Jews in Europe: Make Aliyah NOW

In the wake of what happened last night in Copenhagen — and given the rise of Jew-murdering jihad all across Europe — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recommended that European Jews emigrate to Israel as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing this video and providing timely commentary:

38 thoughts on “Jews in Europe: Make Aliyah NOW

  1. Don’t think I’ll ever hire Europe to be my agent. They traded, by murdering millions of Jews, lights of the world in exchange for 20 million (or more) Muslims.

    • Very good point. The ‘exchange’ of 5-6 million jews for about 25–30 million muslims was arguably the worst decision ever made by supposedly ‘human’ beings. Trading the best for the very worst.

      • Just think what that exchange does to the aggregate I.Q., not to mention our attempting to have a commons.

        Just think what they did to Egypt when they were new-comers trampling on an ancient civilization that permitted widespread literacy. I keep trying to picture Egypt as “the breadbasket of the Med”. Now, after that punishing Arab almost-nuclear “Spring” they’re even worse off.

    • Don’t think I’ll ever hire Europe to be my agent.

      It’s okay. Europe tends not to be interested in working for persons of restricted intellectual development. You’re not a Mark Steyn fan, by any chance?

      They traded, by murdering millions of Jews, lights of the world in exchange for 20 million (or more) Muslims.

      When people make this claim about “Europe”, I always ask a question that never gets an answer. If Europe set out to murder millions of Jews, why were there any Jews left at the end of the war? Who was defending them against all those genocidal Europeans at the start of the war? There was no place for them to hide, so was it a miracle? Or are you fact someone who can’t apply simple logic to ludicrous claims about history?

      More questions that I never get answers to: Who was responsible for the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe? It was never voted for by the majority. Who passed all those laws against free speech? Again, it was never voted for by the majority. Might it be something to do with the people who fund politics in Europe? And where do Marxism and its various off-shots come from? They’re not European except in a geographic sense. You might like to examine this statement in reaching some answers:

      I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

      • Multiculturalism doesn’t work, especially so when the imports are Muslim colonists(not immigrants) who bring their own rather alien and hostile culture with them and has no real use for European sensibilities outside of taking their free stuff and abusing their women.

        Perhaps you ought to see the 700 plus no go zones the Muslims have carved out in France or those in Britain. That’s not success – it’s a cancer killing the body.

        As for the role of the Jews – it will be as big fat targets for their Muslim associates as they gather their power and anger and invoke their Koranic injunctions to exterminate the Jews.

        Sadly most European Jews seem to be of the arrogant Leftist sort who think they can control a entire people whose religion mandates them to kill the Jews when they get the chance. I don’t see it ending well for them as the nascent events in France, Sweden and Denmark illustrate.

        • anon– of course multiculturalism doesn’t work. Never has; never will.

          The opposite – that the Other has to prove himself ‘safe’ for one’s enclave, be it family, clan, or neighborhood before he can enter in – is hardwired into the mammalian brain. The ignorant p.c. crowd wants rainbows and unicorns on every playground and mandated violins in the background. It’s just the sappier modern & more expensive version of “a governmental chicken in every pot”.

          Strange how we got that chicken and then Big Agra began poisoning the critters while the FDA increased regulations on the small independent henhouse. Thus only the relatively well-off can afford the purportedly cage-free un-hormoned, antibiotic-free versions of Miz Henny Penny. Many people now go through life never tasting an unadulterated piece of chicken. When they meet the real thing – tougher and full of sinews – they may return to the ersatz versions.

          The EU is slowly and wisely throttling the American “fude” industry. So is Brazil. We’ll have to either clean up our act or invite in more ignorance so we’ll have ready mouths for our swill. Even now you can see poor people swelling from the “extra added ingredients”. The cultural divide in this country is measured by one’s Body Mass Index.

