Östersund: Worse than War-Ravaged Syria

On New Year’s Eve a group of culture-enriching asylum seekers refused to get off a bus at Östersund in northern Sweden, in protest against the deficiencies of the place to which they had been driven. They objected vociferously to the bitter weather, and the fact that the center was far away from any urban amenities.

Our Swedish correspondent Alfred Fredriksson sends this report on the New Year’s asylum crisis in the far north of Sweden.

Östersund: Worse than War-Ravaged Syria

by Alfred Fredriksson

The Swedish multiculturalist establishment recently abolished parliamentary democracy when the Center-right Alliance abandoned their role as opposition parties in the December Agreement. The prime purpose of this agreement is to ensure that mass immigration can continue and that the patriotic party, the Sweden Democrats, won’t gain any influence on public policy. The mass immigration that they defend so fervently has soared to new heights 2014, with 81,000 asylum seekers and 42,000 relatives, mostly from Syria, Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. This is the highest rate of asylum seekers per capita in all of Europe by far.

While the report about the number of asylum seekers did not come until New Year’s Day, we were reminded of our multicultural future the day before. This New Year’s was celebrated explosively by some parts of the population. Gangs of immigrant youths terrorized the local population in immigrant-dominated areas by shooting fireworks at pedestrians and cars. In Växsjö, cars were set ablaze, and when police arrive they were forced to flee after being attacked by stones and fireworks. Similar events occurred in many cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Linköping.

The most interesting story, however, was the protest by a group of asylum seekers in the northern Swedish city of Östersund. They had arrived in Malmö and applied for asylum, which was of course granted, as Sweden grants asylum and permanent residency to all Syrians and Eritreans. They were then placed on a bus and taken to a residence near Östersund. When they arrived, thirty of the sixty so-called “refugees” refused to get off the bus and demanded to be taken back to Malmö. Here are some of the comments from people supposedly fleeing “war, death and persecution”, as the establishment usually puts it.

While pointing at the ice Isan Hydr said:

“I am 75 years old and come from the Middle East. So I get sent to a place that looks like this? It is dangerous for me to be here.

“It feels like a prison, in the middle of the woods. Sure, I could stay here for a few weeks or at most a couple of months. Now I am staying here nine months. I usually play music and write songs. I can’t do that here, I die inside of living here.”

Muhammad added:

“Either they get us out of here or give us better facilities, otherwise we will go on a hunger strike.”

The “refugees” claimed that they were lured to Grytan asylum home in Östersund and that they had been promised residency in Malmö.

Moaweyh Ramliy from Palestine said that he thought they were going on a short bus ride to an asylum home in Malmö and added:

“Instead they drove us for fifteen hours. We don’t want to be here. We want to go back to Malmö.”

Here are some pictures from their “demonstration” against the cruelty of the Swedes who provide them with food, shelter, clothes, money and smart phones.

The police claimed they did not have legal authority to expel the immigrants from the bus and they allowed these picky “refugees” to occupy it all of New Year’s Eve.

Police Chief Bengt Stadin commented on the situation:

“You have to proceed with caution. These are people who are seeking shelter, and to expel them from the bus would not be appropriate. We hope we can solve this with dialogue.”

The bus driver Ronny Andersson, whose bus was occupied and who was forced to spend New Year’s Eve in a hotel room in Östersund, wrote on his Facebook:

“So now I have gotten to sleep two hours. And now I am sitting here without my bus. Because the immigrants have taken it over and they don’t want to get off, even worse, one of them took my computer where I have my entire life. But I still wish everyone I know and don’t know a happy New Year’s.”

On New Year’s Day the Department of Immigration folded and gave the Syrians guarantees that they will granted other residency. This very telling video gives us a little insight into how the new Swedish nobility thinks and what they expect of us Swedes.

[A video of the asylum protesters was to be embedded here, but it has been removed from the service that hosted it, and is no longer available.]

