The Short-Term Political Future of the (Once) United Kingdom

Our English correspondent Seneca III takes a somewhat gloomy look ahead at the short-term electoral prospects for the UK (and points west).

The Short-Term Political Future of the (Once) United Kingdom

by Seneca III

Caveat: Being neither a Prophet nor wishing to be seen as one — we all know into what sort of evolutionary black hole that particular psychosis leads, and just how close the West now is to passing forever through the Islamic event horizon — I wish to emphasise that my comments in ‘Vicissitude’, below, postulate only possibilities, not probabilities. — S III.

FAUST: All right — who are you, then?
MEPHISTOPHELES: Part of that force which would ever do evil, and does ever good.

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe*


Huddled around the warm, still lucrative embers** of their global multicultural dream, the harbingers and apparatchiks of the three-Party ‘Junta-In-All-But-Name’, that has ruled and may or may not continue to rule the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, have suddenly begun to hear frightening noises in the outer darkness beyond the walls of their cosy Ecumene.

These walls, which they once thought to be stout structures cast in ideological granite, and saw as the bulwark of their impregnable fortress, are proving to be nothing more than tufa — a soft, porous rock — and are collapsing into dust before the abrading winds of time.

There, behind that crumbling wall, firmly gripped in the jaws of the trap they first set for the rest of us, the best response these ambitious ‘progressives’ can muster to this their personal calamity is to grow ever more visibly febrile. Their illusionary mantras have become so puerile and repetitive, day upon day, that they resemble little more than a closed cycle of regurgitated vomitus.

So desperate are they to maintain their tenuous grip on the levers of power in the face of a determined assault upon their bastion of privilege and corruption, these once so smugly sinecured parasites continue to beat their tired, slack-skinned drum in a dull, repetitive cadence. They do so in the vain hope that, in the crepuscular light of their end times, the monotonous languor of this puling — which would be pitiful were it not for their scourging and attempted annihilation of their own culture and people — will quieten the pounding hearts and settle the questing minds of a no longer bovine electorate.

And, perhaps, under normal circumstances — as in the past, before these deconstructionists were seen to have opened the flood gates in order to enable a tide of barbarity to surge through and turn the West into foetid cultural swamp — it might have worked. But I suspect this will no longer be the case as the indigenous population finally awakes to this gruesome reality, their near-terminal case of induced perception by endless iteration nearly cured. Upon their return to robust mental health they will find activated a long-dormant survival reflex.


Simply put, there are now so many predatory elephants stomping around the political bargaining table waving the bleeding stumps of their ‘human rights’ and copies of the draconian legal writs designed to protect them from criticism, ridicule, and the public exposure of their base intentions, so duplicitously gifted to them by even baser established ruling classes across the West, that those same elites find that they themselves no longer have any manoeuvring room in which to execute even a partial volte-face.

And these political Grendels know also that they will receive neither mercy from a vengeful people nor immunity to the plague they have created, because the biggest elephant in the room, Islam, looming above all others, lurks, smirks, licks its lips as it eyes these helpful midwives and rubs a tentacle-like trunk over its bloodied tusks in anticipation of the impending triumphal bloodletting.


The forthcoming General Election in Britain is shaping up to be arguably the most disputatious since the days of the Rotten Boroughs (just wait until the tsunami of Labour-supporting Muslim postal votes — which Cameron is desperately trying to garner of course — hits the counting tables in numbers somewhat, shall we say, disproportionate to the number of actual living voters). But whatever the result may be, it cannot but present a golden opportunity for some seriously dirty-dealing, double-dealing and back-stabbing on an industrial scale by all and sundry, and possibly even eventuating in an arrangement that would resemble nothing less than a coup d’état — or that even before or without an election.

To begin. In addition to the entrenched but failing and fading Conservative and Labour Parties enter stage left the SNP-Plaid Cymru (Scottish and Welsh Nationalists), UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party — pint in hand), the Northern Ireland Westminster Political Parties (with all of their ancient baggage), The Greens (the real loony tunes who want us to end up living in caves eating only raw vegetables and trying to keep warm by burning dried cow pats), whatever is left after the massacre of the Liberal Democrats (oxymoron of the decade, that name) and an as-yet-to-be-nominated number of Independents and Monster Raving Loonies (whom the Greens make look quite sane by comparison, actually). With that line-up anything can happen, so let us first have a look at how this arcane process will proceed.

