Ask Not For Whom The Muezzin Ululates

The following essay was adapted from comments I made the other night on Takuan’s post.

Counterjihad writers and commenters often describe the fate that awaits our current political leaders when their new Islamic masters — whose ascendancy they are enabling and encouraging — assume control of what used to be Western Civilization. Frequent reference is made, quite correctly, to their corrupt, mendacious, and treasonous behavior. They are said to face an unpleasant surprise when their feckless actions inevitably lead to their overthrow and subjugation, and possibly even their violent demise.

According to this analysis, our political elites — who expect to be spared the consequences of their pro-Islamic policies — will be in for a shock. However, I don’t think they are mistaken in their assumption that they will be spared when the hosts of Mohammed finally become their overlords.

The most frequently cited model for Islamic conquest is the siege of Constantinople in 1453. The invading Muslim horde surrounds a beleaguered infidel city, summons the civil and military authorities, and demands their surrender and submission to the will of Allah.

If they refuse, their city is attacked and overwhelmed. Their lives are forfeit, and the victorious troops are allowed a statutory three days of indiscriminate slaughter, rape, looting, and destruction. After that the plunder is gathered and divided according to the rules established by the sharia. Infidel men are systematically slaughtered, unless specifically spared by the military commanders. Women and children are sold into slavery. What remains of the city is organized as an Islamic vassal state under an appointed suzerain, and thereby incorporated into the Ummah.

If, on the other hand, the city fathers agree to surrender, their lives will be spared for the moment. The Muslim troops enter the city and disarm it. All infrastructure and property is ceded to the invaders, who will keep what they wish, with official title held by the waqf, or Islamic trust. The infidels who remain in the city will become inferiors with the status of dhimmi, protected by the “pact” of safety established by their submission. Their property and persons will in theory be safe, but in practice they may be robbed, assaulted, and killed with impunity, and their women and children taken as slaves, because the prescribed punishments for a Muslim who harms a dhimmi are light to non-existent.

Yet there is a third, lesser-known way that non-Muslim states may become Islamic. Mohammed instructed his followers that “war is deception”, and recommended that his armies take new territory without shedding the blood of Muslims, if possible. A targeted state might be conquered by stealth and subterfuge, rather than subdued by military conquest. By careful infiltration, by the use of bribery, and above all by the subornation of local political leaders, the state might be undermined and overthrown without ever drawing a scimitar against it.

In Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited, Emmet Scott presents compelling evidence that the pre-Islamic Persian state was Islamized from the top down. That is, members of the ruling class were threatened, bribed or otherwise suborned to force conversion to Islam. The existing apparatus of the state then imposed Islam on the rest of the populace, before the Arab invasions ever began.

The same model could very well be applied to our Islamic future. In countries whose leaders surrender peacefully to Islam, the elite dhimmis are allowed to retain many of their privileges and perks. They are employed as administrators, assigned to keep order and suppress any uprisings against the new regime by the dhimmi hoi polloi. This is a strategic necessity, because Muslims are usually in the minority for an extended period after their conquest of new territory.

The old elites function as the new nomenklatura in the hybrid Islamic/infidel society that persists for a time after the conquest. Their haram behavior is ignored if it remains sufficiently quiet. They may continue in their accustomed voluptuous lifestyle, and their children will be spared the worst treatment by their new overlords.

It will of course become much easier for them if they formally convert to Islam. Then they can be fitted seamlessly into the new ruling caste, albeit as members having a lower status — they will be considered inferior to the Arabs or Deobandis of South Asia in perpetuity, no matter how many generations have been born Muslim.

After a couple of centuries, the old non-Muslim culture will have faded away, but the descendants of the ruling class in the jahiliyyah period will still be part of the ruling class.

Life will be quite comfortable for the highest layers of the old oligarchy, at least for a while.

It has become obvious in recent years that most of them are cynical opportunists, with no core beliefs in particular, never mind ethics. Many of them will probably just go through the forms and convert. Why not? It isn’t as if they are sincere, believing Christians (or Jews).

