Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/27/2015

Upon her arrival at the airport in Saudi Arabia, First Lady Michelle Obama exited Air Force One alongside her husband, but without being clad in hijab. To make certain that devout Muslim viewers did not expose themselves to the sight of a filthy uncovered infidel whore, Saudi state TV blurred out her image in the news coverage of the momentous event.

In other news, Five foreigners were killed by armed attackers in a luxury hotel in Tripoli, Libya. The activists who committed the crime are thought to be affiliated with the Islamic State. An ISIS-related group claimed responsibility, and said they were targeting foreign diplomats. The surviving guests at the hotel were relieved to learn that the incident had nothing to do with Islam.

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Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism

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Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism
by Fjordman

I have just seen the film American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood, about Chris Kyle and his experiences as a very efficient sniper in Iraq. I was not initially planning to see it, but then I heard that it had been denounced by left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore. That is a recommendation in my book.

Chris Kyle had flaws just like the rest of us. He was not a saint. However, I do not doubt that he considered himself a true patriot. What my strongest impression was after seeing this film is how much the genuine patriotism of Western citizens is abused by the rotten Western ruling elites.

In one scene in the film, the character of Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, explains why he is in Iraq. He wants to fight them (militant Muslims) in the Middle East, so that he will not have to fight them in New York or San Diego. That is an admirable sentiment. I understand his will to fight enemies who had attacked his country.

What Chris Kyle did not understand is that the natural patriotism of many Americans after the Jihadist attacks of September 11, 2001 was quickly hijacked. A decade and a half later, the number of radical Muslims in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Sydney, Paris, Berlin or Rome is higher than ever. That is because Muslim immigration continues unabated. After the deadly attacks in New York, Madrid, London and Paris, Western leaders publicly declared that Islam is a religion of peace. Muslim immigration continued as before.

What did the USA and the rest of the Western world really achieve in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 to 2015? I have seen claims that the USA alone has spent more than 1,000 billion dollars since September 2001 on fighting “terror.” Others suggest even higher figures. What was the result of spending all that money? Sponsoring the ethnic cleansing of Christians and other non-Muslims in Iraq? Making Afghanistan safe for opium production?

I have enjoyed a lifelong interest in astronomy and space exploration. I cannot help but wonder what we could have achieved if that money had been spent on something else. Let us say we spent a quarter of this sum on space exploration. For that money, we could now have had orbiters around all of the major planets in our Solar System, including Uranus and Neptune. We could have funded a new generation of robotic probes investigating some of the most interesting moons in our Solar System, such as Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Enceladus and Titan. We could have had many large new ground-based observatories, combined with a brand new fleet of space observatories in all electromagnetic wavelengths. We might even have had some money left over for a manned mission to Mars. Not just a one-way trip, but perhaps a return trip.

These opportunities have been wasted because Western political elites decided that they wanted to spend our money on trying to make Muslims less Islamic, while importing large numbers of them to the West.

Move forward nearly fourteen years, this time to France. On January 10-11 2015, millions of people across France marched to honor the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. The problem was that the real outrage of many normal citizens was once more quickly hijacked by the political elites and the mass media. As Robert Spencer aptly remarked: “Millions in Paris rally against nothing in particular.”

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/26/2015

Tarik Kafala, a senior executive at the BBC, says that the word “terrorist” should not be used to describe the mujahideen who killed seventeen people in Paris earlier this month. According to him, the word is loaded and undefined. He says reporters should simply describe what happened, and avoid the value judgments.

In other news, the Department of Defense has announced an essay contest to honor the memory of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the late king of Saudi Arabia. The competition will be hosted at the National Defense University in Washington D.C.

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A Window into the Parlors of Heaven

As you all know, we just finished our Winter Fundraiser. Dymphna and I are grateful for all the people who took the trouble to hit the tip cup and keep us going for another quarter.

(By the way — winter is here with a vengeance, at least in the Northeast. As I write this, New York is expecting to get slammed with up to two feet of snow. We’re just getting a little snow here, but the ground is white tonight.)

The remarkable thing about last week’s fundraiser was the variety of locations that our donors came from. So many states and countries, a lot of them places that we hear from only rarely. So many small donations, people just giving what they can, but adding up to enough to maintain Gates of Vienna.

It’s inspiring in a way that I find hard to describe. It’s good to know that what we do here means that much to that many people.

Over the past couple of days I exchanged several emails with one of our British donors who happens to be an afficianado of Johann Sebastian Bach. Long-time readers know that I am devoted to Bach’s organ music. From time to time I go off-topic and post videos of performances of Bach’s music on various pipe organs (and sometimes the choral works, too).

