One Week in the Death of Britain

Below is the latest essay by Paul Weston. It was originally published at Liberty GB in a slightly different form.

One Week in the Death of Britain
by Paul Weston

When a country is slowly dying (or being slowly murdered) it makes for depressing reading when one charts its death throes. This is precisely why I don’t write articles such as this on a regular basis. I really don’t want to foreshorten the time we have left by depressing people to such an extent they break out the accumulated sleeping pills, or reach for a tumbler of whisky and the trusty old service revolver in the study.

But sometimes it has to be done. The contents of this article are nothing new. They are not an exceptional set of events in an exceptional time. They are simply one week’s worth of news stories representing what goes on day-in day-out, week-in week-out, year-in year-out, within a country that dies a little death every day from the left-wing knife intent on making a thousand cuts.

It is hard to know where to begin, but the ongoing population replacement of the native British is always a good start. The foreign-born population of London is set to outnumber the native-born within the next fifteen years. What should be noted here is that the English are already a minority in London and that the majority of “native” London-born are not actually English at all. This ongoing catastrophe means our virtual extinction even before one factors in the booming foreign-born. In other words, the capitol city of England is already lost to the English and it will become exponentially worse very quickly.

The demographic decline of the English due to below replacement-level birth rates, coupled with the demographic explosion of Islam via mass immigration and high birth rates, is leading toward another totally predictable catastrophe in terms of democracy. For the first time in the history of Britain, foreign-born voters are set to decide the electoral outcome of several parliamentary constituencies.

As the years and decades pass, the ever-decreasing native British will find themselves increasingly unrepresented in national politics, something which even the liberal/left might find irksome in the extreme as reality finally dawns on their cranially challenged multiculti world view. At the moment, though, they are all for it. The English living in the London area of Brent are a minority, but local Labour MP Barry Gardiner thinks this a jolly good thing, and said:

“The great thing is that we are all minorities in Brent. We know we have to get on, and by and large we do. It is the area’s diversity that gives it its strength — and cohesion.”

Mr Gardiner is a member of the Traitor Class and knows if he told the truth about Brent he would never be re-elected. A slightly more honest description, courtesy of a government document part written by Brent Councillor Zaffar Van Kalwala paints an altogether different picture:

“Having been born and raised in Brent, I have become all too familiar with many of the statistics relating to gangs first hand; some of the people I grew up with and went to school with are either in prison or no longer with us — guns and gangs did that. Tackling gangs and gang culture is one of the biggest challenges we face in our community. National estimates indicate gangs could affect up to 6% of all 11-19 year olds in the borough. According to the Metropolitan Police, gangs are estimated to be responsible for 16% of the total drug supply, 26% of aggravated burglary and 14% of all types of rape. It has been also reported that 50% of all shootings are gang related.”

If you are English and you live in Brent, it is highly likely you will be less than impressed about living in a multiculti war zone. And if you think there is a democratic way out of this you will be sorely disappointed. The ‘Migrant’s Rights Network’ put it thus: “Migrants do not vote as a bloc, but historically they tend to favour parties with positive attitudes to race and immigration.” Or, in other words, don’t be negative about your racial and cultural dispossession you white, English bastards.

Those who are replacing us are nothing like us in civilisational terms. Which of course has consequences. In the aftermath of the Muslim murders in Paris, British Jews are feeling the anti-Semitic hate in Britain as well, which is hardly surprising when our witless ruling elites thought it a good idea to import a brown version of the Nazi party into what was once a peaceful and cohesive country.

The virulently left-wing BBC is also complicit in the rise of anti-Semitism in Britain, as they spew their vitriolic bile about Israel 24/7. The head of the BBC’s Religious Affairs Unit is a Muslim with a questionable past, whilst Tariq Kafala, the erstwhile head of BBC Arabic (Al-Beeb’s largest non-English speaking broadcaster…) stated the Muslim terrorists responsible for the Paris murders must not be described as either Muslims or terrorists; presumably because to do so might make people equate Muslim terrorism with Muslim terrorists who adhere to the scriptures of their Holy Book which call for Muslim terrorism.

This obscene Leftist/Islamic alliance has now led to the point where Muslim males in Britain go Jew bashing of a Saturday evening rather than contravening sharia law and drinking warm beer whilst flirting with doe-eyed houris. Three young Muslims have just been convicted of racially aggravated assault which left their Jewish victim with this to say about celebrating diversity in modern, go-ahead multicultural Britain:

“I was targeted because of my religion and I’m now scared to walk past members of the Asian community with whom otherwise I have no problem. When I come across a person from the Middle East. I feel scared and petrified.”

And he is not alone. Some 63% of British Jews now question whether they have a future in Britain. This is an astonishing statistic for a country instrumental in defeating Nazism just a bare few decades ago. Still, I’m sure we can deal with this new threat. Home Secretary Theresa May stated she will stamp out anti-Semitism with great vigour, a gung-ho promise somewhat compromised by her refusal to inform us from just where this anti-Semitic ideology emanates.

Theresa May, needless to say, believes Islam is a Religion of Peace (© filed on behalf of all Western politicians) and constantly states we should celebrate diversity whilst simultaneously stating we should not celebrate diversity if said diversity does not adhere to the full celebration of human rights, women’s rights, homosexual rights, not blowing people up on buses and trains rights etc — which presents rather a tortuous conundrum for her when it comes to celebrating the not-terribly-diverse-at-all ideology of Islam. It might just be me, but I have doubts as to whether Islamic inspired anti-Semitism will be tackled by our current Home Secretary. How about you?

Islam and the behaviour of its devoted followers is a constant source of delightful newspaper stories to be enjoyed with one’s morning coffee and toast. Paedophile illegal immigrant Zia Maroof Khail has just been found guilty of failing to understand Britain’s strange multicultural laws which encourage foreign cultures to retain their culture. In this instance, it was raping a 13-year-old girl, which in his defence he did not consider an illegal act, what with his cultural upbringing in Afghanistan and all that. As Daniel Greenfield so eloquently put it “Specifically raping non-Muslim unattended teenage girls is not against Afghan Muslim cultural norms. Which is a problem for any non-Muslim country they visit.” Indeed Daniel, indeed.

