A Dream Imposed Before its Time Becomes a Nightmare

A Dream Imposed Before its Time Becomes a Nightmare

by Seneca III

With a deeply saddening reference to the gruesome Charlie Hebdo massacre, the latest but by now quite routine Muslim atrocity, I find it extremely ironic that all online UK newspapers that accept comments below their outraged articles lauding freedom of speech are in fact ‘moderating’ the comments. I’ve already had two knocked back this morning, neither of which contained foul language or specific threats, but merely addressed the truth that dare not state its name.

To understand why this is so one only has to look at the track record of our vote-whoring, deconstructionist lawmakers in the Mother of Parliaments — and their counterparts throughout the West — and how they have gagged and suborned the Fourth Estate.

Essentially the Islamic invasion of the West is only a secondary threat to our freedom. It is an unanticipated by-product of that utopian pipe-dream, the great globalisation project. The purveyors of the latter have gleefully welcomed it and are now busy utilising it to achieve their own malignant ends.

Over several decades, by means of a carefully planned and orchestrated campaign whereby the young and the gullible of all ages have been infected with Pathological Altruism, that terminal Ebola of the mind, inculcated through the vectors of false cultural anthropomorphism and white guilt, they have carefully removed the goalposts of our democracy and established a wide open playing field upon which the Great Game must be played according to their rules — which are essentially any rules that they care to impose.

Now, with each passing day, they draw ever closer to achieving their objective through the clandestine encouragement of the Religion of Death and Slavery by establishing a protective shield around these cretinous barbarians as they subjugate us, the indigenous inhabitants, through a campaign of terror, intimidation and disinformation. The demonising and criminalisation of free speech is a minor but very important part of this process, for when freedom of speech has gone all other freedoms will follow. Thus are the deconstructionists close to establishing the desired socio-political environment wherein they can justify and thence implement their long planned unilateral seizure of absolute power via a ‘diversity’-indoctrinated and enriched Judiciary, Legal Apparatus and Police Service.

Thus it is that Islam can only be effectively (and easily) dealt with once the primary threat — our homegrown, ambitious and morally destitute global totalitarians — have been dealt with in their entirety.

However, the self-serving ambition of these avaricious traitors has until now blinded them to the reality that they are but drones on a mating flight they will not survive, irrespective of the outcome of the coming conflict, and that is going to be a very messy business indeed. Furthermore, there are indications that this fact is slowly dawning upon them, that the first frissons of fear are trickling down their crooked spines, and very soon they will have to try to save themselves by applying their only remaining option: cracking down with draconian ferocity upon those who are opposed to and actively resist the imposition of an Islamic Caliphate upon the West.

Hence it is no longer of any use for anybody to try to speak truth to power be it through the ballot box or otherwise. In the final analysis the only course of action left to each of us is Sauve qui peut — ‘Save himself who can’ (or ourselves collectively) by every and any means we can muster, without fear of what history may think of us, for if we do not we will have no history.

Understand this — those who should be our guides, our saviours, our protectors, together with their fellow travellers, sycophants and hopeful beneficiaries, are in fact the deadliest enemies of all free men and women.

  Seneca III
Middle England, 8th January 2015


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86 thoughts on “A Dream Imposed Before its Time Becomes a Nightmare

  1. A well written essay, with fresh, thought-provoking images of psychology (“pathological altruism”, e.g., PCMC), entomology (“drones on a mating flight they will not survive”), and osteopathy (“the first frissons of fear are trickling down their crooked spines” — hey, it’s unfair to lump these purveyors of the great globalization project together with those who suffer from scoliosis).

    • Ah yes, Mark. Another victim group. Seneca’s essay was a fresh look at the old enemy and may startle some into action.

    • Mark, I was not speaking about crooked spines in a physiological sense but a metaphysical one. However if I have inadvertently given you cause to feel offended or pained that was unintended and careless of me and I ask your forgiveness.
      S III.

  2. Very well said. Thank you. I believe that it has already reached the point where the good solutions are gone. The left sees us as enemy number one and are mostly blind (willfully) to islams dangers. Hopefully, their survival instinct will kick in soon and realize that islam is the great evil. But the left it’s so sick in the mind.

  3. Agree with analysis, it is difficult to come to any other conclusion.

    The blatant lie that Islam as it is practiced today has nothing to do with the daily atrocities done in its name, has become unchallengable dogma. Those that do challenge are dismissed, disgrace, accused of hate crime, racism, xenophobia, right-wing extremism, or served up “should have know better” when the ‘misunderstanders of Islam’ come after the dissenters. We seem to have moved into a post-enlightenment post-democratic phase and as Seneca point out there are no good options – it will be messy.

    The Greenies/Progressives/Liberals (call them what ever you like) tells us that we are on the path to catastrophic irreversible climate change, and we must act. Yet the same groups have put us on a path to catastrophic, irreversible, social Armageddon, and they are making damn sure we are powerless to act.

    This later catastrophic change will occur in our children’s lifetime and is definitely anthropogenic. So, ironically, it may well not be dust to dust but from desert to desert.

