Who Exploited the Victims of Paris, Frau Merkel?

Back in the Cold War, the rulers of the Soviet Union and the East Bloc were master propaganda artists who specialized in carefully staged “spontaneous” events. Last Sunday a Potemkin extravaganza of the same sort came to a Paris street, orchestrated in part by a savvy East Bloc veteran herself.

Rembrandt Clancy has translated a brief article on the topic, published yesterday at Politically Incorrect.

The Appearance…

On Sunday in Paris a large solidarity event took place for the seventeen victims killed in the terrorist attack in France. In France’s capital alone, over a million people gathered together in the streets to express their condolences and to demonstrate against terrorism and for freedom of speech. In the first row of this impressive gathering of people walked France’s President Francois Hollande, FDJ Secretary* Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and dozens of other heads of state and government. In a symbolic gesture they locked arms and mixed together with the “common” folk, in order to demonstrate cohesion. Or so it appeared.

* [Translator’s note: FDJ (Freie Deutsche Jugend,: Free German Youth). In the German Democratic Republic (GDR) Angela Merkel was Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda in the communist SED-Youth Organisation, or Free German Youth (FDJ). (German Source: Michael Stürzenberger’s article, “Germany is Ruled by an Unprincipled Opportunist”)]

by Buntlandinsasse

Source: Politically Incorrect
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

13 January 2015

However, politicians and media have still not understood that in the age of the Internet one must exert a little more effort if one wants to be s***ting the people [das Volksverarschung] and deceive them. As can be seen in the photo below, they would not dream of mixing with the citizens, who are in any case contemptible; rather they staged a dissembling comedic farce which can only bring shame upon these people.

… and Reality

Deception of the People

It was feigned that the refined lordships mingle in solidarity with the people and form the vanguard of the demonstration for freedom and solidarity.

The bird’s eye perspective shows: EVERYTHING IS STAGED!

A self-staged pantomimed piece, which is now being spread in a promotionally effective manner by the mass media, and which is only another showpiece for s***ting the people [Volksverarschung].

Even the state-loyal Spiegel Online noticed this shabby staging:

The photos were not taken on the streets and squares on which hundreds of thousands were demonstrating, but on a secluded side street, as The Independent and Daily News reported. According to French media, the scene was filmed in the Place Léon Blum in the vicinity of Voltaire Metro Station. The place was chosen on account of the symbolic meaning of the name. The filming took place at 15:30. After just a short time the senior politicians got back into their vehicles and drove away, according to Le Monde. […] Photos which had been taken from a distance show that the state and government leaders formed their own group — surrounded by security personnel.

One really has to let this melt on one’s tongue, as the politicians and media, in chorus, reproach the tens of thousands of honest and peaceful demonstrators for exploiting the victims for political purposes, when it is the demonstrators who show their sympathy with real credibility; and a few days later, these politicians carry out exactly that same exploitation in a perverted, propagandistic mendacious show. In order to reclaim a few votes from people, whose contempt in any case is all that remains for this impudent band of liars — and that very rightly so — they feign compassion for the seventeen dead people and afterwards drive off to their hotel for coffee and cake, scratching their bellies with laughter. They did not take part in the demonstration in any way, yet for this they want to secure the laurels for themselves. At the same time, even though many people are in attendance and witness the staging, the propaganda broadcasters report that the exalted ladies and gentlemen lead the great demonstration march and, if possible, avoid photographs from angles which would cause the lie to burst.

Perverse! Shameless! Hypocritical! One can longer put into words how ice-cold and calculating this gang is. What was that again about the spark of decency little Heiko?*

* [Translator’s note: In the context of the pending PEGIDA demonstration for Monday,12 January, Heiko Maas, Federal Justice Minister, is quoted in Bild Zeitung (11 January 2015) as saying: “If the organisers had a spark of decency, they would simply call off this demonstration”.]

21 thoughts on “Who Exploited the Victims of Paris, Frau Merkel?

  1. Thank you, Baron, for posting this. It is the first that I have seen in the English Press. I just finished reading the original in PI and many, many of the comments. The deception is mind boggling and the word “Lügenpresse” has become an instant prominent word in German. If one makes the argument as one TV station did, that the leaders had to be separated from the ordinary people for security reasons, one could expect at least the honesty of mentioning this fact. It was also said in the French press, that the staging ground was chosen near the Voltaire metro station for the symbolic value of this name, representing freedom of thought etc., etc. However, any one who understands German should read comment #67 where it is given what Voltaire had to say about Mohammed and Islam. If one thinks Churchill used strong language in his book River war as cited by Paul Weston, read this!

  2. This was due to security reasons, because they are at risk even though many of them have been the Islamics best friends, but to the Islamics they are infidels that deserve to be killed as they are unbelievers.

    I watched it on TV and I knew that was how it was being done and I agreed with it.

    I will not blame them for this!!! Other things yes, but not this!

    • Nonsense, elected officials are replaceable. Royalty they are not. If the entire lot went poof, the people could elect a new pack of scoundrels in short order.

