Girls in the Military: RAH, Rah, rah, r…

Someone sent us this brief clip demonstrating the wow of a woman’s throwing arm. Or is that the POW? Or the OMG?

The new wave of Feminism isn’t a kindly one; dogmatists aren’t known for their benignity. In this case, the New Fem march to Total Equality steps on the face of Reality rather too frequently for the comfort of those of us committed to Reason…and survival. But hey — these little missteps are a small price to pay for victory, no? No.

Lord, no.

Let’s not even mention their garroting of Truth or their vituperative scornful and loud dismissal of classical Beauty and the men who dare to admire it in all its forms. In a word, the Dogma Dogs are tedious. In a second word, they’re tiresome. Let’s make it a hat trick to set the brooms aquivering: those girls are on a trivial dead-end mission as far as the ongoing transmission of favorable DNA is concerned. But not to worry: they’re busy figuring out a work-around which cuts out the need for men.

One way to reduce the ranks of men in the military is to make them realize their vulnerability if women are embedded in combat positions in equal numbers with the XY faction. I heard that ISIS is even now making a novena for the feminists’ success in eliminating men from combat.

I would love to see/hear what Israeli women think of this. They all serve because they have to for survival reasons. In the U.S., too many women serve to make a political point and then poke the rest of us with it. In what ways does the IDF gear its training of Israeli women to take into account the reality of gender differences? I want to know, since we’re not permitted to talk about G.D. in the U.S.

In my search for material to show the video above was wrong, I came across this site: Chicks On The Right.

Oh dear. They didn’t confirm my hopes at all. It turns out that women aren’t doing so well in Real Life:

According to this [see the link to The Free Beacon in original], “two female Marine officers who volunteered to attempt the Corps’ challenging Infantry Officer Course did not proceed beyond the first day of the course.”

This makes 29 attempts and 29 fails by women for that course.

One female officer has tried to do it more than once. And she, too, failed. Only four female officers have made it past day one of the “grueling evaluation known as the Combat Endurance Test, or CET.” And listen — it’s not like dudes don’t fail, either. They do. Fifteen male officers didn’t make it. “Of the 118 officers who began the course, 101” made it to the second day. In a nutshell, it’s freaking HARD. Like, REALLY HARD.

It’s just obviously harder for the chicks. A LOT harder. (I’m going on data here.)

DATA?? What’s data got to do with it? We’re talking Dogma, girl. And Dogma trumps Data in the Dark World of the Left.

See below the fold for more rationalizations Reality.

Back in 2014, one of the women who failed the course, Second Lt. Sage Santangelo, provided her theories as to why so many women fail. She attributed it to “inferior training that women marines receive compared to men, rather than an inherent weakness in women.” Additionally, she said that women face a “double standard during their entire time in the Marine Corps.”

Awww… Women face a “double standard” in the Marine Corps? Heck, they face that in many areas where they excel. So what’s the point? A non-trivial point, please. Smart people work with what they have, not what they think they ought to have. Perhaps some devoted drill sergeant could train his baby girl from the crib onwards to be a buffed out dudette, but she’d have to work much harder, longer, and exert far more effort than, say, her twin brother would have to extend to make it. And that’s not fair, right? I repeat, what’s the non-trivial point here? Is there one?

Women athletes have long since proved the point of excellence in many fields. Especially ones that require flexibility and endurance. So it turns out they have an advantage in gymnastics. When was the last time you saw little boys doing gymnastics?

Now I ask you, is that fair?

It in Shadow World of the Cave where dwell the Leftists, this is a simple equation: First kill all the men. THEN go to war. Yep, that’ll do it.

Meanwhile, ISIS is working on expanding that Novena to Allah…

How do you say “You Go, Girl!” in Arabic? Or can you say it? Probably not out loud.

Hat tip: DS

43 thoughts on “Girls in the Military: RAH, Rah, rah, r…

  1. “two female Marine officers who volunteered to attempt the Corps’ challenging Infantry Officer Course did not proceed beyond the first day of the course.”

    So what’s the problem? Doesn’t look like those standards are being lowered. Of course fewer women will have the strength and even an interest in joining the military, but as long as standards stay high, no problem.

    BTW, men’s gymnasics in the Olympics, for instance, are amazing – they have immense strength.

    • Did you read the post or did you come here to nitpick?

      I didn’t just mention two women. Here’s further verbiage that I quoted from the Free Beacon clip:

      “two female Marine officers who volunteered to attempt the Corps’ challenging Infantry Officer Course did not proceed beyond the first day of the course.”

      This makes 29 attempts and 29 fails by women for that course.

