Michael Mannheimer’s Speech in Würzburg

Rembrandt Clancy has translated and annotated a speech by Michael Mannheimer that was given at a rally for WÜGIDA (the PEGIDA affiliate in Würzburg) on January 5.

WÜGIDA, Würzburg: Michael Mannheimer’s Speech

Introduction and translation by Rembrandt Clancy

5 January 2015

Original Video Source: YouTube

The video below presents Michael Mannheimer’s highly charged speech in Würzburg. He is a dynamic and spontaneous speaker interacting with his audience. This event is about collective survival, for the underlying theme is the demographic crisis in Germany and its political consequences. It finds a highpoint in the demonstrators’ call to resistance, which Mannheimer answers with his reference to Article 20, paragraph 4 of the Basic Law, (Constitution of Germany), a call to resistance against a remote and traitorous elite who are in the process of “extinguishing us Germans.”

[The full transcript of this video is provided later on in this post.]

In his speech Michael Mannheimer quotes three major German politicians whose words in the 1980s expressed serious misgivings about the effects of unrestricted immigration into Germany, especially from Turkey, and the violent consequences which can be expected to accompany the eventual demographic shift. One of these figures is Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of West Germany from 1974-1982, who said this in 1982:

“I will not have one more Turk cross the border.”

Michael Mannheimer then asks the demonstrators why these same politicians are remaining silent today instead of making common cause with PEGIDA, whose concerns are no different from those to whom the outcome of unrestricted immigration from Muslim lands was evident over thirty years ago. Just one day after his WÜGIDA speech a partial answer to the question appeared in an article entitled “No to PEGIDA” published by the BILD-Zeitung. In it, Helmut Schmidt closes ranks with 79 other members of the German elite, including the neo-Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, all of whom condemned PEGIDA. To highlight this part of Michael Mannheimer’s speech more thoroughly, we translated the relevant excerpt from a contribution Michael Stürzenberger made to Politically Incorrect on 16 January 2015.

The former Federal Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, is a good example of someone who has made a complete about-face. As recently as 2004, he considered it a “mistake” that Germany in the early 1960s “brought guest-workers into the country from foreign cultures” (foreign cultures = from Islamic countries, mainly Turkey). In 2005 he was convinced that “we have overdone it with the immigration of people from completely different cultural worlds”. Seven million foreigners in Germany “constitutes a flawed development”, he said.

And now, fully Nazi: “The immigration of people from Eastern Anatolia or from black Africa does not solve the problem, but creates only an additional, enormous problem.” In 2008 he wrote in his book “Who wishes to increase the number of Muslims in Germany, accepts an increasing danger to our domestic peace.” So far so good! But what does the same man prattle seven years later about the PEGIDA citizens’ movement, which have taken on the same problems themselves, since for years the politicians have ignored them out of complete irresponsibility?

To the BILD-Zeitung, which asked every celebrity who happens along for a statement on the oh so “xenophobic”, “rabble-rousing” and “racist” PEGIDA, he came forth with the following in accordance with the Zeitgeist so as not to drop out of the forcibly co-ordinated phalanx of hypocrites:

“The Pegida protests appeal to mindless prejudices, to hatred of foreigners and intolerance. But that is not Germany. The perspective of our history and of economic sense tells us: Germany must not reject refugees and asylum seekers. Germany must remain receptive to the world and tolerant. Therefore, a resounding NO to Pegida!”

Helmut Schmidt, following the old Adenauer adage, What do I care about my prattling from yesterday?”, now strikes the decent citizens on the street, who feel exactly the same as he expressed it himself years ago, as a traitor who applies a dagger thrust in the back. Is it a question of old-age senility, or is it a grave lack of character, of cowardice, so as not to be excluded from the naive-Gutmensch infested mainstream society? […] Thus the old Chancellor seamlessly enters the cabinet of horrors of the wretched dissemblers…

It is completely unprincipled to prattle about such diffuse rubbish instead of factually coming to terms with what is actually important about PEGIDA. A look at the 19 points of PEGIDA helps enormously. A former Federal Chancellor would actually have to be able to summon up as much intellect.