Our reader sent a link to a YouTube of one of the six Trio Sonatas, the first movement of BWV 529. He referred to it as an example of the way Bach takes the listener to what seems to be the climax, the resolution of the theme. But then he carries the music further, into something even more sublime, as if to say: “You thought that was all, but there is always more.”

That made me think of one of the other Trio Sonatas (which I happened to be listening to in the car every time I went out last week), so I wrote him back to cite it as another example of what he was describing. I had to struggle to put into words my experience of the music. The section below is adapted from what I said in my email.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I love the Trio Sonatas. In fact, it was a CD of Marie-Claire Alain playing the Trio Sonatas (l’orgue Schwenkedel de la collégiale à Saint-Donat, 1981) that really hooked me on listening to Bach’s organ music. That and the St. Anne’s Prelude and Fugue. That was about 27 years ago, and I’ve been exploring the organ works ever since. I listen to them over and over again, and never grow tired of them. And I can always find something new, something I never noticed before, particularly if I acquire a new rendition.

When Dymphna gave me the complete Bach organ works played by Marie-Claire Alain, I heard some new versions of very familiar pieces, and picked up on things I hadn’t noticed. That was even true of the Trio Sonatas — in the new CDs, Ms. Alain was playing them on a different organ, and probably years or decades apart from the version I had acquired earlier, and — wow! I hear new things!

I know exactly what you mean about the crescendo to an apparent resolution, followed by a new crescendo to an even greater resolution. I’ve noticed that in other works, such as the Dorian Toccata and Fugue, or the Passacaglia and Fugue. And there’s another example from the Trio Sonatas, the third movement (Allegro) from BWV 525.

This version was performed by Kay Johannsen (location and organ not listed):

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No Mosques in Slovakia!

[Updated 1/27/15 2:42pm to fill in the missing word “thousand” in “300 or 400 thousand arriving Muslims”]

Our Czech correspondent Gemini sends his translation of an
online article that quotes Robert Fico, the prime minister of Slovakia, during his recent appearance on a TV talk show. The translator includes this introductory note:

PM Fico is a former member of the Communist party of Czechoslovakia, and currently a devoted socialist. I guess his fascination with the state and its power is too obvious, even from this article. He surprised everyone, though, with those remarks about Islam.

The translated article:

Prime Minister Fico: We cannot tolerate the arrival of Muslims and the building of mosques!

When it comes to the fight against terrorism, countries ought to be passing laws, enabling them to get private information of dangerous persons. This results from the statements Prime Minister Robert Fico made while taking part on the Saturday talk show called Sobotné dialógy broadcast nationally. The prime minister pointed out that some countries in the world are passing special laws concerning the fight against terrorism which give more leeway to police. “Maybe the world or events would (eventually) press on us to set different rules for some group when it comes to privacy, telephones or bank accounts,” said Fico. He emphasized that it would relate only to an obvious state of national emergency. “If the danger in Europe increases, I thnik that this would be the simplest way to react. I’m not in favour of any torture, though. I opt for the access to information,” the prime minister added. Meanwhile, unless proved guilty, presumption of innocence should apply to everyone, and offices in charge of criminal prosecution should treat everyone equally.

Terrorism relates also to us

Concerning terror attacks in Europe he said that Slovakia cannot act as if this problem is not our concern. Also this is why nowadays dangerous persons are monitored much more carefully. “There are groups, foreigners, but also sometimes maybe even our citizens on our territory that act irrationaly, oddly, acting in a way that suspicions arise that in the future they might do something harmful to the country. In case anything like that happened, we put everything together in order to make Slovakia more prepared,” Fico stated. Nowadays, the Slovak intelligence service focuses much more on effective international cooperation, information exchange mostly.

Failed project of multiculturalism

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Try on a Hijab!

The University of Alberta believes that a woman should have freedom of choice. She may choose the jilbab, the niqab, the abaya, the kerudung, the paranja, or the chador. If she wants to be really daring, she can even choose the burqa!

There are so many exciting possibilities!

That’s why the University of Alberta has made certain that its female students have access to complete information about all the sartorial modes available to them, so that they can enjoy their liberated undergraduate experience while still adhering to the enlightened code of modesty prescribed by the sharia:

Try on a hijab at the University of Alberta! (Click to enlarge)

The above photo was sent to us by a student at the Modern Multicultural University of Alberta, along with this note:

I was blown away by something I saw on campus. Today in the students’ union building there was a table offering people the chance to ‘Try on a Hijab’. Unbelievable.

I immediately snapped a picture of it.