      One female officer has tried to do it more than once. And she, too, failed. Only four female officers have made it past day one of the “grueling evaluation known as the Combat Endurance Test, or CET.” And listen — it’s not like dudes don’t fail, either. They do. Fifteen male officers didn’t make it. “Of the 118 officers who began the course, 101” made it to the second day. In a nutshell, it’s freaking HARD. Like, REALLY HARD.

      In other words, you can teach a dog to dance, but why bother when other mammals have a natural urge to do so?


      And after the troops have been eviscerated, we’ll be even easier pickings than we are already.

      As for male gymnasts, I already made your point by linking to that article about them. Again, the point is not that there aren’t good male gymnasts, it’s that women get the scholarships and the attention.

      Your comment certainly proves Peter Drucker’s aphorism that communication is always the act of the recipient. In other words you showed up to argue about what I didn’t say and thereby produced something 180 degrees off my point. I sure hope archery isn’t your avocation.

      • I know women who have had successful military careers and done good service in dangerous places.

        • that is NOT the point. I know them too. In fact, one was so seriously wounded she’ll never be truly whole again.

          But that was not the point of this post.They didn’t try out for a difficult…oh never mind. You haven’t read what I said. Obviously. Nothing like Gender Wars for people to suddenly lose their ability to comprehend. This is a critical FAIL. Can’t you hear yourself?? “I know women who__________ is anecdotal; it misses the point; it trivializes the problem.

          If there is one more of these off-the-point defenses of women who don’t need or want defending, I’m going to close this thread. It grows more useless with each additional deflection.

          • A diverse multi cult, multi sex, multi lingual, multi ideology, multi everything mass could be cobbled together some way some how. However it will never be a match for a real army. Imam forward planning will certainly need to figure in all the multi culti opportunities now as prep for any Indi – Paki moves later.

          • So is your point that there must be no double standards? Or that women shouldn’t even be allowed to apply for combat jobs, even if they can meet the same high standards?

            If it’s the first point, I actually agree. The second – no.

      • Update: “By January 2016, the military must open all combat jobs to women or seek an exception.”

        Already this year, females have been authorized to take the U.S. Rangers assessment course. What can one say? This is the elite regiment of the U.S. Army; less than 50% of the already-select soldiers who apply graduate from Ranger training. Even as a superb, select-male force, the Rangers are considered inferior in performance to foreign anatagonists’ special forces units such as the Russian Spetsnaz.

        Is the M-word allowed here, i.e. onanism, self-gratification? This is all those lizards-from-outer-space who rule us are doing, as though Reality will not test the results….

  2. Feminism and PC prevents the military and science from admitting there are physical differences between men and women. Oh you can publicly say so, but kiss your career bye bye when the feminazis and Lefty males get a hold of you. When I saw FoxNews bring up the issue of allowing women to serve in the combat branches and all the initial failures, they were PC all the way. So PC that there were no male ex-Marines or ex-Army in the discussion just Megan Kelly and some ex female Marine NCO. Never once did the issue of innate physical differences between men and women come up. They finally agreed that women just needed more physical training.

    That said, videos like these are rather common but normally hidden from public view. The Army has a lot of problems with them since they integrated male and female recruit training. Rumsfeld rolled back a lot of the feminazi gendernorming and police state thuggery, but thanks to Obama all those changes are going away.

    Gender norming is back with a vengeance.

    There is now serious talk about quotas for women in ground combat units being pushed at the very highest level of the military,

  3. One ‘lobs’ a grenade with an over the arm movement similar to how a bowler delivers the ball in Cricket. One does not ‘throw’ a grenade as in Baseball as they are heavy for their size and the positioning of the hand must be over the activating lever when the pin is pulled and discarded ready to lob.

    I’m a fairly well built male and the best distance I could get with a hand grenade was just over 40 metres, so I do not understand why a little girl would be expected to lob a grenade over the sandbags let alone far enough away to take out some enemy. And after having watched that animation a few times I have come to the conclusion that those instructors did not do their job as is evident in how that tiny female ‘throws’ that grenade instead to trying to ‘lob’ it.

    But it is not just the military that is a problem for females trying to keep up with the stronger gender. Police forces have been actively recruiting females for police positions even to the extent of discriminating against suitable male applicants just so they can fill their ‘quota’.

    I have no statistics with which to quote numbers, but police forces have much difficulty in retaining trained all police officers, let alone female officers, simply because the female finds it all too difficult on the streets, which it is! However, as an indicator, I can quote from my own class when I attended the police academy of which there were ten male and ten females recruits. All passed the course and graduated and were then sent to various police stations across the state. However, after 12 months service, two of those females had resigned and by five years service there were only two females still working as police from my class while there were still eight males in active police positions.

