The Dog That Survived the Massacre

The latest news on the Charlie Hebdo massacre is that the youngest of the suspects, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, has turned himself in to the authorities.

The brief report below provides some details about the escape of the three assassins from the scene of the crime. When they stole their first getaway car, they reportedly acceded to the owner’s request and allowed him to save his dog. Why was that? They had just killed twelve people, and dogs are haram. Why not dispatch the dog as well? We’ll probably never learn the answer.

Here’s the story from ANSAmed:

Charlie Hebdo Witness: They Said “We Are Al Qaida Yemen”

Terrorists told man while stealing his car after accident

(ANSAmed) – BARI, JANUARY 7 – “Al Qaida Yemen, sortez de la voiture” (get out of the car), two terrorists reportedly told a man before stealing his car to run away after their attack against weekly Charlie Hebdo, ANSA has learned from an Italian national who works in Paris and spoke with the man whose vehicle was hijacked. The attackers appeared calm and “spoke a perfect French” and when the man, held at gunpoint, asked them whether he could take his dog from the car, they reportedly said yes.

The terrorists who fled aboard the black Citroen after the attack against Charlie Hebdo changed cars after crashing against a sidewalk on rue de Meaux, an eye witness who was at a bakery across the street was quoted as saying by the media. The man, identified as Jeremy, said he saw the terrorists crash and then leave the car and “take a light-colored Clio parked behind while screaming Allah is with us”. “They were masked and were carrying Kalashnikovs”, he said. The men then fled aboard the Clio towards the bridge de Pantin.

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6 thoughts on “The Dog That Survived the Massacre

  1. I continue to be astonished by passive spectators capturing videos instead of taking action. This seems to be the extent of civic duty these feminized Euros are willing to take these day. Such a collapse in Euro survival instincts cannot be voted in by referendum.

    It reminds me of a foreign video I once saw, recorded in Florida, where an actor feigned fainting in public and evaluated the common American response to this poor random stranger. They recorded this same stunt internationally and compared the reactions. The overwhelming humanity, and sense of duty exhibited by Americans was in stark contrast to each and every example, Western climes included. I suppose we Yanks have that, and as Dymphna commented – guns, for now.

    • Half of Americans retain individualist responsibility and will act. Europeans and the socialist half of Americans stand taking pictures waiting for the government to act on their behalf.

    • So true. However, as Muslim “immigration” to the United States and Europe surges anew after a Muslim atrocity or threat somewhere one wonders who in Hell has their hairy hand on the lever that keeps opening the gates to our homelands even wider. The Muslim Brotherhood? CAIR? Mo, Ali and Ahmed? There is a life threatening Muslim problem in what are still non Muslim countries. Read the Koran. Cut the advertising and report real news.

  2. This is getting curiouser and curiouser by the hour. Simply put, there are holes appearing in the narrative that don’t make sense. The incident of the dog is the latest one.

    Let me briefly explain by taking info from the French press & police trade union statements, as well as witness accounts.

    1. Police union rep said that usual police security presence wasn’t at scene of shooting.
    2. There were 2 gunmen in the video footage, so where did they the 3 one from? Just look at the stills of the open car doors, (front only).
    3. Several accounts mention that the gunmen went to 2 incorrect buildings before getting the right one. The first wrong building was no. 6, which just happen to be the Charlie Hebdo archives. The second one was in front of the Charlie Hebdo WHO raised the alarm. No mention of security detail at no. 6 and no mention of if they too raised the alarm and to whom.
    4. What “highly trained” hitman would leave behind his state ID card for the police to find? More to the point, why carry ID in the first place?

    There are more “holes” but won’t dwell on them here unless someone really wants to know more.

    • Regarding #4. The Media are falling all over themselves right now to portray the perps as growing up in an orphanage and bla bla bla. In other words, just another ‘lone wolf-attack.’
      But if you look at the video, the assassination of the police offocer is done very professionally. It’s not as easy as some might think to hit a moving target while you yourself is running, nor even from such a short distance.
      Also look at the other guy with the vest. He’s protecting the shooters exposed right flank the whole time.
      These guy’s are not ‘lone wolves’, they have serious combat experience. This is not the first time the shooter have shot a helpless man in the face!

      As far as the ID goes, I have a hard time believing it was accidentally left behind. However, in France it’s mandatory to carry an ID-card. I’m not normally in the tin foiled hat-club, but I smell some kind of set-up.

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