Advocating for a Sharia Army in Lakemba

Bilal Merhi is a prominent “Australian” scholar and intellectual whose kiddie jihad presentation last year made him (in)famous.

Well, he’s back. In the following news clip from Australian TV, you’ll see Mr. Merhi talking gleefully about the formation of a Muslim army in Australia that will subdue the coward kuffar and establish the rule of sharia Down Under.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

14 thoughts on “Advocating for a Sharia Army in Lakemba

    • Still nothing official to see here regarding Islam.

      But wait! Maybe our governing class will do something … and ban all media broadcasts that expose Islam being Islamic and clamp down on all those century-long residents who built the country from getting the right idea.

      It is the case that our police would rather fight us (who believe in civil limits on violence and are not accustomed to going beyond that) than raging mobs of Muslims, so that’s who they will fight.

      The blowback is that we (civil democrats) will go far beyond the violence necessary when it is clear the governing classes are against us. Due to the lack of training in this regard, as Fjordman has suggested, the “civil” response will not be “civil” but brutal, realizing the state we built is against us … and apparently has been for some decades.

      Let’s hope it never comes to that … but the trend is not comforting.

      • I see where the muzzies have organized a ‘demo’ in Sydney to take place in support of their prophet Mohammed, peace be not upon him.

        The Commissioner has given the go ahead for the ‘demo’ but also issued a warning to those who will take part that any breach of the peace or disharmony will not be tolerated. I think we are now seeing the realization from some authorities that some muzzies are just out for trouble. Perhaps that is a start in the right direction. Politicians please take note!

  1. “They will be prosecuted. They will be taken off our streets” I think we’ve heard the rhetoric before, but as always, no one (in government) will offend a muslim. Cowards that they are.

    • Both Abbott and Brandis walked away from rule 18C when they had the chance based on their promise prior to the last fed election to modify it.

      That marks them in my book as Traitors!

  2. Is this what the advocates of multiculturalism had in mind? How has it come to this? Who benefits from the inevitable chaos and social unrest in the Western world when people reject the false assurances of our political leaders and take matters into their own hands?

    It absolutely beggars belief that the combined intelligence resources of the West failed to foresee this predictable eventuality. Either the political classes are grossly incompetent or they are hopelessly corrupt – perhaps both. Or is it on course as per sinister agenda?

    Recent events have overtaken my conservative predictions and have closed the gap by 20 years in my estimation. The time has long passed for action and this action must include a decisive response to fifth column enablers and collaborators in this nascent civil war against Islam.

    The Australian political establishment has proven itself incapable of responding to this problem. So it is therefore necessary for those within the establishment to form discreet alliances with each other and with members of the community to ensure that Australia has a fighting chance against this major historically proven threat.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. While the political system now in place has failed us as a once homogenous nation, I don’t believe the political system is beyond OUR means of correcting it while votes still decide which rider will ride the horse to our own oblivion.

      I would recommend ONE NATION as an alternative to the status quo as this party is up with what is actually occurring worldwide and not just in our country. There is another political party to be launched in October this year by Gert Wilders, and it is called Australian Liberty Alliance.

      What both parties have mainly in common is they are anti-Islamic.

      Perhaps you would care to look both of these patriotic parties over.

    • “It absolutely beggars belief that the combined intelligence resources of the West failed to foresee this predictable eventuality”

      Oh, the Lebanese Christian community of Australia implored the “Liberal” (ie, conservative) government, begged them, in 1976 not to follow through with their planned alteration of the immigration criteria that had since 1920 de facto severely restricted Muslim immigration from Lebanon and Syria. They told them: “You have no idea what you’re letting yourselves in for! We know these people. It’ll be a disaster for Australia”

      Their protestations were dismissed as sectarian, bigoted, rantings by the enlightened ones. Because in 1976 very few Anglo-Australians, other than those who had served in North Africa during WW2, knew anything about or had had any experience of Islamic culture. And those war veterans – horrified by the countries they experienced – weren’t in positions of power in the bureaucracy or commentariat. And the Jewish community didn’t dare stick its head over the parapet for fear of being labelled bigots.

      And now we have Bilal Merhi, Bilal Skaf and the lovely Ibrahim gangster family and many, many Muslim gangster and motorcycle criminal gangs. Most Australian Muslims aren’t engaged in jihadi activity, gang rape or organized crime : just welfare fraud, tax evasion and insurance fraud.

  3. What else can be expected when an infection is established?
    The United Nations is behind all this – as are past and present politicians of assorted funny hats who have and are continuing to deliberately infect this nation.
    The constant use of the word “THEM” means we terrible Australians – the Infidels who allowed this viral cult onto our shores are to blame. Hell – even the ABC reports so – and they aren’t prejudiced or biased ……… are they?
    Clearly Islam considers itself separate to all other life on this planet – and that specifically includes Male and Female who support such divisive hate filled rants. And all the while, Islamic Muftis, Imams and other funny names voice their crocodile tear displeasure, but do SFA about it. But lying and deceit is specifically permitted in their Qur’an so it’s no surprise that this is condoned as a necessary step for Islam to dominate. Exclusively blessed by their own archaic, regressive belief structure, their righteous crusade to dominate IS being effected and WILL continue.
    Might I suggest a good dose of lead poisoning, or if that’s unsightly – some rickety boats, paddles, a litre of water and a nice new compass that points them toward Mecca – and let their Allah take care of the rest. Yes – that’s more appropriate then lead poisoning!

    • The United Nations is a front for those who are really in control and pull all the strings. Look up Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, Bank of International Settlements, World Bank etc, that is where the strings are pulled.

  4. Terroristic sedition isn’t a crime, it’s a duty!

    If you believe in that happy-go-lucky homicidal warlord Mohammad.

  5. See, I don’t get why this [redacted to]-> “person who causes unpleasant digestive sensations” isn’t a so-called “target of opportunity”? Whacking scum like this “at point of origin” here in Western countries will save a LOT more lives. FWIW lefties, this isn’t free speech. It’s incitement and sedition.

  6. Is there any pathology too extreme for lefties as long as they are against western customs? What would happen to the aboriginal population under sharia?

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