Imprisonment, Dhimmitude… or What?

The European Union’s top counter-terrorism official says that additional terror attacks cannot be prevented in Europe. Moreover, he says that imprisoning the mujahideen who return to Europe from Syria is not a good idea.

Yes, you’re right: I should have warned you not to read those words while you were drinking your coffee. I’ll wait for you to finish cleaning up before I continue…

The current situation in Europe reminds me of El Inglés’ famous essay on the coming civil war, “Surrender, Genocide… or What?”. When unpalatable options are closed off as a matter of public policy, and then the socio-political crisis deteriorates even further, options that are currently unthinkable become the only possible courses of action.

Here’s the report from AGI:

EU’s Kerchove Says “We Cannot Prevent New Terror Attacks”

(AGI) Brussels, Jan 13 — Gilles de Kerchove, the EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator, warned that “we cannot prevent further [terror] attacks.”

The top European official said that prisons “are incubators of a massive radicalisation”, and explained that “it is not possible to totally prevent terrorism attacks such as the Paris massacre.” He added that the solution cannot be that of imprisoning the so-called ‘foreign fighters’ because prisons have become ‘huge incubators of radicalisation’.

Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando shared this sentiment by saying that “potentially prisons may become incubators” [of a certain type of Islamic extremism], hence, “great caution” is needed. Minister Orlando spoke at the sidelines of an event organised at the Poggioreale prison in Naples. He underlined that he had discussed with the EU justice ministers about the punishment to issue in order to curb this phenomenon.

“Isolating such cells is of major importance,” he said, “in order to avoid what has happened in the past with other types of terrorism.” He added it was necessary to avoid “criminal punishment becoming a tool which gives more power to the organisations which we are fighting against.” He emphasized that it is necessary to bear this aspect in mind when issuing anti-terrorism norms.

Minister Orlando announced he is due to meet top Italian prosecutors this Tuesday afternoon in Rome in order to assess ‘the best facility to pursue a more appropriate coordination, which is certainly the goal to be reached.”

Bear the above in mind when reading about what Europol has to say about “fighters” who return to Europe from Syria:

Up to 5,000 EU Fighters Pose Risk, Says Europol Chief

In hearing before British parliament

(ANSAmed) — LONDON, JANUARY 13 — There are between 3,000 and 5,000 European nationals fighting in the conflict in the Middle East who may conduct terrorist attacks once they return home, Europol director Rob Wainwright stated on Tuesday before the British parliament.

To summarize:

1.   Muslims should not be sent to prison because it might lead to further “radicalization”. Criminal punishment gives more power to terror organizations.
2.   The EU must not be closed to migrants from Muslim countries, because that would be “racist” and “discriminatory”. That these “asylum-seekers” may include hard-core mujahideen returning from the jihad in Iraq and Syria is just part of the price that must be paid in order to have a thriving, diverse, multicultural society.
3.   The internal borders of Europe must remain open to passport-free travel. The Schengen Agreement is one of the cornerstones of European prosperity and vitality.
4.   Muslims must be allowed the free practice of their religion, which is one of the core tenets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
5.   Therefore we must allow violent jihadis into Europe, let them travel wherever they want and do whatever Islam demands that they do, and must not treat them as criminals or imprison them.

So it’s imprisonment, dhimmitude… or what?

Hat tips: C. Cantoni, Insubria.

17 thoughts on “Imprisonment, Dhimmitude… or What?

  1. Give me a break! Dhimmitude, madness, islamization and masochism. What’s wrong with our leaders? Muslims are not free-riders and an elite that can walk free from everything. I am fed up with muslims and the violence to our freedom islam means. Muslims don’t play the game same as we do, the play by their own rules.

    • The average Muslim carry on of today in 1954 would have gotten them the gallows in short order. The luckier ones would have been expelled from any the west. What is the problem? We are staring mayhem and butchery of mankind square in the eyes and we keep blinking. This is not girl talk time. A very ruthless and base enemy, as insane as insane can be has all of Christiandom instead of rushing forward to ruthlessly wipe them out is actually making their case.

    • Prisons? I remember one “Wizard of Id” comic where Rodney goes to tell the king
      “Sire, the prisoners are rioting!”
      “They say it is because of overcrowding!”
      “Go tell them the graveyards are only half full.”

  2. Or… ever more terror attacks and street violence? This seems to be the only conclusion.

    What a wonderful, vibrant, tolerant, prosperous, flourishing new world the powers-that-be are preparing for us eh?

  3. Even a child knows when to avoid others who pose a physical threat to him, but when the avoidance no longer works, he must then choose to fight, surrender to the threat or to flee the area. I won’t be fleeing or surrendering, so I guess that only leaves me and mine with one course of action.

  4. Whatever happened to exile or banishment? The Norsemen, the ancient Greeks, and the Romans did it. Why shouldn’t we?

  5. This is satire isn’t it? Tell me that it is satire. If not Europe will be an Islamic state in ten years or perhaps less. What were they marching about on Sunday when it is obvious that they have surrendered.

  6. How about if you go to Syria to fight with ISIS if you try and return to France you are [intemperate suggestion redacted]?

    • By special arrangement between governments fifth columnists attempting to return are captured and sent to Guantanamo for your duration – of the rest of their lives. A punishment that fits their crimes. No Korans and no special foods and no mosques or beard masks.

  7. The stupidity and craven cowardice from the anti-terrorism officials is a direct result of their superiors – people like Hollande, Merkel and Cameron ordering them to . It’s no different than Obama ordering the government not to use Islam and terrorism in the same sentence or admit there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism.

    The bad thing is, it’s full speed stupid from now on from the Western governments. I fully expect to see Muslims emboldened by the unity of fools displayed before them and more attacks in the coming months after the initial hysteria has died down. And after every attack more excuses from the establishment until it brings down the EU and Merkel(who seems to be the engine behind the demographic destruction of the West).

    Personally I’m more hopeful for Germany and Europe as a whole than the U.S. where the ruling caste has a deathgrip on the political process and who gets a say so.

    • The propagandists and apologists refuse to admit that there is anything such as Islamic terrorism and that the two should not be linked. Yet, they are the same ones who repeat the garbage about Islamic science, Islamic conquests, Islamic learning, Islamic inventions, and so on.

  8. One prussian General once remarked that the king made him a General because a General must know when to ignore the kings orders.
    The King was Frederick the Great.

    Where are the People who disobey orders?

    Unfortunately I am reminded of an article written by General retired Guenzel. Till today I was not able to verify it by an article in the SPIEGEL or any other german MSM.
    When chancellor Adenauer asked an aide if the german army could rise up against him like the French army did against de Gaulle, the aide answered: The way we select our officers you do not need to worry.

    If this is correct our future looks a little bit more bleak.

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