12 thoughts on “The Religion of Intolerance, Censorship, and Mealy-Mouthed Excuses

  1. Be sure to sport the bumpersticker:


    If you must go bonkers, go whole hog.

    (Send one to your favorite political Quisling.)

  2. A person is born as a dude; lives 18, 22, 25 years as a dude. At some point the dude declares, “I’m no longer a dude. I’m a dudette.”

    The world of the left celebrates this simple declaration and agrees that the former dude is now a true, genuine, and indisputable dudette. “Women’s rest & locker rooms, open wide the doors for the newly self-declared dudette. No objections will be allowed.”

    Now someone else goes on and murders in the name of his religion, justifying his murdering by pointing to express texts of his holy writ. He declares, “I’m a Muslim doing this to honor my god and his messenger. And I am divinely authorized to do this by the Quran.”

    The world of the left (including, incredibly, the RCC pope, Cameron, Hollande, et alia) corrects him, “No, you’re not a Muslim. We know more about Islam than you.”

    • Oh, you’re so right. That’s why I sent emails to some people in high places and asked them to please read the Koran and see for themselves that it IS, in fact, a religion of non tolerance and violence and sex slavery and oppression of females and non believers.

    • Dudette? I thought I was the only one who used that word. Glad to see it’s becoming part of the language of those of us with tongue-in-cheek disease. None of the Left has this problem as they fail to understand irony even as they are too cool for words.

      • I used to greet a room full at work as dudes and dudettes. Now I’m more PC, I greet a room full as dudes, and then add that I mean that in a non gender specific way.

  3. Always refreshingly factual. Our leaders, including the Pope Francis, are telling us ad nauseam that murderers who shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ before committing despicable atrocities have ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and yet, a cursory reading of the Quran proves them to be mere liars. Can I then suggest that Pope Francis goes over to Syria and Iraq and sort out the misunderstanding that so-called Caliph Baghdadi has about his own religion?

  4. My impression (mistaken?) is that “X has nothing to do with Y” is an Americanism, while “X is nothing to do with Y” is a Briticism. But here Pat Condell uniformly say “X has nothing to do with I” rather than “X is nothing to do with I”.

  5. Pope Francis is a huge disappointment to me. I would have hoped for someone better. however, as someone and I don’t know who, stated, that as long as the other pope lives, he is the true pope.

    But in the meantime, this cretin can do a lot of damage and he has started.

  6. That is another good one from Mr Condell, absolutely spot on; like Mark Steyn said about the see-no-Islam narrative whenever there is an Islamic terror attack – it’s a type of “multicultural Tourette’s”.

  7. The Ghost of Charlie Hebdo and the Purple Beret (David Wood)

    On January 7, 2015, two Muslim terrorists stormed the Paris headquarters of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. After killing numerous people, the jihadists yelled “Allahu akbar!” and “We have avenged the Prophet.” Politicians, the media, and numerous Muslim organizations united in claiming that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. But is this correct? In this video, David Wood shows that Muhammad orders his followers to kill those who insult Islam.

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