Islam in Europe: The Subjection

From Ortner Online, the “Central Organ of Neo-Liberalism” in Austria, comes this excellent essay by Werner Reichel on Europe’s looming Islamic future.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Islam in Europe: The Subjection

by Werner Reichel
February 17, 2015

And now in Copenhagen too. Shocked again, but not too much. It could just as easily been Barcelona, Hamburg, Vienna, Marseilles, Rome, Manchester, Rotterdam or any other city in Europe. Still to come. The politically correct elite and European societies just can’t be well-behaved and obsequious enough. Caricatures, a public discussion of freedom of expression, a film, a Christian symbol, one false word — no matter, there will always be something. That is why it is trumpeted over all available media that this had nothing to do with Islam. It’s just some confused extremists who weren’t paying attention in the mosque.

Islamically motivated terrorism has come to Europe and it is here to stay. In two hours, or three days, or a week or a month, things will go boom again. Everyone will be — less and less — shocked each time. City XY, of all places! Where they have done so much for integration…

Islamic terror will soon be part of our everyday life, with all its effects on a progressively less free and open society. You get used to it — become accustomed. The excitement in the media and the political arena won’t be quite so great for the next massacre. From the front pages of newspapers to the last sections under “briefly noted” is a foreseeable progression. Just another confused perpetrator or an isolated group. Then the attempt to put the blame of the police. The left hangs onto its old and preferred enemies.

After the next massacres, the thousands of “Charlies” in politics, the media and culture will probably even stop their implausible “activism” and idle alibiing, because they will no longer have the courage to carry on with them. Just don’t take any risks. “Tolerance” will gradually dissolve democracy, freedom of the press and expression. And there will be a lot to tolerate.

While soap-box speeches defend Western values — wholeheartedly now and then after an actual terrorist attack — they always adapt unobtrusively to the new conditions in Europe. Step by step, possible provocations are avoided. There are few exceptions. There is resistance only to those who point out these developments, for they are the ones who are causing unrest, inciting unnecessarily and poisoning the atmosphere. They are trying to spread fear, build up prejudice and use the terrorist attacks of confused individual perpetrators for their own purposes.

A Europe increasingly shaped by Islam? No. Despite all demographic upheavals, Europe will continue to be the front-line fighter for multi-sexuality, social justice, recycling and veganism. Many politically correct engineers actually believe they are still commanding on the bridge of the good ship Europe. While others, like Goethe’s sorcerer’s apprentice, are getting an uneasy feeling.

So the word will go out repeatedly that there is no Islamization. That’s just the paranoid fantasizing of right-wing ditzes and confused losers under modernization, who can’t get along in the new, diverse multiculti world. The perpetual repetition of this expression of belief in political correctness serves not only as a means of instructing the populace, but also as a calming mantra for the drum majors and “running dogs” of this ideology.

But the politically correct opinion leaders owe us an explanation of why Europe, rather than wide swathes of Africa and Asia, should become increasingly Islamic. Maybe because Europeans are especially strong in their beliefs? Maybe because our politicians are especially forthright and courageous democrats? Maybe because Europe runs an intelligent and visionary policy of immigration and integration? Joking aside.

Islamic religion/ideology is changing Europe — its culture, its societies, its values. And, in fact, far more profoundly than can be imagined or even desired by those whose policies, whose voting habits and whose commitment have furthered and driven this development. It is high time for them to open their eyes and face reality.

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  1. Europeans know that they can just close their ears, close their eyes, and wait.

    The Islamization will not be fully realized in their lifetimes.

    It’s going to be someone else’s problem, and, hey, that someone else will have been born into it and grown up in the midst of it, so it won’t be such a shock to them. So it’s OK.

  2. RKae you are wrong one is afraid. Islamification will happen very quickly but so will the reaction. By 2023 at the latest those countries most affected -France, Germany, UK, Sweden will be clearly under de facto Islam. The hotheads in Islam will strut their stuff and get overconfident as they are doing right now. The British reaction especially will be swift and nasty. The country is on a powder keg and public anger is now swelling. When the Anglo Saxons get angry watch out. The Police are the problem as they just love enforcing Sharia. They will be the first victims of the public mood sickened by the Rotherham scandal but other factors are also in play- the demonisation of Russia and the attempt to start WW3 have not gone down well with the public. America is now absolutely hated-reviled in fact. Revenge is in the air.