Those who want to attain high office in the United States traditionally join a church and sit in the pew every Sunday. It is simply a political necessity, like kissing babies and drinking coffee with the plebs at the local diner.

And that’s what reciting the shahada will be in the Brave New World Order: a key to unlock the door to power, wealth, and sybaritic pleasure under our new masters.

Ambitious self-serving Western politicians may do quite well under the Ummah. In three or four generations they will still be giving us orders, but only as well-fed trusties in our new Islamic prison — they won’t be eligible for the position of Warden.

Our supreme rulers in their gilded palaces will be the descendants of the Umayyads or the Gurkani. Our blue-eyed apple-cheeked politicians will live the good life as their vizirs, administering the various emirates formed out of the remnants of Western Civilization. Their daughters, if well-favored, will be prized in the harem (if infidels) or as wives (if Muslim) of the Emir, or even of the Caliph. But they themselves will be despised toadies, fit only to occupy minor palaces and collect the jizya from the dhimmis placed under their charge.

Oh, yes, it’s likely that our leaders will indeed go gentle into that good Islamic night. After all, it won’t be such a bad deal for them.

It’ll be pretty rough on the rest of us, however. But our welfare has never been of great concern to them in the past. Why should it be any different when the Ummah comes to town?

53 thoughts on “Ask Not For Whom The Muezzin Ululates

  1. “Winning hearts for Islam”.
    Aaaah! Isn’t that touching! How caring and wonderful!
    Where does that come from?
    It is one of the specified uses of zakat.
    What is zakat?
    Why, it is the contribution that all faithful muslims make each year.
    A contribution of what?
    Well, actually, money.
    So it is money that “wins hearts for Islam”?
    That’s right.
    Oh, I see.

  2. Well done, sire.

    And what better description of our current leaders than this?

    Those who want to attain high office in the United States traditionally join a church and sit in the pew every Sunday. It is simply a political necessity, like kissing babies and drinking coffee with the plebs at the local diner.

    And that’s what reciting the shahada will be in the Brave New World Order: a key to unlock the door to power, wealth, and sybaritic pleasure under our new masters.

    Ambitious self-serving Western politicians may do quite well under the Ummah…

    Here is the present Obama, though:

    Ah yes. Not just a Christian, but a devout one. Imagine that…

        • no, he’s not 100% African-American. That designation, A-A doesn’t even make sense.

          What is your point about his race? You celebrating Black History month??

          Or trying to get us jammed into the already-crammed “Waaaycist” box? Sorry, P.L., but we already have our Get-Out-Of-Racist-Jail-FREE card from Walter Williams:

          We be free now, no more Waaaycism for us.

          Maybe we ought to put it on the sidebar so others of European descent can get their freedom too.

          • I was not making a point about his race, but piling up upon His Phoniness.

            I think you lack a sense of humor.

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation – I am ordering it.

    The whole idea of conquest from the top down was applied by Lenin in his overtake of Russia. Segments of the population (kulaks) had to be eliminated, but elites who “converted” to the new communist rule were able to prosper. Violence was very effective, and purges have been used to keep the elites faithful to the new doctrine.

    The only difference between communism and Islam, of course, is that there is no turning back that is possible after a society has turned Muslim.

    It would be also interesting to speculate whether all scientific research and industrial progress will stop, once the whole West has converted. Not in our lifetimes, but probably some time in the next century. Or perhaps, just the “inferior” people will still do science, that will benefit the rulers. Our rulers will either be Saudi Arabia, or Iran if they succeed in their project of destroying the United States and Europe.

    • “Our rulers will either be Saudi Arabia, or Iran …”

      Totally nonsense unless the West is physically invaded by a standing army (unlikely in the nuclear age).

      A good chunk of the Umma is ethnically self governed (although not democratic, obviously). If it comes to it, the West will be no different.

  4. This third scenario, which is quite believable, is even more upsetting than the first two, because it means that our slimy traitor class will not even be devoured by the same horrendous evil that they plan for their lesser fellow native original countrymen.

