De-Islamize The Netherlands!

Earlier this week we posted a translated transcript of Geert Wilders’ rousing speech in the Dutch parliament.

Below is a subtitled version of Mr. Wilders’ forthright challenge to Prime Minister Rutte in the Tweede Kamer on February 11. Many thanks to SimonXML for timing the transcript, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (the untimed transcript is here):

00:04   Madam Speaker, exactly four weeks ago today,
00:08   I stood here on behalf of the PVV group and expressed my anger
00:12   at the incompetent anti-terrorism policies of the cabinet.
00:16   I called on the government to wake up.
00:20   To recognize Islam as the cause of the terror and the misery. To close our borders.
00:24   To halt Islamization. To let Jihadists leave or
00:28   at least imprison them. And to never allow them to return to the Netherlands.
00:32   And to never allow them to return to the Netherlands.
00:36   Meanwhile, four weeks have passed and no progress has been made.
00:40   Nothing has improved, the situation only became worse.
00:44   The Netherlands is facing the biggest threat since World War II
00:48   and the government policies are still being characterized by
00:52   amateurism and an incredibly dangerous political correctness.
00:56   Madam Speaker, last summer
01:00   when Muslims paraded with ISIS flags through the streets
01:04   of The Hague and screamed “Death to the Jews”,
01:08   there was no cabinet minister to be seen,
01:12   and the Mayor of The Hague, a VVD member,
01:16   refused to return from his holiday in France. And now, when without any violence
01:20   there is a protest against a mosque in Leiden,
01:24   Minister Asscher hurries to Leiden
01:28   and within three minutes the Mayor of Leiden expressed his indignation.
01:32   What we are seeing is double standards, a selective indignation,
01:36   a cowardly cuddling of Islam. And in the meantime,
01:41   the government is providing extra support to Islam in the Netherlands.
01:45   As if nothing has happened. As if the problem in our country
01:49   is that we don’t have enough Islam in the Netherlands.
01:53   In Gouda they are now allowed to build a mega-mosque.
01:57   With a genuine apartheid wall around it, so that the Muslim
02:01   do not have to confront any female legs. Ludicrous!
02:05   This country seems to be governed by lunatics.
02:09   And the judiciary
02:13   is equally crazy. You know that my party
02:17   is of the opinion that jihadis should be allowed to leave.
02:21   Good riddance. Away from here.
02:25   Deprive them of their nationality and let them never return.
02:29   But if, as the government unwisely insists on doing,
02:33   if you absolutely want to keep them here, and you catch them red-handed
02:37   in a car with a trunk filled with battle gear,
02:41   then at least you should assume that they will be imprisoned for thirty years on bread and water.
02:45   Not so in the Netherlands.
02:49   In the Netherlands we have judges who first
02:53   tell Hakim and Mohammed: “No ankle monitor for you
02:57   because it makes it difficult for you to exercise.
03:01   And afterwards, we will acquit you because those farewell letters, walkie-talkies,
03:05   balaclavas and combat clothing were just intended for a skiing holiday
03:09   in Syria.” The Alexander Pechtold Award
03:13   for the most politically-correct silliness of 2015
03:17   has already been won by the court in Arnhem.
03:21   Meanwhile, this government is still refusing to acknowledge
03:25   that Islam, this sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad,
03:29   this ideology of hatred and violence, is the cause
03:33   of all the misery and terror. Everyone who is critical
03:37   or even dares to be critical about Islam or its so-called prophet Muhammad, depicts him
03:41   in a cartoon, ridicules or insults him,
03:46   signs his death warrant. That these are not empty threats
03:50   we have recently seen in Paris.
03:54   Research now reveals that there are as many as 100,000 Muslims
03:58   who are ready because of their faith to use violence.
04:02   We already knew that 80%
04:06   of the Turkish youths in the Netherlands consider violence against Christians, Jews
04:10   and non-believers to be OK. And that three quarters
04:14   of those who leave to wage jihad are Moroccans.
04:18   And meanwhile, according to the Spanish police, 30,000 to 100,000
04:22   European Muslims have joined
04:26   the Islamic State.
04:30   Thousands of them have already returned.
04:34   It is a major problem that they can enter the Netherlands without any difficulties.
04:38   Because we refuse to guard our borders.
04:42   Because the government refuses to protect our borders. Because the external borders
04:46   of Europe, too, are full of holes.
04:50   As long as we keep our borders open, even increasing the budget
04:54   of the intelligence services tenfold would not be sufficient to allow to follow all these people.
04:58   What is needed, Mister Rutte,
05:02   is that we leave the Schengen borderless zone, that we regain control of our own borders
05:06   and not allow jihadis to enter our country again.
05:10   As long as the cabinet does not want to do that, at least imprison
05:14   those jihadis. And if it cannot be done by using criminal law, introduce administrative detention
05:18   and lock them up by using administrative law. Stop Islamization.
05:22   Stop immigration. Stop the tsunami of asylum seekers.
05:26   Do not allow the building of hate palaces, such as the Gouda mosque,
05:30   Enough is enough! And do me a favour.
05:34   Allow Minister Opstelten to retire. He is a nice man.
05:39   But grant him a pleasant old age. Something with
05:43   a fishing rod or a stamp collection. Think of something.
05:47   But let him leave the Ministry of Security and Justice. Prime Minister,
05:51   do your job. De-Islamize the Netherlands.
05:55   Crack down on the source of terrorism. Do your duty.
05:59   Act or resign! Thank you.