    I seriously underestimated the public mood and depth of anger but it is there bubbling and fuming away. If UKIP appear to have been prevented from wining seats by a bent election- just as those of the BNP were by lost votes- later found in bins dumped wholesale, then God help the Establishment…. They’ll be running for their lives.

    So 2023 is my putative guess for a Moslem Britain should events continue as they are. But with ISIS now directly threatening Europe and especially the Vatican- with air attack from captured Libyan aircraft I think the game has changed. The Media may kid themselves that the Church is dead but it isn’t actually and my own wife an RC is not going to stand by and see her Holy Papa killed. And there are far more of them than Moslems.

    • I hope sincere men and women, who are jealous of their Judeo-Christian faiths will do something to preserve their country, families and honor. Self-defence against deadly invasion is natural. Stupidity of inviting invaders is criminal.

      ” the demonisation of Russia and the attempt to start WW3 ”

      It is easier to demonize Russia and pick up a fight with them so that indigenous Europeans and Americans will forget, and be distracted from the real self-inflicted plague of jihadis in out midst.

      Police are helpless. They are under absolute order of their tyrannical government. If they all go strike together and disobey the oppressive so-called democracy, they will win. But it is not easy for humans to agree on achieving righteous things. But they gang very quickly to do bad acts.

      Why don’t “freedom loving” Americans the 300 million of them (minus jihadis) , not go on general strike and paralyze the cowardly government until they tell the obvious truth abouth jihadis.
      WH has become den of Muslim Brotherhood foxes appointed there without objection by anyone, establishing the seeds of the New Caliphate.
      Go and ask ordinary people : to name those members of Muslim Brotherhood activists working in the WH. They don’t know.

      This way “democracy” is not only hollow, it is dangerous to our lives. Because the word is repeated every two seconds, and is nothing more than replacing one false prophet with another, and is given a blank check. Once in office he can take every inimical step against his own country without consequences. As we are seeing.

      Democracy does not mean you use your dollars, Euroes, pounds, your efforts, and you gear everything to promote Caliphate and destroy Israel.

      The problem is the “democratic governments” , whose players have no conscience, no scruples, no qualms. EU rulers also have no love for their own people and countries.



      facilitated by the devils of Eurabia.

      • Police are under orders?

        Hm, where did I hear that before?

        “I was just following orders.”

        But this excuse is no longer valid. Since Nuremberg to be precise.

        Every employee of the state, police, attorneys, paper pushers and so on, they all have access to news even better than the average citizen of the 1930-1945.

        The Germans were vilified because they did not look for Information, that they were contend with the official explanations, but in Nuremberg and later it was clearly spelled out that you have not to wait passively till a liberating army comes to your town – no, if there are dissenters and some info may look wrong you have to look and search for yourself. No passive behaviour is allowed.

        No citizen of today can claim to have known nothing. Everybody who had access to the Internet is automatically guilty of supporting and abbetting the destruction of todays Democracy.

        • Dear Alex,
          I am glad you mentioned “I was just following orders.” You know its history.

          Hm, where did I hear that before?
          If the whole army, Navy, Airforce, police force together at the same moment disobey the oppressive regimes, the the regime and the cowardly politicians will lose. But that’s difficult. If they do that it is a White Revolution provided the new rulers are not worse than the replaced.

          If a few righteous ones rise against the cowards then it is called conspiracy.

          You said : “I was just following orders.”
          But this excuse is no longer valid. Since Nuremberg to be precise.
          Every employee of the state, police, attorneys, paper pushers and so on, they all have access to news even better than the average citizen of the 1930-1945.
          ==== Have you not heard about double standards? That applied to the German leaders, not to the Traitor Class in our midst. Simply because Traitor Traitor Class do not see themselves as such, but they eyed German criminals differently.

          “The Germans were vilified because they did not look for Information, that they were contend with the official explanations, … ”

          === We also vilify the voters of today for voting traitors in as if they were saints. They don’t look, like us, for relevant info. Yes they spend a lot of time on the internet and TV but regarding sports, empty headed celebrities, and the useless trends. Real eye-opener info is depressing. People don’t like it. People prefer sitting there passively and subconsciously absorb ready doses of twisted info fed to us by our media outlets. Have they heard about ISIS and its beheadings and refusal of Hussein and Al-azher to criminalize them.

