“The Values of Islam Are Diametrically Opposed to Our Way of Life”

Filip Dewinter is the leader of the Flemish separatist party Vlaams Belang. The day after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, Mr. Dewinter delivered an intervention in the Belgian federal parliament.

Note the speaker’s reference to the strong words directed at violent immigrants by the mayor of Rotterdam.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:08   Filip Dewinter
00:12   meeting in connection with the Charlie Hebdo attack.
00:16   Mr. President, respected colleagues, as a gesture of solidarity
00:20   with and sympathy for the victims of
00:24   the attack that took place yesterday at Charlie Hebdo
00:28   I have brought this cartoon, this cartoon that was
00:32   presented to me ten years ago by Kurt Westergaard,
00:36   signed by Kurt Westergaard, when I met him when I was giving a speech to the Free Press Association
00:40   of which Kurt Westergaard is the president.
00:48   What has changed since then?
00:52   When the mass Muslim
00:56   protest took place against this cartoon and the attack
01:00   that we saw yesterday in Paris?
01:04   The answer is simple: nothing has changed!
01:08   In fact, the situation has actually got worse.
01:12   Ignoring, minimalising Islam, radicalism
01:16   ten years of subsidies and facilities for Islam
01:20   pamper-integration projects
01:24   ten years of politically correct discussion such as we have had today
01:28   where politicians talk about tolerance
01:32   about multiculturalism and tolerance
01:36   where because of political correctness the problem cannot be named
01:40   Officially, Islam is a religion
01:44   of peace, tolerance and forbearance
01:48   the ideology that hides behind Islam may not
01:52   certainly in this chamber be called to account.
01:56   The subject of Islam and the Islamisation of our society
02:00   is simply brushed away as racist and xenophobic
02:04   If you dare to say that the Koran incites people to hate
02:08   violence and intolerance is simply an Islamophobe
02:12   the media and societal debate must be avoided
02:16   colleagues, are all Muslims extremists
02:20   and potential terrorists? No, of course not.
02:25   The vast majority of them, 95, 99% of them
02:29   are moderate, peace-loving people who abhor violence
02:33   and condemn this and all other attacks
02:37   Does this really mean that Islam
02:41   is moderate and peace-loving?
02:45   The answer is also no. Not the so-called radicalising
02:49   such as we have already heard dozens of times
02:53   is the problem, the problem, their problem is Islam itself.
02:57   Today it doesn’t concern just the freedom of the press
03:01   and freedom of speech, it’s about the fact that the values of Islam
03:05   are diametrically opposed to our way of life and
03:09   to the fundaments of our Western and European democracy.
03:13   It concerns freedom of speech but it also concerns
03:17   the separation of state and church, and equality between men and women
03:21   is there a problem, ladies and gentlemen, with radicalisation
03:25   Catholics, or radicalising free thinkers?
03:29   with radicalising Jews, or anyone else?
03:33   or radicalising Buddhists? No, Charlie Hebdo ridiculed
03:37   all religions and all ideologies, but it was only
03:41   violence from Muslims that had to be feared. I can only observe that
03:45   certainly not every Muslim is a terrorist,
03:49   but today, now,
03:53   that every terrorist is a Muslim. Colleagues,
03:57   the victims a year ago in the Jewish Museum in Brussels
04:01   the victims yesterday in Paris, and so many other victims
04:05   of innumerable other Jihadist attacks in Europe
04:09   are primarily the victims of a lax immigration
04:13   policy of the government, of decades of
04:18   Islamic colonisation, of the people we have become
04:22   in the words of Winston Churchill, “if you keep
04:26   feeding the crocodile in the hope of appeasing it,
04:30   will generally end up in its stomach”. The perpetrators
04:34   of the attack yesterday were born and raised
04:38   French Muslims. Children of mass immigration and multiculturalism
04:42   who carry out the attacks on the streets of our European
04:46   cities. Only a strict policy that takes swift action
04:50   against every who follows Jihadist and Salafist Islam
04:54   who preaches and glorifies violence can bring solace
04:58   that means that fighters in Syria must have their nationality revoked
05:02   that we would rather see them go than stay
05:06   instead of keeping them, Minister of Home Affairs,
05:10   within our borders and trying to convince
05:14   them with naive propaganda films on the Internet, that radical mosques
05:18   must be closed, that hate preachers are not given an opportunity here
05:22   to spread their message. That Muslims
05:26   must sign a declaration of loyalty and abjure Shariah
05:30   and that the recognition and subsidy of Islam
05:34   must be stopped. Colleagues, I conclude, in the last 24 hours
05:38   the outrage has rightly be great
05:42   even amongst those who in the past have promoted mass immigration
05:46   and facilitated, who
05:50   have minimalised and ignored the problem with radical Islam
05:54   even the politicians, journalists, intellectuals and others
05:58   who systematically judged every form of criticism of Islam
06:02   as being racist and xenophobe are today on the
06:06   front row with their badges “Je suis Charlie” and
06:11   are outraged.
06:15   Perhaps they should have been outraged somewhat earlier.
06:19   Taken to the streets earlier, then perhaps
06:23   we wouldn’t have had the problems we have now. And yes,
06:27   we politicians are also guilty, we bear the most responsibility
06:31   for what is taking place now in East European cities.
06:35   Many of you kept quiet while it was still possible
06:39   many of you looked the other way while it was yet possible
06:43   to stop radical Islam. Colleagues, in conclusion,
06:47   the attack yesterday was yet another declaration of war from the radical
06:51   Islam against the free west.
06:55   There is now a climate where you can no longer keep your mouth shut
06:59   where action must be taken. Anyone who
07:03   is not wanted by us here
07:07   can always, must go to places in the Middle East and Iraq
07:11   and Syria, wherever where they think it is so much better.
07:15   To conclude with the words of the socialist mayor of Amsterdam
07:19   who said yesterday, if you don’t like it here, f*** off.

3 thoughts on ““The Values of Islam Are Diametrically Opposed to Our Way of Life”

  1. Dewinter is one of those people who are willing to face the world and throw its hypocrisy in its face. I confess to not having that much courage. It takes guts to stand up daily against the grinder of politics and the media, and hold your ground against the most unreasonable tactics. And our enemies make it harder every day. I appreciate these people and admire them, even though I am not one of them.

  2. One little point that’s been little noted in all the discussion of the Charlie Hebdo massacre: Official Islamic courts in Muslim countries hand down death sentences for much the same “offense” as Charlie Hebdo’s but usually in a much milder form and often with much less evidence. And if there’s an acquittal, it’s likely that vigilantes will impose that punishment any.

    That ought to be a clear refutation of the claim that the massacre violated true Islamic values. Someone on a Daily Mail comment thread seemed to be trying to defend Islam by saying that in an Islamic country there would have been a trial. In other words, you’d be killed by your government with all the trappings of official justice, rather than by civilian vigilantes. Supposedly that makes it all better.

  3. To add as a follow up . Disturbing images of Islamic State at work

    1. stoning of a woman for adultery
    2.hudud for gays

    as per Islamic jurisprudence


    either this is an elaborate set-up or the brutal reality that Islamic dogma dictates in certain places.

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