I will be filing a complaint later today.

“You Are Part of Something Huge”

Yesterday we published an English translation of the prepared text for a message sent by Geert Wilders to the organizers of the PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden. The following video clip shows the reading of Mr. Wilders’ message late yesterday afternoon in central Dresden.

Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff for their work on the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

German video source (19 minutes long)

Rembrandt Clancy sends this background information on the speaker featured in the above video:

About the Speaker

The speaker goes by the name of Ed from Utrecht, and is also known as Ed the Dutchman (Ed der Holländer). In a speech in Dresden on 22 December 2014, he says that the first demonstration in his life was in Dresden on Monday November 3. He had never participated in a political party or other political organisations. He is just a father, a man who is anxious about the political direction in Germany.

In the introduction to an interview by Die Freie Welt (19 December 2014), Ed from Utrecht gives a short description of how he became acquainted with PEGIDA. He had been on the sidelines of a HoGeSa demonstration in Hanover and was interviewed by a number of camera teams. One of these interviews was posted on the Internet causing him to become well-known, and that led to his being one of the main speakers at the PEGIDA demonstrations; for example, on 8 December 2014. Also after his initial HoGeSa exposure, he acquired the epithet “The Courageous Dutchman” (Der mutige Holländer).

Also in the interview with Die Freie Welt, he says his wife is German, he has three children and he lives in the vicinity of the Ruhr. He prefers to use only his first name; he uses the last name of “Utrecht”, because he was born there.


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A PEGIDA Triptych

JLH sends this PEGIDA Triptych, consisting of three (translated) parts:

1.   a sad note,
2.   an angry note, and
3.   a sour note.

1. This is the sad note, where a leader steps down, but other leaders are already in place. And we learn that the Past is not Prologue — Facebook is.

“Movement Damaged” — Bachmann Resigns and Apologizes

The initiator of the PEGIDA movement is resigning because of derogatory remarks about foreigners. Bachmann apologizes and says that he would not use expressions like “dumb animals” and “dirtbag” today. A photo of him with Hitler-style mustache and hair over the forehead, he says, was meant to be a joke.

After heavy criticism of photos in a “Hitler pose” and comments on the internet, the founder of the Islam-critical movement Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, has stepped down from his role in the organization. “I am sorry that I have damaged the interests of our movement and accept the consequences,” Bachmann said on Facebook.

Bachmann was severely criticized for the photos in Hitler pose — indeed also from within his own movement. Deputy leader Rene Jahn declared in BILD: “There have to be consequences.” The internet photos show Bachmann with a “Hitler mustache.”

Pressure on the Islam critic rose during the course of the day, because the Dresden city attorney’s office began an investigation on suspicion of hate speech. This was triggered by press reports on alleged Facebook entries and commentaries by Bachmann, berating and insulting refugees and asylum seekers.

“I apologize sincerely to all citizens who are offended by my posts,” Bachmann declared. “They were thoughtless comments which I would no longer make today.” The Pegida movement is losing its best-known — and most controversial — representative. This Monday’s demonstration has been called off because of, among other things, death threats against Bachmann.

Herbst Contradicts Bachmann

Apparently Bachmann’s loss of support inside Pegida’s leadership was because of the remarks and not the “Hitler selfies,” which were satire, and that is allowed to any citizen, explained Pegida spokeswoman Kathrin Oertel.

Bachmann himself confirmed the genuineness of the photos in BILD and classified them as a joke. “While getting my hair cut, I took the picture for the audiobook “He’s Back” and posted it on the bulletin board for Christoph Maria Herbst,” said the 41-year-old. “Sometimes you also have to make fun of yourself.”

The actor Herbst let it be known through his lawyer that he has no page on Facebook and has never “liked” the photo or anything similar, as Bachmann maintains. Bachmann had told BILD that Herbst liked it.

Oertel: Universal Derogation Will Not Do

Oertel said that the photos were one thing, and private. “General insults of foreigners, however, are not.” Pegida rejects Bachmann’s familiar Facebook posts “in the strongest possible terms,” Oertel added. Things like “dumb animal,” dirtbag” and “trash” have no place “in political discourse.”

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/25/2015

Alexis Tsipras, the far-left leader of the Syriza party in Greece, is poised become prime minister after his party came in first in today’s election with 36% of the vote. One of the main planks in his platform was to terminate the country’s hated austerity program. If he makes good on his promise, the future of the Eurozone may be in doubt.

In other news, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assertive foreign policy is being blamed for provoking the Islamic State and thereby causing the execution of one of the two Japanese hostages held by ISIS.

