The Assassin With a Heart of Gold

I was wondering about the piles of flowers left at the spot where Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein was killed by police yesterday in Copenhagen — what were people thinking of?? But the following video makes it clear what was going on.

If this doesn’t make you angry about what Denmark, Europe, and the entire West have done to themselves, nothing will.

Many thanks to Sassy for translating this French news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The interviews were originally in English, with a French voice-over added, so the subtitled result may seem confusing:


0:05   Even the Muslim faith was attacked
0:10   by people who distort great religions.
0:14   Yesterday morning the shooter was seen walking here in
0:18   the popular area of Nørrebro. The police tried to intercept him.
0:24   He opened fire and police shot him right here.
0:28   We now know his name is Omar El Hussein. He was 22 years old,
0:32   born in Denmark and just released from jail some two weeks ago.
0:36   Martin, we now see many flowers where the shooter was killed,
0: 40   loads of flowers for the shooter, please explain… it’s quite strange.
0:45   Yes, it’s quite strange indeed. Those are flowers for the shooter.
0:44   Citizens of the neighbourhood wanted to honour him.
0:48   It seems really crazy but we spoke
0:51   with some youth who agree with his actions.
0:58   Most people who come here are Muslims.
1:04   And they come to support their young brother.
1:09   I don’t condemn this brother. In Islam, the prophet said
1:14   anyone that insults him must be killed. This is Islamic law.
1:18   I have a message for the French people and mostly for the Muslims.
1:22   Here in Denmark, Muslims stick together.
1:26   This man has a HEART of GOLD.
1:31   This man, as a Muslim, we support. The real terrorists here
1:34   are those who offended the Muslims. It’s the Danish cartoonists
1:38   who are responsible for initiating terrorism in Denmark.
1:42   They are the terrorists. This guy – he wasn’t a terrorist. He’s a hero.
1:47   In France, what we just heard, they call it ‘justifying terrorism’.
1:51   Was it hard to find these people?
1:55   Well, we went where the shooter was killed and
1:59   they spoke in the mike. And this is it.

27 thoughts on “The Assassin With a Heart of Gold

  1. This should hardly comes as a surprise. In a speech at Columbia University on Sept. 18, 2008 Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, at that time Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, declared that:

    The Muslim Ummah, means the ‘community of the faithful’. It is a unique bond that has no similar example under any other political or religious system in the world. It is a belonging to ideals which bring Muslims together in an eternal brotherhood lock which transcends all other consideration of allegiance or loyalties or barriers of nationhood, ethnicity, geography or language.

    (See also Qur’an 48:29, which mandates that Muslims be “hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves.”)

    • ” The Assassin With a Heart of Gold”

      Of course muzzies are right in their own perspective and interests. It has always been like that. Blessed be those who know right from wrong. A Somali B cannot become a Scandinavian with Norwegian DNA or @W. Until pigs pilot a jet or a leopard changes its spots. Naive creature with Swedish or Danish DNA try to become Somalis but Somalis reject and scorn them. They even try to create one creature that would combine Adam and Eve. When you become that silly and absurd no wonder you lose every battle against clear-eyed muzzies, who giggle up theirs sleeves at how stupid we are at trying to appear principles and developed. Rhetoric and glossing are needed to cover our poverty in spirit, values, principles, and everything.

  2. Two men have been arrested on assisted manslaughter and supplying the terrorist with the weapon. The jihadist used a M95, a weapon which is used by the Danish Army.

    A “Lone Wolf” from a large – and tight – pack.
    – Time to question that pack, and their leader wolfs of the Friday “prayers”?

    Mohammedans are making this jihadist killer and enemy of civilization, a hero, according to their way of storytelling, as “innocent” as their highest idol of all times, the desert warlord of the 6th Century.

    The flowers on the site were, however, kicked away – by “youths” – as “flowers are un-islamic”.

    • Were the flowers put there by humanists (naive) indigenous Danish, to show how tolerant they are and to change the muslim psyche?

      • Most likely. A masked group later removed the flowers, and a lamp.

        Danes from near and far, were showing sympathy with the victims of Saturday’s attack, by lighting candles and leaving flowers on the pavement outside the bar Krudttønden – actually, The Gunpowder Barrel – in Copenhagen.

