Islamophobia Turns Deadly in Chapel Hill

Update: Here’s a video of the statement made by the suspect’s wife, followed by statement from the victims’ family (hat tip Vlad).

Three Muslims have been shot to death by a non-Muslim in Chapel Hill near UNC:

3 Muslim Students Shot to Death in Apartment Near UNC Chapel Hill

By Saeed Ahmed, CNN

(CNN) A 46-year-old man has been charged with murder in the shooting death of three Muslim students in an apartment near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

Police haven’t said what may have compelled the accused, Craig Stephen Hicks, to allegedly carry out the attack Tuesday evening. He turned himself into police later in the night.

But given the victims’ religion and comments the alleged shooter apparently left on a Facebook page, many social media users wondered what role, if any, the victims’ faith played.

Based on his online footprint, Mr. Hicks is an atheist. I see this incident as an opportunity for the Powers That Be to crack down on the atheist wing of the Counterjihad, which is not as big as the Christian portion, but still considerable.

Anders Behring Breivik was described as a “Christian terrorist” by the media after his massacre on Utøya in 2011, despite his own statements in his “manifesto” declaring himself to be an atheist. Mr. Hicks plainly can’t be used in that fashion — his atheism was too militant and public. He has expressed his disdain for Christians online, posting “a picture from United Atheists of America asking ‘why radical Christians and radical Muslims are so opposed to each others’ influence when they agree about so many ideological issues’.”

The alleged killer is a fan of Richard Dawkins, and I can see a Full Fjordman in Mr. Dawkins’ future. He has already “condemned” the attack. Next he will have to begin “repudiating” various writers and groups — assuming that he wants to maintain his full schedule of paid speaking engagements. You can expect various Christian groups to pile on him and other atheist “Islamophobes”, with luminaries such as Pope Francis leading the charge.

The incident will probably prompt a flare-up of the Atheists vs. Christian war, which is never very far below the surface in Counterjihad circles. If it happens, I won’t be participating. That’s just what our enemies want.

Hat tip: Papa Whiskey.

40 thoughts on “Islamophobia Turns Deadly in Chapel Hill

  1. Maybe muslims will think twice before shooting off their mouths. I would suggest that all muslims leaving America.

    • Since the predominant Muslim reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre has been “You should be more careful about what you say” (along with more violence in some cases), why shouldn’t Muslims accept the reverse argument? Thus: “Those Muslims must have said something deeply offensive to what Mr. Hicks holds dear — as dear as Muslims hold their prophet — so it’s quite understandable that he would explode in outrage.”

    • Not likely to happen. As noted by other commenters, just wearing the hijab and other sharia compliant garb makes it clear these muslims believed and followed much sharia law. Muslims do not to shoot off their mouths. Their dress, beards, lack of assimilation often times does the yelling for them. A glance too long at any muslim garbed out can result in the same response as a woman screaming rape at any man.

      I wish all muslims would hop a camel and ride into the ocean but that might be construed as ‘fun’ and most fun is haram within sharia law and islam. Wishful thinking on me part.

      This guy was a total progressive moon bat who just happened to be an atheist and rant all over the place to any and all who might listen for more than five seconds. His neighbors could have been any religion but sadly for the counterjihad they were muslims and now it will turn into somewhat of bloodbath that is going to have to run it’s course. Since when has the lapdog, lying LSM ever bothered to wait a bit for FACTS to come out? Rarely. This country and the greater west is now so cry baby sensitive to anything like this, now the hydra with the heads of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness will be free to roam and maim for a time. I have already received some hate filled emails accusing me of helping foster such ‘crimes’ in our once fine Republic just because I am extremely conservative, Christian and have been against islam/sharia since 1979.

      It is always tragic when people are murdered. This guy was doomed to snap. Maybe the SPLC will defend him pro bono as he seemed to be a fan of that hate filled, collectivist, propaganda center.

      • I live in a center of “progressive Democrats.” I’m completely bewildered by the reference to Craig Hicks as a “total progressive moon bat who just happened to be an atheist.”

        “Total progressive moon bats” do NOT generally even own personal firearms, much less participate in open carry, as I understand Hicks does/did. That’s why he was able to kill them so quickly and impulsively: he had the weapon ready to hand. He was also (obviously) an excellent shot. 🙁

        I’m new to this site, so I may be operating with a different definition of “progressive-ism” and would really like some further explanation of how this term can be applied to Craig Hicks, the open-carry enthusiast. ???

        Thank you.

        • There is a strain of the Left that is as enthusiastic about weaponry as the Montana Militia. Think of the Weathermen circa 1969. They know guns, they love them, and they know how to use them.

          It may be a recessive gene on the Left now, but it still exists.

          • *Very* recessive, if so. Even in comment sections on local S.F. Bay Area firearms/weapons/etc. news stories, it’s pretty easy to tell who’s writing from a left vs. right viewpoint simply based on terminology re. firearms.

            Educational to learn/be reminded about Weathermen, whose motto (I think?) was “Revolution, by any means necessary.”

