Welcoming Jihad Warriors Home to Sweden

Kent Ekeroth, a member of parliament for the Sweden Democrats, asked some pointed questions of the government about the its policy of allowing mujahideen to return “home” to Sweden from the jihad in Syria and Iraq.

Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson gave a telling response. Notice that she doesn’t want to interdict the jihad warriors because that would not prevent all terrorist attacks. In other words, it’s better to let a hundred Swedes die at the hands of terrorists than prevent the death of ninety of them via sensible border controls.

Welcome to Modern Multicultural Sweden!

Many thanks to Alfred Fredriksson for translating and subtitling this video:


0:00   Follow up question, Kent Ekeroth from the Sweden Democrats.
0:02   Mr. Speaker, I was in contact with the National Task Force yesterday
0:06   and there have been no announcements about reinforcing their manpower,
0:09   and considering that the police are under-financed and the police fund the National Task Force,
0:14   there are still many question marks remaining when it comes to the National Task Force.
0:17   I had hoped for a straight answer from the government.
0:19   Another aspect is of course preventing terrorists from coming to Sweden in the first place.
0:25   The Sweden Democrats have suggested that we revoke citizenship for those who travel to participate in terror
0:29   and that we rebuild our border security to simply ensure that they neither are allowed nor can come in to the EU and Sweden.
0:36   The government has rejected this suggestion. In other words they welcome jihad warriors back to Sweden,
0:42   which is quite remarkable. I think that the Swedish people want a concrete answer to the question:
0:48   why does this government want Islamists, jihad warriors and IS murderers to come back to our country?
0:54   A concrete answer is requested. Thank you.
0:56   Thank you very much. Climate and Environment Minister Åsa Romson from the Green Party.
1:00   When we talk about the internal organization of the police we have to see if we can redistribute resources when necessary.
1:06   Obviously it is not only the National Task Force that works with the broad terror-readiness.
1:11   In the protection of different places it is not the inter… the National uhhh ahhhh Task Force that
1:19   is involved, it is the entire police organization.
1:21   Regarding the suggestions that the Sweden Democrats have made which they believe are the key that will
1:25   make it so that we won’t have any terror attacks in Sweden if we revoke the citizenship of individuals
1:32   who return after war for terrorists, then I think you see the problem from the wrong angle
1:39   because this would create a false sense of security. There will be many others that you won’t be able to stop in that way.
1:46   It is a lot better to look broadly at how we reduce recruiting in the Swedish society,
1:51   and also of course make sure that people who return from these kinds of environments
1:57   receive a very clear care-taking but also a legal hearing because that is what is required.

14 thoughts on “Welcoming Jihad Warriors Home to Sweden

    • Not stupidity, merely enforcing the genocide of native Swedes because of her ideology/hidden agenda. If the Swedish population had any guts, they’d go Viking on their elites because of what they have planned for them.

      It is the height of despair to see the utter passivity of White Europeans when confronted by the sheer evil being promoted by their politcal class.

  1. “It is a lot better to look broadly at how we reduce recruiting in the Swedish society”

    Okay, here’s the broad view: Reduce the number of Muslims and you’ll reduce the jihad recruiting.

    Or is the broad view not what she really wants?

  2. This really is a most fascinating social engineering experiment underway here.

    I use the word “fascinating” in a morally neutral way. Just to be clear.

  3. Sweden: from “Humanitarian Superpower” to Failed State

    The Swedish State TV reports “Towards bold new targets”.
    There is no tragedy in Sweden, however great it is, which does not give promises of a dazzling new future. It is Sweden’s characteristics: Tomorrow is always better than today. Murders – about one each day, rapes – 60,000 per year, violence crimes – 80,000registered – it is just darn good. Also stupidity grows toward bold new levels.


  4. I am a Finn, not afraid to disclose my name. I have lived (and worked!) in Sweden 1977-81, and it was a lovely country, I do speak the language fluently, and I served as judge in the Finnish-Swedish speaking area of Ostrobotnia in Finland after gaining my law degree. I owe Sweden a lot: the fact that my Swedish, in the beginning of my stay there rudimentary, at my return to Finland, fluent, my wonderful experience of the Swedish women, both carnal and intellectual.

    I visited the country last year, my former home in Söder, Stockholm. Not a place I would want to call my home anymore, not a place, I surmise, many Swedes don’t want to call their home either. I have relatives through in the north of Sweden, and if they don’t have [manly equipment] to start acting against this idiotic situation in their country, I cannot call them my relatives (though not by blood, anyway).

    I think Swedes have totally lost something, but then again, they have never been famous for their courage, they’ve always fought to the last Finn, especially during their years of being a great power in Europe.

  5. This is a lesson in a continuing series of lessons on “How to make the Sweden Democrats sensible and respectable” compared to the establishment parties.

    ‘We can’t stop the terrorists coming back from fighting in Syria, because we can’t stop all of them and besides, we ought to focus on stopping recruiting here in Sweden, while we import tens and tens of thousand more of potential terrorists. Clear?’

  6. In perhaps the world’s most stupid country the ongoing commerce with Swedish passports continues. The authorities turn the blind eye and pretend not to know. 60.00 Swedish passports are reported lost or stolen each year.

    In effekt this is about sylum immigrants with Swedish citizenship who sell their passports on the black market. Not infrequently do they gain both a second, a third, fourth, fifth – even a fifteenth has occurred – passport which, in turn, they sell on the illegal marcet to refugee traffickers for a round sum of money.

    Hurry up and come to Sweden and seek asylum all of you who are submitters to allha, who have no qualifications – ideally you should be illiterate and sexually mutilated, so that the Swedish education industry, health care industry and the Swedish Migration Industrial Complex can expand and earn more money. In Sweden Glazier’s Economics is applied = destruction is profit. Nothing is more profitable than mass immigration believes the ruling power elite.

    What, if the pharmacology industry could invent a wisdom pill – what an unlimited market it would have been in Sweden. What profits, what imense expansion of the Swedish pharmacology, industrial, what tax revenues for the Swedish state, with an ASTRA Pfitzer 2.0 in Stocholm.

  7. http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/archives/eb/eb82/eb82_first_en.pdf

    For more than half of Europeans, the statement “immigration of people from other EU
    Member States” evokes a positive feeling (52%), while for 41% it evokes a negative
    feeling. Overall, this statement is seen positively in 21 Member States, led by the Nordic countries – Sweden (82%), Finland (76%), Denmark (69%) – and Luxembourg (72%).
    The results are quite different in the case of immigration from outside the EU: this evokes a positive feeling for around a third of Europeans (35%) and a negative feeling for a majority (57%). In 23 EU Member States, a majority of the population have a negative view of the “immigration of people from outside the EU”.

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