    In police stations across the state male officers outnumber female officers by at least 9 to 1. Policing by its very nature is not an ideal position for the female who does not have the aggression or the strength required and when needed, which is quite often!

    There have been many incidents over the years, and it seems to be getting worse, of female cops being deliberately targeted for physical abuse while out on the streets by males who have no hesitation whatsoever in assaulting them whereas if those same cops were male they would not even think about it.

    Policing and the military is not a job for women.

      • I’m glad women are being accepted into law enforcement work. Given the numbers of personal assaults everywhere, women are needed “mise-en-scene”…but that has nothing to do with passing an elite, difficult military certification that even some men – and maybe a whole lot of policemen – couldn’t pass. No shame in that, since they’re not making demands based on failure.

      • Where I live we have a nice duck that comes to visit us.

        We also have stories in our local news about police officers having to call in backup because one or both of them were female and couldn’t control aggressive males. Our police do not usually carry firearms and many here get squiggly at the thought of them even carrying tasers.

      • Guest, that is fantastic, but is it because she is a woman that she is good or is it because she is a cop who knows how to do her job?

        I worked with some very exceptional female police officers. But when it came to the hard yards i.e. sieges, demos etc, they had to rely on their male partners when push came to shove on the streets. I have no wish to burst your bubble, but that is how policing really is.

    • I almost think that video was staged. You don’t let trainees out on the grenade range without considerable dummy training. You lob iron dummies until you get it right or they decide you are hopeless. That woman should not have been allowed on the range.

  4. Another thing to note is what one of the male instructors was able to throw: HER. Thereby saving her cute little [derrière], at some risk to his own.

    Could she have done it with him?

    • Good observation there Papa. Many male army recruits have been killed through bad instruction, nerves when handling an explosive device, or just plain complacency all round during grenade practice.

      Having females there just adds to the mix.

  5. PS, I don’t comment here to try and change your opinions – I know that’s impossible. I comment on this kind of article to show other liberals who take an interest in the islam topic that they are not alone and should, despite articles like this one, come to this site and participate.

    I’m a feminist and have many gay friends. We are threatened by increasing islam, and the sooner other liberals realise that, the better.

    • I’ve never self-identified as a feminist; simply too much baggage. However I’ve walked the walk – sans the signage. In fact, I can’t think of a demonstration I could attend now.

      If liberals continue to shut down conversations they don’t like, they will eventually find themselves silenced too. Somehow, except for Paglia, none of them seem to read history…sorry, “herstory” <- that is surely the most pathetic, trivial, and embarrassing word formation left from a century which specialized in poisoning by words. Whether we have gay friends is truly irrelevant. It certainly won't save you or anyone else from serial bullying if *their* friends happen to turn on you for some perceived deviation from the accepted dogma... I didn't think you came here to change opinions but merely to present your own, which is what commenters are expected to do. The sad thing was you didn't read the post carefully enough to make your comment cogent; you missed its import entirely. And that is just plain sad. In the same way that declared feminism (or any of the other declarations) is sad.

      • @Dymphna

        If you walk talk like a feminist. You are a feminist even if you don’t identify as such.

        • It depends. We may define our identity for ourselves but others may decide we are something else entirely. The old saying about all of us being three people: who we think we are, who others think we are, and who we really are speaks to your assertion about me.

          I will continue to contend that I am not a fem just as I refuse to wear the mantle of membership in the VastRightWingConspiracy, except ironically, as a joke.. That’s not me, no matter how clever Hillary Clinton was in belittling the political beliefs of her perceived enemies.

          The other day I read in the Christian Science Monitor that the mass murderer Breivik was a “Christian extremist”. He’d probably spit at such a screamingly wrong assumption. He admits to being a neo-Nazi who used the Counterjihad movement to hide his real intentions. Some believe his is a deeply wounded, mentally ill mass murderer. But he would reject such an identification; he much prefers to be considered a criminal.

          It’s unwise to tell people who they are because it’s only ever your opinion. As the old saying goes, ” call me anything but later for supper”…

          I’ve learned a great deal about names and labels in our years of running this site. The saddest thing I learned was how common betrayal is, and yet how deeply it wounds. I watched Diana West crucified in the name of an overwhelming fear which seeped through sinew and bone of those she’d considered her erstwhile friends and former colleagues, people she’d trusted implicitly.

