The Egg-Laying, Wool-Bearing, Milk-Giving Sow

The following essay from Politically Incorrect discusses the current cultural sickness that is afflicting Germany. An overwhelming, unpardonable guilt enforced by the political and media elites is dissolving German identity from within and facilitating its replacement by the influx of “New Germans”.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation.

The Egg-Laying, Wool-Bearing, Milk-Giving Sow[1]

The flooding of our country with members of incompatible cultures from all possible places is a declaration of war on our people. For a long time now, it has not been about refugees who need help. It is a civic project of the cultural and power elite to show the natives the proper operation of a mixing process. If you are no longer in charge in your own house, because the visitors have taken over, you keep your mouth shut. You allow yourself to be be soothed by all kinds of promises, which are for the most part sham and lies. You can be intimidated by the threat of being stigmatized if there are grievances. You have to put up with all of that, says the doctrine.

(An Inflammatory Treatise by chrisbent)

The flooding of our once beautiful, relatively peaceful land by slavishly admired foreign cultures is the sign of a rampant illness, now expanding to the status of a plague. It is as if all significant officials of this society had been infected with a bacillus, which elsewhere might be called Montezuma’s Revenge, but here, more appropriately, Adolf’s Revenge. It is completely out of control. What happened? What’s going on? What next?

Let’s call a spade a spade. Our Sword of Damocles is the Holocaust — a concept created by others, because we Germans could not find words for the horror. We have always been good at filling in our own own identity with foreign attributions. But, as if that were not enough, we have also tried to overcome the past which others have assigned to us. From our dismay grew a scientific complex which surpassed all standards and fatefully combined with the leftist ideological delusions of the 68ers. So the 68ers have ironically become the long arm of the Nazi heritage.

Anyone who has looked into the gloomy scenario of the last days of the Reich in the bunker in 1945 knows Hitler’s last words about the end. The upshot is that a people that does not know how to defend itself is unworthy of survival. Without question, a dictator’s cynicism and not debatable. But who would have imagined that the the 68ers’ “heroic efforts” undertaken against the long-dead and out-of-power Nazis would actuate the despised Führer’s heritage? You might think: An astonishing historical paradox. On closer inspection, however, this relationship proves to be a madness, which will bring about immeasurable destruction.

Voices calling for us to forget the past are multiplying. This is more than understandable, considering the trite, dishonest legitimizations of our time. The “re-working” of the Holocaust has become a kind of egg-laying, wool-bearing, milk-giving sow nourishing a gigantic guilt complex.

It is interesting that the concept of guilt hardly ever surfaces. Air-headed weisenheimers have long since engraved it elegantly into their ivory towers. Making use of inscrutable speech regulations, a powerful modus vivendi has been found — the sanctioning of a subtle assumption of power marching forth in the guise of the Do-Gooder. All the elites of the power apparatus, of businesses, of the cultural and media biz conform to its etiquette. They form a syndicate which oversteps all ordinary boundaries with its seal of approval: Merkel-Bushido-bap-Tote Hosen-Grönemeyer-BDI-Verdi-di Lorenzo/Seehofer.[2] Call it what you will, it is clear that the Germans have no problem with the past, only with the unregulated overcoming of it. The phenomenon has taken on a life of its own. A cancerous sore has grown with breathtaking speed, which, with Germany’s minimal consent, will destroy this social organism. And so, even if it is painful, we must once again talk about the past.

But not in the way favored by the professional managers of the Holocaust industry. Let us step down once again into that musty cellar, where there are now no dead and moldering Nazis lying around, but instead the 68ers, contemplating their imminent biological end. And by the way, how old is gas expert Fischer?[3] The affinity of so many German ancients for gas is truly astounding. Apparently, life is good with it. We will have to speak about Fischer elsewhere.

The monstrousness of the Holocaust, which attempted and almost accomplished the genocide of a people, will always be to some extent incomprehensible. Let us once and for all establish and accept that. The media give us the means to keep ourselves from forgetting the incomprehensible, and to inform ourselves of what can be understood. That will suffice. Those murdered would thank us if they could speak. The voice raised in their behalf must be attuned to reconciliation, the voice of forgiveness for the coming generation that wants to be free, indeed must be free of any theology of deliverance from the 8th of May, Mr. Weizsäcker![4] May your unholy speech rest in peace. To everything there is a season.