  5. Just so you are aware, regardless of who wins the US Presidential election this next go ’round, our pious leader has been so kind as to pre-fill the federal ranks with perfectly trained dhimmi’s. I recommend everyone insist that their chosen leader affirm to slash the federal ranks.

    • Good advice. The upper ranks of the military and the civil service have been well and truly subverted, and our Glorious Leader has nearly two more years to do more mischief.

  6. Your original comment made me rethink my position; I am now less sure of the outcome when, after having allied to consume the middle, the top and the bottom face each other across a plain where once a thicket of the white middle class stood.

    Alas, there are more examples of the self-Islamization of the top in order to retain power and privilege. Serbia would not have been lost to the Ottomans had not some Serbian nobles crossed over to the other side. Albania’s national hero, Skanderbeg, was in reality the most skillful military commander that the Turks had. Bosnia became Muslims because the ruling Croats became Muslims. Some say that Turkey has a shadow government of Dolmeh, descendants of 17th century Jews who converted to Islam after their leader (the major false Messiah) Shabbetai Zevi, converted to Islam himself.

    And so, what remains for us? Maybe a “Deus ex machina”; maybe the hope that Muslim peoples ae ususally their own worst enemy; maybe the small probability that another Washington, Jefferson, Lafayette and Madison are being born somewhere right now, simultaneously, to replace this strange tribe of lizards from outer space ruling us now…

    • The Western elite was really never unified against the Ottoman invasion in the later post Crusade centuries. They were essentially a petty, self serving group of gangsters, the old warrior and Christian ethos that had served their class had long since died out. The litany of abuses against their own people fills many books.

      Italian cities like Amalfi, Venice and Genoa made a fortune selling the Turks, European and Slavic slaves over the centuries and often worked closely with the Turk in other matters. Even before Lepanto, Venice and France tried to find a way to betray all of Europe to the Turk in return for trading favors, etc. Luckily their plan fell through.

      Vienna should have been saved by the Germans but it took the Poles to do it. The Germans even back then couldn’t see the threat before them.

      Going back further, the Roman and Byzantine nobles and great land owners promoted policies that gutted their respective army’s and economy’s with their self-serving policies.

      And our monied people of today are no different. The Wall Street/Chambers of Commerce crowd lined up almost one and all for NAFTA, China PNTR, killing Glass Stegall. Didn’t benefit the middle-class at all, but boy it make a lot of wealthy people even richer.

      You look at those nerdy billionaire sociopaths in Silicon Valley who want to import unlimited numbers foreigners and it reads like a whose who of Silicon Valley. Or those who support Common Core which is nothing but a process to turn out ‘quill driving babu’s’ as Toynbee once wrote. The old money families of Wall Street are no different. The more hip globalist crowd that flies into Davos is just the latest expression of this lot.

      Samuel Huntington calls these stateless creatures “the Davos man”.

      But that’s who they are. They’ve always acted only in their interests not ours. Even when they play the humanitarian like Bill Gates does, there’s always a angle where they benefit from it.

    • Takuan, what is it with the space lizards analogy? Is that your reference to the so called Annunaki? I’m just asking and without any accusation.

      • Nemesis,

        Takuan has for well over a decade (I first came across his “pod” analogy in the Brussels Journal) been likening the bizarre and incomprehensible incapacity for independent thinking found in the modern West to that of the “pods” from the somewhat B-grade but interesting film: “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Aliens, we ultimately learn, take over the bodies of individual humans one by one who subsequently look as they always did, but lose their individuality and behave like lobotomized conformists. The original version is the best, the remake okay.

        • @Nemesis and JO’M

          I’ve been using the analogy from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” for years, and in some detail, as it’s (in 1956 version) one of my favorite movies and I knew its writer. But then I decided to put it on a shelf for a while — though still had to convey in some form that the ruling ideology is insane –and I mean it in the strict clinical sense of the word, not in its pejorative sense.

