The Continuing Crisis in France

I woke this morning to news of another jihad-related crisis in France — or, more accurately, two crises, one in Dammartin-en-Goele, near the De Gaulle International Airport, and the other in the Porte de Vincennes neighborhood of Paris — and the story kept developing for most of the afternoon. Below is a snapshot of what happened as of about 4pm EST.

The two alleged gunmen still at large after the Charlie Hebdo massacre took a hostage this morning and holed up in a warehouse near the airport north of Paris. This afternoon they were killed in a gunfight with French security forces, and the hostage escaped unharmed.

At about the same time, another mujahid (possibly two) took hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris. Just after the shootout near the airport, police stormed the market, killing the gunman. It’s possible that he had a female accomplice with him who escaped. Several hostages were also killed.

Below is a report from The Sacramento Bee (more recent reports say that four hostages died at the kosher market):

6 dead in terror clashes in Paris; several hostages freed

PARIS — Two al-Qaida-linked brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo massacre came out of their hideaway with guns blazing Friday and were killed in a clash with security forces, French police said. Moments later, another hostage-taker in Paris was killed in a separate clash, along with three of his hostages.

France has been high alert since the country’s worst terror attack in decades — the massacre Wednesday in Paris at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead.

After the two separate hostage-taking incidents began Friday, city officials scrambled to protect residents and tourists from further attacks, shutting down a famed Jewish neighborhood, putting schools under lockdown and urging residents to stay indoors and remain vigilant.

By Friday afternoon, explosions and gunshots rang out and white smoke rose up outside a printing plant in Dammartin-en-Goele, northeast of Paris, where brothers Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34, had holed up with a hostage.

Audrey Taupenas, spokeswoman for the town near the Charles de Gaulle airport, said the brothers died in the clash. Their hostage was freed.

Another gunman who took at least five hostages Friday afternoon at a kosher grocery in Paris also died in a nearly simultaneous raid there, said Gael Fabiano of the UNSA police union.

The gunman, identified as Amedy Coulibaly, had earlier threatened to kill his hostages if French authorities launched an assault on the two brothers, a police official said. The two sets of hostage-takers know each other, said the official, who was not authorized to discuss the rapidly developing situation.

One other police officer said three hostages also died at the grocery. None could say what happened to the woman listed on a police bulletin as his accomplice.

Security forces stormed the Paris grocery near the Porte de Vincennes neighborhood minutes after news of clashes at the printing plant. Moments later, several people were seen being led out of the store. It was not clear exactly how many hostages had been inside or how many were freed.

Trying to fend off further attacks, the Paris mayor’s office shut down all shops along Rosiers Street in the city’s famed Marais neighborhood in the heart of the tourist district. Hours before the Jewish Sabbath, the street is usually crowded with shoppers — French Jews and tourists alike. The street is also only a kilometer (a half mile) away from Charlie Hebdo’s offices.

The gunman had burst shooting into the kosher store just a few hours before the Jewish Sabbath began, declaring “You know who I am,” the official recounted. The attack came before sundown when the store was crowded with shoppers. Several wounded people were able to flee, police said.

Paris police released photos of Coulibaly, also believed responsible for the roadside killing of a Paris policewoman, and one of a second suspect, a woman named Hayet Boumddiene, who they said was his accomplice.

A CNN video report (hat tip Vlad Tepes):

From Voice of America:

French Police Kill Suspects at 2 Hostage Sites

PARIS— French authorities say the two suspects in Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo attack have been killed during a police raid, and a separate raid in the capital killed another gunman holding multiple hostages at a kosher supermarket.

The two men, brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, had taken a hostage and were cornered at a print shop in Dammartin-en-Goele, a town about 40 kilometers northeast of Paris.

A police official said the suspected gunman at the supermarket, 32-year-old Amedy Coulabaly, is believed to be the same man who shot and killed a policewoman south of Paris on Thursday. Authorities also are seeking a woman described as his accomplice, Hayet Boumeddiene.

Police sources had linked Coulabaly to the Kouachis, suspected of killing 12 people in the Charlie Hebdo attack.

No one will be surprised to learn that Muslims are afraid of a “backlash”.

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    • The weapon is a Ruger Mini 14. It is a box magazine fed, rotating bolt carbine usually in .223 caliber, made by Strum Ruger in the United States. It is modeled after the M-14 which is similar but fires a much larger round.

      • Hmmm. Our family, locally, is equipped with one, as well as an Enfield. Among others.
        We believe in protecting our lives with legally-owned “measures,” shall I say.

  1. I got up this morning, turned on the 24-hour news channel, and there was the President of the Republic of France assuring the world that ‘this has nothing to do with the Muslim religion’. Following that excuse for reasoning, I expect the hostages in the Kosher supermarket were not specifically targeted because they were Jewish, too.