Notice the smart phone in the man’s hand as his friend tells Swedish media how displeased they are.

Kent Ekeroth, Member of Parliament for the patriotic political party the Sweden Democrats commented the situation in Östersund:

“Their behavior is a fitting symbol for Swedish immigration policies, Swedish immigration and a naive PC establishment. It shows what Swedish immigration is all about today; tricking and exploiting Sweden for economic gain at the expense of the Swedish taxpayer.

“Rumors about the easily-fooled and naïve Sweden have gone so far that they feel they have a moral right to make demands. It is incredible.

“It is exactly as I have said many times; they do not flee to Sweden, they travel. Unfortunately, with the establishment’s naïve consent.”

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49 thoughts on “Östersund: Worse than War-Ravaged Syria

  1. I have never seen such self-destructive people as the Swedes! Pictures speak louder than word! Does anyone foresee a problem if most refugees are males? The effect of importing a surfeit of males is no different than permitting wholesale polygamy. Someone will be left out in this game of “musical chairs.” After the excitement of moving to a new country dies down in the hearts of these young men, they will regain their libido and wreck havoc on the country they now call home. There can be no complaints from the Swedes who support this lunacy. Their immigration policy is no saner than picking up a downed electrical line or walking into oncoming traffic!

    • Thanks for supporting us, we who have spoken for years. I now have to be very careful for at least another year or so, I need a new job and if you talk bad of muslims you lose your job. Now we have even harder laws in Sweden, after 1/1- 2015, so called hate-speech- laws and I wonder what effect it will have.

      I have always blogged and give my comments anonymously, my kids needed a mother who could care for them and was safe and sound. Now my kids are grown up and I have my own life to live. But it’s a very big risk in Sweden beeing critical. We are not careless and ignorant all of us, we are scared because we lose jobs and other important things in life if we do ‘wrong’.

      So plz stand by us, rather than talk bad about us, we live nomore in a democratic country, we live in hell on earth.
      They only thing to look forward to in Sweden is a civil war. Our authorities are disgusting and opressess us. Maybe Sweden Democrats, or how you say it in English, can make it, but I think it’s impossible. Not because they are losers, but because of the hate and despotic actions from authorities.

      And excuse my bad English, I do my best to explain the horrible situation.

      • How did things get this far in Sweden? Didn’t you see that things would be out of control and you would live in a totalitarian country?

        • And, why not? Come to Brazil! The economy is ruined, the politicians are stupid but you can curse whomever you want.

        • Of course! I am one of the first critical blogger in Sweden, about islam, honour-related violence and the impact on the society in Sweden, Germany and other countries. I have been called racist, hater etc etc. I had five different blogs, three on my own and separated the subjects, easier to handle and read. I also wrote with two other bloggers on two different blog. I then translated some of my blogarticles to English and also wrote new in English for foreign readers.

          I took also a lot of courses at university about Middle East, honour-related violence and political science. I did my best and I can look back at that.

          I nowadays only make some comments on blogs, I am in middle of a higher degree at university and work with other subjects, but still to make Sweden a better place. I can’t be more specific because of the political climate in Sweden. Bad, very bad! 🙁

          And no, I want to move from Sweden, but my kids, now grown men, live here and I can’t stand living without them near me. And I need to finish my degree. I love Sweden, my home, my land.

          I can’t explain why Sweden is lost. It’s a lot of reasons, neoliberals and globalists have made Sweden a hell. Etc, etc

          • The Muslims are beginning to act like they believe they have enough carpets on the ground and politicians in their camel packs to do anything their base instincts direct them to as a next best step to confusing and dividing “their” Euro minions. Hopefully at some point these lazy cowardly desert folk will discover instead that they really never were up to any really heavy lifting. It is way past donating a church building permit or two in the Gulf.

          • To Joy:

            Well, my heart is with you. Unfortunately, Brazil is going the same way (and I cant’t leave here).