          Yet how to convey the enormity and egregiousness of the phenomenon of having the politics, culture, education, jurisprudence etc. of the entire West run by people who are insane, and who have by now infected and reshaped more than half our peoples’ population into drones following the same insane mantras, incantations and consequential actions? I don’t like using far sronger and more offensive words that could be applied, so had to remain with some analogies of outer space and alien organisms complete with an alien reality cognition drastically at odds with the reality of Earth.

          I’ve written a couple of articles likening them to THEY — the word taken from delicious 50s -60s horror Sci-Fi films e.g. the British camp “They Came from Beyond Space.” Then I switched to “Lizards from Outer Space” and other such. I am aware that David Ickes uses a similar term — and he means it for real! I use it only as a metaphor.

          • Thank you Takuan. I guess space lizards are as good an analogy as anything else that could be used to describe the current insanity of the West and as to how it all came about.

            Point taken!

            I have looked at David Icke and Zacharia Sitchen who both flog the same theme (Annunaki). I have always been an inquisitive kind of person who will check out what others will denigrate, not because I like to waste my time, but because some of the topics I have taken the time to take in and digest have much truth in them.

            Lloyd Pye (now deceased) has a video on Youtube titled; ‘History as you know it is all wrong’. If you are inquisitive you may wish to look that one over, it has many insights into history that is withheld from us for what I believe are obvious reasons.


  7. Some good points raised in this article that unless considered carefully would give nightmares to those who have the awareness of just how far Western civilization has succumbed to the tactics of Islam that is aided and abetted by the Collective Far Left. And one must remember, that without the Collective Left, Islam would still be back in the desert raking sand for a living.

    I would raise some points of my own that may be worth considering by those who can see through the current ‘fog’ of MC/PC stupidity and know a little of recorded history.

    While the article covers Islam’s previous ‘victories’ it has not touched on the differences between those times in which Islam was highly successful in subjugating much of what was then ‘civilization’ through its tried and tested methods as compared to what Islam is now up against throughout the West, even though today Islam has its aiders and abettors firmly in place and in places of firm authority.

    Back in those days when Islam was most successful, much of that ‘success’ was achieved due to the system of ‘government’ then in place throughout what was then the West, or Christendom. Generally, monarchs or dictators whose simple word was law to the populace they ruled over, were also the ultimate source for redress of wrongs, there were no other systems in place to right what the King declared, even though what he declared was plainly wrong in most of the populations eyes. And in plainer words, if the city became besieged by the Muslim hordes and the King surrendered, then the whole city and its populace surrendered as there was no other avenue to have redressed the King’s decision, unless those who disagreed instantly became rebels and took up arms against the King and his soldiers.

    And history is not kind to those who chose to do that!

    Another aspect to Islam’s success in the past is that those cities and states that Islam chose to attack could expect no allies to join in their fight against the Muslim hordes. What they had within the walls was all they could rely on, there would be no reinforcements to assist in seeing off the Muslim’s! The West at those times was most introspective and looked no further afield in committing to allies of like minded folk in other states unless there was a compelling issue for them to do so – the Crusades stand out as one of those issues that not only interested much of Europe but galvanized the Church into passing special laws and privileges for those who took up the fight against Islam.

    Unfortunately, there is scant evidence for other ‘galvanizing’ moments within Europe’s history that involved such a combined and concerted effort as the Crusades produced.

    Constantinople became Istanbul due to Western introspection and averse attitudes to Eastern Christianity. The city and the Balkans may have been saved, I would suggest, if attitudes by Europe’s leaders had been more attuned to the time of the Crusades.

    Western disunity, political intrigue, complacency and a lack of global awareness had enabled Islam to be the conqueror it once was, and it is my opinion that Islam has had its day for the following reasons:

    1. Islam is where it is today due to a concerted effort by a Collective totalitarian far left that in its pursuit of the perfect Utopia have enabled Islam the gains it has so far accomplished. Without the Left and its goals, there would be no Muslim menace as we are witnessing today.

    2. Destroy the credentials of the Collective which will also bring it undone, and you destroy Islam’s achievements and aspirations.

    3. Islam is now killing itself off throughout much of the world and through its own inability to tolerate other Islamic sects that do not wish to participate in Jihad or even to participate in fundamental Islamic dogma that many Muslims are realizing is now in need of urgent reform.

