Those Blasphemous Christians at Charlie Hebdo

The following news clip from the BBC contains a litany of places where aggrieved Muslims took to the streets to protest the fact that Charlie Hebdo continues to publish “blasphemous” cartoons. Among the countries mentioned are Niger, Yemen, Pakistan, Turkey, and the Vatican. The protests reached varying degrees of violent intensity, the only exception being the Pope, for some strange reason.

It really sets my teeth on edge to hear the newscaster say “God’s messenger Mohammed”, without any qualifiers. Jesus would be called “the alleged son of God”, and the Buddha would be “the man considered to be ‘the awakened one’ by devout Buddhists”.

No scare quotes or hedging about the prophet Mohammed, though. He’s the real thing, according to the Beeb.

By the way — Muslim mobs are killing Christians and burning churches in Niger to protest the French Motoons, as if the editors, writers, and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo were Christians. To save their skins, the surviving staff could publish the truth: “Don’t kill us! We hate Christians as much as you do!”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video and annotating it with his commentary:

Below is Vlad’s commentary from the video, in a slightly different form:

While freedom to criticize religious authority is extremely important and must be defended, it is equally important to understand that Islam never stops making demands until the entire sharia is applied to all people everywhere.

It starts with limits on speech and thought. It will spread to food, finance, sexual habits, education (especially history), a renewed multi-class system based on religion and ethnicity, and eventually the “red line” by Muslims will be on everything you do, with the consequences being torture, amputations and death, possibly even with crucifixion before or after execution.

It must be understood that freedom to mock religion is only the first line. And if we must face a war over it, then better now, while we still have a chance to win it, than later.

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  1. Baron,

    “It really sets my teeth on edge to hear the newscaster say “God’s messenger Mohammed”, without any qualifiers.”

    Yes, indeed, so does the phrase, “The Prophet”, the combination of multi-culti speak and sheer terror has been quite effective.

    • I can’t agree more! You never hear Jesus referred to as “The Son of God” but Mo is always the “The Prophet of Islam.” Hello, MSM…there is no prophet without God. So by saying Prophet you admit there is a God. God forbid, so to speak, that they say “Mohammed, whom the Muslims believe to be a prophet of God.”

  2. Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
    Winston Churchill.

    • Seems thosr days and words have been assigned to the dustbins of history sadly.if only he was here ! We need a Churchill more than ever today. Nobody heeds his words and there were many warning such as :
      ” the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists”
      As a child, I never understood what he could have meant. I do now !

  3. In all the Muslim-defending of the media, we keep hearing that “most Muslims are moderate.”

    Again and again they say this, and I always wonder, “Why is ‘moderate’ all we ever expect out of Muslims?” It’s like we know full well it’s the best they can manage.

    It’s like the lazy kid whose parents beg him, “Just get a ‘C’! That’s all we ask! We’re not asking for an ‘A’! Just a ‘C’! Can you at least do that?”

    Are there any pacifist Muslims? Do they have any equivalent to the Essenes, the Amish, the Shakers?

    • Yes, I hadn’t clearly realised that.

      Because the end of that line is ‘extremist’, ‘moderate’ is between there and what? Some kind of zero – secular? Probably that’s how they’re thinking.

      Then ‘moderate’ is half-way along the path to violent extremism, and we’re expected to think that’s a good thing? That we should let these people roam freely in our societies, and have the same privileges?

      I know the metaphor is a little stretched, here, and ‘half-way’ is a guess. ‘Moderate’ might mean ‘just a teeny bit off the secular end’ to them (which of course is a disastrous miscalculation).

    • A woman called Brigitte Gabriel, an American born in Lebanon to the Maronite faith has the perfect and pithy answer to why it is still a vast problem for the West if as much as 75% of Muslims are moderate and non-violent. Youtube her.

  4. ” There is no such thing as a ‘moderate muslim’. The term is ugly and offensive. A muslim is a muslim “. ( Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey. )

    ps : David Cameron please note.

  5. If it were Christians, Jews, Hindus, Mormons, Druids, or any other religious group slaughtering people daily, everywhere, it would be MAJOR SCREAMING HORRIFIED AND UTTERLY OUTRAGED news 24/7/365.

