“A Cowardly Cuddling of Islam”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, debated the Dutch prime minister in parliament today (video, in Dutch). Below is the English translation of his speech.

Geert Wilders in Parliamentary Debate with Dutch Prime Minister: “We See a Cowardly Cuddling of Islam”

Madam Speaker,

Exactly four weeks ago today, I stood here on behalf of the PVV group and expressed my anger about the incompetent anti-terrorism policies of the cabinet. I called on the government to wake up. To recognize Islam as the cause of the terror and the misery. To close our borders. To halt Islamization. To let Jihadists leave or a least imprison them. And to never allow them to return to the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, four weeks have passed and no progress has been made. Nothing has improved, the situation only became worse. The Netherlands is facing the biggest threat since World War II and the government policies are still being characterized by amateurism and an incredibly dangerous political correctness.

When last summer Muslims paraded with ISIS flags through the streets of The Hague and screamed “Death to the Jews”, there was no cabinet minister to be seen, and the Mayor of The Hague, a VVD member, refused to return from his holiday in France. And now, when without any violence there is a protest against a mosque in Leiden, Minister Asscher hurries to Leiden and within three minutes the Mayor of Leiden expressed his indignation.

What we see are double standards, a selective indignation, a cowardly cuddling of Islam.

Meanwhile, the government is providing extra support to Islam in the Netherlands. As if nothing has happened. As if the problem in our country is that we have not enough Islam in the Netherlands. In Gouda they are now allowed to build a mega-mosque. With a genuine apartheid wall around it, so that the Muslim men with their beards do not have to confront any female legs. Ludicrous!

This country seems to be governed by lunatics. And the judiciary is equally crazy. You know that my party is of the opinion that jihadis should be allowed to leave. Good riddance. Away from here. Deprive them of their nationality and let them never return.

But if, as the government unwisely insists on doing, if you absolutely want to keep them here, and you catch them red-handed in a car with a trunk filled with battle gear, then at least you should assume that they will be imprisoned for thirty years on bread and water. Not so in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands we have judges who first tell Hakim and Mohammed: “No ankle monitor for you because it makes it difficult for you to exercise. And afterwards, we acquit you because those farewell letters, walkie-talkies, balaclavas and combat clothing were just intended for a skiing holiday in Syria.”

The Alexander Pechtold Award for the most politically-correct silliness of 2015 has already been won by the court in Arnhem.

Meanwhile, this government is still refusing to acknowledge that Islam, this sick ideology of Allah and Muhammad, this ideology of hatred and violence, is the cause of all the misery and terror. Everyone who is critical or even dares to be critical about Islam or its so-called prophet Muhammad, depicts him in a cartoon, ridicules or insults him, signs his death warrant. That these are not empty threats we have recently seen in Paris.

Research now reveals that there are as many as 100,000 Muslims in the Netherlands who in their faith find justification to use violence. We already knew that 80% of the Turkish youths in the Netherlands consider violence against Christians, Jews and non-believers to be OK. And that three quarters of those who leave to wage jihad are Moroccans.

And meanwhile, according to the Spanish police, 30,000 to 100,000 European Muslims have joined the Islamic State. Thousands of them have already returned. It is a major problem that they can enter the Netherlands without any difficulties. Because we refuse to guard our borders. Because the government refuses to protect our borders. Because the external borders of Europe, too, are full of holes.

As long as we keep our borders open, even increasing the budget of the intelligence services tenfold would not be sufficient to allow to follow all these people. What is needed, Mister Rutte, is that we leave the Schengen borderless zone, that we regain control of our own borders and not allow jihadis to enter our country again. As long as the cabinet does not want to do that, at least imprison all those jihadis. And if it cannot be done by using criminal law, introduce administrative detention and lock them up by using administrative law.

Stop Islamization. Stop immigration. Stop the tsunami of asylum seekers. Do not allow the building of hate palaces, such as the Gouda mosque, anymore. Enough is enough!

And do me a favor. Allow Minister Opstelten to retire. He is a nice man. But grant him a pleasant old age. Something with a fishing rod or a stamp collection. Think of something. But let him leave the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Prime Minister, go to work. De-Islamize the Netherlands. Crack down on the source of terrorism. Do your duty. Act or resign!

Thank you.

