Try on a Hijab!

The University of Alberta believes that a woman should have freedom of choice. She may choose the jilbab, the niqab, the abaya, the kerudung, the paranja, or the chador. If she wants to be really daring, she can even choose the burqa!

There are so many exciting possibilities!

That’s why the University of Alberta has made certain that its female students have access to complete information about all the sartorial modes available to them, so that they can enjoy their liberated undergraduate experience while still adhering to the enlightened code of modesty prescribed by the sharia:

Try on a hijab at the University of Alberta! (Click to enlarge)

The above photo was sent to us by a student at the Modern Multicultural University of Alberta, along with this note:

I was blown away by something I saw on campus. Today in the students’ union building there was a table offering people the chance to ‘Try on a Hijab’. Unbelievable.

I immediately snapped a picture of it.

I will be filing a complaint later today.

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  1. Oh dear. I hope the Fems and ‘Slams don’t come after him. When those girls build a cordon sanitaire it’s definitely not sanitary…or safe.

  2. He should have told them he could be considering a change of gender, so it would be ok to try on all those different clothes. After all it is now all gender equality in these liberal universities.
    It would be discriminatory small mindlessness of such a “stall holder” in a broad minded university to decline him.

    He could have asked to try on abaya. Then asked them if his “*um” looks big in this, and would a jilbab be a bit more better for his body lines.

    For the niqab, Wouldn’t it be important to for the eyes to be well featured, so what colour for eye liner, mascara and should his eye brows be a little more groomed (plucked) and would eye lash extensions be appealing too, .

    Of course for the chador and kerudung, lipstick would also be very important so would he be helpful to advise for the colours that are suitable, after all, it would not look good if it appears to be like lipstick on a pig.

    With a paranja you would guess that even basic foundation would not be required, so there go all the eye and lip beautician tips. What a shame.

    • All the churches doing this are getting big money from the Feds to do it.

      They don’t really care that this will ruin neighborhoods and towns. It’s all about the Benjamins.

      • I considered doing a post on Refugee Resettlement Watch’s excellent reporting on the “faith-based” orgs -Lutherans, Jewish Relief, and Catholic Charities – who have worked w/ the State Department to bring in “refugees” to small towns all over the place.

        The protocol seems to be to pick a town, assure them that the incoming “refugees” will be supported by the relief organization. I’m not sure the town fathers ever know that State is in on it, too.

        That support lasts about six months and these poor souls are set adrift in America without a clue as to how to survive. They do know how to get to the welfare office though – they get training in that and in things like modern plumbing.

        After Catholic Charities or whoever does a flit, the burden falls on the suckered town.

        Why do the faith-based orgs do it? Because they have no other reason for being. They did have an important function once, when large numbers of Catholic and Lutheran immigrants flooded America. But that is a long gone scene. All bureaucracies -& CC and the others are bloated bureaucracies – are concerned with their own continuing existence…thus displaced Afghans wither on the vine in California, or sickly natives from American possessions like the Mariana Islands, etc., ad nauseam, are cynically used to prop these orgs up.

        They ought to be working with America’s poor and homeless, but no…that would require genuine commitment over the long haul and State wouldn’t pay ’em a dime. And we all know too well BHO’s feelings about religious groups.

        You’ve got to read her latest report – from today. I call it The Grease Factory – you know the place that manufactures grease that it uses up in keeping its grease machines running. Here’s the refugee version:

        A snip from a post packed with information:

        The former refugees will be working for the refugee agencies (the federal contractors!) that operate in 180 plus cities across America. So, rather than the resettlement agencies using some of their government money to employ people they will be getting access to another pot of government money to hire refugees who can’t find work otherwise.

        So tell me why we don’t just open federal refugee offices in those 180 cities and quit this charade where non-profits pretend to be non-governmental (charitable!) agencies.

        They still spend our tax dollars, but as non-profits they are unaccountable to those of us paying their freight!

        PS @ anon- it’s more complicated than merely “the benjamins”. It’s about “helping the poor” in that socialist, social worker mentality about being useful without having to fully commit to anything for long. IOW, it’s also about meaning but the forms are long out-dated.

        • Dymphna-

          Your findings about the “Grease Factory” are stunning.

          It is very bad news for the US that the taxpayer will be hoodwinked into funding this support structure that will radically alter the fabric of our society.

          I am considering these findings in addition to the parallel society that has already been created by the flood of Saudi/Gulf money into the US.

          Scary times indeed.

      • PS. I wonder what the University of Alberta would do if some brave wag set up a tongue-in-cheek “Free FGM” stand next to the “Try a Hijab” stand. Permanent expulsion as a student from all Canadian universities? Criminal prosecution? Both?