      • Well do you know? No, you don’t so stop defending them.

        If a muslim had taken out three ‘whiteys’, this story would already be on the wane, but as it’s muslims, well you know the State, the police, and the media consider muslim lives as somehow worth more than my life or yours. Funny, that.

        • No, it’s just not Muslims, as if they are less than human, it is murder, and murder matters no matter what the color or the creed!

          • While I would agree murder matters I wonder if you’re aware: “Michelle and I offer our condolences to the families of the victims over this brutal and outrageous murder,……………we are all one American family”.

            The family of Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma who was ‘brutally and outrageously murdered and beheaded’ are still awaiting condolences from the White Mosque, so it appears muslims do count more with Obama.

  2. Is it relevant that the victims were muslim? I think focusing on their religion may be a mainstream media misdirection.

    • That’s expected from dunce, thick-headed, slow-witted, bird-headed, debased, deliberate-stupidity choosing dhimmis.

      What can I say : who would do this to oneself: Turn his own paradise into hell. For whom> For what reason? What’s the benefit? How could whole dhimmi continents become so immoral and preferring enemies over friends? 100 pages of proselytizing in the curricula but zero pages about the two wonderful religions, which share the same Old Books.
      Burn out from contradictions and abject surrender to the powers of violence. Boiling.

      • What a filthy paper trail that must be. Where are all those investigative journalists of yesteryear? It would be unimaginable even a decade ago that flesh peddlying Saudi trash would get their degenerate paedo profit (sic) terrorist manuals into our children’s parents sacred domain. How can a nation become so depressed not to be full of anger and outrage.

    • Yes, it is relevant if the religion of pieces and severed necks is involved.
      For several reasons: 1. That’s the only religion of the “democratic” countries. 2. That’s the only religion that democracies and media are fond of and concerned about. 3. The only religion not separated from the state and federal governments, and is promoted and lavished money on whether here or overseas. 4. The darling of the western elected, the pupil of their eye. 5. The only religion they can pronounced with full sweet mouth, unembarrassed, with voter gains. 6. The only religion they have reverence for and are proud when the elected stand in front of a mike and praise it while surrounded by black crows and bearded dinosaurs.

      It is the Traitor Serpentine Class which is felonious, for inviting the scum.
      This Class which pays lip serves to the indigenous people but practical and real victories to the enemies.

      What for? What is the benefit? Why? Who has done this in the Dark Ages. Which ages are darker since the times of Eating The Apple.

    • I’m almost SURE it is. I read the Washington Post online, and in the comments section (Day 2) on this episode, many commenters are “reminding” others that Craig Hicks was known for being edgy about “noise and parking.” He seems to have been fairly absolutist and My Way or the Highway about these two topics, no matter what law/custom said.

      If WashPo commenters are having to drag the discussion back from “Oh, it’s a hate crime!” to “Oh, he was off his rocker!” I can’t imagine what this is looking like on television (I don’t watch TV news; haven’t since about, oh, September 2001 except for one tragic incident here in the Bay Area in Spring 2002).

      So yeah, it doesn’t seem like the victims’ religion was relevant to Hicks, but the media are making it a Big Deal. *sigh*

  3. It would have been much easier for the powers of western darkness if he had been affiliated with the religion of surrendering your lands, unis, churches, cemeteries, your women, the other cheek. Every “lead” will be exhausted to manufacture evidence of a hate crime.
    The truth is muslims are invited to the west from countries where muslims are masters. They never take no as no from an infidel whether it be in India, Egypt, Ehtiopia or Turkey. You can’t renovate this Temple. Yes, master. You can’t replace the broken church bell. Yes, my lord. According to koran, you can’t build a new synagogue. You guessed it. The expected answer must be “yes”
    When they come here they carry that gene and attitude of mastery and supremacy, arrogance and haughtiness.
    Just wearing a niqab is a hidden order of “respect me” or else I report you to … you know who supports us imposes our religion on you.

    Dunce converts put on niqab to change their status from drunk, low-esteem, astray, slave dhimmis to supremacists, for whom you sideline and leave the whole sidewalk to her sultuness.
    It has been said that there is no cure for self-inflicted frigging. … tongue slipping… well I mean self-inflicted ignorance. I mad. Real mad.

  4. Sorry folks, I will react to this shooting of Muslims in EXACTLY the same way Muslims react to crimes done in their name….

    I just don’t give a [expletive].

  5. And while I don’t condone violence other than state-sanctioned indiscriminate butchery like WW2, I wonder if we might have a round table to discuss (a) the inevitable atheophobia that will follow, and (b) what Muslims may have done to provoke the shooter….

