A Man For All Treasons

We posted last night about a Canadian website called Présence Musulmane (Muslim Presence). It was founded in 1996 by the well-known Swiss philosopher Tariq Ramadan, who also happens to be the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For more than two years, up until yesterday, Professor Ramadan’s Francophone website had featured an article entitled “Non Charlie” that advocated violence against Charlie Hebdo and others who insult the prophet of Islam. The phrasing used in the piece was undoubtedly elliptical enough to avoid any legal action by the state, but the text left no doubt about the meaning intended.

By a strange coincidence, “Non Charlie” was pulled from the site after attention was drawn to it in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Fortunately, screen captures and cached versions still exist, so that there can be no doubt that that the article-writer at Présence Musulmane actually said those things.

Marc Lebuis of Point de Bascule has done extensive research on Tariq Ramadan and his affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood. In the video below, Vlad Tepes interviews Mr. Lebuis about Dr. Ramadan, Présence Musulmane, the Ikhwan, and related matters:

See Vlad’s post “Marc Lebuis: Tariq Ramadan and calls for the end of freedom of expression in Canada” for links to more information about Tariq Ramadan and Présence Musulmane.

12 thoughts on “A Man For All Treasons

  1. Hear what Tariq Ramadan tells his muslim listeners:

    “The only law we must respect and apply is the Sharia.”
    “Tell the infidels in public we respect your laws and your constitutions, which we Muslims believe that these are as worthless as the paper they are written on.”

    Ramadan is one of David Cameron’s advisers.

    See “Tariq Ramadan: Respect” at LibertyGB:

  2. Let’s clear the confusion here. Tariq Ramadan is not the traitor. He is a man of integrity, employing all means available at his disposal to promote his Islamic beliefs and political goals, overt and covert. It’s Oxford University and the Western liberal intelligentsia, who fawn on Ramadan and have bestowed on him high status, prestige and revenue, who are the traitors.

    • Integrity implies wholeness.
      By what measure, may I ask?
      Protagoras? “Man is the Measure?”
      You decide? I decide? A consensus of “enlightened” Westerners decide?
      What makes a man whole?

      No. Speaking of traitors, as much as we agree that the “Western liberal intelligentsia” are traitors, so too are the masses of trojan horse followers of Islam traitors, who invade the West under the pretense of harmony and assimilation — read that: allegiance to the West and rejection of ISLAM AND ITS SHARIA.

      • Harriet,
        Wishful thinking does not substitute for a cold analysis of the data at hand. First, they do not invade the West under any pretense whatsoever. No oath is required to immigrate to the West. Second,
        Ramadan was born in the West, so the invasion item would be moot anyway. Third, taquiah is part of the Muslim gestalt; resorting to it is within the wholeness of a Muslim person, just as it, for a diferent purpose, within that of a Chinese one [consult the “36 Stratagems”].

        Fourth, unlike Ramadan, many of them, e.g. Anjem Choudary, don’t even resort to taquiah: they say repeatedly, openly and publicly that they want to destroy us: that’s integrity for you. Every possible invective falls within our side of the Choudary story.

        Calling enemies names does nothing; understanding and recognizing their strengths, even apreciating them with the cool eye of a tactician, is the first step toward measuring up for the fight. Ditto, understanding the depths of cowardice, idiocy and treason to which we have sunk.

        • “Calling enemies names does nothing; understanding and recognizing their strengths, even apreciating them with the cool eye of a tactician, is the first step toward measuring up for the fight. Ditto, understanding the depths of cowardice, idiocy and treason to which we have sunk.”

          I can’t remember how many times I read those sensible golden lines. I don’t know if we will ever see and notice such type of wisdom and cleverness of such analysis in our Traitor Class.

          Now that type of deep and cold thinking is on the part of our deadly enemies.

          On our Traitor Class we have childish thinking, superficiality, naivete, primordially primitive robotic thinking, smiling, laughing like hyenas politicians to seem lovers of good humour, abject cowards, who want elected even at the expense of destroying their countries.
          I would prefer that Charlie Hebdo tackles with ridicule and exposure the real causers of the calamities and afflictions that await us all in the west.
          The real terrorists are those who started importing jihadis and now no one can decide to stop them. zero. zilch.
          Who will take these crap to task? When?

