No-Go Zones for Jews in Malmö

The following video is a brief excerpt from a full-length program that originally appeared on Swedish state television. It’s not what you’d expect: it exposes the Swedish public to the irrefutable existence of no-go zones in Malmö — no-go zones for Jews, at the very least.

Yet the footage is shown in black and white, for some strange reason. Is this retro chic? Or is there another reason?

The fact that the faces of the bully-boy “youths” are pixelated out provides a clue about a possible motivation: concealing the ethnicity of thugs who intimidate Jews in Rosengård. Gray-scale blurry faces could be whites, Middle Easterners, Kosovars, anything but the most highly-melanized enrichers. However, a native Swede can presumably detect the immigrant patois when the young rascals yell their threats and insults. In fact, one of the punks sneers at him in heavily-accented English — and it’s not a Swedish accent.

I don’t know whether SVT intended their audience to conclude that these blurry gangstas were Nordic neo-Nazis. If so, they failed miserably. Not even the most thoroughly indoctrinated Swedish multiculturoid could be fooled by this one.

And I don’t need to tell you that there’s no mention of JIM.

Many thanks to Ted Ekeroth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a translation of the accompanying article from Expressen (translation by Henrik Ræder Clausen):

Wore a Kippa in Malmö — was attacked in the street

The Swedish reporter Petter Ljunggren, working for the Swedish television series “Uppdrag granskning” (“Mission: Investigation”) put on a Jewish Kippa and a star of David, then went for a walk in the south Swedish town of Malmö. That led to eggs being thrown at him and direct threats to leave the place he was in. In the broadcast on Swedish state television SVT tonight, Jews tell about their fear of living in Malmö.

Malmö has more reported anti-Semitic crimes than any other city in Sweden. Jews suffer verbal abuse, egg-throwing and in some cases attempts at physical abuse. This is how the situation is described by the Jews themselves. Approximately 1,500 Jews live in Malmö, and many are afraid to even leave their homes.

Want to leave the city

Others say that they intend to move away from the city, and hardly anyone wants to see their children grow up here. The SVT reporter Petter Ljunggren put on a kippa and a star of David, then went to visit various places in Malmö to see what would happen. Another reporter with a hidden camera and microphone followed him through the city. In several places, including the popular city square Möllevångstorget — often emphasized as an idyllic spot in the city — the confrontation was immediate.

Called “Jewish garbage”

The broadcast shows how the reporter is verbally assaulted by a man calling him “Jewish garbage”, telling him that he should leave the place. Another man hits his own hand and screams “Jewish Devil!”. Later, when the television team goes to the center of Lindängen and to Rosengård [suburb of Malmö], the attacks become so serious that the team pulls back and considers leaving entirely.

A guy on a small motorbike pulls up, warning the reporter against staying there. In Rosengård, the team is first attacked by a full mob, and as they escape from the place, eggs are thrown at them from an apartment above.

According to the report, anti-Semitism in Sweden no longer comes from neo-Nazi groups. Instead, the hatred of Jews is about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Rabbi was spat at

Shneur Kesselman, 37, is a rabbi in Malmö, and one of those who feels at risk:

I had been in Malmö for only a few days before someone spat at my feet. It was a kind of welcome greeting. Later, some have thrown stones at my windows, and tried to drive cars over myself and his wife, he relates in the broadcast.

Other members of the Jewish community tell of similar experiences. Persons driving past the synagogue screaming “Jewish pigs”, and headstones in the Jewish cemetery being knocked down.

This has come to a level where one does not feel safe. One does not want to stay here any longer, says Ammon Tsubarah in the report.

137 crimes reported

For quite a while the Jewish community in Malmö has been shrinking. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles has previously warned Jews against visiting south Sweden, and Malmö in particular. In the years 2013 and 2014, the police recorded a total of 137 cases of suspected anti-Semitic crimes in Malmö. However, none of these led to charges or conviction in court. However, police investigators quoted in the SVT broadcast say that the police is are the right track in dealing with these matters.

Shocked by the report

Hanna Thomé from the left-wing party Venstre, the municipal chairman for culture and anti-discrimination in Malmö, says to the newspaper Kvällsposten that she was somewhat shocked by watching the production before it was broadcast:

There is a lot more to do here, where the municipality as well as the police have a great responsibility. But I also want to stress that there is a great solidarity in this town. For example, when a young guy was severely beaten up in Möllevångstorget, a full 10,000 persons spontaneously gathered in a demonstration through the city.

For more information, see this article at Breitbart.

Video transcript:

00:01   In Wednesday’s “Uppdrag Granskning”, the reporter wears a kippa and a Star of David,
00:05   to investigate what reactions you get when you wear Jewish symbols in Malmö.
00:11   He moves around in different neighbourhoods over the period of a week,
00:16   and in several places he is confronted immediately.
00:22   ”My turning of the page hides the picture, but we can clearly hear his answer:
00:27   ’Yes everything is good, especially since there is a Jewish sh** in front of me’.”
00:33   Or here, for example, also on Möllevångstorget. I have just passed two young men,
00:38   when one of them reacts to my being Jewish. He smashes his closed fist into his palm.
00:45   We catch another comment, on the way to the car:
00:51   ”F***ing Jew pig”, is heard from someone as we leave.
00:57   During the day we are met politely in Rosengård, but in the evening,
01:02   when there are more young people out in the neighbourhood, the reactions come.
01:07   They ask what we are doing there; they think we act strangely and provoke them.
01:12   Some suspect we are in disguise.
01:16   But we also have to answer for Israel’s wars.
01:20   Later, we find out that some of the youths are sending text messages around
01:25   with calls to come here and throw eggs at the Jews.
01:33   And as we are heading back, eggs are thrown from the windows…