These pesky cultural norms have led to a huge increase in the Muslim population currently behind bars in British prisons. Such is the dramatic increase of Muslim rape we can now proudly lay claim to fully eight prisons which exist only for banging up the perpetrators of sex crimes. This is causing much anguish amongst the Muslim community — not the raping you understand, but the banging up of the rapists themselves.

The Labour Party’s shadow Justice Minister Sadiq Khan (I know, I know…) is most upset that 27% of London’s prison population is Muslim and has called for a government enquiry into just why this should be the case: “What’s really worrying is the rise, year after year, in the number of Muslims behind bars… this is a waste of human talent and a huge drain on the hard-pressed taxpayer” said the egregious Khan with nary a hint of embarrassment or irony. What particular “talent” does he have in mind when he talks about Muslim paedophile rapists, one wonders?

Progressive left/liberals will no doubt take offence about my insinuation that all these Muslim prisoners are paedophile rapists. They may have a point, and I in no way claim all Muslim prisoners are paedophile rapists. Some might simply be representing their community as drug dealers, people-traffickers or terrorists… but one thing we know for sure is that not one of them is a Muslim doctor convicted of carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) despite FGM being a crime both against the law and a crime against humanity.

One hospital alone, Birmingham Heartlands, has dealt with 1,500 cases of FGM over the last five years. On an annual national basis 5,500 FGM victims are cared for by British hospitals. This figure is deemed to be the tip of the iceberg because patients are often patched up by the local Muslim doctor, rather than being referred to hospital where they just might run into an English doctor who might just report the family (or the initial Muslim doctor/mutilator) to the authorities. You won’t be surprised to hear though, that despite these enormous figures being known to the authorities, Britain has yet to see a single conviction. We don’t want to upset community cohesion after all, old chap.

Gender abortion is another one of those glorious aspects of a diverse and multicultural Britain imported from the Indian sub-continent, which again must not be criticised on community cohesion grounds. In a letter to the Daily Telegraph today, forty-four pre-eminent “liberals” from what appears to be the entire gamut of British university humanities departments, pointed out the dangers involved in drawing attention to ethnic minorities with a predisposition to slaughtering their potential female offspring. The arguments they used are as follows:

“First, it would undermine the professional integrity of those who work in an already overstretched abortion service, as it suggests that they need to be stopped from doing something that constitutes a form of violence and abuse… secondly, it risks encouraging doctors to enact some form of ethnic profiling that would, for example, require service providers to question Asian women specifically… thirdly, it seeks to construe abortion as an offence against “the unborn child”, specifically “the girl”. This is an attempt to secure a legal definition of a pregnancy that recognises the “rights of the unborn” and thus erodes women’s reproductive rights.”

Isn’t that nice? These disgusting progressive liberals, many of them feminists, would happily allow the murder of a sentient living being, rather than ethnically profile Asian women who wish to carry out an abortion (probably against their will) because their husband wants a superior boy rather than an inferior girl — in their eyes. And Western, feminist liberals agree with this… Dear God, give me strength.

As many people are now aware, British Prime Minister David Cameron thinks Islam is a religion of peace (© all Western politicians) and has been paying his due respects following the death of the old Saudi Arabian tyrant, King Abdullah bin Abd Al Aziz Al Saud. When asked for his comments about the passing of this terrorist-in-chief, Cameron adopted the appropriate infidel position and came up with the following nauseatingly dhimmi verbiage:

“I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of the custodian of the two holy mosques… his Majesty will be remembered for his long years of service to the kingdom, for his commitment to peace and for strengthening understanding between faiths… I sincerely hope that the long and deep ties between our two kingdoms will continue and that we can continue to work together to strengthen peace and prosperity in the world.”

Way to go, Cameron! If this doesn’t show the power of the petro-dollar at its finest, then I don’t know what else possibly could. Saudi Arabia is well-known, even by Cameron, as the principle source of funding geared toward the radical Wahhabist subversion of the West, but he showed, in a truly modern political manner, that there is no demeaning level to which a British politician will not stoop in the promotion of cultural relativist degradation mixed with more than a little vainglorious greed.

In another act of cultural/religious abasement, Westminster Abbey flew the Union Jack at half-mast to honour the death of the Saudi king. Even as Christians are being murdered on a colossal scale around the world, the Church of England sought to honour a man responsible for much of the anti-Christian propaganda and a man who led a country where Christianity is banned upon pain of physical punishment or even death. The British politician responsible for pressurising the Church of England into this act of gross dhimmi servitude is the Secretary of State for Culture, the Rt Hon Sajid Javid…

It is not just British Muslim politicians who behave like this, though. Only the other day the impressively larger than life “Communities Minister” Eric Pickles wrote a grovelling letter to Muslim leaders across Britain, urging them to play their part in ensuring British Muslims be steered away from gunning down ungrateful infidels in public places. The quotes below are brief, but this really is a letter that should be read in full.

“Assalamu Alaikum, we have recently seen terrible atrocities committed in Paris. Finding the right response to these events is a challenge for everyone. The hijacking of a great faith to justify such heinous crimes sickens us all. As Muslims around the world have made clear, such actions are an affront to Islam. But there is more work to do. We must show our young people, who may be targeted, that extremists have nothing to offer them… You, as faith leaders, are in a unique position in our society. You have a precious opportunity, and an important responsibility in explaining and demonstrating how British values are Muslim values. Like all faiths, Islam and its message of peace and unity makes our country a better and stronger place, and Britain would be diminished without its strong Muslim communities… We welcome your thoughts, ideas and initiatives on how to ensure that Islam’s true message of peace triumphs over those who seek to divide our communities.”