Michael Mannheimer draws attention in his speech to a statistical projection which places ethnic Germans in a minority position in their own country within about 25 years. As to why this is the case, and as a pertinent background to the speech itself, we present immediately below a translation of one of his articles entitled Islamisation of Germany: Millions of Abortions; Millions of Immigrants; Coincidence? (18 December 2014). With this short piece, the author displays a keen awareness of the relationship between a successful ideological attack on the reproductive infrastructure of society and the large population movements we observe today. But rather than focus on an unconscious or “natural” demographic decline as such, he address something new which is added to the “appalling depopulation” characteristic of Oswald Spengler’s declining civilisations. He asks if the German elites are not at the highpoint of a deliberately planned reinforcement of the demographic decline of their own people. Self-depopulation as policy is perhaps unique in history, hence it is of value to keep in mind, for the sake of contrast, that the Roman elites, who themselves were no strangers to hedonism, adopted desperate measures, such as the lex de maritandis ordinibus (the Julian marriage laws of 18 BC), in a vain top-down attempt to stem their demographic decline.

Here is Michael Mannheimer’s short article:

Islamisation of Germany: Millions of Abortions, Coincidence?

by Michael Mannheimer, 18 December 2014

Diabolical Plan:

First of all, the Left sees to the dissolution of familiar structures and then to the complete legalisation of abortion in order to use the consequent depopulation as the argument for mass immigration. Millions of abortions are answered with millions of immigrants. That can hardly be due to mere coincidence…

— Michael Mannheimer

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The largest mass murder [Massenmord] of unborn German embryos has led to the largest wave of immigration in German history. Coincidence?

The 68er movement and the spread of the birth control pill [Antibabypille] first changed attitudes toward sexual ethics. And the declining influence of the Catholic Church in Germany changed the attitude of many women and men toward abortion. With massive support by the ever more leftist infiltrated leading media, there began a campaign in favour of the largest wave of abortion in German history.

Leftist slogans: First “My womb belongs to me” and then “My country belongs to thee”. Coincidence?

This mass murder of unborn German embryos was justified by the right to self-determination of women with the slogan: “My womb belongs to me!” The title page of the Stern magazine on 6 June 1971 — “We have aborted” — formed a high point in the debate and became a milestone in the battle against paragraph 218 of the criminal code. The foremost chant of the Left at mass marches was: “My womb belongs to me!” — in order to bring in years later, when the population figures began to fall in Germany, millions of culturally remote people and civilisation-alien immigrants following the slogan: “My country belongs to you!”

Millions of abortions. Millions of Immigrants. Coincidence?

More than eight million — presumably far in excess of ten million — children have been killed in Germany since the liberalisation of abortion which was demanded and ultimately implemented by the leftist women’s groups (in co-operation with the 68ers); and it has led to a dramatic demographic depletion of Germany.

[Mannheimer inserts a (WARNING! graphic) photo here of an apparently aborted baby.]

No one knows the consequences of abortions better than the doctors and nurses who have to carry out this intervention on a daily basis. Often the foetuses are fully developed people, who are torn apart by the operation.


Precisely this depletion was and is being used today by the leftist immigration-mafia (the same circle which had brought about this depletion) as the argument for the largest mass immigration in German history. To date roughly as many immigrants (10-15 million) have been taken into Germany as aborted German children, or as children who simply did not come into the world at all as a result of the sinking birth rate; a perfidious and frankly diabolical plan, currently at the high point of its implementation.

At WÜGIDA, Michael Mannheimer uses a quotation from a Saxon parliamentary Newsletter to give the most direct expression to this connection between Germany’s demographic depletion and the replacement of the ethnic German population with culturally non-assimilable peoples. The Newsletter appears to delight in drawing attention to the projection that ethnic Germans will be in the minority in their own country in less than a generation (Newsletter der Sächsischen Ausländerbeauftragten Nr 6/12, February 2012). It follows the spirit of the slogan “My country belongs to you”, and with a certain Schadenfreude:

“Muslims do not belong to us in Germany, even when they have a German passport and are fully integrated into our society… Just as excluded are also the future Germans [Zukunftsdeutschen] who simply look different than we… We ancestral Germans [Herkunftsdeutsche] do well to think about how every future German can become one of us as quickly as possible. The topic may still appear to require some getting used to. But watch out, dear ancestral Germans [Herkunftsdeutsche]: Our answers will shape our lives. In 25 years at the latest, we will be asking how we can become one of the ‘future Germans’ [Zukunftsdeutschen]. Or will we succeed in overcoming the unspeakable divide between ancestral German and future German?”

The quotation Michael Mannheimer takes from this Newsletter in his speech and which also appears in his blog article entitled “Saxon Parliamentary Declaration of 2012 confirms Position of PEGIDA” (28 November 2014) appears to have been rendered inaccurate by a recent change made in the original Saxon Parliamentary Newsletter itself; however, the substance behind the quotation is still clearly expressed in the article. The original quotation reads as follows:

The proportion of German deaths in relation to the degree of immigration is currently proceeding such that in 20 years people of German extraction will be in the minority in relation to the so-called future Germans.