    4. The West is now ruled by political parties beholden to Banks and Corporations who keep them in place financially while ever they kowtow to the ‘elites’ wishes. Politicians promises many voters now realize are no longer worth listening to, they no longer rule but pass unpopular laws that many now see as just another nail in their countries coffin and who have had enough. There are no longer Kings and the Kings word no longer matters! Fight back has commenced within Europe which will gain in momentum providing that the fight back can be kept to within political boundaries and not step out into civil unrest. If that occurs, than the gloves come off and the outcome is unpredictable. But as far as taking over the West Islam is finished!

    • Nice bit of historical background and analysis. I sincerely hope that your predictions prove correct. From your keyboard to God’s “eyes”.

      • Thank you Lightbringer. History can teach us all so much if only the majority would bother to learn it. Islam dwells in the 7th Century while its perceived ‘enemies’ have generally moved on from those dark ages while advancing technologically and spiritually leaving Islam behind in its backwardness, fanaticism and general hate of all things non-Islamic.

        No civilization can survive through time, let alone prosper without accepting change in the way of progression to more enlightened values.

        Islam is kaput, and is only alive today due to the Traitor Class who have given it some breathing space.

  8. Scenario #3 seems highly likely if Islam is to dominate the West.

    If I am around when it happens, I will convert. I believe you are wrong on converts having second class status. I spent a fair amount of time in Indonesia years ago, and I didn’t see any Arabs bossing the locals around. Same with Malaysia.

    • That’s because the archipelago was converted centuries ago, and the genetic groups have now become thoroughly mixed.

      But Arabs still hold Indonesians in contempt. Make no mistake about it: Arabs are inveterate racists, and consider themselves the natural rulers of the Ummah. To them, the Turks are upstarts.

      After the Arab/Turkish/Deobandi alliance finishes off the West, they will fight each other to determine who gets to be king of the hill. Of the three racial groups, the Turks are the smartest, so my money’s on them.

      • Arab-Indonesian mixing was minor. Currently there are 5 million Indonesians of Arab descent ( of a population of 252 million ( = < 2%. There are, to this day, distinct Arab communities within Indonesia.

        So where are the Arabs lording over the rest of Indonesia? They don't exist.

        And who cares what the Arabs think about their natural position in the Umma? I share your view that the Turks will outperform the Arabs due to their 5 point IQ advantage. But Europeans have a 5 to 12 point IQ advantage over the Turks. If IQ works for the Turks, why doesn't it work for the Europeans? (

        Westerners are retreating because of (a) political correctness muzzling dissent against Islam, and (b) low birth rates. If Europeans convert en mass to Islam (likely under scenario #3), both of these will reverse.

        • The West (west of the old Iron Curtain, that is) has some sort of pernicious brain disease that nullifies its IQ advantage. Our intelligence seems to be an active hindrance nowadays. Just think how intelligent the Deconstructionists are — or Swedish feminists, for that matter.

          As I have often said, intelligence is overrated. However, when it comes down to Turk vs. Arab, it will probably give the advantage to the Turk.

          • Agreed. The pernicious brain disease is called political correctness. It is going away – e.g., PEGIDA – and European Islamic converts will not be bound by it.

        • Indonesia currently has a problem with rich Saudi Arabian tourists contracting ‘mut’ah’ marriages with impoverished Indonesians – temporary marriages of a few days or legalised prostitution as Westerners would say, suggestive amongst other things, of racial contempt for Indonesians.

          My endgame has China as the winner. They are far more intelligent than all of the Islamic races, and are capable of equal brutality.

          • Those legalistic mut’ah’ unions are as common as supper time in the urban areas of Iran. But they don’t have any prostitutes. None atall, atall…

    • The Indonesian archipelago became muslim after the first Christians arrived there.

      The ruler of Acheh, which was at that time a state compromising the northern part of Sumatra and the southern part of Malaya, converted to islam and order his people to do the same.