Considering the fact that Muslims had just murdered lots of non-Muslims in Paris, this letter might strike some as being obsequious in the extreme, possibly even the words of a man already living under a foreign power which Must Not Be Provoked, but even this was too much for British Muslim leaders who reacted as though Pickles had recently donned his Gestapo uniform mit Iron Cross and laid into them with his hunting crop. This is what Harun Khan, deputy secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain had to say:

“Is Mr Pickles seriously suggesting, as do members of the far right, that Muslims and Islam are inherently apart from British society?” He went on to state he was demanding an explanation for the assumptions that appeared to be in the letter.

Now, I think there is something distinctly Not Quite Right about all of this. When the ruling class grovels in the most appalling fashion before the purportedly oppressed class but still get taken to task for not grovelling abjectly enough, one has to question just who is the ruler and who is the ruled. Or, as Voltaire so succinctly put it: “In order to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.” ’Nuff said, Volty.

There were a number of other news stories with regard to the cultural enrichment Islam brings to Britain. The influx of Somali Muslims into Bristol is leading to the destruction of traditional English pubs, which once closed and shuttered are then available for state funding to turn them into something more relevant to the local community — such as mosques, for example. Local MP for Bristol West Stephen Williams said: “Some parts of my constituency, which used to have a white working class community 20 or 30 years ago are now populated primarily by recently-arrived Somalis and other people. Obviously the pubs in that area have closed. Some have been converted to other uses…”

This Muslim takeover is not limited to little English pubs alone. With limitless petro-dollars, Muslim sovereign wealth funds are able to go for much larger chunks of property than the local Saracen’s Head boozer. Canary Wharf, the new financial centre of Britain, has just been purchased by lovely, friendly Qatar, one of the prime funders of Islamic terrorism on a global scale. Isn’t that just wonderful! Can anyone else see a growing problem here?

Another growth area of Islamic influence is non-stunned halal slaughter, which has seen a dramatic increase in Britain. The Independent reports the number of cattle killed without first being stunned has risen by 33% while the number of sheep not being stunned increased by a half. Readers will not be surprised to learn this meat is served without reference to halal slaughter in our schools, hospitals and supermarkets all over the country. And the animal loving English don’t appear to care greatly about this — including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) whose caring and compassionate “liberal” leaders have also adopted the appropriate infidel position before Islam. To their eternal shame.

The British police and “Social Services” — which is surely something of a misnomer — also appear incapable of shame, it would seem. In Rotherham, the much publicised epicentre of Muslim rape gangs preying on vulnerable white girls, nothing seems to have changed at all. Sky News claims the rapes are still taking place and the police are still turning a blind eye. This deliberate lack of apparent interest is because the police do not wish to inflame the local Muslim community by clamping down on their extra-cultural activities, thereby causing division between the communities. It has yet to occur to them that this is not really the way forward in terms of community cohesion because the other community — the ignored community, the raped community, the English community — is one day going to erupt in thoroughly moral fury.

To rub salt into the wounds of the young female rape victims, it now transpires some of their names have been leaked by the House of Commons’ Home Affairs select committee which was set up to investigate the rape gangs. The girls have since received further abuse and death threats. The man in charge of this appalling government committee is Yemeni born, Keith Vaz. I may have said this already, but Dear Lord give me strength…

Islam has also played an inadvertent role in the closure of non-Islamic schools. There was a scandal recently in Birmingham, dubbed the Trojan Horse Plot which related to the hard-line Islamic takeover of a number of schools. In order to battle this ongoing Muslim coup, the British government established new educational guidelines which promised to promote traditional British values. Unfortunately — and unsurprisingly — these British values are not what one might necessarily expect, as they seem to consist only of showing respect for Islam, Lesbians, diversity and equality — which as any fule kno are not quite the values that propelled Britain to its once great status in the world.

I won’t bore you with all the sorry and sordid details, which can be found here, but would just mention that two schools are in the process of being closed down because the children are deemed “racist” toward Muslims or sexist toward lesbians. Please bear in mind these schools have been earmarked for closure because they apparently contravene new guidelines specifically designed to combat Islamic extremism. A few choice quotes from the report (linked above) are as follows:

“Parents and leaders at the school have claimed it was targeted because of its Christian ethos. They allege pupils were effectively seen as bigots by inspectors desperate to promote a politically correct diversity agenda and find evidence of religious extremism… similar grievances were being aired by the head teacher at Grindon Hall Christian School, just ten miles away in Sunderland. On Tuesday, he issued a statement complaining about an Ofsted inspection which saw his school downgraded from the best performing of its kind in the area to the worst. Again, the accusation is that inspectors went in with an agenda, quizzing pupils about racism, homophobia and extremism. It is alleged they were even asked if they knew what lesbians ‘did’… other Christian, Catholic and Jewish schools claim also to have been marked down in similar circumstances — one for failing to invite Muslim imams to take assemblies, another for being ‘too white.”

That pretty much wraps up Islam in the news over the last seven-days in Merrie Olde Englande, but it is not just Islam that so enriches our proudly vibrant homeland. In other news this week a gang of fine upstanding foreign British men kidnapped a lone white Englishman and chopped off his finger in an attempt to make his family pay a £60,000 ransom. Isn’t diversity just brilliant? Who on earth could possibly object if such people soon outnumber us?

In addition to this sickening violence carried out against the native English comes the story of the jailing of four Polish immigrants who beat the University lecturer Paul Kohler half-to-death in front of his family in his Wimbledon home. All four had served prison sentences in Poland, but as Britain carries out no border checks on immigrants, they were allowed to blithely waltz into my country to continue to ply their trade here.

Britain is facing the gravest threats to our future as a peaceful and cohesive nation, yet our politicians, media and educational establishment will do nothing about it. Indeed, they are very much part of the threat we face. We have a General Election this year. The Conservatives will fight it by talking about the economy. Labour will fight it by talking about the National Health Service and austerity cuts. UKIP will fight it over the EU and EU immigration.