            May God help us, as He did in the past (like Lepanto Battle, for instance), and may He deliver us from evil politicians…

  2. “There is a choice of which country Sweden will be. Is this a land that is owned by those who have lived here for three or four generations, or is Sweden where people who come here in mid-life makes it to be and develops it? To me, it is obvious that it should be the latter and that there is a stronger and better society if it will be open.”

    Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt (December 29, 2014)

    I am not a Swede, and admittedly, I live in the past and my value system is different, but I would like to remind all that in all of Europe and in all of the rest of the world, anybody who would say this words 60 years ago, meaning that his own country should belong to colonialist invaders rather than to its own inhabitants would be summarily charged with treason. Had I been in charge of the political campaigns of the Sweden Democrats I would do these four things (not to say that they need my advise and did not think about it themselves):

    1. Keep many copies of that news piece and flood youtube with it. Their election campaign should show it time and again ad nauseam. Without too much commentary, so nobody could blame them for “hate speech”.
    2. Explain the implication that the original Swedes who voted for this guy and his accomplices are being betrayed and sold down the river to be considered foreigners in their own country. And by extension, show that all the parties that support the Christmas agreement are either perpetrators or accomplices as well.
    3. Speak directly to the voting base of this guy’s party to undermine any support that they may still have.
    4. Try to persuade any politician of this guy’s party who may still have some self respect, to jump ship and join the Sweden Democrats.


    • “Is this a land that is owned by those who have lived here for three or four generations”

      – No, according to former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

      There are no Swedes, and no Swedish culture, according to other top Swedish politicians, among them Mona Stalin..Sahlin.

    • Or better still identify and then round up the treasonous quisling socialist scum who force this, a white genocide,, on ordinary people.

  3. This is stage two in full bloom. Not only do muslims expect to be fully supported financially, they also expect to be placed in a similar community from whence they came in order to blow up, burn and rape the native population. (Too cold up there in Ostersund to do any raping and burning.)
    I’ll bet the Swedish powers that be sent these people to the remote area of Ostersund so the people of Ostersund could also participate in Sweden’s marvelous cultural revolution…
    I am reminded of the very quick dispersal of 75,000 illegal central americans into the heartland of the U.S. Never mind that the Novovirus quickly broke out across the U.S. and over a dozen children died from it, many more paralyzed and on respirators… It is, after all, for the greater good.

  4. The sensible option would be to drive the bus straight back to the airport, force them aboard a plane bound back to where they came from, at gunpoint if necessary, and say cheerio as they head off back to warmer climes …

    • Better if these buses have “mentally ill” drivers who just keep driving over cliffs sides on the way to the airport. Remotely controlled pilotless planes would do the trick as well. Another way to deal or rather cope with these reprobates from Hell would be to create a whole new industry and laws aimed at good guilt-free riddance. A kind of reverse PC.

  5. Don’t you just love the following quote:

    “…and when police arrive they were forced to flee after being attacked by stones …”

    Forced to flee? Don’t the Swedish police have firearms that they are trained to use? Warning shots overhead first, then if that doesn’t deter the attackers, aim for their legs. The whole point of having a police force is the social contract between state and citizen that the latter pays taxes and the former maintains civil order with specialized public employees. It is that simple.

    My heart truly goes out to the 75 year old Syrian poet-musician “asylum seeker” who doesn’t find the bucolic rural setting to his liking. Life must have been just dandy in Syria, but Swedish taxpayers weren’t paying for it there. Perhaps Mona Sahlin or one of the Green Party cabinet members will put him up in their own homes. And then be driven out of them when his sons, nephews, grandsons, cousins, etc arrive in Sweden on family unification grounds, move in with him, and through their behaviour make life intolerable for the naive hosts.

    • For the police to use their firearms they need orders. Those who give orders are elected zombies. Elected were nice and humanistic that’s why they were elected. They don’t like to shatter that image no matter what, even if their eleven-year olds are raped.