10 thoughts on “De-Islamize The Netherlands!

  1. All the Saudi cash fiends are out to lunch Mr Wilders. Maybe if the very small percentage of “fighters” within the huge sharia dreaming fifth columns now in place all across Eurallrightjackland carried out a simultaneous Hamas style attack from their “no go zones”everywhere and all at once? Would we just wait until they run out of tunnels, missiles and ammo and immediately give Turkey full eU membership? Monty Python and Mad Magazine. I am letting my imagination run wild of course.

  2. Thank God for men such as Mr. Wilders. If for nothing but the sake of posterity, future generations of Dutch kaffir can watch this man plea for sanity within his own government. Of course they’ll have to view this from another place, perhaps Greenland.

  3. Last weekend i was babbling with a girl at a party. She’s a manager at Estee Lauder and she never realized that her boyfriend of 6 months was in so much competition with all these EU carpenters. She meant to say..My boyfriend makes 20 bucks an hour any Polish worker will do the same for 5 an hour.

    She went on and on and on about her being a “global”worker..She never realized this and she never realized that. So i asked her about islam and the threat that poses.

    I got the same reaction from her mr Wilders got when he made this speech. These people are silly. They are all busy with their own interests. Thats all fine and well. I dont care about their votes, their careers and what they believe. We are the thinkers in the West. We can do without these so called politicians and this so called “democracy”. We need to take matters into our own hands..

    I think it’s about time we find ourselves a nice place. We all join forces and immigrate to one place in the west. In that homeland there is no place for islam or liberals. We buy ourselves some nukes and that will be that..

    Islam and socialisme(or how do you Americans call them: Liberals?) are an absolute no go for me…I cant stand to be in the same room with either one of them..Let them fight. We wont take any “refugees” way! They should both listen to what we say..or else!

    • Dear Dutch Patriot,

      I read you loud and clear! Your sentiments are similar to how I feel and no doubt, also the many who visit this blogsite.

      It appears that there are already many within the United States and other countries who have similar thoughts to you, and are in deed doing something about it. For instance; I have moved to the top of a mountain where there is only one old logging road in or out and is a road that can be easily defended. My wife and I now live up here with other like minded folk and we are getting our ‘house’ in order for when the time arrives.

      We are armed, growing our own vegetables, have chickens, cows, some very good guard dogs and hoarding canned food and dry foods, such as rice and flour. We are yet to get to the stage of being fully self sufficient, but that is coming and although we have yet to discuss our plans for mutual self-protection with our neighbors for when the time requires it, none of us are complacent as to what may eventually arrive.

      The major cities will be first to feel the ‘crunch’ when it comes, and that could be through either a catastrophic economic collapse that affects the whole world from which massive social chaos will follow and/or planned attacks/uprisings by Islam that have already been put in place to coincide countrywide at their time of choosing.

      The West has deliberately been made unprepared for such an eventuality by the Traitor Class who have done their treason well. Without the Traitor Class and its laws against their own kind, Islam would not be in the position today that Islam now finds itself in. Islam has been used as a distraction by the Traitor Class from what the real agenda has been all along. Without the Traitor Class and their laws aimed to limit criticism of Islam, Islam would cease to be a threat and the Traitor Class acts of treachery would then become exposed.

      The love of money and power is the root of all evil.

      Ahead of us is some very testing times, many will fail but some won’t, and I plan to be among those who do not fail.

    • No liberals allowed inside our parameters, Jeff.

      The traitor class and their fellow travelers will be to busy kissing muzelman [gluteus maximus] anyway.

      • As we speak. Our enemies are attacking – Charlie Hebdo style- mr Lars Viks in Denmark!

  4. Wilders is like a voice crying in the wilderness. A “prophet” for our times, that the fools in the corridors of power ignore. One day they will write books about the decline and fall of western civilization and European Christianity. They also will write how a few tried to wake up the people, but years for socialism and humanism had dulled their ears until it was too late to do anything.

  5. The Great War now in progress. The free robots versus free radicals. The free radicals are using naked undefended robot landed freedom to destroy everything. The free robots are sacrificing theirs in the defence of the free radicals. How can Muslims not see their dream of endless slaughterhouses and complete castration of the infidel on their dark horizon. They can’t.

  6. When the EU comes into full bloom what will it look like. Right now it has taken on at minimum the appearance of a post Soviet mess with everywhere being repopulated by second and third world legal or otherwise shirkers and takers of employment and opportunity.

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