27 thoughts on “ISIS Beheading Video: The Outtakes

  1. Poor taste. Maybe with the passage of time, when all this barbarity is a distant memory and all these animals have been permanently defeated. … maybe then we could be chuckling at them. But now we are in the thick if it …. it is too soon.

    • Agreed.

      If the West was actually taking the Muslim threat seriously, tackling it straight on, no apologies, no holds barred, then we will have earned the right to mock them.

      But, given Islam’s declared intent of conquering us, and its open delight in beheading Westerners at will, and then the glaring absence of a serious response on our part, I’m thinking we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves satirizing them.

      I didn’t laugh once during that video.

      • Remember that Israel is actually doing exactly that, we fight back, and the world hates us for it.

        • You’re right.

          Israel is fighting back. It has earned the right to mock its enemies.

          The remainder of the West not only won’t fight back, it won’t even name its enemy. Cartoons and satire have their place, but if that’s your only response to Jihad you’re going to lose.

  2. Laughed a little but in view of the latest abomination that has only come to light after this vid was posted I felt that the underlying meme is probably more important than the humour: first ridicule by all means, but then expose and then destroy the monstrosity in its entirety

    Otherwise the Demented Slaves of Allah will be coming soon to a street near you and me – in ever greater and far more barbarous numbers than they already have.

    Contain, curette, quarantine, monitor and slowly and as humanely as possible without fear of either approbation or the historic consequences ship all of the survivors of containment and curetting out back to whatever primitive hell hole they or their immediate ancestors came from.

    If we fail to grasp this essential nettle then in as little as a single generation we ourselves will cease to exist. It really is as simple as that.

  3. ‘If your enemy is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him’ Sun Tzu

    If there is one thing that makes the muzzies quick to irrational temper, it is laughing at their efforts to intimidate you the infidel!

  4. That there was funny! Thank you so much. I guess you have to laugh so you don’t cry, right?

  5. Lordy, Lordy how I laughed. The vile news is so horrific, I cry. How these wonderful people can make fun is just what we need. These Israelis live with disaster every day, and still give us so much wonderful technology and health cures and so much more every day. They manage to live a decent and good and happy life, despite the hatred of the so called world against them. Let me say that I love Israel wholeheartedly for its zest and love of life.

  6. I can’t believe I pushed enter without saying La Chaim, probably spelled wrong but To Life. I hope a friend of Gates of Vienna, MC in Sderot knows how much these wishes are also sent to him.

    • Thank-you, I am not in Israel atm, but will be back for Passover. Israelis have always had to live alongside the “religion of p!55′ and view it as someone from England might view Clochemerle….

      The Pallies are often referred to as ‘the cousins’, and one is very aware that the REAL victims of Islam are those born into poor Pally families with no hope whatsoever. Whilst tin-pot dictator Abbas swans around Europe, and skims of his slice of the EU/US cake, most of his constituents are grindingly poor and oppressed, not by Israelis, but by the PA’s own version of the Sturmabteilung. Enough foreign aid has gone into Judea, Samaria and Gaza to make every Pally a rich man, but please don’t ask where your tax monies really went…

      • MC, you’ve stumped me (not difficult), and my reference books, and Wiki.

        By “Clochemerle” do you mean the Beaujolais village, the satirical novel, or something else?

        • The novel ‘clochmerle’ was mandatory reading in the 60’s, a time when one came back from France scandalised at having to share conveniences with females and to P!55 in open urinals….

    • There is a huge difference in what the Nazi’s did behind ‘closed doors’ to what Islam is openly doing today – don’t you think?

      This video is not mocking the deaths of those who have been slaughtered by a bunch of fanatics, but is mocking the fanatics use of such gruesome methods of slaughter to intimidate and to terrorize us the infidel.

      And that is the point to this video.

  7. I haven’t watched the video and I won’t, the people who have been executed are not laughing, and neither are their families, they are still grieving. Some things are just not funny.

  8. Come on humour is one way to beat these self righteous idiots, ridicule them and their postulating with guns and the like, its effective as hell, if people walk around taking the mick out of them as losers it reduces their appeal.

  9. Taking life too seriously is what leads to PC. Those of us to whom it was funny do not forget the horror of the reality. But without some respite, constant horror and sadness is debilitating. There is nothing that irritates the overly serious more than poking fun at them, and this is a real jewel.

    • This disapproval of laughing at certain topics is a consequence of the near-universal PC infection. In the old days there would have been some circumstances when certain jokes would be considered bad form; for example, mocking a politician right after his wife died. But the idea that certain topics had to be ruled out entirely would have seemed pretty strange. This would have especially applied to mocking the enemy during wartime. To admonish someone for doing so would have been quite outlandish.

  10. I thought this was absolutely hysterical..reminds me of something Caroline and LATMA would do. Like most honor/shame cultures, Islam is highly susceptible to mockery , and it’s a very potent weapon the West isn’t using. Thank G-d the Israelis do.

    Anyway. Jews are pretty much famed for this kind of black humor. A old favorite…

    Two Jews are going to be executed by the Tsar’s army in Russia and are facing a firing squad. The officer in charge goes up and offers them a blindfold. One takes it, the other tells the officer to take the blindfold and stick it you know where.

    The first Jew yells, “Schmuel, dammit, take the blindfold already. Always you have to say something…you’re going to get us in so much trouble!”

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