Every people has a duty to free itself. That is true for all the peoples of the world. All the Do-Gooders of the world — especially those gentrified by mandate of the UN or some other NGO — are guilty of proving the opposite: Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Eritrea, Congo, Chad, Mali, Vietnam — to be continued We have seen the result of interventions in the last fifty years. Just as the peoples of Africa only find their way when the charitable organizations of the West, and recently also the East, disappear and are not replaced, so too Ukraine must find its way alone. The world will just have to put up with that. But the result will be that much more durable. No one cared seriously about the genocides in Rwanda or Cambodia — again, to be continued. Do-Gooders are picky and reward-oriented. Their industry needs to be fed. Without nourishment, there will be no eye to see and no ear to hear.

Let us return from the world to our home ground. It is clear that Germany has not freed itself. Strategically and militarily, definitely not. This is after seventy years of recent history, so forget it. But what Germans have never properly understood is our obligation to free ourselves from our guilt complex. That is something that could not be done by our liberators, who also senselessly reduced Dresden, Plauen, Cologne, Hamburg, Darmstadt, the Ruhr area and countless other places to rubble and ashes. Nor by the 68ers, those semi-conscious clowns and foolish implementers of the Nazi legacy. Although they did establish themselves as chief ideologues of the coping-with-guilt industry. They established the cleaning crews that went forth to clean up the Augean stables of German citizenry. It began with Fischeresque stone-throwing [5], and thereafter evinced a thoroughness the Nazis and the Stasi would have loved. The left-liberal bourgeoisie in particular acted with appropriate conformity, passing on its bacillus to the chastened, self-abolishing conservatives. There is a silent, unchallenged consensus that has established inviolable standards. It is clear what may be addressed and what may not. It is clear what is democratic and what is not. It is clear what is allowed and what is forbidden. It is clear who is evil and who is good. It is clear that what is German is not as good as what is foreign. It is clear that peaceful Islam is no problem. It is clear, it is clear, it is clear… Nothing is clear. It is less clear than ever.

The question of the day is: Why, seventy years after the end of the horror, is the guilt complex so completely out of control? What is this degeneration? There is a gauge for measuring it (a concept we can allow to melt pleasantly on our tongue, to annoy the folks) [6] Let us return to the building years after 1945. This enormous achievement was only made possible by suppressing the horror and the guilt. What had to be done was done. We are still profiting from it today. And now the gauge: What would happen if these mighty efforts were needed today? The answer is that Germany would collapse miserably. Only fantasists would maintain that our beloved Muslim immigrants, with their outstanding ability to adapt, would help us out of this mess. The standard-setting social interpreters would sit on the rubble and discuss how the re-building should go forward in a culturally sensitive way. Unacceptable to the Muslims, unacceptable to black Africans, unacceptable to the tired, the poor, the…

Self-liberation. Ultimately, Germans must tackle it. They can’t slip by. Or they will disappear without a whimper. Only someone who is free of complexes, guilt and atonement can take up the tasks of the future, and the challenges are enormous. The forcibly-conformed and brainwashed youth of today will not master these tasks, with the exception of a few bold identitarians and fraternity members.

The task: Closing down the complexes arising from the past and its overcoming (also in the industrial sense). Reliance on ourselves, on our roots, revealing of our origins, of our virtues; the courage to affirm a religion, an ethnicity, a nationality, the West. Let us make clear to the coming generation, that there is an elementary connection between identity and success and it is more important than ever in the global framework of the modern age. “Made in Germany” meant something special once. It is fading away in a union-mad Europe that investigates and sanctions everywhere, like the Stasi. “Made in Germany” as a competitive disadvantage for others who are not as successful. And therefore there are efforts to make this label disappear. It is not union-compliant. If you are strong, you resist this kind of thing. Out of a sense of self. This German people has no idea of itself. It has no identity. It is a people of conformist, miserable boot-lickers who just want to make everybody happy. That is why the highly qualified people in the world give us a wide berth. Why live in a country that has no glimmer of self-recognition? No idea of itself?

Yes, that is a harsh judgment, and I am aware that I am being unjust to all those who are fighting for a new Germany.

But it is meant to be understood functionally and constructively. Meant to wake us up and hurt, until the pain comes and warns us of the looming collapse.