      Then they went on jihad. It’s one of the reasons why the Christian and Hindu populations in the archipelago are found further east and north.

      The same thing happened in the Phillipines.

  9. Question is, why is Islam being so successful now?

    I must say, when one looks at the arguably narcissistic, hedonistic, corrupt, timid, fearful and degenerating life in the democratic west born of a century of sleepy prosperity, only amplified by social media, there is something refreshing and liberating about the certainty of a prescriptive disciplined religion with the purpose, conviction, courage and action to cut off people’s heads (but only until it’s your turn).

    And how low and pathetic must we seem to the jihadists, when no matter the atrocity they commit, we just keep making self-loathing. excuses for them – just so we don’t have to get off our couch. We are too apathetic to even defend ourselves against being slaughtered. In nature, we have no right to exist.

    On the other hand, the attraction may be just being able to dominate women and have sex in marriage whenever one wants, divorce with 3 words, have a wife for each day of the week…and of course, then there are the virgins after death. Beats sitting by the goodly Christian God for eternity.

    No, I think it’s just it has been with all fallen empires – a pampered lazy degenerate society meets a hungry energetic barbarian tribe wanting their turn in the sun.

    • Never in recorded history has the ‘people’ ever been in a position to do something about the circumstances others have brought to them as they have in place today – especially with the alternative media/internet sources where real and un-politicized news is available for individuals to learn from.

      History is replete with the kind of people you have described whose only interest in life is themselves – you do realize that with your description you have effectively identified 95% of our political class?

      Are you aware of the ‘three percenters’ (3%) ?

      Empires and city states previously fell because the ‘people’ had no say in how things were done. That is not the case today.

  10. It is worth remembering that Buchenwald Concentration Camp was effectively run by the German ‘Aryan’ Communists, they killed, framed and drove out the original criminals who ruled the camp, didn’t give a damn about Jews, the Soviet POW’s (neither did Stalin) and ‘delivered’ quotas of victims for the Nazi masters with a ruthless efficiency that was begrudgingly admired. It would be in the interest of Islam to cultivate Hard Left slave masters to keep the rest of us in line.

    • Nothing like being able to look over at barbed wire ‘fences’ patrolled by ready to shoot Nazi guards and fortified by high towers with MG34 Machine guns to sharpen one’s will for survival.

      Do you believe those same German communists would have behaved in a similar manner if not held prisoner within that concentration camp?

      • The hierarchy of “Kapos” in Nazi concentration camps was: common (Aryan) criminals then next (Aryan) communists. There were some Gypsy and Jewish Kapos too, lower down the pecking order. All the Kapos did what they did to attempt to ensure personal survival for as long as possible in the camps. Though I’m quite sure some of the common criminals enjoyed lording it over others and meting out brutal punishments. I met a very elderly Dutch Jew, near death, who confessed to a friend of mine that he’d been a Kapo in order to obtain more food and endure less brutality.

        • Julius, that we are able to write freely while dissecting the hierarchy of Nazi concentration camp inmates and their methods of survival within the Collective media while the same media will censor much of what the same writer will raise about the Soviets and what they did under Stalin, tells me one thing, and that is that the Collective media do not wish to have exposed, and in a general sense, that our once great ally during WW2 was just as bad, if not worse, than the Nazi’s and the Bushido coded Japs that so many of our Australian countrymen and young Americans fought against to gift to us what their precious lives gained for us to go forward and for which we have now, and in a general sense, given up on.

          And I will refrain from judging those who found themselves in situations that were beyond their control, as you have also refrained from, and whose will to survive outweighed their commonality with their fellow man and the circumstances that may have been less fortunate and in-opportunistic to those who did not survive such ordeal as compared to the survivors of such horror as we are all too familiar with today.

          Your last sentence tells me much about that Dutchman and what would amount to be a recurring nightmare for the remainder of his life, simply because he chose and fought to survive above the odds.

