Qatar? Forget It!

The following brief clip shows Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, discussing the friends of the “conservative” former president Nicolas Sarkozy. Like many other Europeans, Ms. Le Pen wonders why Russia is being demonized as the enemy while the despots of the Persian Gulf are cultivated as “friends”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Marine! Marine ! Marine!
00:08   Do we continue to trust the friends of Nicolas Sarkozy,
00:12   QATAR? When we know that they finance, support
00:16   and arm the Islamic fundamentalists?
00:20   Are we even considering these people as a part of the coalition?
00:24   Then we must advance backwards, because if not we risk
00:28   quite a few knives in our backs, you get what I mean.
00:32   “UNITED The French are invincible”
00:36   Do we continue to be blind to the evidence that
00:40   it is with Russia that we will be able
00:44   to fight against fundamental Islamism?!
00:48   (French national anthem)

5 thoughts on “Qatar? Forget It!

  1. Putin is the enemy, a reliable, consistent, old school, “can be negotiated with” enemy who will do whatever he reasonably can to make Russia stronger. Europe can live with Putin, it cannot however live with Islam.

  2. Putin has his own agenda, whatever that may be, and while the Western Collective media goes into overdrive to demonize him and the Russian people, Putin is playing the West for the sucker that the West has become to Islam’s oil money and ideology.

    History repeats, because it was an aggressive Western nation that embraced Islam and aligned itself with Islam’s goals toward a much persecuted people during the latter 1930s, likewise today, we have an aggressive United States/Europe that have aligned themselves with destabilizing elected governments around the world while embracing Islam.

    And M. Le Pen’s message in all this couldn’t be much clearer. Love him or hate him, Putin is winning the world wide game of master Chess and should be acknowledged for the strong leader he is that this current politically destabilized world is in much need of.

  3. For the past few years Putin has been outwitting Europe and the USA at every turn – in the past year it has been embarrassing to watch the feeble and guileless West’s efforts to pressure Putin amount to one epic fail after another. Just try to imagine Putin’s wry bemusement as he obligingly sits in a face to face meeting with people of the strategic calibre of: John Kerry, Catherine Ashton, the Norwegian Defence Minister or Australia’s PM Tony Abbott. Contempt for utter lightweights couldn’t begin to describe it.

    Putin is an authoritarian Russian nationalist pure and simple, acting it seems to me, always in the interests of the Russian people and the Russian state. During his reign Putin has curbed the power of the oligarchs created under Yeltsin – which was no mean feat.

    Yet the Western media demonize Putin relentlessly, whilst giving the monarchical/theocratic despots of the Persian Gulf a free pass. The latter is incomprehensible. My take on this is that it is the all too common phenomenon in the MSM of inverted “racism”: Putin is a white European and thus must be held to a higher standard than the be-robed “dusky” emirs and princes of Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. Sure, Philippino maids are publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia every week for “adultery”, ie after being coerced into sex by their Arab employers to keep their jobs, if they finally can’t take the indignity and abuse any more and protest or try to leave their jobs, they will be denounced by the abuser and convicted under the barbaric Saudi “judicial system”. Sure, Bangladeshi and Indian labourers in Qatar are treated like slaves – the number of them that have been killed so far in building soccer stadia for the World Cup after the next one is stunning. Why doesn’t the Western MSM relentlessly focus on these grotesque human rights issues?

    Remember when the execrable Robert Fisk was beaten up by Afghanis and he later wrote that he understood his assailants’ anger at him as a Westerner and didn’t resent them at all for what they did to him? Because the West was bombing Afghanistan mujihadeen. Implicitly he was saying: Look they’re Afghans, you know, not Europeans, you can’t expect them to exercise any rational individual judgement or take any personal responsibility for beating up an innocent (in that regard) Western journalist.

    • The form of racism that you’re describing is called “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” That’s the standard attitude among leftists, even non-white ones.

      While realists of all races are talking about things like ideology, belief, and the effects of belief, the leftists are conflating race with belief and concluding that non-whites just can’t be expected to respect anyone else’s rights as well as white people can.

      This is just leftist racism. There is no such thing as “reverse racism.” Holding anyone to lower standards based on race clearly implies racial inferiority, and that is THE definition of racism.

  4. Russia wants to sell Iran the Antey-2500 air defense to Iran to upgrade from the S-300 to protect the nuclear installations that they have helped Iran develop.
    Russia pursues a policy of unprincipled power, crushing Muslims who may threaten them at home while arming the worst of them abroad to the max. I assume that an FN government will follow a similar policy model. No thanks.

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