A land that throws old military monuments into the mud and re-dedicates them to deserters (see the college in Bremen; near the entrance gate); a land that allows armed, masked political mobs to persecute and injure dissidents; a land that elevates a Gossen activist of modest means to Foreign Minister; a land that discovers new minorities almost year-by-year to nourish its academic complex; a land where black Africans may sell their drugs unhindered year after year in prominent city squares (Bremen); a land which enlists street criminals in despising and bullying those citizens who are calling attention to contradictions and grievances; a land that suffers and indeed encourages the mockery of the native religion, while — and because of it — an aggressive, pseudo-religious ideology spreads across the country: such a land is slated for destruction.

It wasn’t the Nazi terror, or the bombing terror that marked the end of the German people, even if you could paint 1945 that way. To be cynical, it is the development of “modern” Germany which is leading us directly to our destruction. I abhor the use of such scenarios when they are not legitimized, but only serve ideological interests. But there is a direct connection here between a totally failed attempt to overcome guilt and the actual event. Of what value to an “immigrant” is a country that has no idea of itself except that what is foreign is better than what is its own, because everything is becoming more diverse?

And that means that what is its own is sad and monotone. Simplicity instead of color and multiplicity. The symptom of the German illness is the permanent invocation of the pavlovian, lickspittle colorfulness and diversity, a feverish and macabre spirit world — muddled and unconscious, full of bluster, babbling and raving as if it were necessary to escape from the last dying Nazi.

The renewed resort to the past has to be therapeutic. It is not about prolonging the misery of the past, but healing it. We know that when the German is sick, things get bad. And the German is sick.

The scenario we are approaching with breath-taking speed means, at its worst, two things: the complete alienation from our roots and, with that, the end of our economic strength, the end of well-being, and permanent civil wars within a retarded, atavistic society, where Muslim and African bands divide things up and rule, while the rest of the German festival has emigrated or, if unable, is vegetating in a colorful, multi-faceted, enriching society.

We have been enriched beyond measure with criminality, everyday aggression and effrontery. Our German world is full of bright headscarves who don’t give a toss for their auto-chthonic neighbors. We are allowed to feel honored by all the manifold appearances of strangers, who will never become German, because the Germans do not know what is so special about themselves. I would certainly not want to immigrate to a country where I and my culture are raised up, while the culture of the country remains vague and dim. What would I do there?

All that Germany has to offer immigrants, who are in truth not real immigrants, is a social system that is still barely functioning, pushed to the wall, with a limited warranty, and representing itself as everlasting. Financed by a minimum number of top employees, industrious workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independents.

But what will become of a country in which even prominent lobbyists for the power elite babble about colorfulness and diversity? What will become of a country when not even the free and strong entrepreneurs or the industrial lobby are capable of pulling the chair out from under liars like Mr. Grillo of the Federation of German Industry?

All attempts in recent years and decades to make radical changes in this country have failed. No organization, no party, no group, no movement has managed to get across to the citizens the extent of the spreading catastrophe of the German sickness. With the astonishing singularization of society in which everyone is his own best friend, in which thousands of life plans exist side-by-side and egoism is worshipped like a god, there is hardly anything left to make a state with even the idea of Germany.

Many a disease can be withstood without the help of a doctor, and will result in long-lasting resistance to it. How will the German sickness turn out? I think it is probable that a rapid deterioration in conditions will show even the well-intentioned among the affluent members of society that they are holding the short end of the stick. Perhaps it will have to come to this: that the self-righteous person who was dancing on the table in a South Seas island yesterday, and voted for a party for the sake of a few pennies in taxes, will be begging for coins in the street tomorrow. Losers cannot afford any colorfully diverse patronage.


1.   An “eierlegende Wollmilchsau” is an all-purpose critter that can offer eggs, wool and milk, generations of piglets, as well as bacon, ham and pork (not to mention pickled pigs’ feet). Apparently the phrase developed in the slang of the post-war German military.
2.   Key to the names in the “seal of approval,” in order:

