Sweden: A Democratic Joke

Our Swedish correspondent Alfred Fredriksson sends a report on the state of political affairs in Sweden since the recent terrorist atrocities in France. He includes a video that he translated and subtitled himself.

Sweden: A Democratic Joke
by Alfred Fredriksson

The Swedish Domestic Minister Anders Ygeman said during Folk och försvar (Swedish defense conference) today that it is possible that there will be terror attacks in Sweden. At the same time he strongly criticized opponents of mass immigration and compared them to terrorists.

“Je Suis Ahmed”, he proclaimed.

The domestic minister briefly addressed the terror attacks in Paris followed by a long description of Muslims in Europe and Sweden as an oppressed group. He compared critics of mass immigration with terrorists who murder people.

“Je Suis Ahmed”, he proclaimed and continued, “Ahmed Merabet, the 42-year old Muslim police officer who gave his life to defend Charlie Hebdo’s right to joke about Muslims.”

He chose to focus on Merabet because he was a Muslim, but he did not mention the fifteen other people who died in the gruesome attacks. That is not to say Merabet doesn’t deserve our respect and his family our condolences, but not even mentioning all the other people who died is blatantly disrespectful. Afterwards Ygeman focused on the fire at the mosque in Eskilstuna — a fire which after media speculation and a comprehensive police investigation turned out to be the result of an accident, not hate crime against Muslims.

“Dark forces on both sides are trying to make the struggle against terrorism into a war between religions,” he claimed.

Before discussing the likelihood of Sweden’s suffering a terrorist attack he also claimed that the “brothers in Paris were no warriors,” referring to Said and Chérif Koachi who shortly before the terrorist attacks were in the Middle East waging war on behalf of the Islamic State.

“We have to dare to think that this could happen in Sweden and take necessary steps to protect ourselves,” he said and continued, “It is extremely difficult to protect against perpetrators who are prepared to die to harm others. We can’t protect ourselves against everything.”

During the questions after his speech Ygeman admitted that it is easy for immigrants to get Swedish passports — passports often used for smuggling of illegal immigrants and by terrorists who travel to Syria and Iraq to participate in gruesome acts of violence.

“It shouldn’t be possible to obtain ten to fifteen passports; we have to tighten regulations,” he said.

As we can see our Domestic Minister is taking the terrorist threat very seriously. As is our beloved media, who instead of asking critical questions about mass immigration, Islamization and “Swedish” terrorists, are fully occupied proclaiming that they are Charlie.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Swedish tabloid Expressen who in recent days have proclaimed their devotion to freedom of speech have not always taken the issue as seriously. Last year they hired a left-wing hacker group known as Researchgruppen, which consists of various violent convicted communists who call themselves “the Swedish Stasi.” Their task was to hack the comment system Disqus in an effort to expose ordinary Swedish citizens who write critical comments about Islam and mass immigration on the Internet. These citizens’ details were later published with picture and name, and depicted as racists in front of the entire country. Where was freedom of speech then? Worst of all this communist group was given the “Golden Spade”, a prestigious journalistic prize for their work in exposing the “hate.”

Where was freedom of expression when the provocative artist Dan Park was arbitrarily jailed and isolated for months until he was convicted of inciting hatred?

Dan Park had created various images related to immigration and Islam and was showing them at a gallery in Malmö. Police showed up, confiscated the artwork and arrested Dan Park. He was then jailed in isolation for months until he was convicted of “inciting hatred against minorities”. The entire establishment mass media were completely silent. No one proclaimed, “I am Dan Park!”

“Swedish Swedes in Sweden” by Dan Park

The fact of the matter is that if Charlie Hebdo was a Swedish magazine the publishers would have been jailed and convicted a long time ago, with Expressen and mass media’s silent consent.

Swedish state media slipped up directly after the attacks when their foreign correspondent said on the air that it was not “innocent” people who had been attacked.

The establishment and the media are one. They operate as a unit for mass immigration, for Islam, for the destruction of Western culture and society, oppressing dissent by whatever means necessary. Just as we saw in the forming of the December Junta, where the two political blocs agreed not to provide opposition against one another simply to isolate the patriotic Sweden Democrats and continue mass immigration.

