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The sudden emergence late last year of PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) generated a lot of blog posts here. I’ve finally finished digging out all the previous posts, and have created the PEGIDA Archives.

The movement began last October with HoGeSa (Hooligans Against Salafists). In addition to PEGIDA, the archive will cover BERGIDA (Berlin), DÜGIDA (Düsseldorf), KÖGIDA (Köln, Cologne), MÜGIDA (München, Munich), and probably others I haven’t heard of yet. Groups in France and Sweden are also included, since they have announced that they will follow the PEGIDA model.

Here’s the full list:

2014   Oct   26   No To Salafist Pigs!
        28   Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West
    Nov   17   “I Stand for the Cause”
        17   “This Is Our Country”
        26   Another PEGIDA Protest in Dresden
    Dec   3   “Dresden Shows the Way”
        16   PEGIDA Takes Wing in Dresden
        18   A PEGIDA Christmas
        18   The Mystery Flag Revealed!
        22   A PEGIDA Roundup
        22   The German Awakening
        22   The Multi-Culti Potemkin Village
        23   “The Ignorance and Mendacity of Our Politicians”
        27   Finding PEGIDA
        30   PEGIDA: “Xenophobic, Racist, and Misanthropic”
2015   Jan   1   Sixteen Arguments in Favour of PEGIDA Taking to the Streets
        1   Refusing the Islamization of France
        2   No to the Islamization of France!
        4   The German Festival of Madness
        5   PEGIDA in Sweden
        5   The Anti-PEGIDA Media
        6   BBC Interview With Michael Stürzenberger

The permanent archive is here.

5 thoughts on “The PEGIDA Archives

  1. The news coming out of PARIS will certainly strengthen the PEGIDA position it ,unfortunately with the loonie left any attrocity will be rationalised as “reaction to Western imperialism” or insensitity to Islamic sensitivities.
    This event proves the western world is at war and the main battlefront is in the cities of Europe A political battle will have to be won against the establishments of France ,U.K. Germany ect. and the whole human rights act has to be destroyed.

  2. The BBC ran a headline about PEGIDA counter demonstrations, and next minute about the Jihad attacks in Paris. Can’t the Leftist media see that they are part of the problem by this irony?

    • Yes, I saw the same thing at 17h00gmt. One just below the other, but no connection between them.

      Are the BBC stupid in not seeing that the events in Paris will give power to the anti-islamique movement.

      My only worry is that the authorities will hijack the movement and deflect it aims and message. We must all be aware of this and resist with (perhaps) our lives (i.e. We may be the next to be killed because the authorities have not listened to us).

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