      • And I’ve heard it suggested that the Caliphate has been declared 10, maybe 15 years too early, while the west still has the capacity (in terms of numbers and will) to resist. The virus in our societies has not had time to fully incubate and could still in theory be eradicated. A possibly fatal miscalculation on our enemy’s part. One can hope….

        • The Muslim fifth column may find themselves very naked and exposed if the swamp is drained as I think it will have to be. I imagine the body count in the Muslimhood ghettos will start rising soon as the Imams start to cull the ranks of those not Islsmic enough. Then we will see a new internal refugee “escaping poverty and oppression”. Tell me again. What exactly is it that Muslims contribute to society that they get the velvet glove treatment and not the gauntlet?

  4. Well put Seneca 111. I too have thought long and hard on what you have highlighted here. I too have come to the same conclusion. It can be no other way! May God help us!

    • “It is much better to be frightened now than to be killed hereafter”
      Winston Churchill 1934

    • You’ll be waiting a long time for that to happen. How long before the days of super heroes, imaginary beings and prayer are relegated to the bin of childhood fantasies where they belong.

      If we are to survive, we must have action, not prayer.

      • It take time to organize, prepare and plan. It beats going off the deep end half cocked. Fear can be a powerful motivator to right action and in action. Too much fear is paralysis.

  5. I imagine the moderators must now be on compulsory overtime, with all leave cancelled. Just out of curiosity, Seneca, I’m wondering what type of comments did you post that were deleted?

    A while back I posted a few articles about comments censored at the Guardian. One is here (about a comment that generated 1600 recommends before it “disappeared”), with another linked in that post.

    • Pretty much a short, anodyne, truncated version of the above, GI. Mainly as to cause and effect without any suggestion of the inevitable consequences.
      Alternatively, of course, as I was addressing MSM journalists it may be that I was using far too many multi-syllable words 🙂 🙂 😉
      S III.

  6. Hear, hear. I fear, though, it has to get a lot worse before it gets better. The turning point may be seen when socialists are reviled and driven from public office but until that day comes, they are on a winning streak.

  7. With a gal from the EU recently announcing that no member may leave that Borg, the decimation of Western Civilization can conclude in Europe. Who knew Russia would be the last beacon of Hope?

  8. The triumph of despotism is to force the slaves to declare themselves free. It may need no force; the slaves may proclaim their freedom quite sincerely: but they are none the less slaves.

    Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (p. 236). Random House. Kindle Edition.

    One belief , more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals – justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution.

    Berlin, Isaiah (2012-12-31). The Proper Study Of Mankind: An Anthology of Essays (p. 237). Random House. Kindle Edition.

    Betrayed By The Elite.

      • Its an Islamic strategy for preventing the truth from ever getting out. With advent of photography and moving pictures the Turks were caught red handed. Their skills at lying have been keeping them afloat up to recently. Hitler took them up on their copyright offer. Poor old Koran shackled Mussies today are in a real bind on this one in particular. At least we don’t need to expect any quarter at the grocery store.

        • I guessed that, Nick, but thanks. Berlin was wiser than most politicians and journalists bundled together (there’s a scary picture!)

    • It is an indictment of the Western education system that the name of Isaiah Berlin is not known by every child by the time they finish high school. His unpretentious essays are both accessible to those of average intelligence and also deeply profound. Berlin makes one doubt their own political and philosophical certitudes. Makes one question their own egotism. I commend to GoV readers a book by an admiring Indian student of his “Conversations with Isaiah Berlin”.

  9. Then you will likely need to take up arms down the road to fight for your freedoms. Otherwise, like North Koreans, you just accept it I suppose.

  10. I too have had several comments consored by the national press. When they ran an article written by someone they referred to as an “academic” which said that Islam was a religion of peace and these murderous barbarians were not real Muslims, I commented that he had not accounted for the traditional Islamic principle of abrogation, which allowed devout Muslims to discount all the nice, peaceful-sounding parts of the Curry Anne which he had mentioned in the article. And instead, follow the violent, belligerent verses that came later.

    This is not the first time I have had comments mentioning the principle of abrogation censored by the press – this leads me to believe that it is a real sore point and we need to press it all the more, so that we hear them squeal!

    In the essay I recently uploaded to Amazon, I argue as follows:

    1. David Cameron has argued that all Islamic principles are peaceful. (An A proposition.)

    2. The premises of Cameron’s argument do not support that conclusion. His position is therefore untenable.

    3. The premises of Camerons’ argument do support the conclusion that some Islamic doctrines are peaceful. (An I proposition.)

    4. It is possible to construct a valid argument which supports the conclusion that some Islamic doctrines are not peaceful.

    5. The principle of abrogation teaches that devout Muslims must follow those Islamic doctrines that came later, regardless of whether they are peaceful. That is irrelevant.

    6. It is therefore possible to have some Muslims behaving in a peaceful manner, if they have not followed the traditional Islamic principle of abrogation, and have instead chosen peaceful-sounding Islamic teachings from the Koran in an ad hoc manner. And it is possible to have other Muslims who have run that abrogation “app” in their own minds behaving in a violent and ruthless manner, because they have chosen instead to follow those Islamic doctrines which are not peaceful.

