ll have to come back another time’
2:12   At the MSA offices they offered this explanation: ‘the books that we have downstairs?’ Yes ‘but rather, it is open for everyone, for research.’
2:19   Concordia provides the space for the Islamic Library free of charge,
2:24   ‘the government enables radicalism indirectly.’
2:28   Concordia responded by email: “We take this seriously and we will assess the situation.
2:33   We will not conduct an on-camera interview.” – Concordia University
2:37   And, Sophie, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) is present across the continent.
2:41   A report produced by the New York Police Department
2:45   described the MSA as “a tool used by extremists to entice young people” and it must said,
2:50   with 6,000 Muslim students, Concordia University offers an appealing target.
2:56   Thank you, Michel – Goodbye.

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  1. This is no different from the taxpayer funded marxist studies departments at public universities, so it’s really not the least bit surprising. For example http://marxiststudies.ucr.edu

    It would also not surprise me to find alchemical and astrological studies departments at public universities.

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