A Typical Week in Dhimmi Britain

Prompted by last Sunday’s culturally-enriched gathering at Downing Street, Paul Weston sends the following observations on the dire situation of Modern Multicultural Britain.

A Typical Week in Dhimmi Britain
by Paul Weston

It is amazing — in a rather horrifying way — to track the antics of the Religion of Peace in what was once Great Britain. News over the last few days serve only to reinforce my belief that British politicians and media journalists have already submitted before Allah, or have large off-shore bank accounts bulging with treacherous blood money as a reward for betraying their country.

If this sounds a bit far-fetched, consider the peculiar behaviour exhibited by our supposedly impartial journalists over the weekend. The EDL held a march in Dudley on Saturday, protesting about the building of yet another mega-mosque which the vast majority of local people are firmly against. Some 1,000 plus patriotic Brits turned out for the event. A peaceful march ensued and a number of speakers outlined why it was not really a good idea to add another propaganda centre for Islam in the town.

Around fifty delightful young chaps from David Cameron’s UAF friends and Antifa also turned out, all dressed in black with balaclavas thoughtfully covering their scowling and hate-contorted faces lest cameras catch their violent behaviour carried out in the name of “anti-racism” — which is something of a misnomer when one considers the virulent racial hatred they feel toward the native British.

Of these fifty upstanding examples of decency and compassion, thirty were arrested (see video) after they attacked the police. Curiously though, all the media headlines were along the lines of “Thirty arrested at EDL demonstration in Dudley”, leading the low-information reader to assume all those arrested were from the EDL. In point of fact, no EDL supporters were arrested at all.

The Birmingham Mail was guilty of blatant propaganda here, but rather foolishly allowed their comment board to remain open. Within a few hours hundreds of people pointed out their story was a tissue of lies and disinformation. Some questioned the ethics of modern day Birmingham Mail journalists and publicly mused as to whether the propaganda they pumped out was in line with the integrity one expects from those who purportedly exist to tell us the unvarnished truth.

Having been caught in-flagrante as it were, the Birmingham Mail took the only course of action available to such an honourable edifice of truth telling… and deleted all the comments whilst making no attempt whatsoever to edit the article in order to reflect truth and objectivity. The editor is a chap called David Brookes who may be contacted at David.Brookes@trinitymirror.com should readers wish to drop him a line…

On Sunday another demonstration occurred, this time held by thousands of Muslims outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s temporary London pied-a-terre in Downing Street. Some people have noticed how hard it is to get large numbers of Muslims onto British streets to state “Not In My Name” regarding paedophile rape gangs, beheaders of British soldiers or blowers-up of London tube trains, and sure enough this large gathering had nothing to say about such errant Muslim behaviour. They were more concerned about abolishing free speech you see, particularly with regard to free speech about lovely, peaceful old Mo by those rascals at Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Along with the black flag of ISIS they carried placards telling us to “Learn Some Manners” and other tactfully cohesive messages such as “Freedom of Speech=Hatred to Muslims.” They swarmed over the Cenotaph and a statue of Field Marshal Montgomery, although to be fair they probably had little idea who he was other than some dead white English oppressor. I don’t expect they know what the Cenotaph symbolises either; after all, they never turn out on Remembrance Sunday unless it is to Islamically demonstrate within earshot of the old soldiers paying their respects to fallen comrades.

The sheer number of these Muslim demonstrators and the disrespectful way they behaved was surely worthy of media coverage, but not with the ghastly BBC, I’m afraid to say. If you go onto their website and search for “Muslim demonstrators Whitehall Charlie Hebdo” you only get this message: “Sorry, there are no results for Muslim demonstrators Whitehall Charlie Hebdo.”