The relevant part of the article as it now stands is as follows:

According to current calculations, persons of immigrant background will constitute the majority in our population as early as 2035. […]

The year 2035 is the beginning of a new age! It will be an age in which we ancestral Germans [Herkunftsdeutsche] will constitute the minority in our country.

But what immediately follows provides ideological context which does not come out in Mr. Mannheimer’s speech:

How will we wish to be treated then: in a friendly way, politely and included? Or will we be satisfied to be at least tolerated as a protected minority? Is it OK if we are treated then in the same way we often treat immigrants today?

Oswald Spengler:

“… it is to be understood as an essentially metaphysical turn toward death. The last man of the world-city no longer wants to live — he may cling to life as an individual, but as a type, as an aggregate, no, for it is a characteristic of this collective existence that it eliminates the terror of death (Oswald Spengler. Decline of the West, Vol II, New York: Knopf. pp 103-104)

Video Transcript of Michael Mannheimer’s Speech

Es lebe das heilige Deutschland! *

PEGIDA in Würzburg

5 January 2015

With Michael Mannheimer, Journalist and Islam Critic

Michael Mannheimer: Dear Friends: Can everyone at the back hear me? Can you hear me back there? OK

Dear Friends: We are here to take back what has been stolen from us.

Democracy has been stolen from us; stolen from us is the right to self-determination of all Germans who wish to determine our own future here; stolen from us are our families; these are being destroyed and replaced by large Islamic clans and families; and the most important index of democracy, freedom of speech, — the litmus test of every democracy — has been stolen from us.

Without the protection of the police, this event and other events would not be taking place today. Thanks to the new SA [Sturmabteilung — Storm Troopers]; namely the Antifa, the combat troops and anti-democratic terrorists of the German Left, thanks to them, German democracy has long since been carried to her grave; and Germany is threatened as never before in her history.


Antifa ha ha ha! Antifa ha ha ha!

[From: Song of Brigade M: Lui Laf en Lelijk = Antifa ha ha ha]

Michael Mannheimer: Ladies and gentlemen, last week I was in a kindergarten in a German city. In this kindergarten there were 183 children. Of these 183 children, there are now 2 German children. The rest were Muslim children from 17 Islamic states. Is that the kind of future we want? In Pforzheim [State of Baden-Württemberg], just to give an example, 90% of all children under 3 years of age are no longer German, but Islamic. Is that the kind of future we want?

In Berlin and Hamburg there are schools in which, except for the teachers, there is no longer a single German pupil. And this lying press and these lying politicians maintain that there is no Islamisation. Lügenpresse!


Lying Press!

Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse!

Michael Mannheimer: This lying press lies to us audaciously, and despite better knowledge, they arrive at an “alleged Islamisation”. They have been claiming for 30 years that there are four million Muslims [in Germany].

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday I read in a North Rhine-Westphalian newspaper… that, in North Rhine-Westphalia alone, there are 4.9 million Muslims. And this lying press claims we have 4 million [in all of Germany]. I’ll tell you how many we have.

We have between 12 to 14 million Muslims currently in Germany and 25 million foreigners.


Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse!

Michael Mannheimer: So that you know that you are by no means alone, 70% of the German people are behind you. They are not coming here because they are weary and exhausted from their work, from their assembly-line work, or whatever it may be, whilst these anarchists over there are paid by leftist unions. I know Antifa people who receive a so-called fine-money from unions. They receive €10 per stone thrown. That is what our lying press is concealing.


Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse!

Michael Mannheimer: So that you know how very correct you are, here are some quotations from major German politicians who, in their time, were still able to say what can no longer be said today by anyone without being shoved into the right-wing radical corner. This Nazi-hammer is the modern Left’s “hammer of the witches”.

I quote Helmut Schmidt from 1981, when he was Federal Chancellor. He said the following in Hamburg at a function of the DGB [German Federation of Trade Unions]

“We cannot digest any more foreigners, otherwise there will be a degree of murder [Mord und Todschlag:]“.

In 1981!

I quote the Commissioner for Foreigners from 1981, Heinz Kühn (SPD). He said this:

“Our possibilities for taking in foreigners are exhausted. When the share of foreigners exceeds the 10% mark, then all peoples become rebellious.”

That’s what he said.

Why have these cowards remained silent? Where are all these politicians who said these things then, but are still living today? How come you are keeping your mouths shut? How come… ah ah… Join in solidarity with us and make common cause with your oppressed people.