          No citizen of today can claim to have known nothing. Everybody who had access to the Internet is automatically guilty of supporting and abbetting the destruction of todays Democracy.

          ==== You can’t oppose your “democratic” government. It is bent on oppressing us and sacrificing us for the glory of islam. It is easier to take a spade and dig out the Himalayas and throw it into the sea than opposing tyrannical democracies.
          Do you remember what happened to the women who were prevented from wearing crosses, saying a Christian pray, telling the whole truth about islam? They were fired and are starving now for not following orders and democratically manufactured truth.

      • “EU rulers also have no love for their own people and countries.”
        That’s a big part of the problem, European democracies have been completely undermined by the EU, our national ‘leaders’, despite noises made for domestic consumption, are mere EU vassals (Merkel and Cameron two prime examples) they dissemble about Islam and never discuss the workings or likely consequences of the massive, social-engineering works- the European Neighbourhood Project (Eurabia is more succinct), that the EU,UN,IMF and other unelected supranational bodies are implementing in Europe.The MSM rarely if ever discusses it either and never puts it in context.

        The lies are so huge, the amounts of taxpayers money being spent outside the EU are colossal, the project almost unimaginable to people indoctrinated by 40 years of pro-EU bombardment, it’s difficult to comprehend.
        Tell most people the EU is trying to expand not only into Ukraine but 15 other countries mostly in the Middle East and North Africa via the ENP and they’ll look at you, as if you mentioned lizard people.

        However the project is now tangible on the streets of Europe, its effects on free speech bloodily visible.
        Europeans are beginning to wake up to just what the EUrabian vision actually is and want their countries back. I just hope it’s not too late.

      • “It is easier to demonize Russia and pick up a fight with them so that indigenous Europeans and Americans will forget, and be distracted from the real self-inflicted plague of jihadis in out midst. ” (Murad)

        This is the essence, I’m afraid. A distraction, so that Europeans “won’t notice” how islamization is taking place more enforced than ever.

        • It will never get to the stage of muslims taking over Europe. How can a disorganised mess of ill-educated muslims possibly take over even just Britain? How many muslims would it take to have one on every street corner watching all the infidels, asking them to accept their pedophile leader (a bunch of bones in Medina, Arabia)? Even the dumbest of them would realise they’d never be able to trust any of the Brits – even if 1/10 of them feigned acceptance. There would be the blood of hundreds of thousands of muslims on the streets and a civil war years before it got even close to that nightmare scenario.

    • “public anger is now swelling”

      You’re not under 35, or a Londoner I take it? In these groups, sure – public anger may be swelling. But it’s not swelling over Rotherham, or Denmark, or the shootings in Paris – but over the racism of Chelsea fans in Paris. Or even over who killed Lucy Beale in East Enders. Watched by an estimated 11 million people – far more than those who take any interest in what happened in Rotherham.

      • That pretty much wraps it up. British bulldog? It’s not even funny anymore. The people of the British Isles are cattle. Docile, ill-informed, easily sedated with football and soap, easily manipulated by the media and easily penned by the government. The revolution ain’t going to start there.

      • Regrettably, I think Green Infidel is right and the Bishop is wrong. “You’re not under 35, or a Londoner I take it?” is a highly pertinent question. The behavior of those Chelsea fans in Paris is THE story of the decade, indeed of this century thus far. Rotherham? What’s the fuss about that?

        • That “victim” Souleiman from the metro in Paris, is very likely a willing tool for any kind of waycist organisation. He even first says he doesn’t understand a word English. Then, he does understand English.

    • I hope you are correct with that assertion Bishop, I once heard that once the British lion roars, then stand well back.
      The events that are happening today at great speed does tell us that the Islamists have great confidence, so much so, this could result in over confidence which invariably leads to mistakes being made. More and more of us British are waking up and realising the danger Islam is presenting but we are unable to speak out just yet due to the risk of demonization, prosecution, employment loss and a plethora of other reasons. Most of us have something to lose. When the time comes when most people, and I include all the professions both civil and government, realise they have little or nothing to lose, what then?
      Our ‘colonisers’ and cultural ‘enrichers’ whether born here or not, do not and will never, ever understand the British way of life.
      I think our beloved country will be saved at the eleventh hour but regretfully a great deal of blood will have to be shed.

