The Surge of the Anti-Islamization Movement in Europe

Jerry Gordon sends this useful graph from The Wall Street Journal showing the latest poll results for various immigration-skeptical parties in Western Europe:

Notice that the WSJ, like the rest of the MSM, can’t restrain itself from editorializing that the parties “are using fear of terrorism and unease about Islam” — as if these weren’t urgent, important issues, but simply irrational fears of the lumpenproletariat to be exploited for electoral gain.

The graph captures an extraordinary moment in recent European history: Three anti-Islamization parties in three major countries poll at #1 among their respective voters. We can all celebrate this unprecedented situation.

But the static nature of the result misses some aspects of current political trends, such as the recent tremendous surge by UKIP in the run-up to the general election in May.

It will be interesting to see what this graph looks like in six months’ time.

26 thoughts on “The Surge of the Anti-Islamization Movement in Europe

      • How about”the regime media”? It seems to me that would strike the sinister note that’s needed for the idiocy and villainy they embody.

  1. But the pejorative of “Big” rings a bell in people. Big Oil. Big Tobacco. Big Pharma. Big Government.

    • How about we just concentrate on ‘Big Allah’ and leave the rest to work themselves out in true democratic fashion untidy as it may be from time to time. We are staring at a far larger threat today, one that has its battle plans drawn up and its strategy mapped out on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. The ‘Big Obama’ doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem, nor does the ‘Big Merkel’ who tell us to love our Islamist brethren and try to understand them. I understand them all too well, and as I read the latest headlines about terrorist cells being uncovered all across Europe, I smuggle tell those doubting Thomases around me ‘I told you so’.

  2. I counted 4 parties thar are enthusiasticaly pro-Putin. Some the others sent members to legitinise the anexation of Crimea.

    Russia is taking advantage of the real problems Europe has with Islam to gain more influence in the EU.

    The surge of these parties is historical, I agree, a historically bad news for the chance of anything good happening in Europe in the following years.

    A. Dugin, Putin’s advisor and ideologue, parades christianity , Russia presents itself as an alternative to European decadence, and most of the parties listed above took his word for this.

    But Dugin is, according to a study on dangerous Russian cults and sects, a man inspired deeply by Aleister Crowley, an outspoken admirer. Crowley killed over 100 people in satanic Rituals. Google it.

    Other people Dugin admires are Stalin and Hitler. Google it.

    Puton, the cristian, considers the fall of the USSR to be “the biggest tragedy in the 20th tragedy”.

    Europe has big problema with islam, and none of them will get any better with Putin’s Russia. And most of these parties, some out of ignorance, some out of cynism, are betraing their countries supporting the totalitarian interests in Europe.

    Billions are spent by Russia on subversion and destabilization in Europe, probably more than during the cold war. The Russian flags at Pegida protest and Ulf Ukotte pro-Russian speech at the first masive protest in Dresden are not there by accident.

    Andrey Ilarionov, an ex-adviser of Putin (economy) now living in the US, said in Nov 2014 in an interview to a Polish tv thar we should not be surprised if a “European Islamic Spring” will start this year in Europe (it started, as we can see) and in the.mean time, while the.west is.busy with that, Putin will have the space to do what he wanta in the East.
    we are all in this together, [expletive]!

    In my opinion, all chances of anything good to happen in Western Europe concerning islam are zero.

    • Much of this may be true, Michael (though western countries have also been trying to undermine Russia); there was a radio item about Dugin recently.

      It’s not impossible that the Russian flags in Dresden were only a show of solidarity, though.

  3. *The study about Alexandr Dugin was made in 2002 by the Russian Orthodox Church. There, Dugin was described as a dangerous cult leader. This, in my opinion, says a lot about Putin.

  4. Please don’t forget the UK’s British National Party. Constantly reviled in the press ( you can forget all the lies they tell) we are intent on taking back our country – unlike the main political parties (INCLUDING UKIP). (Nigel Farage : ” I have no problem with Islam ” ). Our gutless weasel Prime Minister Cameron still speaks of : ” militant Islamists ” and ‘ moderate muslims “. ” There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. The term is ugly and offensive. A muslim is a muslim “. ( Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey ).