        • “if a gaggle of young, self-loathing activists hurried to play dress up ” and figure how to make it “especially disturbing” for that “image of the “nice Muslim”” by:-
          As the Baron said “There are so many exciting possibilities!”
          Perhaps pajamas or undies on the head? Plead forgetfulness, or some such mild disorder, and why should people be worried about your behaviour.

          I can see it is difficult for people to get in touch, with similiar feelings and be able to trust, and not later to be sold down the drain with all it’s ramifications in today’s world. I guess it takes time, and to leave a subtle trail so others may be able to pick up in your social world.

          I wonder if some others could have done, with some planning, obviously as a “gaggle”, with some “self loathing activist” looking at “re-gendering” although I wonder if the gaggle would change to “biting the tongue” to control the “giggle” as I mentioned above
          simpleton on January 26, 2015 at 9:01 pm said:

          Even just thinking on it, always good for a laugh, even if no action, as perhaps another time and place, may help to use an opportunity, for some fun. Mockery, ridicule is the best offense and for you, laughter is the best medicine.

          Still it is wise to be careful, timing is everything, and there are strong forces against, not only from above, but also their ground swell of the “Liberal Society Laws and Dogmas”
          Where 2 waves cross each other there is a rough dangerous sea.

    • Perhaps because student union fees were being used to support the info tables, and *this* table was for a sectarian purpose?

      There was a similar case on the UC Berkeley campus a couple of years ago, but it related to partisan politics. An info table (which was *not* a voter registration table; that would have been kosher) was set up in an area maintained by student union fees. The info table only provided pamphlets and other stuff for *one* political party.

      Students filed complaints en masse about “partisan” use of the fees.

      So I’m envisioning a situation like that, but am willing to wait for more…ah…info. 🙂

  3. Could this be? A fellow youth on GoV with their eyes wide open to the threat of Islam? And a fellow Canuck, no less! I have to admit, I’m intrigued and excited by this!

    I’m not entirely sure how far a complaint will actually get this young man. No university worth their leftist credentials is going to seriously go after the MSA, especially for something as “benign” as trying on a hijab. If anything, I can see the administration turning their ire on him, for daring to make an issue out of this.

    The Student Centre is typically the most left-wing area of the entire university campus (at least, it was in my experience) so I wouldn’t be surprised if a gaggle of young, self-loathing activists hurried to play dress up at this booth. I always found events like this to be especially disturbing, because it just fed into this image of the “nice Muslim”, and lulled already dim and brainwashed youth into a further sense of false security about Islam. Trying to make headway on university campuses when you have nonsense like this going on is near impossible, and believe me, I tried.

    • @der Kanadier

      I am the “youth” in question here(25yo), a I am the one who submitted the photo.

      After some thinking I decided not to file a complaint for the exact reasons you mentioned. I made the mistake of speaking my mind last semester in my “political science” course, as anything that isn’t borderline communist(UofA is in the only NDP riding in AB) or that doesn’t praise the state religion of multiculturalism is wrong. It’s incredible how they refuse to listen to facts and always pull the “that’s racist” or “well that’s your opinion” cards. I even had to go through several term paper topics before I arrived at one the professor didn’t veto. Universities are one of the greatest enemies of free speech.

      • Keep your ammunition dry, though do take stock of what is happening. A few bread crumbs or a trail like “Hansel and Gretel” will help others to also see they are not the only ones, and optimistically lead to a groundswell, so long as freedom of speech/expression is preserved and not undermined.

        Your observations, experience and learning will coalesce into a wisdom and then you and others will become much more effective, if and when you perhaps become more active and aid/stir up the ground swell of common sense.

        A similar problem in another country, that I am sure you will relate to with a few laughs. Perhaps even some names you may have heard of. Although different will shine a light from a different angle,

      • FriedrichderGroße,

        Indeed, universities are the enemies of free speech, though they still like to puff out their chests as the bastions of critical thought where no idea is too radical to be entertained.

        So long as your idea fits into the leftist discourse, of course!

        It’s disheartening to see Alberta falling into this trap, though if your university is smack in the middle of an NDP riding, it’s not hard to see where things like this are coming from. My university was in an NDP riding as well, and it certainly has an affect on the types of students you meet. I too, learned rather quickly not to rock the boat in terms of ideology, though I managed to slip some of my right-wing tendencies into my papers without penalty. Small victories, you have to take what you can get!

        As I said before, I’m rather intrigued by the prospect of someone close to my age (I’m 22) who rejects the multicultural dogma, and is well aware enough about the “religion of peace” to be lurking around GoV. There doesn’t seem to be many of us around, unfortunately.

        Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this. If you would be interested in talking more outside GoV, (and if the Baron doesn’t mind playing middle man for a moment), I would be happy to exchange email addresses. The Baron can vouch for my trustworthiness, if you may feel a bit hesitant. It could be interesting, to talk with someone else who “gets it”, especially someone with only a few years age difference.