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Hacked by the Jihad in Terrasse-Vaudreuil

The website of Terrasse-Vaudreuil, a small town in Quebec, was recently hacked by cyber-mujahideen. The mayor of Terrasse-Vaudreuil is perplexed — he doesn’t understand why the jihadis would target his town, which is open and tolerant and never has any trouble with its culture-enriching minorities. He obviously doesn’t understand the concept of Dar al-Harb, which his town is part of, nor the fact that faithful Muslims are required to make war against it in the cause of Allah, no matter how nice it is to them.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying CTV article:

Quebec town perplexed after official web page replaced with Islamist messages

MONTREAL — A small Quebec town is wondering why it found itself the target of an Islamic extremist group’s cyberattack after the municipality’s website was compromised for about a dozen hours.

The home page for Terrasse-Vaudreuil, a municipality of about 2,000 residents just west of Montreal, was hacked Thursday evening by a group calling itself MECA, the Middle East Cyber Army.

The web page displayed a message praising Islam and made reference to the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris earlier this month.

Experts said there have been hundreds of cyberattacks in recent days, targeting sites that have vulnerable security.

“I know across the world there are many thousands of sites that had been infiltrated by this sort of thing and I guess today was our day, and hopefully it won’t be again,” said Ron Kelley, Terrasse-Vaudreuil’s director-general.

City officials met with Quebec provincial police, who have opened an investigation after receiving information the hacking.

Sgt. Ingrid Asselin said the investigation was ongoing.

“From what we’ve learned, it has nothing to do with Terrasse-Vaudreuil,” Mayor Michel Bourdeau said. “It’s a combination of circumstances.”


In bright blue letters against a background of a burgundy and gold Qur’an, the Islamic holy book, the hackers’ message read: “We are Muslims. Quran is our book. In Allah (God) we trust. For Allah we work. Screw you Charlie Hebdo.”

The message ended with the hashtag .OPFRANCE, which has been used by cyber hackers following the deadly attacks at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

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Undercover and Under Threat

A female French journalist adopted the online persona of a mujahid as a ruse to elicit information from jihadists. However, some of her personal details became know, compromising her “disguise” and causing her to receive death threats. In the following video the studio audience had to be removed before she discussed her plight with the program’s host.

Many thanks to Bear for translating this clip from French TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times from the original clip):

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French Lefties Break the Taboo

For decades most French politicians have observed a taboo against mentioning the ethnicity — and especially the religion — of the “youths” who cause riots, arson, and mayhem in the banlieues of the cities. It simply wasn’t done to talk about such things. These were economically disadvantaged youngsters whose self-control had been weakened by the forces of capitalist exploitation. Or some such leftist cant.

But the Charlie Hebdo massacre seems to have changed all that. The following clip from French television shows various French politicians, including at least one communist mayor, speaking out forthrightly about the damage wrought in French cities by the beneficiaries of cultural enrichment.

As Vlad points out, if these leftist politicians are now willing to say these things in public, what must they be saying in private to one another?

Many thanks to Carolus for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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“Dresden is Leading the Way”

PEGIDA’s marches in Dresden normally take place on Monday nights. However, the leftist “anti-fascists” announced that they were going to mount a massive counter-demonstration tomorrow to disrupt the PEGIDA event. For that reason, the PEGIDA organizers decided to hold the demonstration tonight. It is underway now, as I write this (1:18pm EST, 7:18pm CET), with more than 20,000 in attendance. Politically Incorrect is live-streaming it.

Geert Wilders sent a message in German and Dutch to PEGIDA supporters, and the German version was read out at the beginning of the rally. Our Austrian correspondent AMT has kindly translated the text into English, which is shown below. The German and Dutch versions are also included, below the jump.

From Geert Wilders:

My dear friends in Dresden,
What is taking place here in Dresden is truly fabulous. Dresden is leading the way. All of Europe is watching you. You are not alone. You are part of something huge. In Germany, in Holland, in all of Europe. You are fulfilling the hope of many. You are the voice of the population against the elite. You are the people!

People in Germany have had enough.
People in Holland have had enough.
In all of Europe, people have had enough.

Enough of terror and hatred.
Enough of attacks, enough of bloodshed.
Enough of Islamization, which betrays our Judeo-Christian identity and our traditions, which destroys the future of our children and which is selling out our countries and our civilization.
In all of Europe people are saying: “We are the people!” And we are sick of it!

I support you with all of my heart. Millions all over Europe support you. I am proud of you.
We want what you want: a free people, a free country, a civilized country and no Islamization.
Let us fight together for all this. No one can stop us. Long live freedom!

— Geert Wilders


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