          As for Jews in Europe, not all of them are as you describe. Vlaams Belang in Belgium made inroads into the Jewish community in Antwerp. IIRC, their influence has been partially replaced by an equally anti-immigration party. As for those who swallow the socialist kool-aid, they are no different than their goyim counterparts in Europe. Conservative thinking is making a very slow comeback since the French Revolution. Living at the expense of government is a notion that dies hard. As government bankrupts itself importing and then buying the immigrant vote, that house of cards gets ever shakier. The winds of change are blowing, too.

          Jesus preached about not building your house on the sand. It was beyond his ken to ever be able to warn about building houses of cards in the air.

          • Dymphna, As regards the motives of various religious groups, you have to look to their foundational documents rather than projecting your wishes upon another group.

        • As for the role of the Jews – it will be as big fat targets for their Muslim associates as they gather their power and anger and invoke their Koranic injunctions to exterminate the Jews.

          Ok, so the role of the Jews is to be victims who suffer Muslim aggression through no fault of their own.

          Sadly most European Jews seem to be of the arrogant Leftist sort who think they can control a entire people whose religion mandates them to kill the Jews…

          But now you seem to be contradicting yourself. If most Jews are arrogant leftists, they’ve supported mass immigration by Muslims and demonized anyone who opposed it. So they’re not blameless in what is now happening to them.

          As I expected, I didn’t get an answer to my question about Europe and its notorious campaign to exterminate Jews in Europe during the Second World War. The thing is, white Americans who believe ludicrous things like that should remember that they too are regarded as European. Mass immigration is destroying the US too and the same people are fully in favour of it. And those same people hate Christianity.

      • Blessed Foot Forward

        “If Europe set out to murder millions of Jews, why were there any Jews left at the end of the war?”

        Perhaps the reason you never get an answer to the above question you posed – in fact three questions – is because the above question and the following two are fatuous and nonsensical.

        Some Jews survived WW2 mostly because they hadn’t been gassed, worked to death, died of disease or starved as Germany began to lose the war. Heinrich Himmler started covering his tracks as early as mid-43 (closing down Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor in the face of Russian advances) and ceased all industrial extermination in Auschwitz-Birkenau by December 1944. Some Jews escaped from France through Spain and Portugal in 1940. One Japanese consul in Lithuania stamped thousands of Jews’ passports with temporary entry visas to Japan enabling them to escape. Some hid as “submarines” in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Some from Poland went east into the Soviet Union in 1939 and survived there. The Danish Jews got shipped off to safety in neutral Sweden. Germany’s ally, Bulgaria, uniquely and steadfastly protected its Jews, but to do so agreed to give up the Jews who weren’t Bulgarian citizens.

        “Who was defending them against all those genocidal Europeans at the start of the war?”

        Umm, nobody. See the Evian Conference of 1938.

        “There was no place for them to hide, so was it a miracle?”

        See my answer to your question 1.

        • Who do you think hid the Jews who survived in Europe? It was Europeans who risked great danger to themselves. It was non-Jews who hid Jews. It was non-Jews who rescued Europe from leftist Nazis. It was my Christian relatives who have fought all of the wars caused by leftists and Communists in the last century. So, I am very interested in WHO is causing and benefiting from these wars in order to keep my own children from becoming leftist cannon fodder.

        • See Discovery at Anne Frank dot org. It was non-Jews hiding Jews – and paying the price upon discovery.

        • But, what about ALL of the non-Jews who were tortured and murdered during World War II? Those people also deserve our rembrance and discussion. Who volunteered to take in those people as refugees? Those people faced the same fate in the same way by the same murderers….

          • There seems to be a tendency among Jews to make World War II relational to the Jews only rather than it being a war about many diverse items – including the fact that Germany had been literally starved to death after World War I – which itself had suspicious causes.

        • The Danish Jews got shipped off to safety in neutral Sweden.

          Ah, another person of restricted intellectual development. And a Mark Steyn fan too, no doubt.

          Look, read this carefully: Sweden is part of Europe, not of the Antarctic continent nor of the Andromeda galaxy. If “Europe” tried to exterminate the Jews, Sweden would have been part of it. It couldn’t have been neutral, unless “neutral” means “bent on exterminating the Jews”. The last time I checked, it didn’t.