The devotion to Islam and ensuring that the Swedish people are not protected from terrorist attacks became very clear a few nights ago on Swedish TV where the subject of Islamic extremism was discussed. In the video Richard Jomshof, a member of Parliament for the patriotic party the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) debates Mona Sahlin, former leader for the Social Democrats and now the National Coordinator against Violence-Inciting Extremism.

Mona Sahlin does not care enough about the Swedish people’s safety to consider revoking the citizenship of “Swedish” jihadis, as she does not see it having any effect, despite Richard Jomshof’s pointing out that the Charlie Hebdo attack could have been prevented with such a law. The reporter for Swedish state TV trivializes the issue by saying that the law would not have stopped Anders Behring Breivik. The establishment often uses Breivik, the lone wolf madman, to give the impression that terrorism is not an Islamic phenomenon.

The main priority of the Swedish establishment is not to protect Swedish citizens or Swedish interests but to ensure that the terror attacks do not increase “Islamophobia” or lead to “misunderstandings about the peaceful nature of Islam.” But most important is that the heightened risk of terror does not increase the support for the Sweden Democrats, who ironically have been the only party who has warned about increased terror and suggested clear and effective solutions to the problem.

The struggle against the “racists” and “xenophobes” and the continuation of mass immigration and destruction of Swedish culture and Swedish society is far more important than democracy, freedom of expression or even Swedish lives.

Video transcript:

00:00   Richard Jomshof, don’t you see a risk in increasing polarisation with your way of describing Islam?
00:07   Just the opposite, by discussing the problems with Islam we help those groups who want something else
00:11   who want to live peacefully, secularize and live in a democratic society.
00:16   It is a problem, look at the Muslim world. How many true democracies do you find there? Not many.
00:21   There are enormous problems with oppression of minorities, oppression of…
00:25   You have already said this, we understand you believe this.
00:28   Let me ask, what do you want to do prevent these kinds of attacks from happening in Sweden?
00:37   The first step is to have a reasonable immigration policy, where we drastically reduce immigration.
00:42   We have to strengthen border controls so we know who comes to Sweden, we have to demand identification.
00:48   We have to demand that people who come to our country adapt to our way of life.
00:53   If they don’t, you have to ask if they should be here at all and my answer is no they shouldn’t.
00:57   Regarding jihadis it is very easy. If they travel to fight for example for Boko Haram or the Islamic State
01:04   we should revoke their citizenships, they have no reason to be in Sweden, we should revoke them immediately.
01:10   Mona Sahlin, what do you think about these solutions?
01:13   We have to be harder on and more repressive against those who commit terror, there is not doubt about that.
01:20   Richard Jomshof says we should revoke their citizenship.
01:23   I don’t think that will be of any help at all.
01:26   I also want to say that if the only people we should be afraid of or who commit crimes are people who have come from somewhere else
01:35   That is not what I am saying.
01:37   It is exactly this that Richard Jomshof is saying and my work is going to be about working preventively
01:43   by building trust and respect for that we have different religions in our country where all have the same right to exist
01:52   and that no one has the right to oppress in the name of religion. This is the Swedish point of departure.
01:59   Let me say really quick that if France had had this law we are suggesting where we revoke citizenship
02:06   then these two men who attacked Charlie Hebdo would not have been able to return to France.
02:13   If they leave for a training camp in Yemen, you tell them they are not welcome back. The attack would never have happened.
02:20   It is a very effective policy to prevent these kinds of people return to in this case France or in our case Sweden.
02:27   It is very dangerous to believe that there are so few dangerous individuals in the world that
02:32   Richard and his gang can find them ahead of time and prohibit them.
02:36   Not us, the Security Police.
02:38   Revoked citizenship would not have worked on Anders Behring Breivik.

20 thoughts on “Sweden: A Democratic Joke

  1. It must be a heady feeling to trash your native culture and hand your entire country over to invaders who despise it.

    Left-wing pseudo-intellectual superiority: it’s a hell of a drug.