    • Hollande and other European leaders continue to act like defense lawyers for Muslims instead of defenders of western civilization that Muslims are attacking. With “leaders” like this, who needs enemies?

  2. This. THIS is as good a justification as any for the mass deportation of, and denial of entry to, all those from Islamic countries in general, and muslims in particular. Eat your own.

  3. We predicted these things to happen 20 years ago.
    Now Hollande, the genius, proved us wrong.
    Let’s trust our elected politicians. They are long sighted. They know things we don’t.

    Hurrah the prosperous golden age of islam in France and Europe.
    Incomparable even to the golden age of islam in Andalusia. All elected western rulers and professors will testify to that.
    liberté; la fraternité, l’égalité , terroriste stupidite, treacherite,
    I am really mad. My blood is boiling not at the criminal captors, but at the traitors who imported them and don’t admit their criminal mistake.

    • Unhappily, they cannot admit their mistake as they are still committed to its outcome — the Islamification of all of Europe in the service of the grand one-world-goevernment project.

    • iTele made sure to show Al Andalus propaganda in “honor” of Charlie massacre

      LIVE coverage from Lycee Averroës, private islamic high School in Lille, North of France, during National One Minute Silence on Thursday. Females dressed in islamic head cover, hijab, with in your face self promotion of mohammedan followers in the heart of Europe.

      A great answer to this is anything with
      “Je suis

      on it.

    • Me too Murad. The Traitor Class can’t admit its mistake otherwise the carpet is ripped from beneath its feet.

  4. You see the problem can’t be solved by ridiculing mo. Or by connecting mo to paedophilia, terrorism, looting, . . . THe problem is with importing jihadis.
    Why doesn’t Charlie Habdo and other satirical magazines not ridicule the zombies who brought those jihadis. You see if you rear a scorpion in your house it will sting you. It is designed to do that. Why don’t we understand that even after 1436 years. Are we not happy to see Istanbul instead of Constantinople? Do we get angry at the renaming? Why?

    • “Why doesn’t Charlie H[e]bdo and other satirical magazines not ridicule the zombies who brought those jihadis.”

      Maybe they don’t (didn’t) know. The propaganda media is pervasive.

    • This is a great point. Maybe Charlie H was in favour of immigration – it was a left wing mag after all, wasn’t/isn’t it?

      • They apparently supported France’s latest recognition of Palestine’s aspirations to be recognized as a state. Did they think Palestinians are fellow atheists instead of strict adherents to the Islam Charlie H ridiculed? Did their leftist anti-semitism trump their anti-Islam sentiments?

      • Charb was working on a book about “islamophobia”, according to his partner, Jeanette Bougrab, of Algerian origin.

  5. I’m happy my guess about the rifle was correct (a bolt action .223 rifle), before I scrolled down to see Alex’s answer. (Thanks, Alex!) But really my curiosity is around whether or not it has even been operated in the last five years and/or whether or not the policeman even has any competency under stress in knowing how to accurately use it.

    • As a bona fide redneck rifle-toting American, I think the French did just fine today. They can get ‘er done when their backs are up.

      Vive la France!

      • Yes. The Brits wouldn’t have had the [redacted] manhood to go for the kill – they couldn’t even kill the scum who slaughtered Lee Rigby, one of whom ran at them with a gun in his hand.

  6. Aesop’s Multicultural Fable~

    Pa: Honey, I’ve decided that our house isn’t diverse enough some I’m inviting in some termites.

    Ma: Termites? But, aren’t they… destructive?

    Pa: Ho-ho! That’s just Termitophobia! Most termites are completely harmless.

    Ma: But haven’t termites been shown to devour the framework of houses to the point that the whole structure collapses?

    Pa: Tornadoes, floods, windstorms, earthquakes, and lots of things can bring your house down. Don’t try to claim that termites are some kind of exceptionally dangerous threat. Why single them out? That would be Termo-intolerant. We need to show them that we trust them, and not examine their doings too closely. That alone will be proof our our superior nature. How could they not appreciate that? I can see them actually strengthening the framework! The wood will be more inclusive!

    Ma: But what if they do eat through the beams?

    Pa: Well you always said you wanted a skylight.


    • Dear profitsbeard :
      Thank you. That’s exactly the reasoning embarked by our Traitor Class. You know what amazes me: That even now people bother go and vote. It does not matter who we vote for or what party. He or she will worship one allah: islam. (sic small little l and a)

  7. Meanwhile in Africa …

    When you look around at what’s happened the last few days, isn’t the first thing that comes to mind the fact that “Islam is a religion of peace”? After all, David Cameron has said it is, so it must be true. Apparently Islam inspires thousands of acts of kindness and generosity every day. We can see that, can’t we?

    Or are we just not looking hard enough?

      • Best riposte to the latest Muslim atrocity. Not “I am Charlie Hebdo…facing your gun with my pen and being massacred like a sheep by a wolf” but ” I am Charlie Martel, who fought back and sent you packing with your tail between your legs for centuries”.