1)   Chancellor
2)   Rapper
3)   Cologne rock group
4)   Punk rock group
5)   Pop singer
6)   National alliance of German industrialists
7)   Declaration of income for use in claiming housing assistance
8)   The reporter di Lorenzo claimed to have seen the fabulous model railroad in the basement of CSU chair Seehofer’s home, was awarded the Nannen Prize for reporting because of it, then lost it when it was discovered he had never been there. Can you say “Brian Williams”?
3.   Joschka Fischer, the former Foreign Minister (Greens), was hired to lobby for a pipeline from Azerbaijan, through Turkey, to Austria and further into Europe. The project fell through and he lost his job, much to the satisfaction of former chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD), who represents Gazprom.
4.   Richard von Weizsäcker (CDU), president of the Federal Republic, gave a widely applauded address on the fortieth anniversary of Germany’s unconditional surrender to the Allies, thematizing the biblical use of forty years as the time it takes a generation to forget, and implying that this couldn’t be allowed to happen.
5.   I cannot guess at any particular event this reflects, but his career, beginning with outspoken Marxist leanings and connections, proceeding to service in the Greens as a part of the “red-green” government, which led German troops into battle for the first time since WWII to “save” Kosovo, offers endless possibilities.
6.   The term I rendered as “folks” (Mischpoke) means “family” or something similar in Yiddish, but used in German is usually regarded as derogatory. Maybe the meaning of it here escapes me. Use your own judgment.

Hat tip: doxRaven, in the comments.

20 thoughts on “The Egg-Laying, Wool-Bearing, Milk-Giving Sow

  1. Thanks for this post. I have recently traveled to Germany to establish contact with distant relatives, and then entertained them in the U.S. for several months. I have been trying to put my finger some of the things I experienced, while getting to know many of them. Our outlooks were similar in some ways and very different in others. I had difficulty understanding many of their viewpoints, and most recently, difficulty understanding why they refused to respond to some inquiries I made, about what the Pegida movement was about, in their opinion. Sadly, I think I understand the situation a little better, now. I wish Germany a speedy awakening and a reconnection to their person and faith.

  2. I’m trying to debate whether to read through this again to try to understand the details of what he says.

    I don’t think that anybody who didn’t already agree 110% with what chrisbent said would make it through the essay. Furthermore, someone not immersed in German culture, like me, is completely at sea with the throw-out references to the ’68’ers, or the casual assumption that some unfortunate Mr. Grillo is a liar.

    My father and grandmother were Jews who fled the Anschluss in Austria when the German Nazis marched in and gave power to the Austrian Nazis.

    Now, my father and grandmother, and anyone remotely connected to them at that time have died, as have virtually every one of the people who wished to put them in concentration camps. Germany, as penance, provided support for Israel for decades.

    So, while we must hate the sin, the sinners are no longer with us, and whatever justice was due, has already been enacted or forever remain unfulfilled.

    What can Germany do now for the Jews? I can’t think of anything more beneficial than to hold firm to it’s civilization and culture, bar further entry of Muslims, who fuel antisemitic incidents all over Europe, and maintain a culture of laws and security, where Jews (and other people) don’t need to be loved, but will feel physically secure and protected by laws administered equally for all citizens.

    • Certainly after the WW2 50 million deletion it would have taken me personally about thirty seconds to take a glimpse at mien Koran and decide without a shadow of a doubt any and all Muslims are forever persona non grata anywhere the infidels roam free. One of these characters is now President of The United States of America. God only knows what he is slipping into the pipeline if what we do know is anything to go by. Is the Nu Constantinople America or Europe?

  3. Yes! yet the same is happening all over the west, in the USA it is “Black Slavery” in UK it is “Colonialism” there is always some bugbear, the flames of which can be fanned by constant scratching of the itch.

    It is indeed ironic that we are now ruled by those same elite clubs and politically religious iconoclasts who gave us the Holocaust and the Gulag etc. Oh yes, the names change, but the desire to dictate does not go away.

    With a controlled media one can convincel enough of the people, enough of the time to turn democracy into elective tyranny, and that same controlled media cannot but play the mosquito, the deadliest of insects that spreads incurably itchy diseases, lays waste whole societies and kills in vast numbers.

  4. I don’t think colonialism, Black Slavery or mistreatment of Jews are the reason for the obsequious grovelling behaviour towards muslims. How can that compensate the Jews? Just the opposite all the problems caused by muzzies are the result of Traitor Class cowardice.
    Sin is a biblical (judeo-Christian concept). As such it is rejected and refused any consideration by the western people to prove their distance from Judeo-Christian religion, which they eschew as a kind of plague that caused all human suffering, mind you not islam. If you believe in Judeo-Christianity you are demented, schizophrenic, and you don’t need sympathy or rehabilitation. You are beyond redemption.