Timetable for the UK 2015 parliamentary elections

Prorogation 2015

The formal end of the parliamentary session is marked by what is known as prorogation[1]. The House of Commons may decide that it will not prorogue. [my bold — S III]

Monday 30 March 2015 — Dissolution

Parliament dissolves

A proclamation will be made announcing when Parliament will meet after the general election and setting the date of the Queen’s Speech at State Opening

Writs will be issued for elections in the UK’s 650 constituencies

(omnes etiam audax)

Voter registration deadline 2015 — date to be announced

Cut-off date for UK citizens aged 18 and over to register to vote in the general election

Also marks the deadline for voters to apply for a postal or a proxy vote

Candidates’ nomination papers must be delivered to the local returning officer. Any candidate wishing to withdraw must do so on this date

Election agents, who ensure the proper management of each candidate’s campaign, must also be appointed

Thursday 7 May 2015 — Election day

Polling booths open between 7am and 10pm. Counting of votes will begin when the polls close.

Friday 8 May 2015

Counting continues

The return of Parliament 2015 — date to be announced

Parliament returns

MPs start swearing the Oath of Allegiance or making an Affirmation in the Commons

Members of the House of Lords start swearing the Oath of Allegiance or making an Affirmation in the Lords

The Queen’s Speech 2015 — date to be announced

The Queen’s Speech is delivered at the State Opening of the new Parliament.

Selection of the speaker of the House of Commons 2015 — date to be announced

Royal Commission confirms the election of the Speaker of the Commons

1.   When a Parliament prorogues, it’s putting off business for a while. Prorogue comes from the Latin word prorogare meaning “to stretch out”. In this case it means the stopping of a Parliamentary session with the intent to meet again at a later time. It does not dissolve that Parliament, which may re-convene at any time of its choosing.

We will refer back to the table shortly, but first I would suggest that no one person or organisation, neither myself, academics, nor the polling organisations, including that temple of Conservative wishful thinking, founded on Lord Ashcroft’s rather disingenuous statistical methodology, has a hope in hell of predicting what the electorate will do and what sort of a mess of pottage will have come into existence by nightfall on the 8th of May. We can speculate, of course, but at this point in time I feel only on what sort of general Sodom and Gomorrahan maladministration will arise from the ashes once the horse trading has finished — or perhaps even before.

However sad it may be, it is almost inevitable that we the people will end up on the sharp end of a stick being used to railroad us into penury and submission and wielded by mutually distrustful cabals of any or all of Kim Jong Cameron, Red Ed, the Klegon (if he makes it through), the Wee ’Eck, Nige the pint or Carswell the Dhimmi and possibly some weirdo wandering around in a pullover hand-knitted out of pampas grass by a deranged global warmist and nibbling on an organic free trade carrot (I kid you not. Islam is not the only pathology of the mind trying to drag us back into the Stone Age). So, consequently, soon comes some form of…


There are two broad scenarios within which our future political structure, and our future itself, may take shape. The first is pretty much as outlined in the paragraph above, an endless cycle of shifting allegiances and alliances as each shakily cobbled together coalition collapses in acrimony and another takes its place, equally insubstantial and equally doomed. And the reason why this farce may continue for five long years is a direct and intended result of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 brought in by Cameron, Clegg and Miliband in order to sustain their Junta and hence maintain their lucrative sinecure for as long as possible.

Under the provisions of this Act there are only two circumstances in which Parliament can now be dissolved and a new election called before the completion of its term:

  • “A motion of no confidence is passed in Her Majesty’s Government by a simple majority and 14 days elapses without the House passing a confidence motion in any new Government formed.”
  • “A motion for a general election is agreed by two thirds of the total number of seats in the Commons including vacant seats (currently 434 out of 650 — majority, not seats).”