  6. This guy wasn’t an “Islamophobe,” he was a free-floating grump who apparently went off on these people over a parking space:

    The headline: “Parking dispute, not bias, triggered triple murder, say NC police”

    Jihad Watch has a rundown on his Facebook “likes”:

  7. This was inevitable,and soon we will see athiest/christian attacks here in Europe,you cant come to peoples countries enmasse and push your supremascist ideology with threats of violence,bombings,beheadings and fraudulent halal certification.When you follow an ideology that commands hate on others,expect others to hate back

  8. A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair) told reporters the three were Muslim. “Based on the brutal nature of this crime, the past anti-Christian and anti-Jewish statements of past Muslim perpetrators, the religious attire of two of the victims, the infuriating “superiority” and the rising anti-American rhetoric from Muslims in American society, we urge state and federal law enforcement authorities to quickly address speculation of a possible bias motive in this case,” said Cair national executive director Nihad Awad. This terrible crime was not carried out by a useful idiot.

  9. Since when did the truth matter to obama, muslims, progressives, and the western elite? Every incident gets turned on its head to serve their ends. Hence violence committed against Infidels and Jews by devout muslims who quote chapter and verse to justify their actions have nothing to do with islam. While violence committed by an Infidel against a muslim for reasons having nothing to do with the latter’s belief system (I refuse to call it a religion) will be officially proclaimed as proof of islamophobia requiring all Infidels to make further concessions to muslims living in dar-al-harb, including refraining from criticizing, mocking, or even speaking the truth about islam.

  10. Speaking as an atheist,
    one who has studied several religions, I say this in caps loud and clear.

  11. I have a friend who was so anti-Christian that we had several arguments – he can become quite heated – based simply on what he perceived rather than any real evidence for his beliefs – as I went to great pains to point out. He is an avowed atheist who while professing to a non belief in God simply had nothing to utter concerning Islam, except the standard mantra about Islam being the religion of peace.

    After several more arguments and lot of name calling on his part, he has gradually come around to realize his mistake in believing that Islam is a religion of peace and that God and Christianity is not the great bogeyman he once thought it was.

    He has tempered his ‘bombastic outbursts’ on religion to one of quietly accepting that not everyone thinks as he does. Now he even shares a glass of nice red with an Anglican Priest who has remained good friends with the both of us.

    The shooter in this incident has been blindsided by his own sense of ‘righteousness’ into committing three acts of murder brought on by an intolerance for other belief systems – it is a simple as that. That kind of personal ‘intolerance’ can affect all belief systems, yet is only promoted as a duty by one.

      • I haven’t stated this intolerant nutter was an islamophobe, only that his ‘religious’ belief that there is no God has caused his blind intolerance and anger for those who profess such a belief to the point of murdering people for it.

      • Too, while that murderer seems to have had a penchant for protecting his parking space from being used by others, would the constant ‘in your face’ aggression he apparently displayed to some have been a motivating factor to put him over the edge to kill three people?

        Or, did his revved up atheism and maniacal aggression become volcanic on approaching his victims and realizing that they were Muslim finally push him beyond the point of no return?

        Would a Priest and two Nuns in traditional garb have suffered the same fate?

        • Probably. His Facebook page, as quoted in the News-Observer article linked elsewhere in this discussion, berated “your religion” severely. He didn’t call out any specific religion, just “your” religion, Gentle Reader.

          So my take on it is that anyone would have been at risk in the eyes of this violent, murderous loon.

  12. Apparently it had nothing to do with Islam. Really. It was over a parking space dispute. Hicks was an ideal Progressive nut case, and had nothing against Muslims. He was not an “Islamaphobe,” but a dyed in the wool Obamaton. The victims could’ve been Jews or atheists or Shintoists.

    • It’s very interesting to me that so many people fasten onto the links on Hicks’s Facebook page and then decide that he’s a “Progressive.” Where I live (San Francisco Bay Area), the very fact that he had a concealed weapons permit would negate anything else presumably “progressive” about him and his beliefs.

      A case could be made, if one wished to (I don’t), that he linked to the sites he did as a quick way to keep up with The Enemy (his own “enemy”) rather than have to chase down their URLs on a regular basis.

  13. Any woman wearing a hijab is a follower and believer and supporter of sharia law, which is a clear and declared enemy of liberty and freedom and western civilization.
    They have declared themselves to be our enemies and an obvious danger.
    They need to be sent back to their home countries immediately.
    They don’t deserve any of the benefits of western civilization without rejecting their primitive and destructive beliefs.
    Islam and arabs has been at war with the rest of world since the 600’s. That we haven’t woken up to this fact is a testament to the success of the cultural marxists (primarily jews) to dumb us down and indoctrinate us.
    research Dr. Bill Warner PoliticalIslamDOTcom

    • reed, the problem I find within your comment is that you generalize. While I agree that Islam is THE problem, many Muslims who are stuck within that all encompassing restrictive nightmare of a belief system and would like to escape from it find that they cannot.

      Islam is the problem not the many who are trapped within it.

  14. As a Christian and a resident of a twonhouse complex, I see Hicks as Village-Atheist-In-the-Bible-Belt meets townhouse/apartment complex Neighbor-from-Hell. God forgive me, but I’ve been sorely tempted to at least key the car of the guy who always parks his car directly behind where I part, and makes it hard to get out in the early morning hours I keep.

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