    • You’re right about the heady drug part…they’ve not got much going for them otherwise. Feelings of moral superiority thrum though the bloodstream like adrenalin, swamping any concomitant shame.

  2. “Je Suis Ahmed”, the Swedish Domestic Minister Anders Ygeman proclaimed and continued, “Ahmed Merabet, the 42-year old Muslim police officer who gave his life to defend Charlie Hebdo’s right to joke about Muslims.”

    Ahmed Merabet Shooting – The Censored Video


    • Not the first time we’ve seen this here. Assuming it’s the whole story, how did he die?

  3. As a Swede and a taxpayer here, this is all so painful to watch and experience.

    After then attacks in Paris, I noticed that a rally was held in the town where I went to university. The rally was not for the victims, not for the French, not for freedom of the press or against terror. Instead, the rally, arranged by the left party, was against islamophofia and for the beauty of islam and multiculturism.

    When a politician made a facebook comment along the lines of “the religion of peace shows its true face”, he was reported to the police by another pol for a hate crime. It’s against the law in this country to speak your mind especially when it concerns islam and immigrants. Thought Crime cops are out in force. If we don’t love the muslim immigrants, we are hated and labelled as racists, especially by younger people who are being brainwashed in schools to appreciate all the beauty and diversity being created in Sweden.

    Unfortunately politicians are very concerned about their legacies wanting to show the history books they are caring and compassionate people. We know where things are headed. As cars burn each night, buildings are torched, and rape and murder rates rise, we are supposed to look at this as a big positive.

    Fortunately I’ll be tranferring out of Sweden soon. This is heartbreaking to see what’s happened here.

    • Wake up. What is going on in Sweden is a mass hate-movement against Swedish people. The Nazis hated everyone but the Germans. That was their disease.

      The disease of Sweden is irrational mass-hatred for Swedes. They don’t understand it in those terms yet. But that is what it is. You Swedes really do hate yourselves. Not personally, but politically. You have no respect for yourselves. You have no respect and no proper concern for the plight of future generations of Swedes. As a nation, you are truly sick. Sick to the core.

      Only because of your deep hatred and lack of regard and concern for yourselves does this disproportional guilt take precedence over your valid concerns for yourselves and your future. To be not considered racist is more important than the survival of your children and that your women not be raped. That is sick, sick, sick.

      There are some individual Swedes who are not sick in this way. Some of them post here. But Sweden is statistically sick with a putrid self-hatred that is as perverse as anything the Nazis suffered from.

      • Mainly right, Billy Bob; ‘söte bror’ has suffered from a superiority complex for many years, has not fought for a long, long time and has forgotten how.
        This is not to say all Swedes are ‘holier than thou’ or gutless, but the country is run by gutless, naïve, absolutely traitorous lunatics (not too strong a word) who actually changed the constitution without consulting the people, and are knowingly committing cultural suicide.
        Neighbouring Norway shot Quisling for a hell of a lot less.

  4. Sweden is destroying itself, but the frightening thing is that it’s not just a cabal of politicians. Ultimately the Swedish voter is to blame. This brings up interesting questions.

    If things get so bad that millions of Swedes try to become refugees in other countries of the EU, which is not entirely unlikely, would there not be some justification in those other countries’ granting them residency but refusing to grant citizenship and the right to vote? You could call it apartheid, but self-preservation is important. Why should the statistically insane–and the Swedes have proven themselves to be statistically insane–be allowed to spread their insanity to other countries and endanger them?

    • An interesting thought, but it’s sad to think of for me because I hope I can flee Sweden. But I am interested in politics and to not have the opportunity to vote in my new country sounds bad. I think Europe as whole suffers from the same disease, political correctness and not only us Swedish people.

      • Joy, there is the same disease throughout Europe for sure. But Sweden has it in spades, much, much worse than in the rest of Europe.

        One possible solution might be anti-Swedish apartheid for a generation, until they prove their political sanity. Until they prove that they have ‘integrated’ into political rationality and political moral responsibility.