    Brainwashed over the last 50 years.

    You see, you don’t have to hate others. But you have a duty to protect yourself, your family and nation.
    Letting your country be occupied willingly, how can that be good?
    If anyone has committed sins and need repentance are those who occupy all the countries from Morocco to Bulgaria to Indonesia. And recently the whole world.

    Only “charity” remains in use to milk people.
    The romantic Love for islam stems from the fact that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” . There is not limit to hating Judeo-Christianity as there is no limit on westerners loving islam no matter what muzzies do.
    Our only hope lies in PEGIDAS and its sisters.

    Did the world forget that the Arabs and muslims in1967 were poised to throw all the Jews of Israel into the sea. A miracle and their courageous generals saved them. Blind dumb deaf World: Did you forget that?

    • I have to disagree with you. I think there is a direct link between the guilt of the Holocaust and the racist element of National Socialism and the German sickness that is leading to an inability or even unwillingness to defend their cultural identity.
      Hence the article references the ironically foreboding words of self-hatred of Hitler.

      [March 1945 Hitler declared to his defense minister Albert Speer:”If the war is lost, so will the German People be lost. It won’t be necessary to give consideration or make provision for the most basic needs of the German people. Quite the contrary, it is better to destroy these things ourselves, because the German People have proved themselves to be the weaker and the future belongs to the stronger People of the East. In any case, what people are left after the the battle are the inferior ones, the Good have already fallen”]

      Am 19. März 1945 erklärte Hitler seinem Rüstungsminister Albert Speer: »Wenn der Krieg verloren geht, wird auch das deutsche Volk verloren sein. Es ist nicht notwendig, auf die Grundlagen, die das deutsche Volk zu seinem primitivsten Weiterleben braucht, Rücksicht zu nehmen. Im Gegenteil, es ist besser, selbst diese Dinge zu zerstören. Denn das Volk hat sich als das schwächere erwiesen, und dem stärkeren Ostvolk gehört ausschließlich die Zukunft. Was nach diesem Kampf übrigbleibt, sind ohnehin nur die Minderwertigen, denn die Guten sind gefallen.«

      I have not here given a full counter argument to you but I see it following through the influence of the “Frankfurt School”.

      Also you say “How can that compensate the Jews? “.
      It doesn’t, just the reverse.

  5. Coming across the term “Air-headed weisenheimers”, I thought, “Hey, is ‘weisenheimer’ a real German word?” No, it’s not. Checking the original wording, it’s “duemmliche Schlaumeier”. “Air-headed weisenheimers” is a brilliant translation.
    By the way, Gutmensch = Do-Gooder = bien pensant. There are probably other good ways to express this concept of conformist thinking.
    The footnotes (with a Brian Williams reference!) are very helpful.

  6. @RonaldB–Thank you for the comment. Sometimes one sees or uses terms so often that one thinks everyone else must know what is meant. Just to address the two you mentioned:

    1) Grillo’s “Organization of Industrialists” while its name implies a capitalist bent, tends to take the party line on immigration, etc. and is more like a member of the “crony capitalism” club in the US.

    2) The “68ers” were contemporaneous and philosophically in tune with the anti-Vietnam protest movement, SDS, “make love not war,” etc. in the States. (I happened in 1967 to run across a “sing-in” on the Ringstrasse in Vienna–complete with guitars, beards and clouds of wonderful-smelling smoke.) The political result in Germany was a slow but sure turn to the left, embracing the support of immigration and the propping up of the unfortunate euro as two methods of expiating guilt. Major figures on the right–retired and otherwise–mutated into an equivalent of what the Tea Party regards as RINOs. Chrisbent’s venom can to some extent be explained by the perception that this compulsion to be “good” at any price is pervasive and thus far unstoppable. David’s comment, above, is an outside observer’s confirmation of this.

  7. Germany, in order to preserve itself, needs to get over its history – or more specifically one small period of it: 1933-1945. I couldn’t agree more with the, Jewish, RonaldB:

    “What can Germany do now for the Jews? I can’t think of anything more beneficial than to hold firm to it’s civilization and culture, bar further entry of Muslims, who fuel antisemitic incidents all over Europe, and maintain a culture of laws and security, where Jews (and other people) don’t need to be loved, but will feel physically secure and protected by laws administered equally for all citizens.”