    But Islam is the invisible religion in the mind of the Media.

    Made so by the clever cloak of TERROR.

    Which makes media types micturate down their legs rather than report on it honestly.

  6. The simplest explanation for intelligent people ignoring the destructiveness of Islam is fear. The entire ‘dog and pony show’ cobbled together by governments, the media, and sundry other groups, including appeals to tolerance, deference to Islamic cultural sensitivities, programs of inclusion for Muslims, constant failures to recognize and respond to non-Muslim sufferings of those under the jackboots of the Muslims, etc., results from fear. Until the wolf is at the door, there is no need to react to Muslim atrocities. Perhaps fear extends even to the situation where lives are being lost in your front yard. Perhaps even personal martyrdom is better than reacting with violence to rampaging of Muslims at your bedroom door. Perhaps submission is the best policy to permit the continuation of life. Fear does strange things to people.

    • and another thing, Islamophobia. What is that supposed to mean ?? Another new absurdity ingrained into our culture.
      A medical condition ha ?!
      A fear, a phobia of Islam ? YOU BET ! And a very healthy fear it is too as we notice every single day for decades now !

      • This phobia is treatable. When jihadists quit slaughtering people, Islamophobia will be as out-of-date as hysterical paralysis.

  7. I wouldn’t put it past this Pope to agree to the building of a mosque in Vatican City.

    I mean, after such a magnificent ecumenical gesture…surely then…surely then Islam would make peace with the Infidel. Right? Right?! RIGHT?!?!

    • There is the red dragon. He is Satan.
      There is the beast from the sea; he represents the civil government (persecuting the church).
      And then there is the beast from the earth — who at first appears perfectly harmless, but the message he proclaims is the message of the devil: salvation by works=synergism, robbing God of his glory.

      Revelation 13:11-18

  8. Leftists have been very angry with me for my insistence that one can often (but not always, of course) sense what the inner person is really all about upon studying faces, lines of the palms, ways of moving and dancing. One of my sons who is so far to the left that if the earth were flat he would fall off the edge, would defiantly declare: “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” And that was that. Subject closed.

    A man I know, an astute observer…I will not use his name…who has visited Israel/Palestine many times…including sojourns in Gaza…was convinced that of the males in Gaza he saw hanging out in the streets, approximately one third of them were psychotic. I believe him.

    When I look at the faces of the Muslim throngs…those in attendance at Muslim rallies…the faces of the believers before they go bottoms up…the pictures of Muslims on the internet…I see a primitive type of mentality…beings with a peculiar defect….the inability to feel secure unless part of a powerful surging mass. They all look alike…all equally blank and empty. Like the hard skin of an avocado after the edible portion has been scooped out…

    Zombies. Islam creates zombies….

  9. Question to Vlad and/or Ned – do you know, or know someone who may know, the date/time and channel on which the BBC report was shown?

    Knowing this, one can make a complaint here:

    If you feel that it’s not right for the “impartial” BBC to refer to “God’s messenger Muhammad” (as they did at 0:50 in the video), then you can make a complaint here:

    Especially if you live in the UK, I would strongly urge you to complain – according to the BBC’s guidelines, they should reply within 2 weeks to any such complaint. In particular, their editorial guidelines can be cited:

    In the guidelines, the following sections are included:


    News in whatever form must be treated with due impartiality, giving due weight to events, opinion and main strands of argument.

    Across our output as a whole, we must be inclusive, reflecting a breadth and diversity of opinion.  We must be fair and open-minded when examining the evidence and weighing material facts.  We must give due weight to the many and diverse areas of an argument.

    In determining whether subjects are controversial, we should take account of:
    sensitivity in terms of relevant audiences’ beliefs and culture
    the distinction between matters grounded in fact and those which are a matter of opinion.

  10. Baron, You might recall n earlier response I made on this particular issue. I deeply resent the media referring to THE prophet mohammed. He is not my prophet. He is only recognised by muslims. There is no mention of him in the Holy Bible or the Torah.

    He probably did not exist at all and what appears in the koran refers to a compendium of several misguided characters assembled in the 8th or 9th century when islam was being concocted as a means of making sacred the arab expansionism which was taking place at the time.

    In short, islam is a lie.

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