And therein is a tale of two demonstrations. The British media are prepared to lie and mislead about the one supported by the English, and in the case of the BBC to totally ignore the one portraying Islam in a bad light. They claim this is done in order to promote Community Cohesion but I think all those who saw these arrogantly intolerant savages desecrating our war shrines will have little time for Community Cohesion anymore — just as they have little time in believing Lions and Antelopes can co-exist in a thoroughly modern, progressive, non-carnivorous sort of happy-clappy Utopia.

How can we tolerate the intolerant? And is there anything in the world more intolerant than Islam?

I rather doubt it. Their intolerance even goes beyond the grave, as in the case of the non-Muslim “Shady” Shadrack Smith who has been buried in a multi-faith cemetery in Burbage, Leicestershire, without taking into account the multicultural views of a Muslim family’s distaste about the proximity of their own deceased’s nearest and dearest to a nasty old infidel.

Having made their vociferous objections about this flagrant breach of multi-faith tolerance, Burbage Parish Council have contacted Mr Smith’s family asking them if they would mind awfully if they dug up poor old Shady and moved him to another location where he could then stop giving eternal offence to Islam. Or as Councillor Richard Flemming put it:

“Burbage Parish Council provides an award-winning cemetery for the benefit of the whole community…unfortunately the parish council has recently received representation from two families regarding the allocation of adjacent grave plots within Burbage Cemetery…the parish council is sympathetic to the feelings of both families concerned and is committed to working with the relatives and the wider community to reach an amicable and acceptable solution.”

Memo to Councillor Fleming — why don’t you just tell the Muslim family to naff off? It is, after all, a multi-faith cemetery serving the wider community… oh sorry, silly me. I almost forgot the way things work in Britain these days.

Other examples of Islamic intolerance over the last few days are as follows: Brustholm Ziamani was stopped by police on his way to behead another British soldier. Two young female cadets were threatened with a spot of casual beheading as they left an army reserve centre. Channel 4 newsreader Kathy Newman was escorted out of Streatham mosque after naively thinking a national open day for mosques was to be taken literally.

Undercover footage emerged of Muslims torturing sheep in a halal slaughterhouse. Tower Hamlet’s extremist Muslim Mayor has been accused of electoral fraud and of utilising intimidation and threats. He responded with the ubiquitous display of Muslim victimhood and branded his accusers as racists and Islamophobes. Zain Mohammed, a government employee, is being investigated by the police for stating his disappointment with Hitler for not wiping out the entire Jewish race. To date, however, no arrest has taken place. Meanwhile, Anti-Semitic attacks doubled in Britain in 2014.

British police have called for extra funding because they are now arresting multiple Muslims every day for terrorist activity. Perhaps they should allocate their money more wisely and desist from tracking down harmless old English women who had the anti-Islamic temerity to purchase Charlie Hebdo magazines from the local newsagent? The police should really work out which side they are on here, particularly so when they have been warned not to wear their uniform to work, thereby attracting the attention of cop-killing threats from the Religion of Peace.

Churchillian wannabe leader David Cameron bravely stated he was taking the fight against Islamic extremism to soaring new levels. He growled theatrically: “We have got to go after the hate preachers, we’ve got to go after the radicalisation” and then promptly let hate preacher Muhammad Salah into the UK where he could continue to call for murder and mayhem. Meanwhile, the ban on civil rights activists Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller was upheld by the Court of Appeal, so unlike Muhammad Salah they will not be allowed to enter Britain.

Other political news relates to the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan, a friend of the convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist Babar Ahmad. Mr Khan wants to contest the election for Mayor of London and is progressing very well. He currently stands in second position in terms of voting support from his Labour chums.

The recriminations from the Rotherham gang rape obscenity continue with the Labour Party accused of deliberately covering up the Muslim rape in order to maintain the Muslim vote. The entire Labour council has resigned, but it now transpires many have gone on to lucrative jobs at other Labour councils — some in charge of safeguarding children. The disgraced former deputy council leader Jahangir Akhtar was asked if he wanted to apologise to the victims of sexual abuse. Mr Akhtar said no, he did not…

In the Daily Telegraph, Britain’s last investigative reporter Andrew Gilligan draws attention to the links between Hamas and the large Muslim Brotherhood presence in London, which includes various Muslim “charities” used to funnel money into Islamic extremism.