      How this idea came about that elected officials are irreplaceable is beyond me.

      Besides there was no way the Muzzies were going to lay a finger on the very heads of those that have enabled Muslim growth in the West. This was more about keeping the hoi polloi away from them.

      Heaven forbid they might hear a different opinion.

      Still the way the media portrayed it as them marching with the masses was sickening and worthy of praise by Goebbels or Bernays.

      • I never said that they were not replaceable and yes this was security related. Please people stop attacking stupid things like this, it does our movement no good to start attacking what is really necessary security measure, I can tell you that when the Israeli PM was waiting to get on a bus I was nervous for him.

        And I can tell you that I was watching this on TV French TV and it was evident that they were not with the masses and were meeting with the families of Charlie Hebdo and the live coverage was damn evident that they were not mixing with the masses.

        To be honest part of me would have liked to have seen an attack on them to ram home what Islamic terrorism means, well not the Israeli PM whose life to me is worth all of the others there, he is the only one I care about.

        • You saw a weak argument against the politicos.

          I saw a strong attack against the PRESS, that vanguard of our suppression. Its gotcha and they were caught red-handed trying to spin another lie. The more their credibility erodes, the more people will question the narrative and look to alternatives. This was a splendid development.

          • No, I watched the entire thing live on French TV, it was clear that the political leaders were separate and would start of the march by a march along a nearby road and then Hollande would meet with the families and surviving journalists of Charlie Hebdo who also had a separate march.

            It was never hidden as such in France, but its very likely that the German media made it look like they were at the head of that march.

            Whatever, one has to accept that people in positions of authority have the security of their positions, but the march was guarded by 5500 police.

            I would suggest that the media in Germany were at fault, but in France it was evident that they lead off the march by starting it first and were not at the head of it.

  3. Behold the Traitor Class who will only appear on public streets accompanied by heavy security. Does no one remember a time when our so called leaders did not need such heavy handed security and propaganda photos?

    • I’m old enough to remember. But that’s before these scoundrels elevated themselves to positions worthy of a oriental despot/godhood.

      It’s amusing to listen to the MSM and pundit class in regards to security for these people. The way they portray it, if someone were to take the life of some self-serving careerist pol it would be a horrific and catastrophic act that would devastate the country.

      The reality is it wouldn’t. But they don’t want people to think that way, they want to convince people that these pols are irreplaceable and so vital to the functioning of the nation that we cannot do without them. The last thing they is for the people were to understand that everyone of these pols is not only replaceable but irrelevant to the functioning of the state. As long as the government organs are intact, things will continue to work.

  4. Wow. Just wow. Many thanks, Baron Bodissey, for scooping not only the MSM but the entire blogosphere as well. It seems we’ve all been little mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed a bunch of [effluvium]!

    • Dear Papa, this was coming out in England on Monday.
      At Breitbart London, three commentators posted the second photo below an article. I will find the name of the article and let you know. The first commentator got it from a Twitter account and the third got it from The Independent, a national daily paper. All the others papers must have known since they were taking the photos. As the people of Dresden say, lying press.
      I should have let the Baron know.

      • Dear Papa, the article is “France’s three weeks of terror” by Oliver Lane posted on 12th Jan.
        It was the second commentator who gave The Independent link.

  5. Frau Merkel is leading her country straight into war on German soil. Frau Merkel is exposing her people to islam and the islamic concept of jihad. I cant see why Frau Merkel deserves any “protection” against the islam she loves and likes so much. Islam doesn’t belong in Germany.

    Bibi is okay. Lavrov too. The rest are first class traitors . They – Frau Merkel especially-should be banned to dar el islam and find out how much islam they can tolerate.

  6. If they were not in the parade for “security reasons” then what in hell were they doing standing around in the street, surrounded by their private police forces?

    If they are so concerned about crime and terrorism in the streets and their own personal safety, why didn’t they just line up, hold hands, and take a picture in the Elysee Palace where they are safe and where they take all their other group pictures?

    We know why, don’t we? They wanted not just to show their solidarity, but to sell their “jes’ plain folks”/”we are all in it together” lie.

  7. As soon as I saw the photo the image in my minds eye was a few hundred leaders marching on a road with enough security around them to start a small war, so the intended impression failed to even register. The real story to me though is President Hussein not even bothering to send a disposable asset like Biden there for the optics.

  8. The solidarity march was sickening to watch , it IMHO is just more politically correct BS.

  9. I’m surprised they didn’t just all send cardboard cut-outs.

    (Not even clever enough to photoshop the real march in behind their little Potemkin parade.)

  10. Look how german politicians and muslims smile in Berlin:


    Why they are smiling?Are they happy about the killings?

    Also the headline is a joke.This was patriotic they say.Uhh never ever in the last 20 years german politicians has called somethin “PAtriotic” because its NAzi for them.
    Even Merkel throwed a little german flag away when a party member waved it…

  11. So what we have here is a photo of some of the world’s greatest hypocrites with their protection teams massed behind them. All it actually shows is that despite their constant whining about “equality” they do not have any female bodyguards.

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