Explaining PEGIDA to the World

Below are excerpts from an English-language article about PEGIDA that was published today at Politically Incorrect:

Explaining PEGIDA to the World

By Iuvenal

Before coming to the point I have to make sure that you will not take me for a part of Pegida or authorized by their leaders. I am not. I am just a concerned citizen sharing some of the goals of the movement and am deeply concerned about what is going on in Europe and therefore feeling a strong need to make clear why Pegida is and what it is for.

First I have to send my dearest apologies to the English reader. I am neither British nor American, so my English might be insufficient to exactly express my thoughts. And I have to declare my apologies to the German reader, too. This article is in English only, because it is for the World, this time.

What I call the Pegida-phenomenon is an unexpected flash of patriotism. After World War II and the Holocaust the Germans were educated to hate their country and to hate themselves. Now they suddenly developed a feeling of Germany a place worth living there and of themselves as creatures worth living. And they have worked hard for it. To make that point absolutely clear: Their patriotism is not hatred against those coming from a place somewhere else; it is deep-rooted love for their homeland.

The Pegida-people are not against Europe, they are for Europe. They do not even call themselves Germans in the first place, they call themselves Europeans. And they are standing up for the preservation of the Judaeo-Christian tradition they believe to be the core of what we call the West.

Therefore they are honestly concerned about millions of people coming to Europe – whether they are coming as refugees or as conquerors – when it has to be feared by certain evidence that not all of them are sharing the values of the Western Civilisation and possibly are about to import other values strongly opposing the Judaeo-Christian tradition. They are not ignoring the fact that Muslims are a part of modern Europe, but they are doubtful that Islam could ever be a part of it.

Those people are seeking the dialogue with politicians unaware even of the obvious problems and unwilling to listen to them. So the Pegida-people were remembering the Greek roots of the word Democracy, that it should be, speaking with Abraham Lincoln, a government of the people and by the people and for the people, and not an elitist club of politicians and journalists deciding for the commoners as parents would do for their children. Pegida-people don’t want to be treated as children but as citizens; and they want the people to be respected as the sovereign again.

Unfortunately the government is not taking them seriously…

Read the rest, and watch a video of the January 5 march in Dresden, at Politically Incorrect.

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25 thoughts on “Explaining PEGIDA to the World

  1. I am an American, a Californian. Over the past few days, I’ve noticed quite a few facebook postings from my relatives in Germany that are very anti-PEGIDA. The same old crap, COEXIST and the like. “Keep Germany Colorful.” These are the same people who called Pim Fortyn (Can’t remember the exact spelling of his name) a “neo Nazi.” They see Islamic immigration into Germany the same way that the American Leftists view all non-white immigration into America. As a plus. They don’t look closer to realize that the immigration is not just “for jobs” but as what it truly is. Colonialism, and for Muslims it is to be missionaries. Once the numbers are right, the Europeans can kiss their culture and all talk of “multiculturalism” goodbye. Why the Europeans don’t learn from history is a mystery to me.

    • We in the US should not be smug. Muslim immigration to this country is increasing. We are being colonized as well.
      I applaud PEGIDA.

    • It’s a mystery to the Muslims Jehadis too I imagine. They are not asking questions though – other than perhaps “who’s next?”

    • My relatives in Germany are the same. I sent one of them an objective video about the islamization of Europe and how this is also affected by the low birth rates of ethnic Europeans, and I was labelled a neo-nazi! Birth rates of Europeans are below population replacement rate…..all it takes is a few generations and then they will be in a minority.

    • Very good observation. I am a Polish guy with german roots living in Switzerland, but I spent several years in Germany. I see exactly the same among my german friends, the majority is unable to see the big picture. I also see those coexist, anti-pegida posts on Facebook. Of course there are some exceptions but its very rare. Some people are afraid to say what they think because they will be labelled as far-right nazis. On the other hand, most of my east-european friends completely agree that the West is currently being colonized. This must have something to do with the historical experience, and shorter exposition to brain-washing by multi-cultural media.

  2. Let me first just try to correct a misapprehension of this noble patriot writing to us about PEGIDA.
    It is in this comment, which I read by following the link to politically incorrect:

    “Since the 60s governments imported people from Islamic countries to European countries and hoped them to be turned into good citizens without any efforts of a well thought-out policy of migration and integration.”

    To the contrary, as Bat Ye’or details in her book “Eurabia,” the EAD (Euro-Arab Dialogue) from its inception in the late 60’s or early 70’s, laid out an explicit plan to introduce mass immigration from the Maghreb into France and to ensure that these immigrants were treated to every cultural freedom and social rights as the native French which included that they would NOT be subjected to assimilation and integration. In fact, the universities were required to give place to Arab teachers of language, displacing their own French experts in the field.
    My summary is a bit halting and brief, but I wish to make clear that integration was NEVER the goal and was explicitly rejected by the Arab League and acquiesced to by the Europeans. All subsequent agreements and frameworks between the Arab League and the EC and then the EU reiterated this goal.
    I only wish that Eurabia could be read by all your brave PEGIDA friends.

    • hear hear, you are absolute right.
      there are plenty to read about this, and yes it roots from late 60.
      the hole union is a mimic of kalergis pan-europa vision.
      ead has change its name over years, the eurabia isnt for the people to know about.

    • Harriet;

      So you think that Iuvenal is being “politically incorrect”. Praise God that he is. Throughout my life (I am 78) I have gradually seen my country changed because of the Politically Correct nonsense that has been forced on us.

      I wish that more and more of us reject this pernicious doctrine and tell the truth. I hope that the killing of the Charlie Hebdo people is the wake-up call, if not I foresee the death of European civilisation.

