3 thoughts on “Self-Indulgent Superstitious Plonkers

  1. Thanks for posting this video by Pat Condell. Although I have yet to see his other videos and learn more about him, as I was unfamiliar with his work, my guess is that his approach to the real threat of Islam is of the kind I most appreciate: no mixing with looney extreme-right ideas; just a defense of common sense, decency, and equality before the law for all. The exact same arguments used to debunk the Christian right, the Catholic Church in earlier centuries, as well as the authoritarian idiocy reigning in Russia and China today.

    Absolutists are ridiculous in any guise. No special treatment for absolutists just because they say they deserve it. And no respect; quite the contrary: open derision is in order.

    Muslim immigrants have come to the West to enjoy the fruits of our hard-won freedoms… the result all of our doing away with and resisting tyranny and dogma over all this time. Let us not be distracted by side arguments of “welfare immigration;” surely cogent counter-arguments can be made on that score. No, what is being consumed one-sidedly is freedom; twisted to represent only rights for the absolutists and obligations for the rest. This is the argument of a child that has yet to grow beyond an infant-centered world.

    That they simply cannot fathom that the economic benefits and modernity they come to enjoy depends precisely on a set of values and a system of government – diametrically opposed to the authoritarian claims of their faith – is yet another instance of the willful blindness/hypocrisy they commit to, and the source of the ticking time bomb their faith, if uncontested, represents.

    Muslims wish to abrogate for themselves a status no one, no one at all, should ever claim or enjoy. Let us endeavor to deny them, or anyone else, from ever making good on that ill-conceived, indeed insane, goal.

  2. In the Side Argument Dept., what is an example of “looney extreme-right ideas,” please?

    It’s curious to me that you mention “the authoritarian idiocy reigning in Russia and China today” and the “the Christian right, [which was] the Catholic Church in earlier centuries.” None of these engaged in the mass killings on the scale of the predecessor regimes (or flavors) of Russia and China respectively, but you make no mention of those. Absolutists aren’t ridiculous; they’re murderous, as those looney extreme-leftists always are. The looney rightists I know, myself included, thought that totalitarian was an enormous threat and that the Christian Right (and the modern Catholic Church until this new pope) were allies.

    The insane goal of the Muslims is not a special status for themselves but the subjugation and extinguishment, at their sole discretion, of infidels like us.

    I appreciate your awareness of the Muslim threat and my thoughts on your views are, of course, irrelevant and not your concern. I just wonder at what you omit from views and why you think the only rightists worthy of mention are looney, extreme ones. I see the familiar quantum leap from “center right” on the political speculum to…zooooom…extreme right (by which I assume you mean hard core limited government types, libertarians, and live-by-contract zealots). It’s a lefty article of faith (AoF).

  3. Perceptive comment, William. Check out more of Pat Condell’s videos; they led me, indirectly, to GoV.

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