Herbert Wehner, an early Communist,…


Traitors against the people!

Volksverräter! Volksverräter! Volksverräter!

Michael Mannheimer: In fact we are being ruled by a politically criminal caste. The Left throughout all of Europe have de facto taken over the reins of power. They have taken over the media especially. 80% of all media representatives and journalists … vote for the Greens or the Left Party. They are extreme-Left. And the media have conspired with the political caste against their own people. They are the enemy of the people and have declared their people as the enemy. That is no longer a democracy in which we live.


Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse! Lügenpresse!

Michael Mannheimer: Listen to what an early Communist of Germany has to say, one who had been educated in Moscow under Stalin, Herbert Wehner in 1982; Herbert Wehner, SPD:

“If we continue to refrain from gaining control over the Asylum problem, then one day we will be swept aside by the electorate, also by our own.”

No more votes for the old parties! The old parties have the same function as the block parties in the GDR. We are being governed by Communists; by a former IM [inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, unofficial Stasi collaborator], an optimally trained Stasi organiser, who today is Federal Chancellor, and also by a Gauck [Gauck the Gaukler = charlatan], who despises his own people and tells lies about us.

We will never forget how [President] Gauck in his infamous Christmas address of 2013 maintained, contrary to the truth, that we Germans were attacking foreigners at train stations. I have researched it. There is not a single case of it. It is always the opposite that happens … and this media lies to us.

So that you know that you are not alone: In a time when reason still prevailed, Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in 1982 said the following:

“I will not have one more Turk cross the border.”

What came out of it? We are being Turkisised!

In 1984 Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl gave a grant of 10,000 D-marks to every repatriating Turk. Even then this problem was eminently clear. Meanwhile this problem has become as much as mainstream policy; in fact, it is the abolition of Germany. That is the policy of the Left. Do we want to allow that to happen?


Traitors against the people!

Volksverräter! Volksverräter! Volksverräter!


Widerstand! Widerstand! Widerstand!

Michael Mannheimer: Resistance is called for pursuant to Article 20, paragraph 4 of the Basic Law. Many constitutional experts have already said that this situation corresponds to Article 20, paragraph 4, which says: if political forces attempt to abolish the basic liberal democratic order in Germany, then the people have the right and the duty to resist. I declare that Article 20, paragraph 4 is at hand.




Our country, our values!

Unser Land, unser Werte!

Michael Mannheimer: Dear friends, now and then there are also honest statements; and so you know what our future holds, I quote from a Newsletter of the State Parliament of Saxony of June 2012. Listen closely! And know that we are five minutes before twelve, that the political parties are in the process of dissolving Germany and are effectively extinguishing us Germans. I quote:

“The proportion of German deaths in relation to the degree of immigration is currently proceeding such that in 20 years people of German extraction (us Germans) will be in the minority in relation to the so-called future Germans (immigrants).”

Michael Mannheimer: In 2032 Germany will no longer be in our hands, but under foreign occupation. Do we want to permit that?



Never! Never!

Michael Mannheimer: Dear friends,…




Widerstand! Widerstand!

Michael Mannheimer: Dear friends: a people, who do nothing against their own dissolution are doomed to extinction. And we do not believe what has so often happened. There is a list of over 200 peoples, unknown throughout history because they were too weak to defend themselves against a takeover by the enemy. And by the look of it, dear friends, we Germans have awakened only just in time.

I appeal to all of you: carry this spark of democracy, carry this spark of revolt against our abolition into your work places, in your schools, into your circles of relatives and into your circles of friends. With this movement we must become stronger, from week to week, from month to month, with the objective of sweeping from their offices our political enemies who are governing us, so that we take back what has been stolen from us — OUR GERMANY.


Wir sind das Volk!

* A Note on the Flag

I chose this flag because I had seen it more than once at various PEGIDA demonstrations and their offshoots in other cities.

The colours themselves go back to the 1848 revolution and were taken up again by the Weimar Republic. It is interesting to note how these colours have changed their significance since 1848.

As for the immediate history, the flag is associated with Josef Wirmer who apparently designed it, and his brother later advocated it as a flag for the new West Germany. Josef Wirmer supported Graf Claus von Stauffenberg and the July plot to assassinate Hitler, was later tried by Roland Freisler and died by hanging. Here is a link to what appears to be a researched source for it. Below is the relevant part of the link.