18 thoughts on ““A Cowardly Cuddling of Islam”

  1. A gutsy speech. The porous EU boundaries seem similar to the porous US-Mexico border, sadly.

    • From now on as far as the UK goes its strictly an inside job. “The number of children growing up as Muslims in the UK has almost doubled in a decade in what experts have described as an “unprecedented” shift in Britain’s social make-up. One in 12 schoolchildren in England and Wales are now officially classed as Muslim after a decade which saw the number of followers of Islam surge by just over 1.1 million, according to the most detailed study of its kind ever published.”

    • That cowardly cuddling of islam is the same cowardly cuddling of nazi germany about 70 years ago and thé result will be thé same.

    • But Cameron’s a Tory/Conservative, no? I haven’t been following his policies that closely, to be frank, but why “eunuch”? thx for more info.

      • Cynthia, the name Tory/Conservative is almost completely meaningless today. You could say they lean toward the rich, while the Labour sometimes favours the ‘poor,’ but to all intents they are one party. Labour is just as likely to give tax breaks to the rich if it suits them politically. Both parties are led by career politicians without deep principles or life experience outside their families. Both care only about the party power game. Neither gives a flying xxxx whether the voters are English or PNG cargo cult worshippers.

        • ” politicians without deep principles or life experience outside their families?

          That’s the real problem anytime anywhere. No honor no principles. Liars. It does not matter what you call the system: democracy, dictatorship, oligarchy, matriarchy, blah blah. People make system, system does not make people. If xy is a coward, unprincipled, dishonorable, deceptive, scoundrel, treacherous, SELFISH, faithless, he will be worse when he joins a “democratic” system. Democracy is based on lying and degrading the other person, party to make yourself look good and honorable.
          That’s why “democracies” are so fond waging wars and commit atrocities in the name of humanity, democracy.
          Because western politicians have nothing to be proud about, they repeat the empty word “democracy” 24/7, as if they doubt its existence in reality, so they compensate that by fanciful attitudes.

          Separation of powers: Now we have four powers in the west :
          1. Executive power 2. the media 3. legislative 4. Islam

          The first three powers are all controlled, manipulated, kept in line, dictated to by the fourth OVERWHELMING power of islam.
          Islam in the west is in our schools, universities, police, in the rivers, in the stones, in buildings, newspapers, magazines, hospitals, churches, boats, buses, trains, in the air, in toilets, it accompanies our men, women, girls, teenagers, it is in our food, stores, chicken, meat, earth, even it exists in the plants that will grow next year.

          Our excellent democratic, anticommunist, antidictatorial, very righteous, unerring, always correct, honest from behind politicians are/ were able to facilitate that over the last 50 years.
          Just remember Hitler and Amin Alhusseini.
          Just remember who helped Usama’s 9/11.

          Can you be proud of a system which cowardly Cuddles its jihadi enemies, and forces its people to submit to the cult of rape and bloodletting?
          No wonder democracy, after seeing its ugly face and committing suicide, it is the most hated system. Dishonorable people produce dishonorable system.
          Yes I am mad we are losing the war on terror and losing our own homes and nations, while the LIARS fiddle.

  2. Muslims threats to dominate, discriminate and if necessary to annihilate non Muslim humanity everywhere in the world. The anti Jewish and anti Christian “teachings” in the Koran and the rising anti-social rhetoric of Muslims in the US and Europe and everywhere else is making serious numbers of sincerely peace loving God fearing people too nervous.

    • “Too nervous.” Well, maybe they’ll also “wake up” and “smell the coffee”! 🙂

      Western Civilization is more than a matter of kowtowing (ahem) to Islamic manners and mannerisms; it’s crucial to our entire way of life. This incoming tide of Islamic immigrants “voting with their feet” and refusing to assimilate to the (formerly?) majority culture is antithetical to everything previous immigrant groups have ever done.

      Even the Hmong in California have learned to read and write (their indigenous culture in S.E. Asia is non-literate), send their children to school, etc. Many of them still farm, and many of the women do fabulous needlework crafts for money at local art/craft fairs. They take English as a Second Language classes. They follow U.S. laws. Sure, they live with others who speak Hmong, but they don’t wall themselves off from American English-language culture. One of my neighbors worked at a local civic arts program (!) and spoke highly of the Hmong women she worked with–their work ethic, their dedication to their families, their insistence on using what little English they had at the start of classes and improving it through the term. She was very moved at their dedication to our country.