    In 1990 I travelled by car from west to east across Germany to attend “Einheit Day” on October 3 in the Tiergarten to celebrate the reunification of Germany. The teeshirt I purchased which commemorated the event suggested to some people back in Australia that I was a “Neo-Nazi”, my Jewish friends, knowing me better, were intrigued. En route I met one pleasant and intelligent young German who was utterly indifferent to the upcoming event and the demise of the GDR regime: “I’m from Aachen, what do I have in common with these people from the GDR? I couldn’t care less.” The answer, of course, was that “they” were German and he was German.

    In 1992 a Jewish doctor, writer and academic friend of mine observed perspicaciously to me that the reason the West obsesses about Nazi Germany’s paramount role in the Holocaust is to distract people from the reality that: a) virulent Jew-hatred pre-existed the Nazis and didn’t end with them; and, more significantly, b) in lots of other countries besides Germany. That is, Germany and Germans have become the convenient whipping boy so that the French, the English, etc, can feel better about themselves and their own ugly pasts of Jew-persecution.

    I should add that my friend’s father was an Amsterdam-born kosher butcher who, through physical robustness, survived several years at Monowitz – a satellite camp known as Auschwitz III – only to spend five years in a Russian “labor camp” after being “liberated” – he told me the Russians treated him just as badly. They tortured him because, in their ignorance, they refused to believe he couldn’t speak Yiddish and thus suspected he was some kind of spy. My friend’s father told me that his father, also an Amsterdam-born kosher butcher, had died in his arms at Monowitz due to overwork-starvation. I casually mentioned the circumstances of her grandfather’s demise to my friend at her father’s funeral. He had never told her of them.

    Sadly, possibly tragically, most Germans have had any sense of pride in their nation pummelled out of them, or rather thwarted from taking root in the first place, by decades of homegrown Leftist agitprop. BTW it was delicious to see Gunter Grass – the doyen of such Germans – revealed as a morally bankrupt hypocrite and charlatan when his very assiduously concealed war record was exposed.

    In 2010 I took a German friend to the annual Anzac Day “dawn service” – Anzac Day is Australia’s de facto day of national celebration, where those that have served in the military, especially those who died in war, are honoured in a serene, gracious and mournful ceremony starting at the first light of dawn. He was stunned that so many people turned out in heavy rain and was worried that his German accent might generate hostility towards him – I assured him that it wouldn’t. (At the post-service free breakfast not a single person exhibited any malice towards him for being German). He was very moved by the dawn service and murmured to me “We don’t have anything like this in Germany”.

    I find it disgraceful that Germany is effectively prohibited, through externally and internally induced war-guilt, from mourning its own war veterans and victims of war. My friend’s own great-aunt was in May 1945 shot in the leg at nine years old as she and his grandmother were collecting potatoes in their field by some British soldiers having some fun taking potshots at little girls. She bled to death in the field. His grandmother survived by crawling back to their farmhouse, bullets whistling overhead. Paradoxically their mother was Jewish but married to a Gentile, which meant that grandmother and great-aunt were both “halachically” Jewish. Perhaps Germany should, 70 years after the event, enact a national day of mourning for its deceased servicemen and civilian war dead. And in doing so reclaim itself as nation.

    • This florid article, and Julius’ above, are exactly right. It is hard for people who do not know modern Germany to understand just what a pathetic, psychologically [redacted]-> messed-up, self-hating carcass of a people the Germans have become in the last fifty years. Forget the surface smugness, the growth rates and the Vorsprung durch Technik stuff. Merely say aloud the number six million and it will silence a room. Try finding a war memorial to Germans in German. You won’t. These are people who have been brainwashed into hating their own dead, even members of their own families–the men who were forced to give their lives that the modern generation might live. You don’t sink much lower than that.

      Thanks to the translator. That cannot have been an easy one.

  8. I am sorry, but before “we free ourselves from our guilt complex” can we please have a full acknowledgment of that guilt? They bang on and on about the Holocaust –and that’s good, indeed. But where is mention of the other Holocaust — the one of the Slavs?

    Germans murdered 26 million civilian Slavs ; in Poland alone between 2.2 and 2.5 million. They murdered as much of the Polish intellectual elite and rest of the top social layer as they could lay their hands on, and turned most of the country to rabble. They kicked out Poles from large swaths of the country, took their land and houses, to prepare lebensraum for imported German settlers. They shipped Poles and other Slavs by the hundred thousand to work as slave labor in Germany’s factories.