  8. Each day that passes, and each act that “has nothing to do with islam” we are subjected to makes one thing blatantly clear. We must deal with the traitor class first among all Nations that value civility above suicidal chaos…they are the dirty underbelly ushering in our destruction. We cannot fight back until their self-annhilation fantasy is turned around back in favour of freedom, or worst case scenario, we turn on them as the enemy and consider them “collateral damage” in the big picture of saving our future for all generations to come. It’s such an ugly vision we may have to resign ourselves to, but when the fate of the world hangs in the balance…the means to an end for good to triumph is an absolute horrible thing to contemplate. And here we are pushed closer and closer to the precipice…

    • The Soviet Union had this blanket lying to the public down to an art. “Don’t believe what you see with your own eyes and process with your own brain. Instead, believe our propaganda, our lies. We cannot reliably provide you with toilet paper or a pair of shoes in your size but we are the greatest nation on earth etc.”

      A public that does not rebel against such lies, that lets its children be brainwashed in indoctrination centers called schools is eventually deadened and no longer bothers distinguishing lies from truth. They act as though the lies ARE truth.

      European leaders are maintaining their stupid lies in the face of the obvious truth that modern terrorism has EVERYTHING to do with Islam and there is no way of predicting which Muslim will blow next. The only rational response is to stop immigration of these hostiles into western countries and regard all Muslims already here with heightened suspicion. Perhaps the social pressure would drive out some to the 57 Muslim ruled countries. The only Muslims who can be trusted are those who speak out publicly against bringing sharia law to the West since it is incompatible with western law and civilization. They put themselves at risk from mainstream Muslims by doing so and are therefore likely trustworthy. They must also be against further immigration by Muslims desiring sharia.

  9. I’ve been trying to get people I know to wake up since 9/11. (I knew what was coming after the 1979 embassy in Tehran, but I also knew that most Americans weren’t ready to hear the truth yet) My wife is on board now, but other than her I get mostly blank stares or rolling eyeballs.
    So I’ve been investing in reverse alchemy, by which I mean “Turning gold into lead.” Even my daughter is oblivious to the the truth.
    (But then I knew far better than my parents, so I guess I had it coming.)
    Buy lead!!!

  10. Does this mean victory for LePen in the next Presidential election? I have my problems with her, too (FN is not “right wing” in the American sense as they also believe in big government and I suspect that she will crack down on Jewish religious practices like brit milah and shehitah, as part of a similar ban for Muslims), but at this point they are less bad than the Socialists, who have declared open season on French Jews.

    Such is the sorry state of France, and indeed all of Europe, today.

    • I suppose it’s too much to hope for that Jews outside of Israel ever put the well being of the larger society they live in ahead of their own? Wouldn’t it be worth risking losing some privileges (if that would even happen under le Pen) to nip the scourge of Muslim encroachment? For example, in Ontario Canada, a leftist liberal government was about to hand Muslims a right to sharia law for domestic disputes. It was stopped by a protest (including anti-sharia Muslims) but erased similar rights that Jews and Ismailis already enjoyed to cover itself from accusations of discrimination against Muslims.

      The majority of diaspora Jews including in France, unlike you, have been strongly socialist, supporting socialist parties with their votes, money and media clout. Now that the Left has turned on them, they cannot justifiably take up the role of only victim. They were part of advancing the Left in the West and as such part of the problem. Now they have a problem that the leftist policy of multiculturalism brought them in the form of Muslim antisemites. As a minority in the diaspora Jewish community with politically conservative views you should recognize this complicity of the majority of your co-religionists with the Left.

      • “I suppose it’s too much to hope for that Jews outside of Israel ever put the well being of the larger society they live in ahead of their own? Wouldn’t it be worth risking losing some privileges (if that would even happen under le Pen) to nip the scourge of Muslim encroachment?”

        Yes, it is too much to hope for, and no, it would not be worth it. Jews have a right to live in peace AND be able to practice their religion. Period. If you are saying they cannot do both in France/Europe, that either they live in peace OR practice their religion and risk getting butchered, then that is not acceptable at all. In that case, then Jews need to leave France/Europe and let the Native Europeans and Muslims slaughter each other in the streets in a continent wide civil war.

        • How disappointing that you read only what YOU want to answer. Your comment shows that you have totally misread mine. Pay attention to the example given in the first paragraph which has nothing to do with Jews not being allowed to practice their religion. And apparently you cannot say anything to the second paragraph because it is not about Jewish victimhood and that’s all you’re willing to discuss.

      • Netanyahu tells Jews in France that Israel is their home, urging that France is not a safe place for them these days.

        Netanyahu also offered France assistance – before – the terrorists were taken – out.

    • I suspect a lot of French Jews will be packing up to get the heck out of Le Dodge really soon.

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