          What she discovered is that everyone faces a decision (in John Boyd’s words): do they want to *be* somebody or do they want to accomplish something? To be somebody requires surrendering yourself to a process others devise. She chose the harder path of accomplishment. Her former colleagues chose their own ambition and she became their stepping stone.

          I identify as a Christian, but I don’t often discuss it. However, this advice to Peter from Christ after the former’s deeply repented betrayal of his friend seems apropos:

          “…when you were younger, you used to gird yourself and walk wherever you wished; but when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands and someone else will gird you, and bring you where you do not wish to go.”

          In this polarized world, I will never be a feminist. They don’t do enough to lift up women out of the morass.

  6. Hilarious clip btw. Talk about “throw like a girl”

    On the other hand my niece was visiting the other day & they are playing “touch” rugby at school, so as an ex-scrum half I was showing her how to do long accurate passes by “rifling” the ball with one hand etc & she was ACE!

    There’s a bit of a difference between missing a pass on a rugby field & dropping a grenade though, LOL

    • Men are way too harsh on women when comes to assessing their combat capability. The girl from the clip – for instance – would do just fine as a suicide bomber.

      • Well, I for one am glad that the instructor was quick-thinking enough to throw the girl and himself into the shelter. That girl is someone’s daughter, sister, niece, or granddaughter after all.

        Let’s start a campaign to send the top twenty 1970’s-vintage feminists to Marine Corps BT.

  7. Political correctness is infesting the Armed Forces here in the U.K. too; there was a case that came up regarding selection for the SAS, where three men died on an exercise. The response to this was a Health & Safety enquiry which resulted in the process not being as rigorous in the future.
    There are also to be women deployed in frontline combat roles in the British Army.

  8. I was in the U.S. Army in the late 1970’s, before the p.c. infection started for real.

    I can’t think of 1 in 100,000 women who could have gotten through the average basic training that we guys went through then (about 5% washed out, some just for being insubordinate jackasses, not physical ineptitude), climbing, running, slogging through mud, being “shot at” (over your heads, so don’t stand up, stupid), staying awake overnight while awaiting an “attack”, etc., etc.

    And our marching chants would have had us all in p.c. prison if they were sung nowadays. (Sexist, homophobic, crude, brazen and lusty.)

    A military is supposed to train hardened killers of the enemy who can also stand deprivation, hardships, horrors and act instinctively and quickly for the group’s survival and victory.

    Women are good in support roles and some aerial work, but why would anyone want them subjected to the necessary desensitization required to create effective warriors who need to be ready to shoot someone in the face or bayonet them in the guts and then twist the blade to make sure?

    (And, until women are required to register for the draft, they shouldn’t have any say in their potential combat roles. Fair is fair, after all.)

    • I think we can both accept that the madness that now infects all Western militaries has nothing at all to do with gender equality, diversity, inclusion or affirmative action, but more to do with emasculating that part of the West that has kept us safe for hundreds of years – the permanent and professional regular military that should only include combat ready male soldiers of an homogenous nation.

      Only a highly trained and funded military whose goal of battlefield domination is not diverted and hindered by MC/PC rules can be entrusted with our wellbeing and defence. For instance:

      When Israel invaded Lebanon back in 2005 they had platoons of all female soldiers on the front line alongside their male counterparts. The Lebanese Muslims they were up against knew this so they deliberately targeted the female soldiers knowing that male Israelis would then go to their aid – it doesn’t matter how indoctrinated the Collective tries to turn male soldiers away from chivalrous acts, chivalry is a general and innate manly trait that no amount of ‘education’ will quell – which they did and by their action caused the whole invasion plan to become unravelled and almost unworkable and the invasion put into jeopardy.

      As a result of that fiasco, Israeli women soldiers were withdrawn from frontline combat roles to be used in supporting roles to Israeli infantry only.

      MC, may have more on this as my info as to how women are today used within the Israeli military is almost non-existent. But the point I make is that females and males cannot effectively fight alongside each other on the battlefield. And anyone who disagrees with that irrefutable logic is simply denying the obvious.

      • And the territorial fights off the battlefield over who gets to bed down next to whom can be an issue. At least according to a few military I’ve talked to, both men and women. Long bouts of adrenalin-induced stress can eventually wear down normal inhibitory neurochemicals – iow, physical combat OFF the battlefield is common, especially in groups where there is high turnover. Add “gender differences” to the mix and you can have conflicts of nuclear proportions. Not because men are eeevil, but because everyone is human.

        If women were a plus on the battlefield, they’d have been there ever since tribes began battling for territory.