I don’t think I really need point out that if no one fights against the points raised in this article, which detail just seven days’ worth of assaults on Britain, then Britain cannot survive for very much longer. Can you imagine what the country will look like in a decade’s time if nothing changes today? Or how about in three decades time? If you are the parents of a young child or are thinking of starting a family, their future really ought to be something you start considering. Very carefully.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

61 thoughts on “One Week in the Death of Britain

  1. So heartbreaking to read about what is happening to our dear Britain. I’m an American and I see what is happening in my own country with the help of a marxist infiltrated government. Socialism is a failure. Multiculturalism is a failure, so is diversity and political correctness. But the progressives don’t care. They hate prosperity. They hate Christianity. They hate White civilization. They want all of it to be destroyed. Yet they’re too full of arrogance/ narcissism to consider what will happen “to them” when white Christian civilization falls.

  2. I have read that before 1789 French aristocrats would sometimes relieve themselves along the walls of rooms in the Versailles Palace, which servants would, of course, have to sop up.

    If that was representative in any way, the aristocracy ought not to have been surprised at the wave of violence that broke over their heads . . . though I am sure they were.

    Chinese dynasties that eventually decayed still possessed at their end fearsome powers of repression, yet when the people — completely without our communications — decided that the emperor had lost the mandate of heaven, the dynasty collapsed and central control with it.

    Modern Westerners have for decades been exhorted to believe that what was falling on their heads was rain when it manifestly was nothing of the sort.

    The political class of Britain lavishes its loving attention on such as the eight yeomen depicted in the photo above and held up as a grand addition to the England of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Coke, Nelson, Newton, Arnold, and Flashman.

    This will not end well. The Treason C.lass may think that public sentiment can be manipulated and ignored indefinitely. But it can’t.

    It has a life of its own and the fury that is brewing will be like nothing ever seen when burst forth. It will match each tawdry lie, crime, and insult and repay, as befits the monumental betrayal inflicted.

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

  3. Thankyou Mr Weston! An excellent piece but don’t expect the bleating Sheople to do anything. Part of the problem is the utter destruction of the Christian Church and virtues, that once guided the Sheople and kept them morally responsible. Unfortunately they have swallowed wholesale the multiculti rot.

    As a Designated “Mad” Old Roman Catholic Bishop who does speak out regularly in my sermons about the very subjects you raise above, I am afraid it is far from enough as we have two cardinals dying of cancer and I have the same, although for now “indolent”. It has not been easy and even being ejected by UKIP-one more multiculti mob- has not saved me even as a high Church Episcopal overseer of England and Wales. I was informed “Father Guy you scare people!”

    I have also lost lucrative sources of income that my Church relies on to exist. People refuse to have a racist “Islamophobe”-“Homophobe” presiding at funerals. As you are probably aware my wife is a mullato Roman Catholic from Panama. I have two children and four grandchildren, one of whom I am raising as my own daughter. Before I met my wife I was engaged to a Spanish Moslem “revert” and before that to a Japanese girl, now deceased. Even so I am deemed “Waycist”. Liberal Progressivism I am convinced is a mental illness..

    In short we are run by the incurably insane and even the criminally insane- our society has become the Asylum.

    I made a stand against homosexuality and stupid “gay marriage” and was subjected to a campaign of homosexual abuse. Living up to my name as “mad” I determined to dig in and made a complaint to the local Police who then attempted to arrest and prosecute myself and shouting at me in my own living room. The “arresting” Occifer was gay himself. So much for Peelian Rules of policing by impartiality. In Common Law- or what is left of it I have committed not a single crime but even our thoughts are now censured.

    To do such things these days is apparently signs of mental illness hence the accusations of being “Mad”. I am currently trying my darndest to get a national service of Renewal and Redemption-free of cultural enrichers- for the remaining Christians in the UK Diocese to make a show of strength, in the hope of attracting them back to God. Even atheists are welcome.

    Religion per se, is not the problem but Islam- a Satanic reliogideology of hate and imperial expansion. I am from the “scientific” side of the Church so support evolution and the ideas of Immanuel Kant, who is a distant relative of my Prussian ancestors. He said the greatest duty one has is to obey the Moral Imperative , even if its costs one dear. I also believe in freespeech. However I have the privilege and right of feeling “Offended”.

    The pagan idolisation of the pseudo “Christ” Mehemmet is supposed to be forbidden in Islam yet he is treated with greater reverence than “Allah”, a “god” among 360 others “Moh” discovered in Mecca. “Allah” descends from the pagan worship of Baal and the Roman Saturn the bringer of “joy” and “bad fortune”. Baal also liked to consume babies at well attended public sacrifices and Islam and its hordes still recite sacrifical “halal” prayers to this day before ritually slaying a victim. The modern Baal likes a journalist, soldier, priest or two you see, these days and other Moslems.

    Today true to his Saturnian antecedents we have the “joy” of Rotherham to appreciate to add to all the other “joys” from 9/11 and the 1400 years before that. When and if the Sheople awake from their gadget induced torpor is open to doubt. Personally I think they will simply “revert” or pay the “jizya”.

    I am afraid the UK is lost but I will still be doing my best to “scare people” in UKIP and elsewhere in the forlorn hope I may have some success. I will not be dying in my bed- that much is obvious and neither will you Mr Weston one is afraid.

    • Bishop, if you believe homosexuality to be a sin, that is your right- I believe in free speech, even if it’s sometimes through gritted teeth, and I suspect your Lord would have expressed such an opinion, if he held it, in mild tones. Gay marriage, however, is a matter for the secular law (so long as no clerics are forced to conduct services, which seems unlikely), and as such beyond your remit, other than as a critic, since we do not live in a Christian or (so far) Muslim theocracy.