While there were other suggestions for the new flag for West Germany,[51] the final choice was between two designs, both using black-red-gold. The Social Democrats proposed the re-introduction of the old Weimar flag, while the conservative parties such as the CDU / CSU and the German Party proposed a suggestion by Ernst Wirmer, a member of the Parlamentarischer Rat (parliamentary council) and future advisor of chancellor Konrad Adenauer. Wirmer suggested a variant of the 1944 “Resistance” flag (using the black-red-gold scheme in a Nordic Cross pattern) designed by his brother and 20 July co-conspirator Josef. [52] The tricolour was ultimately selected, largely to illustrate the continuity between the Weimar Republic and this new German state. With the enactment of the (West) German constitution on 23 May 1949, the black-red-gold tricolour was adopted as the flag for the Federal Republic of Germany. [4]

4^ a b c Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (23 May 1949). German version and English version (December 2000) (PDF). See Article 22. Retrieved on 24 February 2008. Archived 27 February 2008 at the Wayback Machine

24 thoughts on “Michael Mannheimer’s Speech in Würzburg

  1. Incredibly inspiring. Wish I had been there. If this kind of straight- talking and resolve can be spread across the UK , France, all European countries, then we have a chance.

    To misquote Churchill, is this perhaps the beginning of the beginning?

  2. The German People have been sold down the river by their own people. A stealth genocide in the name of multiculturalism is being perpetrated against them.
    And should they not go silently into the night they are labeled as NAZIs. Cultural self-hatred has become an requirement of every good German. A ‘patriot’ is to be equivalent to a NAZI. Political asylum is as it is used today is a sham serving no purpose to better this world. Just the opposite. It is used and abused to accelerate the German Left racist vision to eliminate the German people. Of course this model is not only being applied in Germany but all over Europe. Sweden is an even more advanced example and Obama is adapting it to the US.

  3. EXCELLENT!!!!! Go German Go! Long live the German People! Long Live Germany!

  4. Weaknesses of the Left and Islamists- How to exploit them….

    1) Predictability
    2) Total loyalty to Dogma
    3) Unable to adapt
    4) Complete lack of common-sense
    5) Willingness to resort to violence
    6) Personal ambition
    7) Illogic
    8) Group think
    9) Inability to think as individuals
    10) Inability to face fact and truth
    11) Mental instability
    12) Drug and alcohol abuse
    13) Weak personality
    14) Delusions of grandeur
    15) Inability to argue
    16) Paranoia
    17) Self hatred
    18) Anger
    19) Irrationality
    20) Attention seeking
    21) Inflated sense of self-importance
    22) Personal grievance against the rest of humanity
    23) obsession with power and money
    24) Little regard for others
    25) Psychopathic tendencies
    26) Personality disorder
    27) Inability to empathise normally with other humans
    28) Personal sense of alienation
    29) Tendency to criminality

    1) Predictability- unable to be original, due to low or average IQ. This can be used over time to make them look ridiculous-I refer to their overuse of terms like “Nazi”.
    2) Total loyalty to Dogma-Again unable to think for themselves. Read up and learn their ideas and dogmatic political texts that have a “religious” feel to them. Look for weak spots in their ideology-“All property is theft” for example- How can it be theft when they do not possess it?
    3) Unable to adapt-even in defeat- again lack of ability to think intelligently, hence “More of the same” -Seeds of their own destruction.exploit this.
    4) Complete lack of common-sense-See above.
    5) Willingness to resort to violence- When their dogma fails to achieve results. “Wind them up!” Print more Mohammed cartoons for example.
    6) Personal ambition-At base personal lust for power drives them and an overbearing sense of personal entitlement. The Left and Islam hate each other more than us. Seek ways of dividing them- by personally attacking them via email-mock them- sow fake stories about what their allies “really think of them”. The Left and Islam are a series of shifting factional alliances, often formed in the moment. They are often paranoid and panicky in nasty threatening situations.
    7) Illogic- Their greatest weakness in fact every time. They refuse to face reality when their schemes fail so resort to violence and threat- so losing the argument.
    8) Group think- Unable to act and feel safe outside their Dogma group, where the natural law predicates free thought. The group acts like a cult, with the “Alphas” censoring the “Betas”. It is a sado-masochistic relationship-often sexual-the need to feel safe in the company of the like-minded. The Church uses the same methodology.
    9) Inability to think as individuals-See above but also note low intellectual abilities, common to the Left and Islam.
    10) Inability to fact fact and truth. Hence their need to be within a cult like atmosphere for personal reassurance- and I refer especially to the personal.
    11) Mental instability
    12) Drug and alcohol abuse
    13) Weak personality