          Some Jews escaped from France through Spain and Portugal in 1940.

          Again, Spain and Portugal are part of Europe, not of Antarctica. Britain and Iceland are part of Europe too. If “Europe” tried to exterminate the Jews, it would have been pointless to flee from one part of Europe to another. Do you see? Does the simple logic sink in? Does the phrase “jump from the frying-pan into the fire” convey anything to you?

          So again I ask the question that I have never had an answer to:

          If Europe tried to exterminate the Jews, how did any Jews survive?

          Alternatively, you can admit that you are using “Europe” as a highly dishonest (and highly revealing) synonym for “Nazi Germany and its allies”.

          I’m confident you’ll neither answer the question nor admit your dishonesty.

          • Oh, but it is even worse because Jews blame everyone of European descent including Americans – despite the fact that Christian Americans saved the world from Leftist Nazis.

          • Egghead, I’m letting this one through, but it’s the last one of its kind that will get in. It can stand as an example of what I do not generally permit.

            Next time you address this issue, you’d best qualify it with “some” or another similar adjective. I don’t know a single Jew who “blames everyone of European descent including Americans”, not a single one.

            Not only that, before I consider further discussion of this sort, I want to see a reliable citation (e.g. a Gallup opinion poll) to back up your nasty, hateful assertion.

  2. Can I be honest here? I’ve seriously thought about selling up and moving to Israel myself, and I’m not even Jewish. I need to live somewhere where insanity and cowardice are not the order of the day – where you’re not slung in jail for standing up for what you believe in, for openly defending what is right and good – and when you think of what is coming up around the bend … well, things are trending downwards, that is blatantly obvious, we’ve passed the tipping point and things are going to be catastrophically bad, however you want to look at it. And Israel is not the problem – Israel is the solution.

  3. And you’ll notice that Israel is described as “what he regards as their natural homeland” but the false prophet of [derogatory epithet] is never described as “the man who muslims regard as their prophet”.

  4. A warning has been sounded and unlike last time, at least those who choose to leave Europe and other places for Israel have a home that will take them in.

    Good luck to them and may God Bless.

  5. The U.S. won’t be far behind as a dangerous place for Jews once the Muslim population increases and they become a sought after voting bloc for liberal politicians.

    When that happens the Jews will be thrown under the bus here as well – just as the blacks are being ignored in favor of Hispanics. One of the fatal flaws of the Jewish population of the U.S. is their support of liberal politicians whom they think will protect them in return for their votes and monetary support. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Politicians will sell out their own mother if it means staying in office.

    And they will certain kick a tiny constituency to the curb in return for getting the support of a growing Muslim population just like what has happened in France, Denmark, Sweden and soon Britain and Germany.

    I give the U.S. 5-10 years before it becomes openly dangerous for Jews. It’s already happening on college campuses with a strong liberal student population.

    • Yeah, but even if Nick has a Jewish grandparent, Hebrew is a really hard language to learn. I’d happily live in Israel as I feel safe there and like the vibe of the place, but job opportunities are very limited for non-Hebrew speakers. It has got a great climate, surfing beaches on the Mediterranean coast and it often snows in Jerusalem. In the middle of winter you can catch a bus to Eilat on the Gulf of Aqaba and swim in warm water. If I win the lottery, I’ll might try to retire there.

      • No, we are not. Please don’t go there.

        The killer was not a Dane either.

        We may empathize with their sorrow, we can admire their determination, but we can’t share the experience any more than a European can share 9/11 with us. Tomorrow, at some point during the day, I’ve no doubt that 9/11’s images will be present to me, at least fleetingly. But we leave it to the Danes who were there to tell us what those events mean for them.

        The Jews are safe in Denmark for the moment, but not even the plucky Danes can turn back such a huge tide of hate…sadly do we say the Jews in Europe should leave for their own safety. Even Danish and Italian Jews.

        • Vi er danskere.

          “No, we are not. Please don’t go there.”

          Agree completely. Only the Danes are the Danes and they alone should decide how to deal with this.

