Little Mosque on the St. Lawrence

A new scandal broke several days ago in Montreal concerning the radical teachings and terrorist connections of various culture-enriching Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in Quebec. The news appeared first in French, and then yesterday in English.

There are two important aspects of this story:

1.   It highlights the radical Islamic teachings in an educational establishment that receives funding from the government of Quebec, and
2.   It was covered by CTV, a Canadian MSM outlet.

Yes, it would be better to see a harder-hitting in-depth investigative report. However, the amazing thing is that the media covered it at all.

My favorite part is when the mosque employee who condemns all terrorism — “Christian terrorism, Jewish terrorism, Islamic terrorism”. Uh-huh.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying CTV News article about the Little Mosque in Montreal:

Concerns About Controversial Material at Mosque Connected to Local School

The education minister is concerned about claims a mosque connected to an elementary school in Montreal’s west end has been distributing literature that some say promotes a radical view of Islam.

Yves Bolduc said he is extremely concerned, and wants to know if the writings are influencing the school’s curriculum.

The Ecole Musulmane de Montreal at 7445 Chester Ave. receives a subsidy from the Quebec government.

A side entrance to the school connects to a small mosque called the Muslim Centre of Quebec.

Inside, they give out several leaflets on Islam, including one called ‘Controversial Questions about Islam and Comments.’

One passage suggests a person might use violence to defend property and the innocent if they’re motivated by divine teachings; the booklet calls that type of jihad “courageous.”

Another passage explains why in Islamic countries, the law permits the cutting off of a thief’s hand, while another discusses how a man can marry four wives, provided he is fair to them.

At the mosque, a man named Romiz Uddin said he could not answer questions about the pamphlet, saying he doesn’t speak for the mosque, but does work there.

He did, however, denounce terrorism.

“Yes. Terrorism — Christian terrorism, Jewish terrorism, Islamic terrorism — all terrorism is bad,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “Little Mosque on the St. Lawrence

  1. The leaflet says
    “a person might use violence to defend property and the innocent if they’re motivated by divine teachings;”

    Glossary of terms:
    “a person”: a muslim
    “might”: is entitled to
    “to defend the innocent” to assert the primacy of Islam in the event of a cartoon etc. that offends muslims.
    ”the innocent” other muslims only.
    “if”: because
    “motivated by divine teachings”: following the compulsory instructions in the Koran.

    Full translation: “a muslim is entitled to use violence to assert the primacy of Islam if other muslims have been offended because violence is instructed repeatedly in Islamic Law, the Koran.“

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