  3. No surprise here I fear. A muslim can do no wrong, especially when it comes to the murder of Kuffar. They have no place in Europe or any other civilised part of the world. North Korea might be an appropriate location for them.

    • I would hope so. Perhaps the Danish people(excluding the uber PC Danish PM) are waking up to what sort of evil they brought into their midst.

      But the attacks are only going to increase in number and intensity because of the appeasement mentality of the elites. Muslims don’t see this as kindness but as weakness because of their predatory nature and Koranic injunctions.

      So far our only salvation is that the Muzzie attackers have been as dumb as rocks and haven’t attacked anything that could paralyze city or put it into chaos – yet.

      • I hoped that, I believed that after every atrocity committed by muzzies against the naive west. You know after 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo ordinary ( not only elite) western women filed in line into Megamosques (build by western money), to be “blessed, fertilized, and stroked fondly) by the imam’s sleight fingers.
        If cruelty and ruthlessness had not worked for the last 1435 years they would not be applied.

        How do you think the Pirate and his jihadis occupied all the lands from Morocco to Austria to Indonesia? Certainly not by praying for their enemies and turning both cheeks and back.

        Ah, muzzies hate Israel because they don’t like anyone opposing them successfully. They also hate [Fj, RS, G, W, T, Bat, … etc.) who tries to awaken the western people from their self-induced comatoseness.

        Who is going to lift us in the west from the abyss of stupidity?
        “They” stopped Qaffafi “from killing his own people”

        What a noble idea based on crap!
        Who will save us from elite’s evil thinking?

  4. When lone wolves commit isolated crimes, there is usually so much sympathy from the people that they put symbols of affection at the site of the crime. It is the mark of the lone wolf.

    E.g. One time a cop pulled me over for speeding and, I’ll never forget it, dozens of drivers threw flowers on my car. Touching.

  5. You missed out on the Mohammed coefficient here, Baron 🙂

    Hamid is a diminutive of Mohammed, as is Humaid, Hamdam, Hamour (which, strangely, is also the name for a species of Maori Wrasse found and fished for food in the Gulf!) as is any name beginning with, containing or ending with ‘Ham’ or ‘ham’, and please don’t ask me what the the poor Suidae, particularly Sus scrofa domesticus, feel about this calumny although they probably do suspect that it has something to do with something.

    (Sorry, 🙁 , it’s just that some days in view of the endless depredations of the Demented Slaves of Allah, and the treacherous appeasement of them by the scum we have elected to govern us, I find humour preferable to morbidity. And, yes, particularly today as I have just heard that somewhere in Germany a Jihadi on his way to a suicide bombing was run over by a Bacon Truck! It’s probably an epoch driven humorous invention but none the less what a heart-warming thought?)

    S III

    • Actually, the root H-M-D means “noble” or something similar, if I recall correctly. “Mu” is an agentive added at the front, making the meaning of “Mu-hammad” roughly: “Man of nobility”.

      So the two words are related, but not exact synonyms of one another. That’s why I don’t count Hamid and Ahmed as versions of Mohammed.

      Other uses of the “mu” prefix include:

      Mullah = man of Allah
      Mujahid = one who wages jihad
      Mushrikun = those who commit shirk, or polytheism
      Murtadeen = those who commit ridda, or blasphemy

      There are many more.

  6. Ring of Peace
    Ali – This Is Why I Hate Jews (2009) – takes initiative to stand guard at Oslo synagogue – with fellow muslims, to kill prejudice – on Saturday February 21.

    – We do not want any focus on the Israel/Palestine conflict. (Uh-oh…forgot to take off kiffieh for pic)

    It was at a Dialogue Meeting organized by Abid Raja, now member of the Norwegian Parliament, in 2009, that – Muhammed – Ali, son of an imam, explained why he hates Jews.

    That “Ring of Peace” makes sense considering the true meaning of “islam” – submission. Interestingly, the synagogue welcomes the stunt.

    • Who ever said we Jews are smart? We can be as self-defeating and stupid as any Western European Liberal! Sad, but true.

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