6 thoughts on “#PublishTheMotoons — The Berliner Kurier Did

  1. I have family in Munich who protest against PEGIDA with slogans such as “Munich is Colorful!” We’ll see how colorful and multiculti it is once the Muslims get enough political power to make the color red…and there is no more beer allowed. They’ll probably just blame Bush. Because no matter how much slaughter is done in the name of Islam, Muslims have become the Eternal Victims.

    • Beer most likely will be allowed, for infidels. The more the better, for infidels to lose their capacity to organise or do anything useful.

      Here in England, along with the die-hard beardie Islamists proclaiming “no-go zones”, there is more and more binge drinking, and you can see it in the main areas of medium-sized towns everywhere: hordes of people, and women with precious little clothing, staggering from one end of the street to the other. Often they can’t stand up straight, while looking for the next club which is probably also a great place to catch herpes.

      Meanwhile, followers of the Religion of Peace sit, talk, smoke shisha, go to the gym (in many cases almost living there), have more and more children, and plot making money, and having more power…

      Which one of these groups is more likely to have a stronger say on how the future looks like?

      As for Munich, as a place known for its beerhalls, classical music outdoor concerts, Bavarian folk songs, southern German accent, and generally conservative world-view, why on earth would it be “Colourful”? Surely that’s more the speciality of Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg and other cities to the North dominated by love parades, techno festivals and anarchists?

  2. I sense change is coming, maybe slowly at first. The Muslims will continue their atrocities
    then events will move more rapidly.

    • You are correct. Westerners are overly patient in my view but their reaction will be ferocious when they realize that their vaunted generosity, tolerance and reasonableness were mocked by millions of immigrants, that their own leaders betrayed them in a most vile fashion, and that their wonderful civilization has been turned into a third-world slum.

      • It’s a slow moving train right now so perhaps all sides are lulled by the lack of coordination and the oversupply of talking heads.

        Or it could be chapter 1.487 of “The Compendium of Western Apathy”.
        If you want to see fury and ferocity in England, call off the football matches.

        The same goes for the US (different kind of ball), where even the President decides to sit out the Paris event to watch the games on TV.

        It’s when these circuses are interfered with that there will be trouble.

        In Egypt, the thin line of just enough bread keeps the public calm. But we’ve seen what happens when the bread runs short. Those demonstrations for the fake “Arab Spring” were Potemkin affairs – a veneer of frustrated young people with useless college degrees and no hope of a job, not to mention the vast cohort of single males who will never be able to afford to marry.

        But the ugliest and quickest to light from a spark are the bread shortages.

        In other words, we’re far from being “there” yet. Never underestimate the capacious apathy of government-schooled adults in the West or the desperation of the genuinely poor in MENA. Part of the attraction of Islam is the excuse it gives for nuclear rage as an outlet for generations of impotence.

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