      I’ve said this before: have you thought that UKIP may have turned you down, not for your views, but the way you express them? Anne Marie Walters, a staunch opponent of creeping sharia has been adopted by them as a candidate; she is gay (as it happens) and a secularist.

      • @Mark H:
        Are you sure you’re not a “progressive”? Part of the problem of the fall of Western CHRISTIAN culture is that the Roman Catholic church (of which I am a member) also has been infiltrated since the “revolutionary” 60s with marxists and sodomites. It is also part of the greater societal problem (plan?) we face today.
        So when you say that the Bishop “believes homosexuality to be a sin”: that is your progressive belief. But in the 1950s and earlier, when The Church was part of the bedrock of Right and Wrong and morality, it (The Church) was a major contributing factor in the support system of society’s adherence to basic norms, like: masculine men, the nuclear family, a strong military and “leaders” who recognized Right from Wrong more clearly, and articulated such beliefs in public [gasp!].

        Talking in “mild tones” will get us nowhere. I applaud the Bishop’s bravery in speaking out against sodomy and probably sodomite union, as well.

        • Yes Anne, I’m proudly “progressive” on many issues; I suspect I’m the token “liberal” here on GoV. This doesn’t mean I feel bound to follow any particular concensus, and I often find politically conservative people more pleasant and honourable than some from the left.

          The earlier “Christian” morality of which you speak, however, was often a cover for hypocrisy, and a deeply uncharitable assumption of superiority over those who had “fallen”, eg the treatment of my illegitimate mother by my father’s devout Methodist parents and sister (said male parent, we found later, had a mistress and another family).

          • Well, I’m raising my “illegitimate” Grandaughter as my own and housing her “fallen” Mum! Dear Lord you sound so pompous and judgemental. Why do you “Progressives” have to wear your emotions where everyone can see them? Bit hypocritical don’t you think? As for my attitude towards gays, I clean house for a couple! Am I not hypocritical enough now?
            “Judge not lest ye be judged” Sir. I judge nobody but do my best for them. Every human is a potential pal. Think about that perhaps rather than trying tp judge me or my comments. I also apply the spirit of the law rather than the letter. I also buried a gay man two weeks ago when his Catholic priest refused to do so because of his sexuality and that he was living with another man.

      • I have nothing against “gays”-My objection is philosophical and the true meaning-ontological meaning of marriage- a self evident truth that specifically refers to “between a man and a woman”. The wearing of a wedding ring by the woman signifies permission to enter her by the male spouse. So please do not attempt to smear me or embtoil me in whatever it is you wish to do so.

        As for me expressing things the “way” I do? What is better than the blunt unforsaken truth? I am rather tired of people being “offended”- fake rage. My local UKIP now claim I was not ejected and was welcome at their AGM. I politely refused since this was a retraction after the event. I happen to have met Anne-Marie and like her very much and her courage. I also correspond with Peter Tatchell who is very concerned about Islamisation. So please do me the courtesy of not lecturing me on my views. I also have “gay” clergy who reject same sex religious marriage and a gay cousin who writes for the Times in Paris..

        Civil partnerships are lawful. I may not like them but I hold my piece and as I have said above “However I have the privilege and right of feeling “Offended”.” I also have the privilege and right to offend.

        • And by the way I was threatened with arrest for refusal to perform a same-sex marriage by local police- so Clergy are not protected as you claim!

          • And neither do I want a UK “Christian Theocracy”…or any other type but a country ruled by commonsense not fear.

          • That’s outrageous, Bishop, and I’m sorry- and surprised- to hear it.

            Sorry if I misconstrued your position re homosexuality. I see no reason however why secular marriage should be confined to heterosexuals; what religious authorities do should be up to them.

        • Dear Mark,

          You have amused me somewhat. Don’t let the actions of a family hypocrite blind you to what real Christians do. I loathe “Born Agains” and fundimentalists. The religion is not at fault but the believers. There are good Moslems who hate what is being done to their beliefs. But I will not even”dialogue” with then, since it is always from their “angle”. It is people that make a religion what it is and sometimes what it is not. To many “Christians” I am a fallen Bishop in need of repentance. You can imagine what my response is and not repeatable herein.

          I also practice what I preach.

          • Thanks Bishop; always happy to give people a chuckle, and I am aware of how real Christians behave; I just thought Anne needed reminding, if she didn’t know, that the 1950s and earlier were not a golden age of morality; much was swept under the carpet.

    • “Allah”, a “god” among 360 others …………..

      You have hit the nail on the head, just another Babylonian demon, one of a legion.

    • May God bless you, sir, and heal you, and give you the strength to keep fighting. This observant Orthodox Jew stands with you, if that offers a bit of comfort. Here in the U.S., we are only one Constitutional Amendment away from becoming Britain. Given that there are almost as many legal, privately-owned firearms as there are people in this country, any attempt by our government to disarm us ought to prove downright entertaining. When the British people accepted their government’s encroaching upon their right to self-defense, they compromised their country. One can only hope that it somehow rebounds, but demographic trends are not in its favor.

        • You’re welcome, and thanks for your support of that wonderful country in a terrible neighborhood. I thought of my last sentence, about demographic trends not being in favor of a resurgent, strong, English England, and then back to the odds against England holding out in 1939. All of the odds — military, economic, logistic, all of them — were against it. Yet your parents held out. It’s just a pity that the voters put Churchill out to pasture after the war. Things would have turned out quite differently in the long run if he had had another five or six years to rebuild the country.

          • Britain needs a historian of the caliber (calibre) of Diana West or an Emmet Scott. Someone who is willing to tell whatever he/she uncovers about the (not so) abrupt extreme Left turn of the ruling elite, those who turned Churchill out of office so that large scale socialist betrayal could begin. Just as in the U.S., the elites had long been infiltrated by the Soviets. Treason was commonplace…

            Once the socialists had gained office in a ruined land, they could begin – as they admitted later – to methodically overwhelm the populace with a huge and varied immigrant push into Albion, the welfare state.