Consequently, under these impositions, we peasants could be looking forward to half a decade of shape-shifting, elitist pocket-lining and ever more draconian prohibitions (if you, like me, have come to the conclusion that the present generation of Thought Policemen are the pits, don’t hold your water!) and a subsequent descent into chaos. Unless of course we decide to take a hand ourselves, oust the lot of them, tear the whole rotten structure down and rebuild it from the ground up — and there is little hope of our supine, ‘democracy’-conditioned, chatterati and media-indoctrinated population doing that.

The second broad scenario is even more depressing and its progression and timing(s) will be determined by several key dates to be found in the table if the Hand of God (O.K., Allah ) intervenes or, specifically, some undetected lone wolves come boiling out of one of the occupied territories in Londonistan or Islamabad West (Birmingham), or any such regressive biome between and beyond, and substantially express their outrage in the usual way that has nothing to do with Islam. What then?

If such an event takes place before Parliament prorogues that Parliament will inevitably not prorogue but continue to sit in session in order to deal with the situation. If it happens after prorogation but before dissolution (30th March) Parliament, or at least Cabinet in conjunction with Privy Council and other Party leaders where not Privy, will most likely be recalled to deal with the situation. In both cases there lies a great danger, an opportunity for unscrupulous incumbents to perpetuate their tenure by unilaterally establishing some form of a Government of National Unity as was the case from Chamberlain’s War Ministry of 3rd September 1939 followed by Churchill’s War Coalition of 10th May 1940 which lasted until the General Election of 5th July 1945.

If, again, such an event should take place after dissolution but before the 7th of May I know of no precedent or procedure for dealing with it, although there most probably is one buried somewhere deep in the bowels of Common Law and/or Parliamentary/Electoral procedure and it will probably give birth to the same result as in the first two hypothetical cases. Remember, a rat cornered is a rat at its most dangerous.

Thus, if any of the above comes to pass, democracy as we know it, even the poor creature that it is now, will cease to exist here for an indeterminate period of time, and may God help us all as the UK’s fate in the perfect storm of global dumbing-down and levelling becomes written in stone.


In a morbid sense we may have a lot to thank Messrs. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg and their European and North American Doppelgangers for. Had they just been a little more subtle, a little more patient in the execution of their population-replacement project and given the Demented Slaves of Allah sufficient breeding- and first-cousin-importation-time to increase their percentile of the demographic to ‘significant’, thus impoverishing us even further in the process, it may well be that they would have succeeded.

Mind you, in view of the ecstatic welcome they gave to the gloriously misnamed Arab Spring when even a retarded artichoke with only the barest of knowledge of the fourteen-century long record of the Religion of Peace could have predicted the inevitable outcome, it is not out of the question to conclude that they really are as morally and intellectually destitute as they appear.

I often wonder if these traitors know this — the Death Cult they are promoting is fully aware of the old axiom that the children of a revolution must be its first victims. Recidivism will be given no chance to raise its ugly head in the New Caliphate, as IS and Boko Haram have so eloquently and so recently demonstrated.

Nevertheless, that said I am of a mind that the underlying theme of the Faustian legend could, in a socio-political sense, cut both ways on the basis that whilst “All great truths begin as blasphemy” (Orwell), perhaps we may well at the same time be on the cusp of demonstrating the essential meaning of the expression ‘Between Scylla and Charybdis’.***

Whatever eventuates, we Brits do indeed live in interesting times. Anarch’s legions, ‘moderate’ and otherwise, are once again on the march. The Baron permitting I will try to keep you GoVers up to speed with every future twist and turn of the wretched road ahead.

— Seneca III, Middle England, (a.k.a. ‘The Stoics Corner’), 17th January 2014.

P.S. Cousins, beware! Much of the above does not apply solely to the UK and Europe. You might do well to keep a very beady eye on Hussein, who has recently spent a couple of days being educated in the devious arts of Mohammed and Machiavelli by our Dear Leader ‘It’s nothing to do with Islam’ Cameron. Remember, it only takes three percent, as you demonstrated so effectively once before and are still equipped to do so again! — S III.