  4. That’s nothing compared to what I see in Montreal. In shopping malls, I see more and more French-Canadian women (I recognize they are French-Canadian by the way that they speak) converts to Islam wearing variations of the veil or of the burqa – on top of the tons of Lebanese, Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian immigrants that we have here.

    I have also seen an inordinate number of French-Canadian bus drivers wearing the Muslim veil. I suppose that wearing their veil in highly publicly visible places must be a way for them to propagandize their religion with the kafirs.

  5. Coming up February 1st started 2013 although the concept has been earlier like in Sweden.
    Now being pushed subtlely by such groups as CAIR into many schools/education systems, and into city halls like Minnesota and police forces, far and wide, also in Sweden .

    Guys, and girls, look above to some of my other comments for ideas, and if possible group up, brainstorm ideas, like wearing “undies” or “pajamas” on your head, but to get your story right why, protection from sun burn, heat stroke or just keeping warm, or to ready for sleep, or a group therapy, and within your laws, and on solid ground, as at the moment media are not your friends.

    Do not do more than what you feel comfortable with, even if it is just a brief moment, look after yourselves and be careful. Always remember it is better to retreat and make another issue another day.

    A ground swell builds up slowly, and then just keeps arising, then may die back then rebuilds, and of course at the beach we are warned that it is the 7th wave is the larger, then of course the “rogue wave” to then top it all, is the tsunami wave.

    We must maintain our “freedom of speech/expression”.

    • PS
      Although dated Dec 2013, for a school in Sacramento, I figure this will continue as per “the MSA Club plans to have more events after winter break”. – See more at:
      and how these young children while wearing the hijab for the day with their concerns are not happy about “islamphobia” and if you are, then you have an “illiterate mind”. That is what their teachers are indoctrinating.
      Where does it stop? A student “has been wearing a Hijab for her senior project for nine week ”

      Although difficult we must also maintain our “freedom of speech/expression” such as the “flying spaghetti monster”, that should be ok to be worn on our heads too.

  6. short story: Islamic swimming now in Canada? I was shocked as this sort of thing today in my hometown. I have seen only in Muslim countries (maybe Orthodox Jews in Israel do same? I know that female-only train coaches and buses operate in Mumbai. Never the less I was surprised and dismayed to see similar in British Columbia.

    Unsent letter to local newspaper. I am sleeping on it first…

    “You might want to send a reporter and cameraman Coquitlam’s downtown swimming pool on February 9 at 8 a.m.

    There will be a protester educating passersby to the realities of shariah (Islamic law) and other aspects of political Islam (the non-religious aspects that affect non-Muslims, such as in public life).

    Starting Feb. 9 and on every statutory holiday until Boxing Day, men and boys will be prohibited from swimming at the taxpayer sponsored public swimming pool From 8-10 am. Not only that, all staff will be female. Presumably the cashiers too. To top it off all the windows will be blocked off with an architectural version of the burka, so the tender female gender will not be ogled by lustful male eyes. Lesbians presumably will not be denied entry.

    Coquitlam is full of Immigrants from Hong Kong, Korea, India and Russia. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and Ismailis. Bravo! They are certainly not behind this move. This non-proximity of the sexes (khalwat in Arabic) is clearly a concession to Iranian Muslim concepts of extreme female modesty that go against secular and feminist values of modern Canadian society. Those attitudes and practices of Shia imams go beyond common sense and social standards of any other community in British Columbia.

    I welcome the large minority of the generally broad-minded Persian community (Muslims, Baha’is, observant and apostate Muslims) that has lived, worked and contributed to Coquitlam for so many years. But I have stayed in Muslim countries and from experienced observation believe that such a segregationist policy, inspired by the three foundations of political Islam (Koran, Sira and Hadith) creates multiple social problems. It belongs *perhaps* in Malaysia and Bangladesh — but not here. Iranians in Coquitlam, including Muslim Iranians, have usually adapted well to Canadian culture. I truly hope they will boycott this system which teaches young girls shame.

    Creeping shariah has arrived in Coquitlam. What are we going to do about it? Will it be nipped in the bud? I invite persons of all ethnicities and religions (and no religion) to write the City Council to see this new policy that belongs in the Middle ages, revoked.


    Hermes Liberty
    (My pen name)

    • Google, the all-seeing eye. I searched for Coquitlam. An amazing number of mosques in the surrounding areas, including one in Port Coquitlam. The senior imam there, who calls himself Dr. Saad, was charged with sexual assault in 2013. The RCMP asked for other victims to step forward; it appears they believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. I doubt they’ll find many young girls and their parents willing to step forward.

      Saad, indeed.

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