The Struggle Against a Barbaric and Inhumane Utopia

Our Swedish correspondent Alfred Fredriksson sends a translated and subtitled video of a speech given last summer by Jimmie Åkesson, then the leader of the Sweden Democrats. The translator includes this introductory note:

This is a video from Jimmie Åkesson’s annual summer speech from 2014 in his hometown Sölvesborg. In it he warns about the dangers of radical Islam and the growing terrorist threat. Unfortunately, after the elections Jimmie Åkesson went on sick leave for burnout as a result of an incredibly intense election campaign, with attacks from the mass media and left-wing extremists.

Jimmie Åkesson is a Swedish hero, a true patriot who dedicates his life to making Sweden a better place. We all hope for his prompt return to health.


00:00   We cannot, we should not and we will not ignore the fact that Islamism is
00:08   the greatest global threat to peace, security, democracy, equality and human rights.
00:17   Sweden and the Western World must regard Islamism in the same way we have regarded
00:26   other totalitarian conquest ideologies.
00:30   Islamism is our time’s Nazism and Communism.
00:48   And must be met with the same disgust and with a much stronger resistance than it is today.
01:06   My fellow patriots, just like many of you here I am Swedish, I grew up in Sweden which is
01:13   a country with a thousand year-old Christian tradition.
01:17   And even if I don’t believe in God in a traditional sense I still do consider myself Christian.
01:23   For this reason I have something I want to say to all the world’s Islamists.
01:29   Your war against the Christians in Iraq, your slaughter of Christian families
01:37   is an attack on the entire Christian, Western, democratic civilization.
01:43   You can never kill us all and you can’t win because there are more of us,
01:49   we are stronger and we are more confident than you think.
01:54   And we will never yield in the struggle against your barbaric and inhumane utopia for society and the world.
02:03   That’s how it is.
02:16   To Sweden’s Islamists I want to say that if we gain influence after the fall elections
02:22   we will ensure that no further adaptation to your misanthropic religious dogmas will take place
02:30   in the Swedish society. We will ensure that all your tax-funded functions are stopped.
02:50   We will give the Security Police more resources and authority to monitor you,
02:55   to combat your war on democracy. We will work to make it illegal to travel to other countries
03:02   to participate in the killing of civilians or to participate in terror training.
03:06   Those of you who break this law and have dual-citizenships will have your Swedish citizenships revoked.
03:29   And finally I want to say to those Islamists from Sweden who right now are in Iraq or Syria
03:39   you can stay there.

5 thoughts on “The Struggle Against a Barbaric and Inhumane Utopia

  1. Bravo Sweden. Are our current leaders and their Christian and Jewish supporters really so blind. Apparently so. Degenerate islame primitives are now massed in fifth columns throughout Europe. In the USA it seems that brazen two faced lying merchants of death like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have thoroughly penetrated everyehere from the Presidency to the local Walmart with government sponsored millions more of their minions literally pouring in daily. This truly alien force make themselves known to their “kufar” inferiors at every opportunity through covert and overt disruption and corruption of society to right out bloody bombings and mayhem. Thank God that at last there is some acknowledgement abroad that it may very well be easier to stand up now than wait to be slaughtered in your own neighborhood later while you sleep by sneaky koranimals..

  2. Simple fact: In order to save themselves from becoming Muslim nations, the countries of Europe are going to have to do something they consider distasteful – be it forbid immigration of Muslims, kick out the ones they have, forbid any more mosques, or whatever.

    It’s all about the numbers. To stop the rising percentages of Muslims, something “anti-Muslim” needs doing (however small or however large), and I don’t think anyone has the intestinal fortitude to do it.

    • Muslims are freeloaders. Cutting their social welfare benefits will cull some of the ranks. The more little savages the less benefits. The “House of Sodom” could also go down its own toilet. Who knows. We are not dealing with Russians, Poles, Germans or anyone else here. Anything is possible. Muslims are takers and abusers who contribute nothing positive so I don’t imagine their committment is too strong if at all.

      • Even cutting their social welfare benefits is impossible in the present state of mind in Western countries.

        Try running in an election with a promise to cut the welfare of muslims. Not only you would never win, but you would be smeared with mud and possibly threatened physically.

        Also, do not forget that in muslim circles, there is the real understanding that those present in the West are there to colonize it – replace a decadent culture (ours) with something “better”.

        As I wrote elsewhere, in natural selection, the “best” is defined as “those who are equipped to survive”. Makes you wonder whether “their” “civilization” is not better than ours, in a darwinian sense.

  3. The first time I heard about Jimmie Åkesson’s illness, the symptoms sounded like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. I wish I had an address to send him a letter; much research is being done in Denmark and some of the protocols I use were developed there.

    The kind of pressure he was under created the circumstances for his descent into ill-health. I know dozens of accomplished people who’ve gone thru this. A pilot who had to give up flying; a concert pianist who can no longer perform well enough or feel well enough to play publicly, a basketball coach. A fellow whose work required him to carry a weapon and during the worst of the flares he couldn’t even lift it. A graduate student who was forced to leave school, ending up with such a severe case she had to return home for her care.

    I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had to leave a job, though some are fortunate and able to return eventually.

    Not everyone who is so viciously attacked as he has been comes down with this Damned Disorder. From what I’ve read in the research, you have to have a genetic predisposition. They speculate that when it’s finally located it will be on an X chromosome since the rate is 25% male, 75% female. One doc in California is treating three generations in the same family…he says the earlier it shows up the more severe it will be.

    I hope he has supportive people who aren’t telling him this is all in his head and that if he feels fine for a day or two, then he’s cured. I hope he has a knowledgeable physician. I hope he does a lot of reading – it’s a heavily investigated disorder in his part of the world.

    One doctor in the UK was desperate for a solution since her case was so severe she was forced to begin shutting down her practice. Then she found a possible solution to investigate:

    It was a great bit of intuitive medical sleuthing. Worked for her but not for me. Sure am learning a lot about nutrition though. I suspect her form – a kind of gout in muscle tissue instead of in bones – is probably fairly common.

    I hope he’s able to settle on a diet that helps with the pain (sugar doesn’t) and can swim in a warm pool – that is the best treatment of all since you can stretch muscles while weightless. The poor man’s version is jumping gently on a rebounder, a mini trampoline.

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