10 thoughts on “No-Go Zones for Jews in Malmö

  1. Sweden is in great trouble. This is how insane leftists with absolute power genocide their own people. Of course, they will convert to Islam or flee to their second homes in less islamized countries when their fate is challenged. Then they will insist again on importing muslims and islalmize that country! lol

    • @Jan
      You are absolutely right. The same has happened in 57 countries now all members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and all of them historically christian, bouddhist or hindu.
      Leftists sacrificed the freedom of their population and endless generations of their own descent not once or twice by fifty seven (57) times already. What is happening throughout Europe is nothing new. Leftists are sacrificing us. Like other leftists have been doing for 14 centuries

  2. ‘Gamla land’ certainly is in trouble, but Swedes voted the leftists in again, so it’s difficult to find sympathy.
    Neighbouring Norwegians now wonder about their virtually undefendable border with Sweden as the latter’s coffers run dry.

  3. I’m much more concerned about no go zones for Europeans in Europe and other European founded Nations (such as the South Side of Chicago, IL USA, etc.)

  4. “According to the report, anti-Semitism in Sweden no longer comes from neo-Nazi groups. Instead, the hatred of Jews is about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.”

    Nice to say, in a round-about way, that the jews brought this on themselves. You know, because Israel treats those poor pallies so brutally?

    I think we all know, that this hatred of jews has nothing to do with Palestine, but comes from something much, much uglier. Namely, the hatred of jews is an ingrained part of the mohammedan faith itself.

  5. Decades ago, Sweden went down the path of “Permissiveness” which to all intents and purposes dropped all the old rules that glued its culture together. Laws and customs that were in place to protect the Swedish ways of life and society were derided and swept aside to accommodate the new permissive era, so if one accepts the idea of free love and the philosophy that anything goes as long as no one is hurt ( hopefully ) it is only a short step to allow the complete dissolution of Swedish identity. After all, what harm can a multicultural society do? It is an enriching concept, is it not? The present situation has been brought about by the “anything goes” ethos that has prevailed since that time.

    • If I might make one caveat to your post.
      “Anything goes” is alright in a homogeneous society. There are limits on the anything goes meme because your Grandmother is still alive or your boss is of your same cultural heritage.
      It is when you introduce an alien culture into that society that the SHTF… After all, anything goes, right?
      So… we now have to accommodate cultural practices, demands, poor educational attainment and poor motivation to work that have nothing to do with the core ideology of the nation. No matter how liberalized that ideology has become it still grows out of the core of the nation.
      That is where I think Sweden finds itself today. And their politicians, that brought this on their citizenship, are tap dancing till their feet burn off trying to justify this. They will fail as the violence increases and the coffers decrease from over generous welfare benefits to those that have no intention of adopting a Swedish lifestyle.

      • Sweden is in a heap o’ ruin and the elites are beginning to accept that, even if their biggest concern as the Titanic begins to tilt is the gender inequality in government. The 65,000 Muslim girls in Sweden who’ve been mutilated? Not so much.

        I used to follow St. Lucy’s Day in December but stopped a few years ago when they crowned a boy just to make an ancient feast day “relevant”. Suicidal relevance.

        Here’s an American living in Sweden and following events there:

        He has some ‘interesting’ reports on the uncomfortable vise that Swedish police find gripping their manly parts. Look for the map of nogo zones…I saw it recently.

        From his top post at the moment:

        The police officers of the future are facing steep challenges, as the criminal gangs continue to gain ground in Swedish society and keep getting better armed by the day. But new recruits should be mostly concerned with not stepping on any cultural or ethnical toes, apparently.

        Starting this month, police training has moved from the old Stockholm Police Academy to a place called Södertörns Högskola. This “school” is known for many things. One of them is the principal Moira Wright’s infamous thesis “Gender and Text”, in which she argues that hard, scientific facts are “patriarchical” in nature and should be disregarded in favor of gender-correct theories whenever the two collide.

        In what can only be a complete coincidence, Södertörn also consistently ranks at the absolute bottom of all institutes of higher learning in the country.

        The school has also gained some notoriety for trying to revive the “race biology” concept, in which groups of people are assumed to have certain qualitied based on the skin color. The nazis were kind of big on this BS, as you may recall. Of course, this time it’s “whiteness studies” being put forth as the focus, where all white people have a given share of guilt for all ills in history and should be condemned accordingly. The program is led by Tobias Hubinette, an immigrant with multiple convictions for violent hate crimes against whites (summary and court docs linked here). A 1996 quote for newspaper Creol sums up his ideology pretty well:

        “Let the white race […] perish in blood and suffering!”

        Oh yeah. Let the good times roll on back to the OLD Black Panther dudes.

        • Sweden is in a heap o’ ruin.

          Sweden is a heap of [solid waste].

          Swedish Government has produceret 1.86 mio. black and brown new Swedish citizens since 1980 through uncritical and immediate distribution of permanent residence permits which limitless lead to citizenship. (42,200 a year on average — and catastrphically rising – 110,000 in 2014…..

          Mantras: “we like different” and “everyone’s equal worth”.

          General people’s stupidity also is skyrocketing.

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