      OTOH, when I taught in a majority Muslim neighborhood way back in the late ’80s/early ’90s, I got the impression that the parents just wanted their kids to attend school to avoid getting in trouble with the law. College/education for knowledge wasn’t on their horizon at all. Many of these Muslims were refugees from Afghanistan.

  3. Thank you for the translation. We are learning all the time, from Europe on the Islamic issue. And the dawah minions are trying to invade the imaginations of young people here in the USA, just like in Europe. I hope that your governments come to their senses and begin to defend the legacy of freedom of your forefathers, instead of throwing it all away to the quiet infiltration and sedition, of radical Islam.

  4. Hopefully Farage and Ukip will win, close the borders, and get the UK out of the EU.

    From America,
    Susan the Warrior

    • You reckon? He is already chasing the muslim bloc vote. In a short time, he will become main stream and no different from the other apparatchiks.

      Sad but true. Either way, do not vote con/lab/lib

      • I think the jury’s out on this one, Peter. Farage must have been aware of Anne Marie Waters’ record at Shariah Watch and elsewhere when UKIP selected her as a parliamentary candidate.

  5. About the only thing not mentioned in this speech is the criminal negligence being shown toward the native Dutch by their own government who flat out refuse to question their own lack of logic or to even listen to a voice of reason, Mr. Geert Wilders, who continually bombards them with truth, analyses and solutions.

    The current Dutch government’s behaviour is bordering on treachery – perhaps we may hear that soon from Mr. Wilders mouth.

  6. Wish more politicians were brave and blunt enough to speak like this man. I wouldnt be surprised if he ends up getting assasinated or imprisoned.

  7. Very nice speech. I doubt that most people in Europe share his alarm over Islam. A recent poll in Britain found that the people there disliked Israel more than Iran. That could mean that in Europe, the people are very naive about Islam, they still consider Jews to be satanic, or some combination of the two. Certainly, Israel’s assertiveness is not admired by the mainstream mice.
    Maybe Wilders needs to convince the people that the Muslim immigrants are being sent by the Mossad.

  8. The idiocy of Europeans never ceases to amaze me. Europe consists of numerous countries were settled thousands of years ago by various stone age tribes. They have spent the past 10,000 years fighting amongst themselves and have failed to assimilate into one homogeneous culture. That is the reason we now have Spanish, French, German, Swedish, English, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, etc, cultures.

    Europe is just about the most historically Xenophobic territory in the world. The only places that are more Xenophobic are the territories controlled by Muslims.

    For the past 10,000 years the various European tribes have spent most of their time fighting amongst themselves. Every 20 or 30 years since prehistory there has been a major European war. Not coincidentally, 20 to 30 years is also the amount of time it takes a nation to grow a new generation of soldiers after the previous generation was destroyed in the last cultural race war.

    For most of the past 1500 years European and Muslim countries have conducted non stop religious warfare. The crusades are most well known, however, Muslim invasions of Europe were much more numerous. It wasn’t until 1492 that the last Muslim’s were expelled from Spain. Muslims attacked Vienna until the late 1600’s. Muslims conquered and sacked Christian Constantinople in 1492 and thus consolidated their control over Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans.

    Within the lifetimes of many persons now living Europe has been convulsed in world wars that were largely race and religious based.

    Given this history it is beyond belief to imagine that Europeans would invite tens/hundreds of millions of poor muslims to immigrate into their territory. To imagine that this can result in anything other than a repeat of WW2 and the genocide of NAZI death camps is to imagine that in one generation Europe has successfully changed behaviors that have persisted since the stone age. Moreover, we must also imagine that at the same time Christian Europeans have changed 10,000 years of their culture the Muslims have changed 1500 years of theirs.

    To imagine that massive Muslim immigration into Europe can result in anything other than race war on an unprecedented scale is to imagine that somehow the lions will now lie down with the lambs, cats will lie with dogs, cats with mice. Christians with Muslims.

    Europe has become fantastically rich over the past 40 years. This wealth and the welfare states it funds has meant that Muslims living in Europe have been tolerated by Christians and bribed not to attach their Christian hosts. Unfortunately, there are serious problems in Europe and a major collapse of the Euro and Eurozone is probable. There will be massive unemployment amongst Christians and almost total unemployment amongst Muslims. When this happens it is almost a certainty that there will be massive religious warfare in much of Europe on a scale not seen since WW2. What is most incredible is that in this case the Europeans have invited in the source of their own destruction.

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