On a final note, the British government has noticed there are more British Muslims fighting for ISIS than there are British Muslims in the British army. In order to redress this “inequality” there is now a recruitment drive to swell the ranks with Islam. What could possibly go wrong? General Sir Nicholas Carter, chief of the general staff, thinks nothing could go wrong at all if we train Muslims in the use of firearms and explosives. He said: “Our recruitment from the black, Asian and minority ethnic communities has been improving over the years, but it is nowhere near where it needs to be. We have to do more.”

One of the most senior Muslims in the army, Imam Asim Hafiz, Islamic adviser to the chief of staff, said diversity was one of the UK’s strengths and this enhanced the military’s cultural understanding and helped them when deployed. “In my view, the values of the armed forces are fully compatible with the values of Islam as well as other faiths.” Isn’t that just marvellous? I do hope it won’t lead to incidents of “workplace violence” a la Fort Hood.

So all in all, not a bad week really. Not good for Britain of course, but jolly good for Islam. All things considered.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

23 thoughts on “A Typical Week in Dhimmi Britain

  1. Great article Paul, I don’t think Monty would have thought much of it. The lack of media coverage of the Mohammedans get together in Whitehall, was astonishing; nothing on the BBC, ITN or Sky News.

  2. “How can we tolerate the intolerant? And is there anything in the world more intolerant than Islam?”

    No civilized nation can tolerate this terrible lot of savages inside it without being poisoned by them in the process and no, there isn’t anything more intolerant than Islam.

    In regards to General Sir Nicholas Carter, he is much like our American top ranked political generals – they are total doormats for whatever insane policy is emitted by elites. Then again most of come from the same segment of society as the elites. So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they become the chief enablers and enforcers of the elite’s will.

    That said, at this stage of absolute degeneracy of the ruling class and it’s indentured servants, our only hope is for the system to implode before we can take it back to some degree.

    • BBC did not not give Muslim Action Committee any airtime. The protest was a publicity stunt. They and Cage reps should get no major media coverage, as it helps them raise funds and spread influence. Just log the intelligence and take counter measures.

    • Well, bricks and mortar, and apart from the countryside itself, that’s about it.

      That such a storied, beautiful little country with such a history of struggle against oppressors and invaders should give in to such a backward, barbarian, rag-tag crowd of murderous, sexually repressed penis-worshipers, without even a whimper, just beggars belief!

  3. I wonder what will happen. When the West finally snaps out of their trance of intellectual superiority (aka “cowardice”) and realizes that the Muzzies used all the West’s openness and freedoms to colonize and destroy, it will be far too late. The barbarians will have metastasized onto every continent and into every country. There will be nowhere left to push them back to.

    The West committed suicide while patting itself on the back for its grand sophistication.

    • Only the Traitor Class have caused this – not the people. The mass of the ‘people’ are slowly awakening to what has been done to them in their name by those they placed far too much trust in to govern them.

  4. During my stint in the US military I spent time dusting off the order of battle for various nations on the planet. The plan for the Brit’s was rather complicated, but much effort was never given to keep it current. I’d be curious to know if someone has now given thought to update that OOB?

  5. Such events will increase in intensity over the next ten to twenty years. Islam is an intrinsically colonising ideology, this is written into its DNA and is evidenced completely by its history of domineering every other culture it encounters. In Britain, and many other European nations we will reach the tipping point where the indigenous people will have to accept cultural change to Islam or engage in a confrontation.

  6. U.S. Air Force veteran Rep. Rick Womick knows what Islam instructs:
    “Personally, I don’t trust one Muslim in our military because they’re commanded to lie to us through the term called Taqiyya. And if they truly are a devout Muslim, and follow the Quran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they’re commanded to kill me”.
    And kill is what they have done, time and time again, in Afghanistan to Allied troops.