          Also, what’s sad is that these symbolic solidarity expressions pass themselves off as meaningful responses. As if saying “Vi er danskere” or “Je suis Charlie”, in the absence of actual pushback, amounts to anything.

          Yes, the Jews must probably now leave Europe. Still, remember what the Danes did for the Jews in 1943. But times are changing.

    • Caricature on Page 3 of Liberation

      Weapon vs Pen
      Message from a black-hooded male holding a weapon, to person holding a pen
      “I have installed myself here in your head, so that I can help you avoid making stupid mistakes”

  6. A question to be considered is :-

    Is Israel a Jewish Homeland, or a huge Ghetto?

    Think about Nazi policy of moving people into a Ghetto, then liquidating them and apply it on an international scale, where Israel is the ghetto and Iran is readying the liquidation process with help from the rest of the world…..

    • High stakes poker with Israel is way out of class and above skill level for Iranians. Iran showed itself to like a one legged man in a posterior kicking match with our old aly Sadam. Iran is already dust if it tries to make good on any of its bankrupt koranic moronica. Lol.

    • MC. Its a homeland and not a ghetto. As for the liquidation process: it is not going to happen (unless Israelis vote for a government that enters into “Oslo Mk 2”. After Oslo Mk 1 the scales fell from even Benny Morris’ eyes.

      More and more Westerners are beginning to see that Israel is the canary in the coalmine and Westerners are the miners. I know immigrant Croats, Italians and Lebanese (Christian) who, despite the decades of anti-Israel propaganda, have come to realize that Israel is not the problem but the solution – mind you some of the last named group have more or less always known it. See Brigitte Gabriel as a very lucid and coherent example.

  7. Well, in the US anyway, whoever got to the immigration levers back in the 1980s decided to use that leverage to create a massive Middle Eastern inundation that would in the event of any future Euro catastrophe, make it very difficult to turn any asylum seeking boats away due to lack of sympathy on the ground. Seems to have gone terribly wrong – for everyone.

  8. It’s great that Jews have a Jewish state that will take them in. But where will Europeans find sanctuary?

    • Europeans will do what Europeans have always done. Organize and move forward conquering by fair means and foul. We could work something out with earth fellows the Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, whomever. The miserable can’t fit in anywhere anyhow Muslims may have to taken over and divvyed up because they are sitting very unproductively on former infidel lands now left barren from 1400 years of death, lies and Devil grade cult debauchery.

    • Why should we have to find sanctuary? I can’t speak for those on the Continent; but here in the U.K. regardless of what the projected demographics are and how many laws are passed to control the indigenous population – Muslims and Islam are more and more despised with the passing of time. I think, ultimately, it will be a case of them needing to seek sanctuary not us.
      There is a lesson from history for immigrants to learn about Britain, and more specifically England, prior to the 20th century all mass immigration onto this island was undertaken at the point of swords and spears and it was resisted. The Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Vikings and the Normans would all attest to that.
      The Jews and Huguenots who were allowed in were seen as being beneficial, but even then there was hostility against them to some degree (eg Charles I kicked all the Jews out of the country and then Cromwell allowed them to return during the Protectorate).
      The long term future is grim for the British, I agree; but it certainly isn’t going to be a bed of roses for the Muslims, who came here, and their descendants either. Considering the history of our island: the English and the British must be the favourites to prevail and not them, surely?

      • I for one sincerely hope you are right, Pat, and I wait every day to hear the news that the Brits have finally woken up from their slumber, and cancelled all benefits for the border-hopping ‘immigrants’.

        Of course all hell would break loose if that were to happen–but it must anyway, sooner or later, and better for violence to happen now when you have a huge numerical advantage, as Churchill once said. Of course you have a disadvantage at present in the form of the government ‘elites’ and their enforcers, the police, not to mention the pious clergy who are not only traitorously naïve, but ‘thick as a plank’, and even millions of your own people who are similarly afflicted.

        But I wish you well in the reclamation of England’s green and pleasant land; all sane people do.

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