  3. A Man For All Treasons
    I jumped to read what was beneath: “A Man For All Treasons” . Because we have read at school: A Man for All Seasons, drama, that’s before our prescribed textbooks were approved by Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
    When I came across the pretty name ” T. Ramamdan, I smiled bitterly. I invoked satan to avenge humanity because of the afflictions befallen the west caused by the Traitor Class. And why satan? Well because He might do something as the Traitor Class is His archrival.
    The best poster I have seen recently is: Show real tolerance:

    Start Building Churches in Saudi Arabia.

    I guess liberal intelligents ( Cameron, Brown, Blair, Hussein, Berlisconi, ) never mentioned that to their valuable counterparts of Saudi and Turkey because they would get a kick in the teeth and the invaluable Turkey would leave NATO, and without its heart NATO would die.
    WE are deceived by our lying deceivers when they repeat “tolerance’ until they foam in the mouth like an ass. What their goal is to surrender the West to the religion of invaders, looters, and plunderers.
    Plunderers, fortified with ideology of death, with a black flag, went East as far as Australia, west as far as the Morocco and Atlantic Ocean, North as far as Spain and Vienna. Now the whole globe. It is A New Order, and a Global village to them. Taking abode anywhere they like. Thanks to the powerful mindless, stupid, retarded, crap jugglers, unconscionable, unscrupulous, semihuman, also called elected Traitor Class.
    A real democracy has distinct features: worship muslims, bow to Saudi king, revere Iran, tread on and insult your own people, say the right things during election campaigns, promote islamization after you win. You are nobody and have no character or any value. Get elected and you are somebody.

  4. Couple of years ago the traitor class in the Netherlands flirted with this guy. Leiden University gave him a voice in the media.

    Taqiya Ramadan was to light for any debate in the Netherlands so he fled to Switzerland.

    Guys like this should be expelled from any Western country. Pronto.

  5. Please don’t call Brother Tariq a “philosopher”. He is no such thing. You are insulting our western philosophers to whom he couldn’t hold a candle.

    • Have you never heard of deadpan irony?

      I’ve been practicing that skill here for ten years. I expect it to stand me in good stead come the Great Crackdown, when deadpan will be the only remaining way to express dissent in public.

      It’s like the commander of the Pueblo, Commander Lloyd M. Bucher, whose ship was captured by North Koreans almost exactly 47 years ago. Cdr. Bucher resisted all attempts to force him to confess until the Norks threatened to execute his crew one by one in front of him. So he wrote his “confession”, and included these words: “We paean the DPRK. We paean their great leader Kim Il Sung”.

      His captors didn’t get the insult, but Americans who listened to the words read out on TV certainly did.

      It’s like saying “I love Big Brother” with a twinkle in your eye. It won’t be long before that’s all we have left.

      • Maybe “Oxford University philosopher” would have deepened the pin prick.

        An example of deadpan I like is from the time when we still had real, no BS men in command positions. This was before he became a general, but when Chesty Puller’s Marine unit was surrounded by ten Chinese division in the Korean War, he said to his soldiers, “Those poor bastards, they’ve got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!”

        Something to think about as we are surrounded by a giant wall of goo, an all-consuming blob that can swallow Wichita or Leyden in one gulp…

      • Whoops, the word “philosopher” after the word “Swiss” leapt off the page at me. Blood boiling. Almost wrote the exact same first sentence as Sheik Yer Mami. Hadn’t immediately appreciated that when BB writes “Swiss philosopher” it must be a word pairing with …

  6. Time to compile dossiers on Taqiyya Ramadan, Mehdi Hasan and all the other smooth-talking wolves in sheeps’ clothing infiltrating our universities, media and other institutions, and at an appropriate moment launch petitions to their employers, and anywhere where they’re scheduled to speak.

    ‘Taqiyya’s position as an advisor to Cameron is especially insiduous (then again, Mr Cameron himself is a member of United Against Fascism – so he’s in appropriate company). How about launching a petition to the Conservatives to get shot of him? We know that won’t happen – but at least they’ll know that people care, and next time a position for “advisor to Mr Cameron” becomes open, they’ll bear this in mind…

    If CAIR can do this to the likes of Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, why can’t we do it to far more dangerous and influential figures on their side?

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