If They Do Not Conform, Deport Them!

As noted here several times in the past, Czech President Miloš Zeman is often outspoken in his politically incorrect opinions about immigration and Islam.

Below is an interview with President Zeman from
Blesk, a well-known Czech tabloid, that was published after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Many thanks to Gemini for the translation:

Zeman on Muslims: If they do not conform, deport them!

Muslims who won’t conform to the customs of their new homeland should be deported, President Zeman stated in the interview conducted for Blesk.

“Everyone should be living in his homeland. It is something different to travel and discover other cultures than to live in one’s homeland and work for its prosperity. I think that those people should live and practice their religion in their homelands and shouldn’t try disturbing common life in countries that have a different culture,” thinks Zeman.

He also added that even if radicals are born in western Europe, they still belong more to Muslim lands like Algeria, Mali etc. “There is some genetic connection,” he elaborated. “A Czech remains Czech even if he lives in France. Although, in the case of Czechs, the different culture is not a problem. A Czech, such as Milan Kundera, for example, is able to adapt well in France. People from those lands lack aforementioned ability. This is not a critique as such, it is an observation,” he added.

According to Zeman, it all depends just on the willingness to adapt. “I would tell them: Unless you can accept rules laid down by your host country — while killing journalists certainly is not accepting them — go back home, to your homeland,” he concluded.

15 thoughts on “If They Do Not Conform, Deport Them!

  1. Phrases like ‘everyone should be living in his homeland’, ‘there is some genetic connection’ and ‘if they do not conform, deport them’ coming from a lefty … I’m dumbfounded. He is simply sick!

    Now, let’s think what we can do to make him infect his western colleagues.

    • He is exactly correct. If people don’t conform to the host country they move to they should go back to where they came from. They had no legitimate reason for being their in the first place. They certainly aren’t altruists trying to help all mankind, they are for themselves and they selfishly tried to infect the host country with their version of how they want things to be.

      Islam is obviously an Arab supremacy cult that seeks global domination and white women. They want the whole world to submit to them, not to God.

      It is they that are “sick”, and so are you.

      • No. Better still do not import them here at all. zero. zilch.
        Whether they conform or not they have 57 countries, to live in, which have been usurped by sword. From the year 700 to 1453 AD they until they usurped the whole of Asia Minor. They did not stop there. No way. They crossed into Europe and devastated it for centuries. “Lest we forget” the siege of Vienna. BUT we forget in two days. This time we imported jihadis and muslims to invade us. Who will resist this temptation: welfare, money, weapons, girls, women, looting.
        It seems when these are done to us we are very happy and we try hard to find an excuse for them.
        Are we not wonderfully clever?
        How many times Qaddafi Boumedienne have said that sleepy Europe would be invaded by muslim womb? Did we take them seriously?
        Today our western geniuses say that we have to import muslims because our white women abort their fetuses. So who will resist the importation of these gold nuggets?

      • Personally, I think Arabs claiming “supremacy” in any area is absolute folly. What have they ever given the world? Please, enlighten me. If they did, they’ve since destroyed it for Allah.

      • I think meadmaker was being sarcastic. Why else would s/he talk about infecting western colleagues?

        • Either my english got really crappy or Anglos aren’t careful readers. It is a bad augury, when such a silly wordplay is so easily misinterpreted and it happens to me awfully often.

    • That president is dead on correct. I wish we had him in the USA instead of that homo muslim Obummer.

  2. Be it noted that the Czech Republic — formerly part of Czechslovakia — has a dolorous history when it comes to unassimilated minority groups. The Sudenten Germans were a fifth column that brought it to grief at the hands of Adolf Hitler in 1938 and then throughout Big Two. The hostility this engendered in the hearts of the Czechs and Slovaks earned them a mass expulsion from the country in the aftermath of the Nazis’ defeat.

    • They made it easy to be expelled, since they voluntarily accepted German citizenship during the Nazi occupation. The unfortunate part was, unlike the Soviets, with their massive deportations and mass murders, Czechoslovakia did it in the light of day, and deported them into West Germany. This gave the Sudentens an opportunity to double down on their lying and write a history of the period that has all the accuracy and honesty of the Palestinian history of Israel. No surprise, since the Palestinians and Nazi¡s were good friends and allies during that period.
      I had no trouble catching Meadmaker’s irony, but what is the evidence that Zeman is a lefty? A lot of ordinary Czechs considered the communists and the Nazis to be basically the same thing (from what I heard when we were in Czechoslovakia in the fifties, and liked them about equally well.

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