  11. If the Koran falls, Islam falls.

    Aiyesha, the child “bride” of Mohammad, undermined the claim of “perfection” attributed to the Koran (its essential imprimatur of “holiness” upon which the entire faith rests) when she noted in the Hadiths that several of the Muslims who had memorized parts of Mohammad’s “Recitation” died in battle before their suras were ever written down.

    (Perhaps this was her unconscious revenge on her doddering, slobbering rapist.)

    In effect, she destroyed Islam’s central claim to authority by this little, made-in-passing revelation.

    Because, if the Koran’s “perfection” is false, the Koran’s central pillar is false, and thereby Islam falls.

    This is the only way to stop imperialistic Islam- debunk the Great Lie of the Koran.

    Killing jihadis will be necessary in the short run, but only by driving an exigetical stake through the heart of this monstrous document of deceit and revenge can the free world survive.

    Thank you, Aiyesha.

    De-legitimizer of the playbook of sanctified Terror.

  12. One other way is to get closer to the peoples whom Stalin-FDR-Churchill divided from the rest of us by an Iron Curtain. Yes, that includes Russia, if cautiously, for among the Slavs who consider themselves Western European (and mainly Catholic), e.g. Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, and Hungarians and Croats too, Russia and Russians are considered “semi-Asiatics,” and for a good reason, too.

    The poisonous mist that has clogged he brains of the great majority not only of the West’s leaders but of the peoples they rule, has hardly penetrated east of Berlin, George Soros’s best efforts and money notwithstanding. To wit, I just visited a Polish chat room where they discuss a phenomenon of both madness and side-splitting, unintentional entertainment: NRK’s mini series on “brainwashing.”

    This must have appeared in some form at GoV, but if not here is “Race is a Myth” and “Gay/Straight is a Myth” NRK being Norwegian State Television, and the tax take of the Norwegian state being quite grand, I am sure that “Gender is a Myth” and “Islamic Terrorism is a Myth” are in post-production now, while further segment such as about the myth that Islam is in any way different from the other “Abrahamic Religions,” or the myth of distinctiveness and unique merit of Western Civilization, are in script stage.

    For people who have not lost their mind such things are like the babblings of a severely psychotic patient suffering from the Self-Destruction Syndrome, who must be kept sedated and in a strait jacket lest he find a paper clip or a broken tile with which to cut, slice and gauge himself. And a couple of hundred million Europeans and Russians have not lost their minds, saved by the Iron Curtain from the horrible plague that’s ravaged the brains of Westerners.

    • Thanks for reminding me about the videos – I watched Brainwash:Race again and found it as interesting on its second viewing as I’d found it on its first.

      The big weakness of the racial equality argument is that suspension of disbelief is a prerequisite of its acceptance. That’s why members of the liberal/left establishment are so reluctant to publicly defend their world view – it’s impossible for them not to look uncomfortable because, when it comes down to it, not even they are convinced by egalitarianism.

      • Suspension of disbelief, and suspension of judgment, are grave vices of anti-racism. Racism is a universal human trait, found in people of all races. When told that one must comply with the new anti-racist religion, it is impossible to do so. The more thoughtful person might make an effort to be aware of his racist impulses, and deal with them in an appropriate way. For most of us, it is much easier to comply with the religion by suspending both our disbelief and our judgment. The end result of this process is Rotherham.

  13. I believe Islam is successful now is because we are a bunch of swishes, soft, dengenerate, and just watching TV — how many people in America actually know any of this?

    And if they knew, would they care? I care about my children and grandchildren but what do we do about these degenerate peoples? Why did we ever even let them into this country? Why did Europe let them into their countries?

    Ok right — multiculti — an abomination. You want to be American? then take up American values, not the mosque.

    But I am preaching to the choir, sorry.

    It seems to me that Catholics came to this country, which was a protestant country and somehow they managed to blend in. This is the American way. Blend in. Get rid of that jihadi outlook and become a human being.

    However I doubt that will happen. It will be eventual war. I can see a few well-placed bombs solving lots of probems but our president does not have the [masculine organs of reproduction] (pardon me) to do that. It is his duty, but he will not do it.