        • I see! Yes, when it comes to massimmigration, it’s true. The situation in Sweden is unique and horrible! Today I read a newsline that our PM think EU also shall take responsibility, not only Sweden. I don’t think this will happen at all. We are no rule-model for european countries as our politicans love to see it. It’s a disgrace all over.

          • Feel sympathy for you Joy. It’s bad in the rest of Europe too, but you’ve basically got a bunch of clone-like radical socialists running your country. They are infused with the usual socialist sense of moral superiority, using the language of ‘solidarity’ while creating the never-fixable division of victim/persecutor groups (the old working class were no good, they never wanted a revolution).

    • I often meet and see other immigrants from the UK, Germany, France etc also infected with mc/pc virus that has stifled them, and then blithely espousing the same solutions in their new host country.

      They just can not help it, as they have been well schooled through the education system. Unfortunately the host countries already have niches in media, universities, governments, and politics, for them to fall into and be activists to expand their corrupt ideas.

      No ! ! I would not let them leave, as it is their subservience to pc/mc, that has so much affect, and they will want to preach it, so keep them out. Let alone them getting the vote in another country.

      They have a country to turn round, so stay there and suck it up. Or start the long battle to turn things around in their home country, for their own family, friends and people.

      It is sort of rare to meet an immigrant, that knows that the problem is islam and the cover of left wing ideologies.

      • As things currently stand, they can freely enter other EU countries. But with a few more years of Jihad, there is no saying how long that will last.

        If they’re actually dying there, I say admit them as refugees into our other European countries. But not as citizens. They have proven their ability to work and be law-abiding. But they have not proven their ability to be sane and responsible in the ballot box. They are dangerous lunatics in the ballot box, genocidally dangerous, and they have proven it.

        Let them come in and live, but anti-Swedish apartheid for at least a generation. That is the only rational solution.

  5. It is bad enough to see one European country commit suicide in slow motion. When you take in the big picture and see the majority doing the same thing it becomes even more baffling.

    What is wrong with the collective mindset of ruling Western European elites? Isn’t there anyone with enough foresight to see the end result of this folly? Why do they think more Muslims is the cure for Muslim refusal to integrate.

    If they want multiculturalism at all costs, why not Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindus? These minorities have integrated quite well.

    This generation of the Western European ruling class will remembered for Europe’s largest civil war, or worse yet – demise.

  6. These Leftwing guys are literally standing on the side of the terrorists and against – free western democracy.

    It’s incredible to watch.

    They say they are ‘friends of Islam’ and respect for basic rights and freedoms will not get in the way.

    That a person deserves to be killed for criticism of Islam – is what a Muslim would say – it is how the Muslim world lives – millions stricken by fear of reprisals – for challenging religious dogma. In the Islamic world they are resigned to the fact that a person should be killed for such freedom of expression ‘offenses’.

    And with them – they bring these same expectations when they come to the free world.

    The mistake that western so-called ‘understanders of Islam’ make is that they think – if they just give Muslims this one thing – then everything will be alright – that that will be all – but it never is.

    One look at the struggles within the Islamic world – and you will understand that the battle for more and more and more Islam never ends – the tide on Islamic fundamentalism goes out sometimes – but then it comes back in again – and the people’s lives again bound by its extreme strictures.

    Sorry – not here.


    Muslims must understand – if their god wanted to give them Europe – he would have given it to them long time ago.

    It was not God’s will!!

    Outside of periods of conquest – Islam promotes backwardness – but Muslims believe that if you follow this ritual five times a day – this can be overcome – this is Islam’s madness. It has failed the people and now they push and shove to come to places like Europe – only to erect the same structure – that failed to provide in the old country.

    There is no appeasing this delusion.

    We must speak truth to this dangerous madness.

  7. How sad, disgusting, and sickening is it that the descendents of the Vikings, the warrior Norsemen have become the Politically Correct ( i.e. culturally Marxist) lackeys, lapdogs, sycophants,and groveling apologists of Islam.

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