  7. Alot is made of Indian troops fighting with the allies during the second world war,which is not surprising,they did ,because Japan was close to invading their country,so in their best interests,not only this countries,but one fact I recently learned about,was when the Japs had taken Singapore ,they assembled the many thousands of Indian troops and persuaded half of them to change sides,and they joined the Japanese army,some being used to guard their former comrades.Maybe our army chiefs need to take a look at history.

    • The so-called Free Indian Army under Chandra Bose fought in the Burma campaign shoulder to shoulder with the Japanese. The Indians, a people for whom I have no regard, bang on about how they fought in WW2. What they don’t say is that they fought on BOTH sides.

      • The Indian attitude is understandable, they hoped, naively, that the Japanese would liberate them from the British. I don’t know what the French excuse was, probably more French fought on the Axis side during WW2 than for the Allies.

  8. Good to see you supporting the EDL, Paul. Maybe you could put in a good word for them with Mr Spencer.

    • I can’t understand why Robert Spencer dislikes the EDL? I LOVE the EDL! The EDL are magnificent! For years the courageous EDL have been protesting against violent Muslim barbarians gang raping, torturing and forcing into prostitution and sex slavery many thousands (the number is now said to be one million) of Britain’s indigenous little white girls. Because EDL oppose sharia and oppose this terrible evil against Britain’s children, the EDL are deeply hated by UK authorities and demonized by political and media elites. The EDL are heroes!

  9. Dear Paul, thank you for your essay. Who is Muhammad Salah?
    Have you seen the you tube video “islam new arrivals at Birmingham international airport”? Posted on 9th Feb. Do you know who they are?
    The video is very disturbing.

  10. Regarding the disturbing video, one person commented on that on
    http://www.barenakedislam.com and said:

    “I shall never return to that disgusting isle.. Lived there 6 years at what could be considered the end of England.. And we got out.. Watched our neighborhood fall to [ordure] by muslim takeovers.. Living for free in the beautiful Victorian houses.. Their feral children roaming the streets yelling like savages, threatening white people.. Oh yeah.. Time to come home… ” END OF QUOTE.

    UK leaders are triumphant. They have colonised our tiny island with violent, threatening Muslims who lust to rule over us and enslave us under barbaric sharia, and driven out peaceful, hardworking Brits and non-Brits.

  11. ‘The disgraced former deputy council leader Jahangir Akhtar was asked if he wanted to apologise to the victims of sexual abuse. Mr Akhtar said no, he did not… ‘ END of QUOTE.

    The filth former deputy council leader is completely satanic. He believes there is nothing wrong with Muslim monsters gang raping, torturing and forcing into prostitution and sex slavery many thousands (the number is now reported to be one million) little, infidel white girls.

    The piece of human garbage, Son of the Devil, does not belong in any civilised nation. Tragically for our people, wicked UK and European traitor leaders have colonised each one of our tiny nations with millions of Muslims who are taught to take non-Muslims for slaves. A huge Crime Against Humanity. Our demonic leaders don’t care. They sold their souls years ago.

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    Join EDL street demos! Join in the fight for freedom before it is forever too late! Join Liberty GB patriotic, anti-Islamisation party http://www.libertygb.org.uk/ Donate!

    Help get Liberty GB leader, Paul Weston, elected MP for Luton South! We desperately need courageous Paul Weston to speak for our people in Parliament!

    “Cowards and Traitors” by Paul Weston

  12. Muslim demographics double in one decade. It’s what the Traitors amongst us want. The extermination of White males in a civil war and wars in the middle east so they can accelerate the ‘Kalergi Plan’ to create a mixed race, lower IQ European population under the EU. Whether that is by rape or consent is of little concern to them.

    Oh, except that they demand we celebrate the demographic onslaught upon the native Caucasian people.


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