            After two ruinous world wars, the best and brightest of Englishmen were dead or broken beyond repair. Of the remainder, many who saw what was happening left for Australia or Canada – as was so well described in the novels of Nevil Shute.


            His descriptions of gray, war-worn and now sadly decrepit urban areas of England were in sharp contrast to sunny, non-socialist Oz.

            It didn’t help England that the U.S. demanded the repayment of war loans down to the last dime, while Russia had walked away with a warlord’s ransom of freebies – even as American citizens went without, the USSR got supplies that were severely rationed or non-existent at home.

            Here’s some of the maze, but it would take much more than this brief simplification to comprehend:


            Scroll down to “Repayment”

            As I said, it would need a Diana West or an Emmet Scott to tell us the truth.

  4. “If you are the parents of a young child or are thinking of starting a family, their future really ought to be something you start considering. Very carefully.”

    Currently, the British way of “considering” this seems to be to move out to less-enriched areas, in ever smaller towns and villages. However – 1) this means being ever further away from big cities with better-paid jobs, hence may disempower themm economically, 2) enables train or bus operators now and in the future to possibly hold them to ransom (already, Britain’s rail commuting fares are some of the highest in the world) and, last but not least… 3) there is no guarantee that the cultural enrichers won’t also catch up with them when they get more prosperous and wish to up sticks and move somewhere “calmer” than their current urban “multi-kulti war zone”.

    In other words, moving out isn’t a sustainable, long-term option – yet people will put their hopes in it, to avoid doing the unthinkable – actually openly admitting the “root cause” of the problems, which is neither poverty, nor Western colonialism, nor discrimination, but a certain religion which goes out its way to describe itself as “peaceful”, while so many of its followers are all too keen to show what this “peace” means in practice.

    • This random, unfocused white-flight is, as you say, a short term solution for indivuduals but it won’t save us as a nation and culture.

      Has anyone ever given any serious consideration to what a certain Harold Covington has been trying to do in the Pacific Northwest of the USA? Yes, I know his history and all that – but it’s the idea that matters not the man. Is that all too far-fetched? Any thoughts?

        • Hi Green Infidel, just a word of warning about Harold Covington, he is a full-on old school unreformed nazi. So much baggage as to make it impossible for him to be taken seriously. But you can google “radio free northwest” and have a listen.

          However, the idea might merit some consideration: encourage like- minded people to up sticks and physically relocate to a designated region, with a view to building a demographic and political powerbase. I suppose it is a form of large-scale gerrymandering. But it is legal, and would be very good for our people and cause.

          But is it do-able? Thing is, ideas that sound pretty crackpot now might sound a lot more attractive 5 or 10 years from now.

    • White flight is a short term fix, nothing more.

      Look, the problem lays with the political and business class of countries likes Britain and the U.S. and the agendas they are promoting. One could say that both have it in for Western natives.

      The problem for the natives, is that the system is not reformable at the national level at this stage. If we are savvy and organized we can still affect change at the local level and by all means should do so, because if we don’t others will. Beyond that all we can do is wait until the entire rotting system comes tumbling down under it’s own stupidity and greed. It will, we can see the cracks forming in Greece and Spain, and once one nation breaks away from the EU, others will follow. After that things will get interesting real fast.

      In the mean time all we can do is build networks and communities of like minded people so as to help one another or put more bluntly, watch each others back.

      If it sounds a bit like tribalism, well it sort of is. The fact is we’re stronger as a group than as some random individuals trying to make do.

      • The point I am making is that real world communities are what matter. People living and working together, physically close to each other. Let’s imagine there are 1,000,000 people in the UK who agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of this blog. As things stand they have little power or influence, either locally or nationally. They are geographically spread out, isolated, their power diluted. And as the Islamisation increases, a significant number will become white-flighters.

        So what if that movement of “our people” can be encouraged and steered into a certain region, or regions of the UK? Instead of yet more unfocused dilution of potential manpower, you get a concentration of numbers.With that comes local political power plus local physical safety. Just ask the Muslims. It is what they have been doing for the last few decades, and very successfully too.

        • I see your point. But if “our people” are all concentrated in one region, wouldn’t it be rather easy to take them all out, with one tactical nuke in a suitcase, a Daisycutter, or scare everyone with a few Israel-style bus bombings?

          Rather, wouldn’t it make more sense to live in amongst the “middle 80%” who are not currently swayed much by either side of the argument (or don’t care much) – and do our best to convert them?

          From newspaper comment pages, even the Guardian, it seems like our arguments still have a great deal of support. So why not try to sway those undecided people and make our number multiply a whole lot more – while sending children and any other of our “vulnerable” people to incognito safe havens – either in Britain or abroad?

        • I take it this is the text of Paul’s 2007 essay –

          Since this essay, a secret Muslim has arguably taken office in the White House, while immigration to Europe has accelerated. While movements like the EDL and Pegida have been countered by far more aggressive UAF/Antifa types. Are Europeans waking up? I think not… rather like the Bishop in earlier comments, I suspect Europeans may prefer to submit, pay Jizya, and die a slow death, while working for Muslim-owned corporations (by that time) and paying ever increasing taxes to support an ever increasing number of “asylum seekers”… while in their ever shorter free time, they’ll contend themselves with watching East Enders, and drowning their sorrows in ever larger amounts of beer, and perhaps even pull one of the ever-decreasing supply of available Infidel females, although only for a night or two before she goes onto her next “conquest”. as this occurs, I fear that the ratios that Paul Weston mentions will decrease even faster than his worst predictions… such is the future, unless something changes – and in a big way…

  5. “These disgusting progressive liberals, many of them feminists, would happily allow the murder of a sentient living being, rather than ethnically profile Asian women who wish to carry out an abortion”

    For decades, homosexuals have been profiled by the blood transfusion service in both America and the UK. For decades, homosexuals have been profiled by the US Immigration Services. The disgusting progressive liberals were silent about this profiling, but would have apoplexy at any suggestion that muslims should be profiled to distinguish between terrorists and non-terrorists.