      • “Elected were nice and humanistic that’s why they were elected.” Well it’s about time those that elected them voted for somebody else – the solution is in their own hands. The same applies throughout Europe.

    • “The whole point of having a police force is the social contract between state and citizen that the latter pays taxes and the former maintains civil order with specialized public employees. It is that simple.”

      The New World Order wipes out this contract. Sharia does not subscribe to man-made laws and contracts.

  6. The Swedish government is evil and most Swedes are ignorant sheep. They should start building gallows for the politicians and the elite before the country is completely lost.

  7. This makes me think of the German asylum seekers that crossed into Poland in 1939, into France in 1940, and the USSR in 1941,…

    • Ah, Muslims/jihadis are smart. Men come here get generous welfare money, then they have time to go to western authorities, get weapon’s licence, train for jihad and wait until the right moment when the zombies have no orders to defend themselves, or when they have orders it would be too late.
      Sweden….. are you not lovely with your infinite humanistic kindness? Your humanistic arrogance will be dragged in dust by jihadis …. soon.

    • They are the soldiers. Can’t have women and children slowing them down, and take up resources.

      First Things first
      First, deployment of soldiers. Later, when they have sucked the maximum resources from the host, then they can call for their women and children.

      Relatives, the largest group of immigrants, to Sweden

      Moaweyh Ramly, from the Östersund bus, is very clear about how impossible it would be from him to stay there, at the free housing. The local bus only goes five times a day, and if he would miss the bus, he would have to walk 3-4 km (a couple of miles). “Too cold for walking,” Ramly says.

      What is he? A refugee? An asylum seeker? A person in desperate need of political shelter? Or, maybe not… More precisely, definitely not. Even if not a refugee, he does however, look fit, he should be fully capable of walking that distance, if at times he would miss the bus.

      Amusing scene, where Lebanese woman, in Swedish, is berating the group of ungrateful male bus passengers from Syria. Actually, she does make them look a tiny bit ashamed, there at Grytan. Hopefully, there is much more of that in store for them!

      • ““Too cold for walking,” Ramly says.

        What is he? A refugee? An asylum seeker? A person in desperate need of political shelter? Or, maybe not… More precisely, definitely not.”

        Definitely not. He’s the one who’s calling the shots. How many other Europeans, like me, can’t wait till the gloves come off with these people – politicians first!

    • I tell you where they are: at home waiting for the menfolk to establish themselves in Sweden, not in the traditional sense of immigrants establishing themselves by hard work and personal self-sacrifice, but in the new sense of securing a guaranteed income without working, a government-supplied apartment (in Australia asylum seekers get a free standard household “starter package” as well: lounge and dining furniture, beds, linen, kitchenware, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc, etc – the goodies that working class Australians up until the 1970’s struggled to obtain for years by scrimping and saving) and permanent residency.

      Then they bring their relatives over: brothers and sisters, mother and father, then spouses for the brothers and sisters. I met a Lebanese Muslim woman three years ago whose brother had done just that.

      • Thanks to Australian taxpayers!
        “Government supplied”

        “…government-supplied apartment (in Australia asylum seekers get a free standard household “starter package” as well: lounge and dining furniture, beds, linen, kitchenware, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, etc, etc – the goodies that working class Australians up until the 1970’s struggled to obtain for years by scrimping and saving) and permanent residency.

        This is so totally insane!

        Taxpayers, wherever they may be, should pay attention to this. Whenever government is distributing money and goods, they got their money from Your Work.

        Think about it… Will you still consider working so that these First Class Citizens, the mohammedans, shall get their free housing, and you get…not only to pay more taxes, and work harder, but to get Second Class Citizen Status in Your Own Country!

        • All that stupidity stopped when that federal Labor government was voted out of office in September, 2013.

          There have been no ‘asylum seeker’ arrivals on the Australian mainland since that time. Any Illegal Maritime Arrivals – a legal definition the MSM still refuses to adopt – are sent to detention camps in pacific islands and New Guinea for ‘processing’. They are offered air-fares back to their point of origin by the current Australian government. Many have taken up that option and have left.