    • Mariadee, you should start with how your young are now being ‘educated’ which is a completely different curriculum to just 50 years ago when education was seen as an individual advantage and not a political requirement.

      And without the Collective far left’s aiding and abetting, Islam would still be a blip on the radar over the Middle East.

  14. Regarding Europe, what happens if and when the welfare state hits the wall? How will that affect the process of Islamization?

    • We’ll probably see much social unrest before the Welfare State collapses completely brought on by Islamization, too many foreigners taking from the native population and the mentality of entitlement.

      One only need remember the ‘riots’ in London in 2011 to see how ineffective the police were in containing the outbreaks of looting and robbing. The next outbreaks will include many more participants and become much more violent and widespread than anything seen before in Europe or Britain.

    • A collapsing welfare state should slow Islamization: (a) benefits will be cut and thus will not attract so many migrants, (b) nativism will increase, making life more difficult for non-natives.

  15. Be it noted that the Arab/Muslim conquest of such Byzantine regions as Syria and Egypt was facilitated in large measure by cooperation of the Monophysites — a Christian sect that was a theological rival to the Eastern Orthodox Church. They imagined that their beliefs wouldn’t be considered heresy by their new rulers. More fools they!

  16. Muslims and other minorities are convinced that all whites are racist – even if they profess not to be… similarly – why should Muslims believe that Kuffar are sincere when they pronounce “Muslims are peaceful”, etc? Just ask the British minister, Eric Pickles!

    When Muslims have taken power in Western countries, we have already seen extreme corruption – eg Mohammed Sarwar’s vote-rigging in Glasgow, London’s Met Police commissioner Ali Dizaei and the current mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman being the most notorious of them in Britain. In other countries, it’s a similar story, eg Cem Ozdemir in Germany. (I could add president Hussein in the White House and some of his nominations, but that’s for another discussion :))

    Given this scenario, what would happen once Muslims take power in Western countries? My guess is a lot of “jobs for the boys”, especially family. Infidels will be needed for their expertise – and the few key ones will likely be well protected. However any infidels lower down may be potential prey for marauding “enrichers”, like whites in South Africa, keen for payback for colonialism hundreds of years before – with a BMW, or the future equivalent of an iPhone, or some other form of infidel booty in the process. As Baron mentions, the police (by that time, also endemically corrupt) probably wouldn’t intervene on behalf of the Infidel – much like in Rotherham today…

    Additionally, can we imagine an official “surrender treaty”, as in the old days of Islamic conquest? Seeing as Westerners still like having the illusion of winning, this is hard to envisage…

    So, who exactly would be in this “privileged dhimmi” class? My bet is that Tony Blair and the other prime architects of the greatest treason in history will most likely be safe – but anyone else, including possibly Blair’s grandchildren as well as any “dispensable” dhimmis – even if loyal to their new overlords – may find themselves to be too low down in the pecking order to be truly protected, in the style of the dhimma in days gone by…

    • In addition to the above, remains the question of how the infidels will be treated if they are not given official dhimmi status?

      The key to this will be – what type of society will be in the future? Will the world will be awash with wealth, or will it be awash with debt, with ever-lazier, more corrupt and inefficient (especially at farming) “enriched” populations to raise the taxes and support an ever larger world population?

      If the scenario is the latter, the enrichers will still be desperate for their “beemers” and any other earthly goods they can get their hands on, before they leave to claim their 72 virgins… in which case. surely they will be casting an ever-keener eye on the cars, homes and wealth of the Kuffar? In addition, the “enriched” population, sensing final victory, will likely become more and more fanatical – with ever less pressure from the increasingly weak kuffar to pretend to be moderate… in which case, the model for how the future looks may be somewhere between Caracas (murder capital of the world, especially for whites and “gringos”), and Raqqa (the current capital of the most fanatical, and death-loving of the “enrichers”, who may even be creating a re-enactment of the Holocaust as we write).

  17. You could rewrite the entirety of this very honest piece of work, with very few changes of words to depict the exact way in which Christianity conquered Europe, as well as how Christianity conquered the Americas, Australia, Oceania, and much of Asia and Africa.

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