    One of the defining features of the leftists/liberals is their hypocrisy. That is why socialism in Weimar Germany could become National Socialism. It is why Syriza has appalled the Left in the West by joining with a “right wing, racist, homophobic party”. For the Left, it is power by any means necessary.

    • Joe, I’m on your side much of the time, but for a long time most AIDS victims in western countries were gay, so the transfusion services were quite correct- it’s to do with increased risk from anal sex and male promiscuity. Indeed both these factors (the first used as a means of contraception) helped spread it in Africa.

      I’ve lost a gay friend, and a couple of acquaintances, to the disease, so I sympathise, but you’re not the victim here (I had to stop giving blood because of my medication).

  6. How would you stopcthe insanity? Would closing borders now do it?
    What do the majority of native Brits think? Are they damn angry? Or just hiding out hoping someone will fix it all?
    Very depressing article, hard to stomach.

  7. National Socialism was like a punch. Britain got up brushed itself off and won the fight.
    Islamic immigration is like a cancer from within attacking every organ, with no immunity to fight it off.
    Getting rid of this insidious desease wont be easy but we must.
    Thank you Paul for your clear words in your article.

    • Disagree.

      In order to beat Germany Britain had to make a pact with the devil. Sponsoring and encouraging the invasion of Europe by Asians, Africans and Americans.

      Islam is just a detail.

  8. If you let the entire world into your nation and into your life, without a concrete sense of who you are and what, by history, is yours, you will form no identity of your own. There are important things, that should be classed as human rights, only the homogenous community can protect.

  9. This is absolutely sickening, disgusting and what more can I say? What the hell has happened to formerly Great Britain? The home of Churchill who must be spinning in his grave, having written a book called The River Wars, where he told his readers about Muslims. They didn’t listen, I guess.

    They will be consumed.

    • GB is now “mini-England”–but the problem is now near-universal.
      IMHO the problem began with the oil embargo of 1973. The “west’s” (i.e. the NON-commie oil consuming nations) “leadership” ‘agreed’ (without informing their ‘free citizenry’ who had “elected” them) to unlimited muzzzie immigration in return for high-priced oil and an end to the embargo.
      This ALSO led to the displacement of Western low-skilled workers to some extent–but at the cost of HUGE INCREASES in already-high welfare costs.
      Death to the middle class–but what the hey–“we’re politically CORRECT”.

      • Re the significance of the ’73 oil embargo – this as I recall was also the opinion of, among others, Bat Yeor and Oriana Fallaci. And perhaps it’s supported by the biographies of significant western-based Islamists, such as Abu Hamza – an Egyptian who arrived in Britain in the ’80s, to be a nightclub bouncer.

        Does anyone in fact have statistics on the per-year Muslim immigration into Western countries, from the 60s to 2000s? That could provide some “circumstantial evidence” to that claim (I know that Geert Wilders showed once a graph for Holland, I believe in his film Fitna, but this is hard to get hold of these days)

  10. Britain has the same inheritance as the Unites States in terms of the ideology that underpins our democracies. One of those ideas is inclusiveness, the principle that anyone of any race or cultural background from anywhere can participate with total equality of rights. That idea works fine, assuming that the new recruits understand the concepts and are willing to abide by the rules. That condition has clearly been largely violated in the case of Islamic immigration, and by a government that has been over-eager to open the flood gates.
    This is an old problem. The Russian historian, Mikhail Rostovstev, in his history of Rome, concludes that eventually great civilizations decline in a similar way: The civilization is founded on certain core ideas that are best understood by a relatively small group of people. Thanks to those founding concepts, the civilization thrives and expands. Eventually, heady with success, the elites decide to confer membership on ever increasing numbers of new participants at a rate that does not allow for adequate assimilation to the core values of the enterprise. In Rome’s case, the decline started when her rapid imperial expansion incorporated areas of Europe and Asia in which the inhabitants had no experience in democracy, but were given citizenship. Rome’s democracy quickly degenerated into a military dictatorship before breaking apart due to civil wars and finally disappearing.

    • Over a very long long period.

      No, this is different. The stench of sulphur wafts from this Abyss.

  11. I’m not defending the appalling Saudi regime, or our leaders’ kowtowing to them, but… The House of Saud is on fragile ground. The royal dog is wagged, to a great extent, by the religious tail; if they fall, the result will be like the Arab spring, but with probably worse consequences for us in the West. Maybe our leaders are sufficiently well briefed to be aware of this, so the, admittedly debasing, behaviour of Obama et al isn’t just about oil and arms deals? OK, so it’s the same lack of testicular fortitude (thanks Baron!) they’ve shown elsewhere, but it sort of makes sense.

    • Perhaps it would be better for the house of Saud to fall. Let the chips fall where they may. Bring it on!

    • The groveling behavior before the Saudis wasn’t by Obama et al. but by Obama. He exhibited it before the Japanese and there is no need there to placate any malevolent 3/4 (?) of the population.

      The hatred of the U.S. and the servility have been bred into that oddity.

  12. A few questions about this essay…

    “These pesky cultural norms have led to a huge increase in the Muslim population currently behind bars in British prisons. Such is the dramatic increase of Muslim rape we can now proudly lay claim to fully eight prisons which exist only for banging up the perpetrators of sex crimes. This is causing much anguish amongst the Muslim community — not the raping you understand, but the banging up of the rapists themselves.”

    So part of the punishment for prisoners in Britain is to be struck with bruise-causing hard objects wielded by their jailers? Or does “banging up” mean something else?