    • Bishop, you are angry?
      You think some reaction is coming? I don’t share that opinion, I have been waiting for some political reaction for 50 years and so far, no luck. There was a political groundswell in Britain, when Watneys, Inde Coope & Allslops, et al, tried to push cola type beer onto the British working man, the result was CAMRA and a successful campaign to restore to British men the ability to get sozzled on correctly brewed alcohol. So we saw where the priorities of British men lay. Britain is of course a leader in Europe, Britain leads Europe in drug abuse, alcoholism, welfare dependency, violent crime, and illegitimacy (that is the creation of bastard, uncared for, children). My observations of British people are generally of a mob of truculent, resentful, violent, ignorant, but above all apathetic, bunch of sheep who have embraced collectivism. The reason they (and many others including here in the US) embrace collectivism is that they are therefore relieved of all personal responsibility.
      There will be no response, other than apathetic resentment, they will continue to vote for their betrayers, because they hope the payoffs will continue. Now if and when the payoffs are curtailed or stopped completely, watch out!

      • My observations of British people are generally of a mob of truculent, resentful, violent, ignorant, but above all apathetic, bunch of sheep who have embraced collectivism. The reason they (and many others including here in the US) embrace collectivism is that they are therefore relieved of all personal responsibility.

        The worrisome part is when the working class try to bring attention to the problems of terrorists in their neighborhoods they get the Tommy Robinson treatment: harassment and prison for demonstrating on the behalf of English values. The soviet-style ‘shame, blame, and isolate’ heavy boot with the complete cooperation of the police and “legal” system shows us all what happens if you stick your head up.

        It has been the same here, but lower key. No one stood up for the personal rights of that film producer who made that trifling piece of film. Does anyone even know his name?

        His original crimes for which he was on parole were real enough. But – in my OPINION – this film was ordered to be made and then used, albeit clumsily, as the excuse behind Benghazi.

        We didn’t even bother to raise a fuss, Roger, so let’s not be so quick to point to the Brits. Our collective shame is on a par with theirs.

          • Since I can’t run any more, Mark, I’ll briskly walk with you to the bottom. I don’t think it’s very far from here. Then we can both turn at the dead-end and fire. Oops, I forgot. They disarmed you already. Well, get behind the rest of us and we’ll fire for you.

            Not too long ago I believed the maxim that we got the leadership we “deserved” -e.g., if one didn’t vote then what room was there to complain? Now that the ruling elite has been so thoroughly exposed, I know our vote matters very little – but especially for the people who live in Democrat machine-controlled urban areas like Chicago or St. Louis or Atlanta. So-called “white flight” had more to do with that cynical criminality than it did with the color of anyone’s skin – black people who could afford to move left those places, too.

            [The St. Louis balkanization is a special case of manipulation. Once one understands the particular machinations of the NINETY+ small municipalities in St. Louis COUNTY (as opposed to the city), the anger of poor people who know the reality see clearly how they’re caught in the jaws of the well-connected is…thus, it’s a rational anger. Which is why snakes like Al Sharpton are particularly despicable with his opportunistic ramp-up to the point of conflagration. He is to the betterment of black folks as Gloria Steinem was to the betterment of women. A pox on both their houses.]

            There, Mark. You got me going again.

        • Dymphna; thank you for responding. The case of the film maker is disgraceful, that such a thing could happen here is a clear indication that “land of the free, home of the brave”, is now nothing more than a meaningless slogan.
          Like the bishop, I am angry, also completely frustrated. The reason that TPTB could treat Tommy the way they did was because he was alone, a soft target who could be picked off and used to cowe the rest of the sheep. The scale of the betrayal in Europe and North America is absolutely breathtaking, demographic changes that have never been seen in history (except perhaps the colonization of America, but the tribal chiefs at least tried to resist). You recently ran an essay by Peter, a British expat who described the ruin that overtook his home town of Hayes. In his description you could insert any of dozens of London suburbs: Wembley, Harrow, Willesden, Harlesden, Plaistow, Hackney, Southall, Edmonton, Edgware, Brixton, and on and on.
          But I have only one life to live and enjoy, and one family to support and cherish, that, at least will be done.

    • @Bishop G.L-T. Father, forgive me I did not sinned, but I disagree with you. It is wishful thinking. Christianity is the loosing side at the moment, because a lot of people with power and influence preaching their malicious poison that Christianity itself is a Jewish conspiracy to ruin the world. Read Cesar Tort and Manu Rodriguez in the Occidental Observer. And they have lots of followers.