          • I forgot to add. I have it on good authority that the Muslims who ‘play up’ in those detention centres are severely dealt with before being forcibly sent back to where they came from.

        • While UK welfare system is being dismantled for the indigenous population, its going to be interesting to see how the enricher policy will be funded. Have always suspected the existence of a shadow welfare system for enrichers, with the indigenous poor being cast into the street suspect that the shadow welfare system will be exposed.

  8. Immigrants did not
    Build Sweden

    Tino Sanandaji looks at economics and immigration to Sweden. Born in Teheran, Tino’s Kurdish background adds another perspective

    Moral Superpower: A book on immigration by Tino Sanandaji

    Sanandaji is currently working on this book on the subject, based on a very successful crowd-funding project.

    Tino points out, very sympathetically, that he is earning his life well, and is not asking contributions from persons with lower incomes, unless they would like to contribute with 10 kronor (or, a dollar) as a symbolic gesture.

    On former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s thoughts about Sweden, Christmas 2014

    “Revisionism is a potent political weapon. This is what George Orwell meant by

    “He who controls the past controls the future.
    He who controls the present controls the past”.

    Taking rights from a people by re-writing history, is never nice, but watching a country’s elite trying to delegitimize their own people, is astounding.”

  9. And if all that wasn’t enough – they stole the bus driver’s laptop, too. What nice people Sweden is grovelling to.

    • The politicians are playing along with the Invaders

      The politicians will not speak up against their masters, the brotherhood, all their organizations, their imams or any other islamophile entity. The politicians will not weaken islam in our societies.

      So who is it going to be? Who is going to chase the invaders?

  10. I bet the local people living there, especially any deer hunters, would be more than happy to send them off to Paradise given half a chance.

  11. Old Syrian guy so called refugee not going to live where Sweden send him, back to Malmo, he commands, sounds like a Syrian soldier to me. Is he a refugee? Refugees are happy to be away from their past. Stick this old [epithet] exactly in what a CanaNadian would call a family camp. Not good enough for a Syrian refugee? Who exactly is this Syrian refugee? Sounds like as usual [epithet] in the Syrian military, I’d be watching him. He is no doubt a person of interest. As a Swede,I’d be saying, if our camps and cottages aren’t good enough for this [epithet], who exactly is he, someone probably wanted for war crimes. Thinking Sweden is his bolt hole. Sweden had better be careful, no one trusts Swedes anymore, bad WW2 legacy.

  12. I think Sweden will be the first European country to go down to Islam. Their leaders encourage it. Their idiots march in the streets to protest islamaphobia, not the rapes of their women. Their police stand by and watch. TELL ME, What other country in the free world has a pathetic and useless police as Sweden? Let the fires burn in Malmo. In Canada, everyone would be there, they would not let one little fire burn. In Canada, our cops and firefighters and medics would be there, STOPPING IT, which is why Canadians have respect for them. SWEDISH COPS, get in there and fight. It should be your sworn duty. Swedish cops, firefighters and medical, why aren’t you stopping this? If it is your politicians, stop the, make them see the ravages. Swedish people, this is YOUR chance. Stand up, speak out. It is up to the people of Sweden . Do those people in the street stand for you. I think not, you ordinary Swedes must fight back in whatever way you can.

  13. Look at their clothes. Fashionable and current and expensive. Expensive faded jeans, expensive footwear, etc. Even their undies are better quality than I can afford. The one in the yellow undies (with peace sign in first) in third photo is outfitted in matching shoe ensemble in top pic. Something terribly wrong here.

      • Their rape costumes on. Later they cover up with blankets and beards to hide their sense of shame, guilt and inferiority. Sick bloated unforgiving egos that cannot be reformed and will never take responsibility. The stuff of a fourth world existence.

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