    “Only the other day the impressively larger than life “Communities Minister” Eric Pickles wrote a grovelling letter to Muslim leaders across Britain, …: “Assalamu Alaikum, we have recently seen terrible atrocities committed in Paris. … ”

    Is the name “Eric Pickles” for real? It sound like it was made up by the editors of some satirical French magazine. Is this Mr. Pickles a Muslim? Isn’t it rude of a non-Muslim, even a dhimmi, to initiate the greeting “Assalamu alaikum” to a Muslim? This Mr. Pickles is acting like an uppity kafir.

  13. Paul, you paint such a dark picture that is it difficult to know where to reply to such a ‘blackhole’ of pessimism.

    I guess one cannot rely on their countrymen when the chips are falling all over the place and ‘Englishness’ is questioned and ridiculed by those whom we now readily describe as the ‘Traitor Class’. Vested interests it seems reign supreme in a time when individual ‘economic and social security’ is generally uppermost on everyone’s mind while the political process is paid scant attention, and then only when it is necessary to choose who to give that qualifying tick of approval to at election time, and while the ‘neighbors’ go about their drug dealing or acts of terrorism and other criminal activities – who really cares, so long as it does not involve me or mine?

    Yes, I know that kind of mentality all too well, and it affects many, but not all.

    Most of our Traitor Class are infected with that kind of thinking. They know only too well what it is that they are NOT speaking out over, because they CHOOSE to hide behind the MC/PC way of doing things which gives them a veil of ‘legitimacy’ while they undermine the very country and people who put them into the positions of authority they now occupy.

    There is no one in politics today who does no know exactly what it is that they are doing!

    UKIP may not be the party to lead Britain out of the mess, but it is the only party that has an agenda of withdrawing from the EU and in controlling the borders. A start in pushing back against the treachery that the Traitor Class has brought about has to be made somewhere. I would suggest that UKIP could get the ball rolling in that direction.

    Your love for your country is truly outstanding in a world where patriotism is now treated as a mental illness by those who have neither the understanding of what true patriotism is or the ability to fathom the grief that their denigration of those who share your patriotic ideals will eventually bring to them.

  14. Is there an industrial age precedent for these doomsday scenarios to play out this way? SA was demographically doomed from the start and shouldn’t be counted.

    Of course there’s always a first for everything, but it may be best to consider events that occur over a longer period.

    Mankind (mainly Anglo/Northern European) has eradicated many scourges; to think that our collective DNA will fail us, and allow for the madness (currently spreading across Europe) to continue unabated is suspect. PEGIDA, UKIP, PVV, FN – they are the future of Europe.

    Sprinkle in the death of the Euro and the table is set for a 2nd renaissance.

    • Jeff,

      Precisely, the problem is that we do not have a recent precedent of a country being overtaken by Islam, and other examples that exist belong to the long past (Syria, Turkey, etc.)

      I personally believe that since there is no opposition and no recent precedent, the conclusion is inescapable: France and England are both going to turn Islamic. After that, other countries may start to resist, but it will be too late. It is already too late.

      The perfect mousetrap.

  15. As an American, I don`t see any way out short of revolution.
    Wall Street wants cheap labor. I`m sure UK corporations do as well, and liberalism will sell its soul for multiculturalism.
    The question of revolution then is, at what point does one have the critical mass of population to begin?
    Crackpots have already made premature starts, and are infamous as crazy criminals. As in the American War for Independence, a population armed mostly with personal weapons, united in purpose, makes opposition so expensive that the very real threat of revolution can bring a government to her knees. But even the American Revolution against Great Britain, begun piecemeal, was against a government that was across the ocean, not our own country`s head. .
    What we have now, in America, and even worse in Great Britain are populations in various degrees of awareness of the need to take back our government from a self-serving elitist oligarchy. And so many are so dependent on the government benefits and beneficence, that they will never jump off. There are precious few patriots alive today. Many are in our respective militaries, others in the hinterlands, but others will remain loyal to whatever commander they are assigned.
    I fear that we are in the end times of republicanism, and quickly moving toward the return of feudalism, and Islamic feudalism, if world markets will allow it. Markets are non-sectarian, and would just as soon or sooner be Islamic than Christian, because Islam, by-and-large, has no qualms marketing men`s souls.
    We have sold our inheritance
    for a bowl of pottage.

    • America has been a republic in name only for some time. What is now in place is an oligarchy inclusive of both political sides – and I use that word ‘side’ loosely – who move in lock step with an agenda that is driven from outside of government.

      Your founding fathers knew this day would arrive as they were some very smart men who knew their history and human failing very well.

      You are not alone in your thoughts – and you must keep on remembering that – because there are millions of your countrymen who now think as you do. Time and opportunity are now on the side of those who know what they will eventually need to do when the time comes and the opportunity presents itself.

  16. Papa,

    I agree with you, in so much as there is a major problem in GB. But I don’t believe it will fester to a tipping point. I don’t even think it’s anywhere near a tipping point really. I believe that these somewhat new nationalist parties are growing quickly, and that there will be a halt, a crackdown and eventually repatriation of troublesome groups within their respective borders. Unfortunately, I believe it can only happen after the EU and the Euro are abandoned, which seems to me to be some ways out. And what follows these two events, I believe will be another Great Depression. When push comes to shove, I have little doubt that minarets and gypsies will then become as scarce as chicken teeth.

    During the 1st Gulf War, when Yemen sided with Saddam Hussein, the Saudis repatriated 1M Yemenis. When GB and the other European countries are severely strained, all liberal policies that were adopted when the wine flowed freely, will quickly be dropped and strict law and order will be mandated. I do pray this can occur without another catastrophic European war.

  17. The idea that the BBC are left wing is laughable. The BBC are as insularly English as you could want to the point of being meat for Gilbert and Sullivan parody.

    • Then the insular English are concomitantly left-wing. Being one of those doesn’t preclude the other. When England turned decidedly left after WWII, it drank the socialist kool-aid. As did the BBC.

      And yes, calling it parody is accurate. Reality jumped into a little pea-green boat right off the shore of Liverpool, setting sail for…who knows where? At any rate, it never returned.

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