*   This quotation is from the tragic play ‘Faust’ (Goethe’s last revised version, 1828-29, in the First and Second Parts) not Marlowe’s ‘The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus’ (1604) which was based on the classic German legend in which a scholar who is dissatisfied with the limitations of his life and knowledge makes a pact with the Devil (Mephistopheles), exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures (wealth). Now, that rings a bell, see ** below.
**   Recently Private Eye (edition 1383, 8/1/15) reported an interesting story. One Alan Duncan, Conservative MP and Development Minister until standing down in July 2013 with the golden handshake of appointment as Government ‘Special Envoy to Oman’ and ‘Special Envoy to Yemen’, was thereafter able to enjoy a £5000 ‘leisure’ trip to Grenada, Spain. How nice, particularly as the trip was funded by CCC Ltd., the UK arm of Consolidated Contractors Company (founded by Said Khoury a Palestinian billionaire who died in October 2013) the Omani branch of which was which recently convicted of massive corruption in the Omani Courts. Coincidentally, Consolidated Contractors’ various arms have donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Conservative Party over recent years, which has nothing to do with anything of course. Still, the phrase ‘bought and paid for’ does spring to mind — naughty me!
***   The sea monster Charybdis was believed to live under a small rock on one side of a narrow channel. Opposite her was Scylla, another monster that lived inside a much larger rock. (The Odyssey, Homer, Book XII.) In some variations of the story Charybdis was simply a large whirlpool created by this monster which three times a day swallowed a huge amount of water before belching it back out again in the form of a powerful vortex capable of dragging the small, open galleys of the time underwater.

The sides of the channel were said to be within arrow shot of each other and sailors attempting to avoid one of the monsters would fall foul of the other. ‘Between Scylla and Charybdis’ thus means having to choose between two dangers, either of which brings destruction — a seminal thought for our times indeed.

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15 thoughts on “The Short-Term Political Future of the (Once) United Kingdom

  1. If the violent jihadists can simply be convinced to remain quiet, their ultimate goal of Islamic domination will be achieved without a shot being fired through the demographic overwhelming of all infidel lands.

    The homicidal Muslims are giving away the Game.


    (Luckily for the West, the hysterical fanaticism of the Koran breeds a type which loves to brag, slaughter, and terrorize… and witlessly wake up the kaffir dogs.)

      • Yes, but asses now whether they have the military might with Turkey declaring for the Caliphate, that my friend is the issue, in fact it may not be too early, the European military is very very weak and with Obama in power we can expect no timely help from the US.

        Its not looking good…

  2. Like frogs in the familiar cool pan of water. As the water slowly heats up the frogs succumb.

    As Westerners allow muslims into their societies, these Western societies will succumb.

    It is only numbers and time. With enough jihadis willing to randomly kill, Western resolve will turn into mush. Just like every non-Saudi muslim country has succumb.

    The non-muslim world needs to grow a proverbial set of balls, man up, and deal with the reality of the muslim killing cult.

    Read how the cult works:

  3. I believe that the Traitor Class have made a tactical error in allowing mass immigration by Islam into all Western countries and to then actively promote Muslims into all of our institutions against all the evidence that most Muslims are unfit to hold office in a more superior civilization to Islam, or that they can even run a business that does not eventually come under notice of law enforcement.

    There are many examples of this we can read or hear about from the Collective media, and on a daily schedule that now seems to the norm, and from a media that go to great pains in not reporting stories where Muslims are involved or at least withholding the obvious Islamic influence by not printing the person of interests name.

    I say it is a tactical error simply because Islam cannot conduct its own affairs without controversy within its own states let alone within a civilization that still values a fundamental base of acceptable moral behaviour. And it is that behaviour which is just so typical of the Muslim that has Islam firmly within the spotlight of every Western country and that has now caused an awakening to the Traitor Class agenda that their ‘secret weapon’ Islam, and by its own actions, has exposed to a sleepy Western citizenry who are beginning to see the bigger picture.

    I was in London, that multicultural and cosmopolitan mega-city seven years ago, and wherever I went I came upon ‘demonstrations’ of one kind or another by various groups who obviously, and even at that time, were moved to do something against a state that is at best dormant in understanding their frustrations, or at worst, active in crushing them. I don’t believe that the many security agencies have a real depth of understanding as to how many groups or movements there really are in the UK that are opposed to what the state is doing to them. It will be the grass roots that will set the scene at some point and the state which will react to them.

