The Muslim Brotherhood and Terror Financing in Quebec

As mentioned in an earlier post tonight, a new Islam-related scandal broke a few days ago in Quebec. The following French-language report has more details on the network of Muslim Brotherhood mosques and institutions in Quebec, and their connection to terror financing.

Once again, it’s remarkable that this material is finally making its way into major media outlets. Is it possible that the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France has rattled the nomenklatura in Quebec? Have they been forced to conduct an actual investigation into the consequences of the Islamization of their province?

Many thanks to Sassy for translating this news clip from TVA Quebec, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   A scoop from our Investigation Bureau about
0:05   an important Islamist network with links to terrorist groups here in Québec.
0:10   Félix, it’s two Muslim organizations that own many mosques. In some,
0:14   fundamentalist propaganda is circulating. Yes, both these
0:18   organizations, who were recently suspected of financing
0:22   terrorism, have quietly become the most important owners
0:26   of Islamic schools and mosques in Québec.
0:31   And here are the results of our investigation.
0:35   Who owns the mosques and Islamic schools in Québec?
0:39   The most important building owners are two Islamist
0:43   organizations suspected by the RCMP, the FBI and
0:47   Revenue Canada of involvement in
0:51   terrorism financing.
0:55   The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and the Islamic
0:59   Society of North America host seven mosques and four
1:03   private schools in Montréal, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières.
1:07   Two of these schools are funded by the Dept. of Education.
1:14   Who are these organizations?
1:18   The MAC supports the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood
1:22   and its founder Hassan Al Banna.
1:26   The manifesto of this Egyptian Imam drawn up in 1936
1:30   advocates Islamic Law which means Sharia and
1:34   gender segregation. Its real estate assets amount to $14.5 M.
1:38   The ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is founded
1:42   mostly on ideas that are against modernity and
1:46   democracy. Wael Saleh is Muslim. He cofounded the
1:50   Inter-disciplinary Observatory of Islamic Movements.
1:54   ”We must act before a catastrophe occurs.”
2:00   The Islamic Society of North America, who publicly
2:04   denounced the attacks in Paris, is the
2:08   most important Muslim society in North America.
2:10   Revenue Canada revoked its funding
2:14   affiliate’s registration as a charity in 2013.
2:16   The tax office claims it funnelled $280,000
2:20   to the Jamaat-e-Islami terror group.
2:24   Its real estate assets are valued at $3.3 M.
2:28   Samah Jebbari of the Canadian Muslim Forum
2:32   Euh… to be a Muslim Brother… and…
2:36   to be against the law… I can’t confirm this.
2:40   ”I think NO. Moreover… they… the fact that they…
2:44   they established their schools on the territory
2:48   means they’re legal.” It’s here, while leaving the
2:52   Montreal office of the Muslim Association of Canada,
2:56   that the RCMP claims it saw an IRFAN fundraiser, an Ottawa
3:00   terror-designated group, leave with a yellow envelope, contents unknown.
3:04   ”You write what you want, OK? I’m telling you…
3:08   This is none of your business.” Those responsible for Islamist groups
3:12   that own mosques and schools in Québec deny everything, even the evidence.
3:16   Such as the director of the Muslim school Dar Al-Iman, Lazhar Aissaoui,
3:20   assures us his establishment is not linked to the MAC.
3:24   ”There is no school here that belongs to the MAC…
3:28   Sir, here, it’s in the land registry. Do you want us to look at it together? It belongs to the MAC.
3:35   ”NO. You! You do your job as a reporter!”
3:39   Yet, last May, he signed the Deed of Purchase of the largest MAC building
3:43   in Québec, located in downtown Montreal: $4.7 Million.
3:47   And during our investigation, there were many attempts to dissimulate the facts.
3:51   Our Investigation Bureau consulted hundreds of legal documents and
3:55   also hundreds of notarized documents
4:00   towards collecting the evidence that we present to you
4:04   tonight at TVA.

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  1. Well, TVA is the parent company of the Islamo-realistic network Sun News…It may have something to do with it.

  2. All those who finance and support terrorists should be arrested and convicted of Treason and treated as traitors

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