  5. I shouldn’t describe UKIP as an anti-Islamization party – Liberty GB it is not.
    Nigel Farage has always distanced himself and UKIP from the French National Front, as it could be quite damaging to their electoral chances here to be seen to be associated with them. The British MSM are rabidly anti-UKIP and they don’t need supplying with any more ammunition. The pressure and scrutiny Farage and his party will come under between now and the 7th of May, will be unrelenting. UKIP are presently still Britain’s best hope though: being the only high profile political party which wants to tear us free from Brussels.

  6. Congratulations to “lumpenproletariat”!
    In the US, you would say “white trash”.

    • Not “white trash”, but “fly over country”. That’s how our bi-coastal elites refer to most of America. We simply don’t exist in their minds and when we do get noticed or refuse to do as they want, it irritates them to no end.

      In another era they could heard to mutter ‘the peasants are revolting’.

      That said, the elites are terrified that the masses may organize around new parties and ideas and abandon the bought for and owned parties of the elite. And they will do anything to stop it.

  7. Slightly off topic, though germane, these reviews may be of use.


    “An ill arranged collection of badly translated plagiarisms of earlier Jewish and Christian stories.”
    Christopher Hitchens

    “This wretched book …
    I have been unable to discover in it one single idea of value.”
    Artur Schopenhauer

    An “accursed book” ……
    “So long as there is this book there will be no peace in the world.”
    William E. Gladstone

    “It’s a depressing book. It really is.
    It’s just the rantings of a schizophrenic.
    There is also the barrenness of the message.
    It has no ethical dimension.”
    Sebastian Faulks times violent imagery of torment and punishment in hell,
    at other times direct commands to believers to deal mercilessly
    with unbelievers, conveyed in a frenzied torrent of words
    repeatedly revisiting the theme of hatred and vengeance…
    Mathieu Baudin, comment

    • On top of that, there’s the idiocy of arranging a “holy” book according to the length of the discrete passages.

  8. At some point mohammedans will attack a PEGIDA march. At that point, the EU, and European governments will have lost control of the situation, and all-out civil war will follow soon after. An Islamic Spring will likely be met with home-gown armed resistance. Recall, the police and army in most EU countries have several people born in Islamic lands in their ranks. It’ll get very, very ugly…

    The Jews are right to be getting the hell out, and leaving Europe to burn. I predict Jewish emigration from Europe will reach a flood level in the next few years. Sucks to be a Palestinian – Israel is going to need a lot more land…

    • @bbss
      I agree with your assessment. Since I began reading about PEGIDA and associated “our country / nationality first + Muslims out” type of demonstrations, I said to myself: There will be war in Europe, likely before there is war in America.

      But I couldn’t figure out how the spark would catch fire. Now I understand. And as usual, the [redacted]Muslims will be the initiators, because all male European strength and good, true masculinity has been stripped from most of the men.

    • We’re already seeing the white flag going up in countries like Sweden where criticism of immigration is now forbidden, with some socialist fool suggesting that Swedes give up their homes in order to accommodate new arrivals. Our politicians are making appeasement noises, advising us not to provoke Muslim hostilities. Those hostilities have always been there, they’ve just been subdued for the last 20 years or so but are gathering pace as we write.

  9. “Notice that the WSJ, like the rest of the MSM, can’t restrain itself from editorializing that the parties ”

    Of course they can’t because all the papers work for the same ruling/political class and follow the ‘narrative’ – pro open borders, globalism good, unrestricted immigration good, people who believe in the country and secure borders – bad, etc.

    And those who fail to follow their narrative are simply irrational, xenophobic, anti-globalist, etc.

  10. How much support do these parties have among young people, or among the educated? And how is the support distributed geographically?

    In Germany, Pegida has most of its support in Dresden – just about the least-Islamised city. In West Germany, where the big Turkish/Arab enclaves are, their support is far less – even among native Germans… if these parties are going to retain their momentum, they will have to do much better among all these groups.

  11. *..because all male European strength and good, true masculinity has been stripped from most of the men* and then… *two 20th century wars culled that DNA across Europe*
    I find these types of comment deeply disturbing. Casual and wrong headed attempts at disparaging, as a generality, the entire populace of Europe based upon the manifest stupidity of the EU apparachiks helps no one.

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