  3. Any attack on the smallest country in the world – the Vatican – will galvanize the Christian world. No wait. The Turks got the Pope. Nothing galvanized and the assassin got visits from Popey and would you believe early release. Nice is nice but if it gets your country subjugated or your family wiped out for just walking around blank faced as if it was 1933? Oh never mind.

  4. The reason it won’t go as the author states is that the attacks will be much worse. Yes, if the muzzies had half a brain they could lull Europe into submission. But in their hubris they will go too murderously far. The European elite will of course never fight back. And that’s why the pitchfork peasants will have to overthrow the elite before throwing the muzzies out.

    • I tend to think you’re right ricpic, our best hope in the short term for victory is the violence inherent in Islam, as much as it’s denied by authorities. The lure of dying for Allah is too strong and these crimes committed by more and more muslims will finally tip the scales.

  5. Look at the comments pages in the British MSM – that tells you how people are feeling, and I see a lot of anger.

  6. There will be a tipping point. But will it be too late? I think if France is indicative of a “western” civilized country, then the tipping point will be too late. By the time the powder keg blows, places like France will be lost unless there is tremendous bloodshed. If lost, then Europe will continue into horrific islumic decline. Thanks idiotic extremist leftists.

  7. The New Dark Ages of Europe is here
    – The invaders – “Will not be returning”

    Dialogue document 2003

    “Dialogue Between Peoples and Cultures
    in the Euro-Mediterranean Area”

    “Report by the High-Level Advisory Group
    established at the initiative of
    the President of the European Commission”

    “Members of the Group:
    Malek Chebel, Juan Diez Nicolas, Umberto Eco, Shmuel N. Eisenstadt,
    George Joffé, Ahmed Kamal Aboulmagd, Bichara Khader, Adnan Wafic Kassar,
    Pedrag Matvejevic, Rostane Mehdi, Fatima Mernissi, Tariq Ramadan, Faruk Sen,
    Faouzi Skali, Simone Susskind-Weinberger and Tullia Zevi”

    “These two future developments will have a number of positive effects on the prospects
    for immigration and on the place of Islam in Europe. First of all they will show that a
    European Islam has come into being, thus dispelling the image of a rampant Islamisation of Europe. This European Islam is developing its own characteristics which increasingly distinguish it from Islam as lived in Muslim countries:

    – Firstly, it takes the form of a minority religion whose adherents have made the choice
    to settle definitively on European soil and have therefore come to terms with the fact
    that they will not be returning.”

    “Why should this relationship be made a priority?
    Certainly not to prevent a very hypothetical clash of civilisations, but rather in the
    certainty that the principal complementarities of the two halves of the Euro-
    Mediterranean area will, in the next half century, have been integrated into their day-today life:

    what we now have to do is prepare the ground for this. These complementarities
    are now emerging, but there is a risk that they will not achieve the desired result if no
    effort is made to back them up with ambitious plans to bring peoples and cultures
    together. It is a historic and hence politically crucial task, and it is urgent.”

    • The somewhat Orwellian named, Directorate-General for Internal Policies Policy Department B – Structural and Cohesion Policies “Islam in the European Union: what’s at stake in the future ? ” states;
      “It is also important to acknowledge that the Muslim presence in Europe is an uneven and unfinished process. It is an ongoing process in the manner of all social facts……………To promote, with great caution and prudence, the development of tolerant and open Islam through activities of elaboration and circulation of ideas (translations and communication).”
      • To promote profound debates which do not hesitate to evoke themes that may make people angry. ”

      Yes let’s discuss the latest atrocity, Copenhagen for example and its relation to the concept of jihad, is it;
      A- Nothing to do with Islam ?
      B-Misunderstood Islam ?
      C-Taken out of context Islam ?
      D -Complete bollox ?

    • p.s your link isn’t working, I think this might be it.
      Such documents are valuable as the EU is not very good at transparency, to say the least.
      Despite the ex-‘Foreign Minister’ Baroness Ashton waltzing around in her private jet, proclaiming democracy and transparent institutions, while she was an unelected rep. of an undemocratic organisation.
      The whole world saw the hypocrisy and any moral authority European democracy had, was and is undermined and devalued.

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