    Where is the admission of that, the apology? Until that comes, and is incised on German consciousness like the “Holocaust,” I, for one, am not going to cry tears over”Hitler’s Revenge,” howevermuch I emphatize with good German people who now chafe under the yoke of their own insane Left — the insane left being a German invention too, and long before Marx.

    That it now includes a “vibrant” Mussulman/African layer is just history’s serendipity. If it werent that, it would have been Tamils and Dayaks.

    • The immense number of Russian dead can be squarely laid at Stalin’s feet. He and Hitler started WWII with a devil’s pact. NKVD agents were arresting people in Moscow for saying things against the Nazis even several days after the Nazis attacked Russia! Their superiors had simply forgotten to tell them it was a new game.

      • I am sorry, your rerouting the subject to a tiny and numerically insignificant periphery won’t do.

        This is just the barest introduction of German, repeat, German genocidal crimes against European populations, particularly in Eastern Europe.

        To reduce German guilt to the “Holocaust” and “6 million” is an insult to the memory of tens of millions of civilian Europeans murdered by German soldiers and police directly, or dead because of intentional starvation or of general effects of war .

        Until I hear Germans admitting to those crimes of their grandfathers, I am not happy seeing aricles as the above or discussions based on “6 millions.”

        • My first reply to you was censored. So just this: Hey Germans, these are your allies in the “counter-jihad”!
          No matter how much you grovelled and debased yourselves in the past, they’ll just keep on saying you “never” apologised. You’ll be the eternal Nazi for them forever.

          • Your earlier comment was “censored” because it violated one or more of our commenting guidelines as described on our sidebar, and in more detail in this post.

            Just this once, I will take the trouble to repost your deleted comment, with portions of it suitably redacted:

            There have been endless apologies for this and you are either [engaging in dishonest behavior, originally expressed in a personally insulting manner] or a [epithet referring to lesser intelligence] for not acknowledging this. At the same time even the slightest attempt of offering a German perspective is decried by the establishment, even to the degree that there wasn’t even an official commemoration for the 70th anniversary of the Dresden bombing. But keep on your [hostility towards the German people, originally expressed in a personally insulting manner], you will have your reasons.
            Yeah, and good luck with that counter-jihad thing you have going.
            I hope many Germans read this and see what their “friends” in this movement actually think about them.

            What was so bad about Muslims again?

          • no permission needed

            “I hope many Germans read this and see what their “friends” in this movement actually think about them.”

            Did you not read or grasp what I wrote above? Or the comment by “hej”. GoV is not an anti-German weblog. A Thilo Sarrazin Germany would be enthusiastically welcomed by the vast majority of GoV readers.

    • Any historically well informed person knows that the Nazi agenda with regards to Poland was to cut off its “head”, ie kill the social elite, the intelligentsia and the upper-middle class, in order to leave the remaining Poles as a lower-end remnant of their former nation. This was Hans Frank’s explicitly mandated mission statement when appointed Governor-General of the “General-Goveurnement” of the rump of Poland after “Warthegau” etc were created.

      Indeed Germany should fully acknowledge its hugely ugly agenda in Poland 1939-1945.

  9. What is unusual about Germany? It is happening all over western civilization. But it has been going on forever too. The Polish saviors of Vienna barely got to the battlefield in time. We are in a massive intellectual fad brought on by the Postmodern philosophers. It is a mental disease. These articles will help. Once the western mind slips over the tipping point, we will begin to nail those [epithets]!. We have mostly won in the past. From 1683 on, Islam began to recede. This time, however, we must realize that Postmodernism–especially its cultural relativism and nihilism–are also are enemies.

    • As recently as the 1950s, Saudi Arabia’s slave population was estimated at 450,000 — approximately 20% of the population.

      During the Second Sudanese Civil War people were taken into slavery; estimates of abductions range from 14,000 to 200,000.

      Slavery in Mauritania was legally abolished by laws passed in 1905, 1961, and 1981. It was finally criminalized in August 2007. It is estimated that up to 600,000 Mauritanians, or 20% of Mauritania’s population, are currently in conditions which some consider to be “slavery”, namely, many of them used as bonded labour due to poverty.

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