    And when that occurs, it will be an astute ‘leader’ who will be able to take advantage of the chaos that follows. As to the direction that ‘leader’ will take will really come down to what political beliefs that he/she ascribes to.

    In God we trust!

    A very good summary and assessment of the current situation Seneca!

    • I especially love the part about “a more superior civilization to Islam.” (Although, the “more” wasn’t really needed when using the superlative, “superior”.)
      “In God we trust.” Amen and hallelujah.

      • Yes, I could have left out the ‘more’ but my thinking was directed by Islam’s and the Muslim’s own smug arrogance in believing that only they hold all the ladders to Heaven which gives them their ‘superior’ outlook even though they rely on us for their wellbeing and sustenance. A bigger bunch of nincompoops there has never been.

        • Exactly.
          And ungrateful too ! Coming as either immigrants or ” refugees” ( at the moment mostly young Somalian men ! And Syrian MUSLIMs, no Christians as they have been refused visa’s to the West so ” big bad” Putin is taking in 55.000) from poverty-stricken Muslim hell-holes, receiving kindness, work, education, health-care, benefits etc etc and then cursing us all, making demands, being ” offended” threatening us all and killing !
          They want Sharia here, so it will become like where they fled from ? They are insane
          And so are the Western elites as they allow this.
          I really now believe as many say that the NWO has planned this.
          They must want civil war which they know will happen.

        • Anna, orchestrated wars can only guarantee one thing – uncertainty as to the outcome. That the elite make money from war has been amply recorded, but they usually back both sides as to a win. Civil war is even more unpredictable because even the ‘intelligence’ services can only guess as to who will participate because civil war does not necessarily involve the whole population as combatants.

          I originally believed that the intake of a ‘civilization’ that everyone who promoted it knew as the complete antithesis to what we in the West regard as normal, was to be used as a distraction to the real agenda – they knew there would be ‘teething’ problems with host populations, but I do not believe they expected the many problems that are now so very apparent throughout the West so soon.

          The destruction of the Western civilization was meant to be a much slower process than it is now – in fact, one can see where it has been accelerated over the past two decades, why? Did THEY decide to move things forward because the ‘distraction’ they had imported into the West was causing things to be exposed far too early?

          Is that why that arch villain Zbigniew Bryzinski (my spelling) from the Council of Foreign Relations warned his comrades in the other anti-Western secret outfits, including some BIG Banks that; “…..they are waking up….” meaning us the little people?

          THEY have so far failed to ignite WW3 – originally planned for from the Ukraine and against Russia and possibly China at some other time – which would have escalated into either a limited or all out nuclear war designed to destroy the larger population of Earth. So we know what THEY are willing to do to achieve THEIR goals and it has been the public backlash through the collective media and other outlets that has had THEM to postpone that little exercise possibly because we the little people have not fallen for it. If that is the case, and I suspect it is, then we the little people must still scare the crap out of THEM as to what we may do when the SHTF.

          And that is something worthy to contemplate.

  4. Worthy of the eponymous predecessor, indeed. We who gaze knowledgeably into the crystal ball see things gloomier than the average person can take. I am certain that had S III not taken under consideration intestinal fortitude of the avearge father/ mother/mortgage payer — even one who reads GoV — he would have extrapolated further, to limn what’s clearly visible on the far horizon.

    • Well spotted, Takuan, but I do tend more the ‘near’ rather than the ‘far’ when it comes to horizons. Rgds, S III.

  5. From ‘Ode to a mouse
    by Robert Burns
    But mouse you are not alone,
    In proving foresight may be in vain,
    The best laid schemes of mice and men,
    Go oft astray,
    And leave us nought but grief and pain ,
    For promised joy.

    Still thou art blessed, compared with me,
    The present only touches thee,
    But oh I backward cast my eye,
    On prospects drear,
    And forward though I cannot see,
    I guess and fear.

  6. Rayatcov, I cannot let your bastardisation of the bard’s work stand.

    Behold the original:

    But Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
    Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!

    Still thou are blest, compared wi’ me!
    The present only toucheth thee:
    But och! I backward cast my e’e,
    On prospects drear!
    An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,
    I guess an’ fear!

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