    11,12, 13, are related- a psychiatric study of the Left and Islam found high-very high levels of alcohol and drug abuse and mental illness but also a history of child abuse and perversion.
    14) Delusions of grandeur- tendency to megalomania-usually to compensate for their lack of self esteem.
    15) Inability to argue-lack of true intellectual analytical abilities.
    16) Paranoia
    17) Self hatred
    18) Anger
    19) Irrationality

    15,16, 17, 18, 19, are related and are more symptoms than causes. I have found rational calm argument affects them badly-in other words don’t get angry in discussions with them- they are easy to “Wind up” and people will draw the right conclusions.
    20) Attention seeking
    21) Inflated sense of self-importance
    22) Personal grievance against the rest of humanity

    20,21, 22, sum up the Left and Islam. They seek “reassurance” in a world they do not or cannot comprehend, often due to their lack of adult development or severe infantilism, reflected in their need like the cruel children they really are to make the world more “childlike” to suit their ways and beliefs, until the nasty parents (The Right) come back to correct them. Hence their abuse of their opponents as “Nazis” and “extremists” and “Islamophobes”- they really want us to be on a par with these, so excusing their behaviour. They also believe it.

    23) They find comfort in money and power- a craving in fact, since the first gives direct access to the other-Usually the money and property of others they envy. Hence “All property is theft” (because I don’t have it you cannot).
    24) Little regard for others
    25) Psychopathic tendencies
    26) Personality disorder
    27) Inability to empathise normally with other humans
    28) Personal sense of alienation

    24,25,26,27, 28, are really one subject heading and I refer you to my previous statements.
    29) Tendency to lying and criminality-Their personal sense of entitlement and the feeling of being ‘owed’ by the rest of society -The origins of “It’s Society’s fault” justifies the above-“moralises” their lying and theft but also violence. Islam is exactly the same. I would also refer you to a psychiatric phenomenon known as ‘guilt transference’-wherein personal feelings of wrong done to oneself are transferred to the object. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolution-the-self/201306/anger-how-we-transfer-feelings-guilt-hurt-and-fear

    I hope these few lines help you to understand the nature and weaknesses of the enemy.

    They also fear moral religions like Christianity…..

    • I can feel that mental instability coming on even now. The psychopathic tendencies can’t be far behind.

  5. UN: ISIS Executing ‘Educated Women’ in New Wave of Horror

    The United Nations decried numerous executions of civilians in Iraq by the “Islamic State” (ISIS) terror group on Tuesday, warning that educated women appeared to be especially at risk.

    The jihadist group is showing a “Monstrous disregard for human life” in the areas it controls in Iraq, the UN human rights office said.
    From an article on Arutz Sheva (Israel National News channel 7)

    This is what happens to nice left thinking ‘liberal’ women once they are at the mercy of raw naked Islam with no holds barred (the men are already dead!).

    And it is coming to a place near you Ms. Merkel!

  6. Cultural self-hate is happening all over the world in the advanced western countries. What is going on?

    What could be the root cause of this self-destructive behavior? Possibilities:

    1. It’s planned by Gramsci and progressives to re-incarnate some form of socialism? And it has taken hold like an intellectual fad?

    2. As democracies age they become encrusted with so many bureaucratic barnacles (that restrain so much fun: eg entrepreneurial enthusiam; diminished recreational adventure–eg no more home built airplanes; reduced intellectual diversity; increased political conformity; reduced opportunities for adventure) such that our youth is willing to risk security for excitement and titillate with revolutionary thoughts? Too-many-rules sums it up?

    3. Seeking egalitarianism and fairness and social justice is so seductive that capitalism and democracy will ever be iffy…even though it produces superior results?

    4. Continual warfare reminds us that there is something profoundly wrong with our culture? We learn we are flawed?

    5. Continual corruption in our leaders reminds us that the democratic model may be flawed?

    6. The everlasting economic cycle of recessions and booms reminds us of the weaknesses of capitalism?

    7. Something in the water? Neutrons from the sun? There could be some kind of cyclical mentation in homo sapiens that we are experiencing?

    Have there been other historical periods when there has been cultural self- hate? I wonder if this is singular?

    • One more:
      8. Maybe there is a biological primate law that says that we have to struggle to be happy and that living in mother’s basement will predictably cause social warfare. Too easy a life and we become self-destructive?

      • We are being denied our spirituality William, not in a religious sense, but in a higher plain of understanding and learning that would see us grow into our full potential. Those in charge of the world have been keeping from us from our rightful place in the Universe for some time now. Just think about that.

