Fight Terrorism — Hire Imams!

The Charlie Hebdo massacre has really shaken up French political leaders, forcing them to get serious about dealing with Islamic terrorists on French soil. Today Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced strong new measures to combat the rise of Islamic extremism. His planned actions include spending €425 million, creating 2,800 jobs, and… hiring sixty imams!

I feel safer already. Don’t you? I love Paris in the Arab Springtime!

Many thanks to C.B. Sashenka translating this AFP news clip, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article in The Local on the same topic:

France’s €425 million plan to combat terrorism

France announced on Wednesday an arsenal of measures aimed at preventing further terror attacks, including the creation of nearly 2,800 jobs to help monitor 3,000 potentially dangerous individuals in France. Here’s a run down of what PM Manuel Valls put forward.

Two weeks after a series of shootings rocked France, the country’s PM Manuel Valls announced on Wednesday a raft of ‘exceptional measures’ to combat the threat of terrorism in France.

“Terrorism has struck our soil in an unprecedented way… and the threat of terrorism remains high, French citizens deserve to know the truth,” Valls told a press conference at the Elysée.

The attacks — the worst on French soil in decades — left 17 people dead and put Europe on high alert, with a wave of police raids, investigations and extraditions taking place across the jittery continent.

In the aftermath of the deadly shootings at Charlie Hebdo, Montrouge and the Kosher store in the east of Paris, French President Hollande and his PM Valls have repeatedly stated that the danger has not gone away.

“We must act and act quickly, it is everyone’s responsibility, but foremost the government’s responsibility,” said Valls, who was accompanied by several government ministers.

Later in the day, French President Francois Hollande added that the French military would cut 7,500 fewer jobs than originally planned. The government had initially announced it would cut some 26,000 military posts from 2015 to 2019.

Video transcript:

00:00   Fight against terrorism: the measures announced by Manuel Valls
00:06   There will be 2,680 additional jobs
00:10   dedicated to combat terrorism
00:13   in the government and in the justice system.
00:16   This effort, ladies and gentlemen, is massive.
00:20   However, it is imperative to ensure
00:24   the safety and protection of the French people.
00:27   425 million Euros will go towards equipment and operations
00:36   over the next three years for this reinforcement plan.
00:40   We also need to recruit 60 Muslim chaplains
00:44   and their professionalization.
00:46   The budget of the National Muslim Chaplains
00:48   will therefore double, and 60 additional chaplains
00:51   will join the 182 current positions.
00:55   As I announced at the National Assembly,
00:58   a watch list to be monitored by a judge,
01:02   will be created whereby it will be compulsory to list
01:04   all persons who were convicted of, or under arrest for,
01:08   acts of terrorism.

Hat tip for the article: Fjordman.

13 thoughts on “Fight Terrorism — Hire Imams!

  1. Well France’s response could have been directly out of the Onion or Mad Magazine and equally effective. The Imans will make sure everything is compromised and attacks go off as planned.

    Look, Hollande doesn’t want a effective response because it will hack off his Muslim supporters(who got him where he is). So he does a Kabuki dance and puts together a sham response.

    All Hollande and French elite can do since they are totally on board with Islam, is to hope that no more attacks happen over the next year or so and give Le Pen a chance at winning and indirectly toppling Merkel.

    • You see this is precisely why we are so dizzily proud of democracy. Those stupid Saddams, Qaddafis, Assads don’t have it and don’t enjoy its fruits.

      This is how you take these unique effective measures to protect the native French from their peaceful brothers.
      You don’t need logic, brains or honor to come up with the right decisions.
      Existence of democracy will compensate for absurd decisions.
      Why think beyond your nose.
      Study the atmosphere of France with its diversity and come up with what will appease jihadis.
      Accursed Europe: You create your own hell.

    • Can you still buy Mad Magazine? I will never get over the resemblance between Alfred E. Neuman and Tony Blair.

  2. “Terrorism has struck our soil in an unprecedented way… and the threat of terrorism remains high, French citizens deserve to know the truth,” Valls told a press conference at the Elysée.

    Valls, and his fellow commissars, wouldn’t even know the truth if it hit him in the face. I really doubt that he believe there is such a thing as truth. How can anyone with an ounce of integrity stand in front of people, whom I presume he is duty bound to serve, and tell them that they deserve to know the truth, at the same time concealing it from them? The charade that cloaks the fraudulent scheme of pretenders will come to a fate like the house of cards. The contradiction will not continue for long – it cannot. Because of its essence, the entire scheme shall crumble.

  3. Hiring 60 imams may not be all that stupid.
    Most Muslim nations contain Islam by state regulations – licensing of Imams, monitoring what they say and in some countries even writing their sermons.

    Other than deporting Muslims, realistically perhaps only those not willing to swear allegiance to the secular state above Islam, state -controlled Islam is probably the only way to gradually bring this ideology and its Muslims out of the 7 the century.

    Better still hire scholars to reinterpret the Koran.

    • Do you really think that all of those who WILL swear allegiance to the secular state, above islam, will all tell the truth?

    • I assume they will be qualified PLOs (Permanent Latrine Orderlies).

  4. Oh dear, and for a brief moment I thought we might actually have someone who had some [manly generative organs], but back to the same again, what a disappointment he has turned out to be.

    So onward to 2016 when Turkey will declare for the Caliphate and civil war erupts in Europe with massacres of non-Muslims across Europe. In the 30’s my people re-armed and got ready too late, but managed to stand just, I am not sure we can do this any more because the amount of equipment and manpower the Islamic world has now is enormous and the Turks are the ones who actually have the ability to fight properly in terms of a first world power and our own military capability has been gutted.

    And I was so looking forward to playing Star Citizen…

  5. As for the video, I remember the old Aussie slogan “Grow your own dope – plant a leftie.”

  6. We could make a lot of progress in the war on terrorism if we could just get 3/4 of the politicians committed to insane asylums. Leftism is a mental disorder.

  7. Oh goody goody gumdrops the French government is going to increase the number of imams on the public payroll from 182 to 242 in response to the Hebdo-Kosher Supermarket massacres. Did they ask themselves how useful the existing 182 imams have been since hiring the first of that crop? The next tranche? Have they considered the possibility they are funding the “spiritual”/ideological leadership of a 5th column?

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