        And those convictions make me a RightWingExtremist. So do my convictions that we ought to avoid frankenfoods and stick to the kinds of food human beings have been eating for thousands of years. Tofu turkey isn’t on the list.

        • But men and women HAVE been fighting ever since we’ve been here. The “battle of the sexes” is eternal; only the terrain changes.

          • I could probably write an essay on the many problems within the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) based on a sexual nature that is not just confined to the male/female ‘territorial disputes’ but more so on the other groups of ‘diverse’ sexually orientated individuals who now have ‘special status’ within the military which protects them from those who do not share their ‘orientation’.

            I call those out who are in positions of authority within the ADF and who promote the very things that they must know is assisting in tearing apart a once highly respected fighting machine.

            I recently had a running correspondence with an ADF officer who point blank refused to accept my premise that the current system of diversity and tolerance for all and sundry within the military is killing its effectiveness. He/she (refused to ID) insisted that discipline was all that was required to keep the military on target and that what a serving sailor, soldier or airman’s sexual orientation or gender was had nothing to do with military ineffectiveness – yet when I mentioned that there were over 500 outstanding sexually related incidents to be investigated within the ADF he/she went quiet, never to heard from again.

  9. A friend of mine was a US Navy veteran from Gulf War I. He griped that at any given time, the ship he served on was short-handed because the woman were off on pregnancy/maternity leave. Hence, I’ve always wondered what would happen if a wide range of military brass with combat experience were put in a windowless, camera-less room, given flexible plastic gloves to hide fingerprints, two sheets of paper apiece, and pencils, and told to write down their honest opinions about women in combat, then place their papers in a large envelope and leave the room.

    Let’s start a campaign to put Patty Ireland, Shrillary Shroo, and a few dozen other prominent feminists through Marine Corps BT.

    Then again–way back when the US had a real president (Reagan) as well as the late and unlamented USSR, and all the liberals thought that a girl going into the military was just so very chic, someone near and dear to me had the idea that her daughter should go from high school to the army.

    I scratched my chin and said, “Ya know, I hear that in Soviet POW camps, the guards aren’t nice Jewish boys or blond Estonians, but Tatars, Uzbeks, Mongols, those kind of people.”

    I never again heard of that dear white anti-racist’s daughter going into the military; and like to think I made a small contribution to the making of a female physicist.

    • My youngest daughter got the bright idea of joining the cops. Having been one myself there was no way I was going to let her have her head. It took me a while, but I eventually got her over that silliness with many gory tales of dead people and hardened criminals who took absolute delight in punching the lights out of a pretty female constable.

      I would suggest that those females who ‘aspire’ to take on the role of what used to be, and what should still be a male only occupation, have not been told or effectively shown, the real facts of life.

    • well, we know the respect China’s leaders have for human life. And how exalted girls are in China.

      The huge numbers of abortions – 65 million I read on Mark Humphrys’ site, though I don’t remember where – were largely due to China’s draconian one child policy; couples decided that The One was going to be male.

      Now that China has figured out the global demographic implosion coming at mid-century, that one-child rule is gone. Of course in the meantime they have a cohort of single males numbering about 20 mn. Men with no chance of ever marrying or pairing off because there aren’t enough women to go around.

      That’s a lot of cannon fodder, matched only by India’s c.f. – and for the same reason: two cultures that value men more highly than women. Not because they’re evil but because a son is duty-bound to care for elderly parents.

      We don’t need to worry about that. The government will supply the care. And we know what government “caring” is like.

  10. It seems we have been well conditioned by the Hollywood Industrial Complex to smile benignly as women put on a combat uniform. That silly “Private Benjamin” comes to mind, as well as the more “muscular” film “GI Jane.”

  11. Every rational human in the deepest core of their being knows where the scales tip on this issue, which is ridiculous to even engage in debate. Men are wired for battle( but dear God the modern male for the most part seem to be castrated), women on the field of battle are a distraction. How this is even a topic for discussion is a symptom of where we are right now. God help us….if I’m allowed to say that.

  12. Re what Israel is doing about women in the military, it seems there are some areas they may be better suited for than men, just as men are better suited for women than combat. The first article linked below discusses the spotters who watch for infiltrators at Israel’s borders. In fact, three Israeli women soldiers recently received citations for spotting infiltrators during the last Gaza conflict. Unfortunately, because equality-uber-alles is now beginning to infect the IDF, one of them had to complain about the wording of her citation (second link). It is very sad that many of us women cannot accept our own unique gifts or being honored for them. G-d will not ask us why we were not like someone else, with their gifts, but why we did not better use our own.,7340,L-4331311,00.html,7340,L-4618223,00.html

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