    • An excellent summation, sir. One could do essays on each point. For example: the “everlasting economic cycle of recessions and booms” as a sign of the weaknesses of capitalism. Those cycles are more likely to be a sign of big government at work, manipulating something or other. See Frederic Bastiat…

      …Economics is not called “the dismal science” for nothing. Too bad we threw out the ideas behind the theological doctrine of “Original Sin”. The words became dated, but not the reality of our inherent cupidity. As in (the love of) money is the root of evil. Too many of us leave off those crucial first three words.

      Seems to me that if we continue to think in terms of scarcity, believing in zero sum dogma and big government benignity, we’ll always have those cycles.

      But that’s just one of your elegant points. Wanna do an essay?? We can pay you in great quantities of undying affection. You could just do a post with each point elaborated a bit and a few links for further pondering.

      BTW, have you noticed that social justice is a redundant term? What other kinds of justice are there?? Could that possibly be code speak?

    • Yes, there have been other periods of cultural self hate. Yet it is politically incorrect, even in patriotic and nationalist circles, to mention it.

      Many have failed to notice and others claim the change was a good thing but Christianity was not always the religion of the European peoples. Before that, there was an indigenous religion in Europe. There are still echos of it today in many European languages, in holidays and even in the laws we prefer to live under, which hearken back to these more ancient traditions thus requiring a separation of church and state, since the christian holy book prescribes an entirely foreign set of legal theories which long and painful experience proved do not work for us in actual practice.

      How did this change take place? Did it not require the inculcation of cultural self-hate in order to turn the populace away from its traditional moorings? Of course it did. According to Bede, the process was begun with Interpretatio Christiana. This was the process of taking fundamentally important cultural ideas, symbols and practices and re-defining them according to a christian paradigm. The same process has been ongoing in the Western Countries for decades, redefining the concepts of freedom and democracy according to Marxist ideals.

      During the enslaving … er, conversion … of Europe, this was accomplished in in the youth. Once enough people had forgotten the real meanings of these cultural artifacts, the people were taught to hate the original meanings and fight against those who would “pervert the truth” (as defined by the cultural aggressor). Thus the witch burnings and slaughter of heretics invariably occurred a generation or two after official conversion.

      This is the same process of long-term cultural destruction we are witnessing today. We stand at that moment when a majority of the youth have only ever been taught the Marxist ideas of things. It happened, undetected, right under our noses because (just like the church a millenium ago) they went for the meaning of our symbols, not the symbol itself. Those who sounded the alarm were dismissed as cranks and conspiracy theorists.

      With our symbols and institutions corrupted (including the reformed church) and the means to properly educate the youth firmly in the hands of our enemies, it is time for us to think boldly. I suggest we look to the very roots of the concepts we hold dear. Those roots are even now beginning to sprout. And it is youth who are disaffected with all the modern idealogies who leading the way.

    • Western civilization since the Hebrews and the Greeks has practiced cultural self-criticism in a way not seen in other cultures. To a point, that’s fruitful, but only if it’s balanced by due pride in the worthy achievements of the civilization — or at least a recognition of what’s worthy — and by an expectation, even a demand, that other civilizations examine their own shortcomings before blaming their every failure on the West, which is so easy to do when Westerners have already written the script.

      I’ve seen non-Westerners say, in effect, “We know that White Europeans have committed all kinds of crimes against the rest of the world because your own scholars admit it!”

      Likewise, white lib-leftists have written the script for black Americans to blame all whitey for all their shortcomings, so why disagree? Just recently I heard a black man claim that the high black crime rate was all down to the “legacy of slavery.” Couldn’t possibly be the legacy of more recent practices, such as welfare to single mothers generation after generation, or preferential treatment of black Americans in college admissions, scholarships, grading, jobs & promotion.

  7. Can someone please explain the background behind the slogan on one of the placards? It reads, MIT GELD SPIELT MAN NICHT, “One doesn’t play with money”. What’s that all about?

    • JLH communicates: “…the German exertions to prop up the euro. I suspect there are still a lot of people who remember the DM with longing.”

      Something like this is likely what is behind it. There are a variety of tendencies at the PEGIDA demonstrations, and one of them is EU critical.

      The Slogan is used by AachenMünchener, a German insurance group. It created an advertising video starring a well-known actor in Germany, Mario Adorf. The idea, taken from their web page, is that we look after customers’ money and do not subject it to risk. I imagine this ad had quite a bit of exposure in Germany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGS_bJNr16Y

      • Yes of course the loss of identity and culture is more important than money – that’s why the politicians daren’t talk about it and instead stick to their favourite subject, ‘economics’.