      • Dear sir:
        I do believe you have misunderstood me, although, I did make it clear as I knew how to: I said PEGIDA was “brave.”
        Politically incorrect is the name of the website which contains the completed text of the article the Baron has posted in brief.

      • The ending lines of the commentary by Martin Niemoller could just as easily be applied to Western Europe if this wake-up call is not heeded: “…When they came for me, there was no one left to speak up.”

    • The people who should be reading the book you recommended by the scholar Bat Y’eor are the anti-PEGIDA emotionalists and multicult sloganeers but it is too advanced for those suicidal dummkopfs.

  3. And secondly, as to this comment: “Politicians should listen.”

    Well, yes they should. But look at what Angela Merkel had done in her New Year’s Eve speech to the nation, when speaking of PEGIDA: “she took the side of the Muslims, accusing the Pegida demonstrators of nursing “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”’ (VDare, John Derbyshire, Jan. 7, 2015)

    And one week later, Charlie Hebdo and his staff and two police officers were murdered in cold blood by Muslims.

    Here is what Bat Ye’or has to say about statements like that from Europe’s leaders, speaking specifically of the entire Euro-Arab Dialogue:

    “It could even be said that the blindness to the facts manifested in such abundance [terrorism across the globe and 9/11] amounts to a whitewash that encouraged criminality.”

    Europe’s leaders have blood on their hands. And PEGIDA’s noble and righteous efforts to defend its civilization are to be prized, not denounced.

  4. Yesterday we had the pleasure of a Moslem “Communiteeeee Leeeeda” telling Britain that “freespeech stops when it reaches Mohammmed” and that we “must be careful what we say and behave with respect towards” his religion. We are now children it seems to these people who must know our place, shutup and “revert”. Reminds me of the Startrek Borg.

  5. The EDL started out with similar views to those of PEGIDA but was persecuted by the British establishment. Merkel and co seem to be doing the same to PEGIDA. I hope she fails.

  6. The leaders of Europe have lost all common sense and ability to pivot from Europe-killing policies. Some who now dimly sense that they’ve started an unnecessary conflagration by importing unassimilating hostiles in the millions are too gutless to reverse their destructive policies. They would literally rather Europe and its civilization be lost than be called “racist” by a citizenry marinated for decades in leftist insanity through their schools and media. The ONLY hope lies in the as yet small grass roots movements like PEGIDA and in Britain UKIP who are maligned as “haters” when they object to being flooded with declared haters of western civilization. One can only hope that the sleeping masses join this kind of peaceful movement to effect change through a sane immigration policy instead of waking when things have gotten out of hand and lurching into the cataclysmic violence that Europe has stumbled into before because of equally feckless leadership in the face of aggressors.

  7. Angela Merkel is a traitor to her own nation…clutching at straws and pulling the “race” card when it’s not even relevant because Islam is not a race!! When I read about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for Europe being the foundation of the EU….it all started to make sense. Apparently they hold Coudenhove-Kallergi award ceremonies, and Angela Merkel even won the award in 2011.

  8. how do these germans’ who don’t ” even call themselves Germans ” – but Europeans, express their deep-rooted love for their homeland ? How pray tell does one say “Ich liebe mein Heimatland” in European? Abraham Lincoln indeed- just another water-boy for Leviathan.

    • And that it’s in a nutshell, isn’t it?
      And I can’t help thinking of the same operation on a microcosmic scale: the family. Break down marriage, bastardize the notion of traditional marriage (a term not heard prior to 1990) — and call its supporters “bigots,” call homosexual couples “married,” attack parental rights at every opportunity, and marriage becomes irrelevant to the society at large. And the family not worth fighting for to the culture at large.
      These commie bastards are making great strides, sad to say. Well, ain’t the devil happy!!

  9. What I like about PEGIDA is their attachment to the Christian roots of Germany and of the Western civilisation as a whole. Christianity is the soul of Europe. Without it Europe will be a rotten corpse. Unfortunately, the rot has already set in and not through the efforts of Islamic radicals, but through those of the Western ruling elites that hate Christianity so much that they would replace it with anything – including Islam.

  10. I’m a 10th generation + American of Germanic descent.

    It’s extremely obvious Islam and the western world are incompatible.

    I’m very proud that our German and Western European brothers are beginning to realize this and take back their countries.

    Muslims must be driven out of Europe/US/Austrailia and the sooner the better.

    Hang tough and watch your backs.

  11. keep up the good work my german friends and dont let Merkel get you down,its your country and your childrens legacy.After the last couple of days of terrorism in France we now have the Famous ANONYMOUS on our side.good luck guys from Scotland

  12. Pegida cannot and will not be stopped. The powers that be are not omnipotent and the people will not remain blind forever.

  13. Notice how PEGIDA is not against Muslims who are currently living in Germany and who are law-abiding citizens, and they don’t want to kick them out of the country. They just want the immigration to stop now so that they can try to preserve their culture. What is wrong with that? Why are they being called racist? If any other (non-white) country did the same, the whole world would understand and support them.

    I can’t help but think that the severe anti-PEGIDA reactions by the German government proves that they have an ulterior motive or evil agenda with the immigration.

    There is only one Europe. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! And Europeans musn’t make the mistake of thinking that just because they were so kind and welcoming to others, that the favour will be returned once they are minorities in their own countries and don’t have any political power left. This is the danger of the lie of cultural Marxism which teaches that all cultures are the same – they are not!! While Europeans have been brainwashed with cultural Marxism for decades,
    the Muslim immigrants have been brainwashed with Islam and don’t believe all cultures are equal….so a clash is inevitable.

    Can the mass immigration into Europe be seen as an act of war?

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