The Pansified Western Media Should Man Up!

Mark Steyn talks to Megyn Kelly on Fox News about the Charlie Hebdo massacre:

Apparently Fox took Mr. Steyn’s challenge seriously: they have now published both the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and the Danish Mohammed cartoons.

Hat tips: Vlad Tepes and Papa Whiskey.

25 thoughts on “The Pansified Western Media Should Man Up!

  1. O/T When I clicked the icon ‘Donate to Fjordman’ it comes out in Danish(I think). Me no comprhendo. How do I get it to display in English.

  2. Great interview. Nothing more, nothing less needs to be said.

    The “we’re not afraid” protests (although apparently too afraid to display any Mohammed cartoons), the media self-censorship, the classic statement about Obama (“He walked the walk, the terrorists talked the talk.”). All these were covered…

    RIP to the victims. Who even at this stage are not being given the solidarity they deserve.

    Ps although this may not be representative – among all my 250+ Facebook friends, even those who sometimes post about current affairs (mostly from the hard-leftist point of view) and not only about football or funny memes, there was not a single post about these attacks. And my post saying “RIP”, and a semi-ironic comment comparing these attacks to the reception of some “artwork” abusing Christianity, got exactly 1 like so far… so much for Westerners cherishing all their freedoms.

    • Correction: there was one FB post – from a Polish lady – reposting a “Je Suis Charlie” message… but as far as these attacks go, that was the only reaction in my newsfeed.

    • Me too. I let my thoughts be known – more than ever before on FB. I got NO likes at all. I challenged people to choose to pass these pics on (pics of the cartoons) or choose to submit to your muslim overlords. Choose now – I said. Got nothing as far as I know. Maybe FB took my posts down. I can’t see them now.

      • The great achievements of political correctness and multiculturalism – making us too afraid to have any values to stand up for?

    • Well, today the reaction to this video was a little better. But still fearful. And max 5 friends out of 250+ had anything to say…

  3. Mark Steyn draws fact to another interesting point – that according to US law, “you can’t slander someone who died in the 7th century”. Having received training as a lawyer, surely president Obama must have known this?

    Therefore, did Obama have in mind “slander” as defined by US law, or Sharia law? And what does that say about the legal system that he holds in higher esteem?

    • Hussain’s daddy is a Muslim. His bonafides are still a question for many. Best of luck for another year.

  4. Just another reason for why the western main stream media is dying and in some homes (mine) is no longer relevant to the facts of life. And a big well done to Fox for going against the cowardly trend of bending over backwards to not tell the truth about Islam.

    • Pro Muslim propaganda and censorship delivered ugly overpaid plastic fashion statements from what has become the communists multi cultural hell.

  5. I find it extremely ironic that all online UK newspapers that accept comments below their outraged articles lauding freedom of speech are in fact ‘moderating’ the comments. I’ve already had two knocked back this morning neither of which contained bad language or specific threats.

    To understand why this is so one only has to look at our vote whoring lawmakers in the Mother of Parliaments, and their counterparts throughout the West, and it all becomes clear.

    Essentially Islam is only a secondary threat to our freedoms and thus can only be effectively dealt with once the primary threat has been removed.

    S III

  6. The answer is what is happening in Germany – thousands marching in the streets against Islamization of their culture. Radical Islam is a mass movement, so it needs to be countered by a mass movement, not pussy-footing around by squeamish, cowardly, traitorous political elites.

    • Just Islam and its Muslims. A mass movement of an invading koran primed force ready to go from the already established mosque network that will sooner rather than later attack the infidel on the infidels own soil. Still I imagine some enterprising “business” will spot a gap in the EU wreck for guns and ammo sales and take care of the imbalance. How did the Muslim murders get it together like that? Need I ask?

  7. There is nothing new under the Sun. Look at the 1930’s in Germany and elsewhere.

  8. Fundamentally there is no respect for private life or opinion in the UK therefore no protective vault to hold the value to free speech, the individual as an entity is crushed long before they get the chance to throw their free speech hat into the public arena.

    Free speech and provoking tolerance is zero in the UK, all the rest is the delusions of the MSM hypomania.

    GoV is the last refuge of the Western intellect.

    • That would make a great placard at one of these vigils, but I wonder how many would truly grasp the reference.

      Mark Steyn was absolutely spot on; once the dust has settled though, the MSM will return to being obedient dhimmis.

      • ALL Frenchmen will never forget Poitier or the City of Tours where in 732 the Muslim monkey-do-monkey-see Godless pagans were smashed. With our Islamo facist wanna be Turkey liars just beyond the balkans and in recently ripped off northern Cyprus, (and of course our own gift to the Muslim deceivers – Serbias Kosovo), shipping illegals in daily it looks like show time again. Hopefully governments haven’t got all the guns and ammo in one safe centralized location guarded by Salafist security guards while the Muslims have everything nicely dispersed with barracks everwhere. Sound stupid but a lot stupidier things have been goin on for the last couple of decadents. Requisition the mosques as warehouses for the duration.

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