  8. A great speech; he is right about the politicians and the media across the West, the Elite exhibit the “fatal solidarity of the Gadarene swine*” but instead of being possessed by demoniac spirits, it is the twin evils of political correctness and multiculturalism and the rest of us will be drowning along with them (probably before them, in fact) as a result of the demographic time bomb, which is now beginning to gradually detonate across Western Europe.

    (*Angus Maude)

  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5KUR2DcI0PY

    Video on YouTube reporting on the PEGIDA affiliate rallies spreading across Europe, from Monday evening. 200 attending in Copenhagen, Denmark, plus smaller demos in the towns of Aarhus and Esbjerg, also in Denmark. Plus a small rally in Oslo, Norway.

    Voiceover is in German.

    • Oh my. Even Oslo? Those folks are brave.

      This brings to mind the early efforts of European countries who wanted to ignite some of that righteous English Defence League fire in their own home places. But the kindling was wet…or summat like. The love of one’s country was there, but so were those brutally efficient totalitarians from whom permission to celebrate was not forthcoming.

      Freedom to be who you are is not guaranteed. It never was, of course, but the blinders and the bits grow ever more restrictive.

      Every English person ought to read what I’ve come to call “The Pensioner’s Plea” – i.e., “Dark Albion”. The link is on the sidebar.

      http://www.sparrowbooks.webeden.co.uk/ is the seller and has a brief precis of what must needs be a dirge.

      We used to have his chapter on King William the Conquered archived, but I can’t find it. However, in attempting to google it (we had to remove our “Search” feature since it proved to be a hole by which the ghouls and goblins and hackers got in) I came across a review of sorts of Mr. Abbott’s book.

      This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things:The Fantastic Reality of David Abbott’s Dark Albion


      I’m sooo glad Mr. Abbott’s book is elegantly reviewed somewhere; it deserves this kind of attention. The author, one James O’Meara, meanders even more than I do. Quite a feat. I’m tempted to put up a post of his review but he writes well above me head and far beyond me ken…though he does have sufficient native wit to quote ME at length. That doesn’t happen often. If ever. What he chose to excerpt is one of my Pet Peeves – i.e., … oh heck, this Particular Pet Peeve is too hard to explain. Here’s the quote he used – you can understand my reluctance to crib from myself here, especially since I appear only in a footnote, and at that, bestowed with a new soubriquet, “Fiery Chap“. Oh well, I’m often mistaken for a man when I write. I’ll take that as a compliment though good writing is androgynous – no one ought be able to tell what junk you carry based on your writing, eh?

      So Mr. O’Meara chose this PPP as a footnote to make his point:

      4. Such as this fiery chap, writing from The Gates of Vienna: “This is a real book by a real English pensioner. It is not one of those tossed-off dismissals of England’s lower classes by ‘experts’ such as Theodore Dalrymple. He has drawn my ire on several counts since his own retirement . . . This second career piggybacks on the same population for whom he was once the doctor. You will find no James Herriott writing with fondness of his ‘patients’ and their doting owners. This is a physician who retired to France and wrote most unfeelingly about those patients from whom he made his living. Where is the pity, the compassion a doctor is expected to display? Sure, he could confess to being burned out, but somehow it’s all their fault. And if he is the psychiatrist for these people, where are the success stories? Who did he manage to help? Why is the underclass given no mercy by any of the literati? The mills of the karma dude grind slowly; someone ought to point that out to Dalrymple. So support a real pensioner, one who is not living in the south of France. Buy Dark Albion and see if it doesn’t echo your own experience.”

      Hmmm…I’ve wandered into the brambles again. The Garden of Forking Paths can be right treacherous if you don’t pay attention…all I intended to say was that “Dark Albion” is worth your time. Sometimes Intentions are my downfall.

      Anybody know what happened to that fine chapter on William the Conquered? A fantasy piece on the current Prince William in his doddering old age…

  10. Fantastic development, Baron!

    Even a cynic like myself can hope again. I’m proud to call Mannheimer among my friends, he is like Stuerzi a true hero.

    Best of all, they know their stuff; they learned their Islam!

  11. Michael Mannheimer must be an extremely courageous man to raise his voice against the mass murder of the unborn. This mass murder shows, like nothing else would, the hypocrisy of modern secular humanism. It proclaims its belief in the sanctity of human life, but it upholds as something holy the right of a mother to have her own child killed for her by doctors.

    He is also right when he denounces the destruction of the traditional family. The strong traditional family is the basis of a nation’s or a civilisation’s strength. The sorry State of the family in modern Western societies makes them vulnerable to outside and inside threats.

    I believe, that the crisis of the traditional family is a greater menace to Germany and the whole of the West than Islamisation.

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