    7. It is a straightforward matter to develop this understanding of Islamic doctrines, and it explains what we are seeing around the world today. Unfortunately, this is not the view that has been adopted by the Westminster elite. David Cameron in particular has presented the British public with a load of incoherent nonsense whenever he has tried to discuss Muslims, Islam and the Islamic State.

    8. We have to begin holding politicians who have not told the truth about the threat we are facing accountable – we can make a start to this by voting against the ruling elite in May 2015.

    It is quite incredible that even today, with all that has happened, if you go to Amazon and search for “Cameron” and “Islam” then my modest little essay is all that you will find. What I take from this is that if comments about the Islamic principle of abrogation have been declared verboten in the national press, then we know we have something they don’t want to hear. And we have to push it by other means.

    The Cameron Analysis – 99p on Kindle.

  11. Thankyou for this article, you say things that I’ve been thinking about. I wonder if the mass immigration was part of a maniacal plan or did the traitors just happen to realise that these throat cutters could do their dirty work for them.
    In an interview Mark Steyn referenced the French Author who has written about an islamised future France, his interviewer did not believe France could have a mohammedian president in 2024, Mark said “imagine Marine Le Penn losing an an election to a muslim/socialist alliance”.
    Obama’s “the future does not belong to those who denigrate islam” speech at the UN may well of been off the elite blueprint for world domination.
    This video of The German Justice Minister commenting on PEGIDA sends chills down my spine:
    He has basically declared war on his own people. This man is so far removed from his people that he is willing to strike an alliance with supremacist mohammedians, that has to be a text book example of a quisling.
    Regardless of any success for counter jihad, I see a dark bleak future.

    • Tremble when you hear the EU’s “Core Values” being defended, those fine-sounding Free Movement, Rights of Asylum, Rights to Welfare. They are dishonestly promoted as for “economic benefit”. In reality they are disguises for Nation-Breaking, Population-Replacement, White Genocide, Middle Class Elimination, Private Wealth Removal, and the sinister facilitation of the unannounced Eurabian Superstate that nobody voted for.
      See EU Nation-Breaking

      • I think this says it all:

        Hear leading left-wing politician, Sixties anarchist Daniel Cohn-Bendit:

        We … must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.

        I had never seen that quote before, but I am not surprised that this awful person has been a major part of this!

        • Cohn-Bendit is, in terms of adverse impact, perhaps the worst European of the past 50 years. It is a cosmic joke that he is a public figure.

    • Germans have been betrayed to chaos before. I hope the majority is aware that the complexion of the enemy is a stubborn self righteousness, along with false claims on humanism.

    • Hi James: You are absolutely right. I saw the youtube. How could such enemies of nation and Europe come to power? When they come to power and speak their minds like this and reveal their treachery, why there are no peaceful riots to remove them? Otherwise how is a democracy different from dictatorship ? Or there is only one kind of ruling system in the world: Tyrannical dictatorship and the ability the deceive people and present it as democracy by hugging serpents (islam).

    • Now is not the time for happiness. But that’s life isn’t it?

      “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo.
      “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

      • I suspect Tolkien had WW2 in mind (his son was in the RAF); sadly history refuses to stop happening.

        • Maybe, I don’t know. The film Lord of the Rings brings to mind the current situation in the West.

        • Yes, funny about history repeating, isn’t it? Or not: people and societies perhaps do not evolve and change all that much over the centuries, millennia.

          Speaking of Tolkien, one of the most common theories from literary critics about the significance of the One Ring was that it represented the Bomb. Use this almost infinitely powered item, and triumph, and be damned in the process. I wonder if anyone, jihadist, Iran, whoever, will drop one of these on their fellow humans in the next say, 50, 100 years …? I’d personally estimate the probability at say, 25%, but I’m a pessimist by inclination.

  12. Interesting article, I was joking last night that when the EU governments get to have their meeting about the events, they will talk about 10 minutes about how to deal with the terrorist attacks, without any definition of what they are. And two hours on how to deal with the growing threat of Islamophobia, and I would think my joke would be no different from the reality of those people.

    I for one find it insulting that I keep getting threatened by our governments not to carry out Islamophobia, first of all its a meaningless word as we all know, but secondly I am not a Muslim, I believe in the rule of law despite its current debased and sick level. Only when I have no hope that our governments can actually defend us will I get to the point of thinking about fighting and even then it will be to defend my own person and that of my family against these people when it kicks off. I have over the years suspected the elite political class in Europe want to use Islam to control the people so they can sit above us and get rid of those that people who do not agree with their policies, like me who is someone who voted for and admired Maggie Thatcher.

    The guy who attacked the Jewish supermarket, he was given 5 years for being involved in assisting the 1995 bomber from escaping prison, that was in 2010, he was let out early a year ago.


      • If you´re looking for suggestions may I recommend the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. It´s cheap, safe, full of opportunities, has a rich culture and bright future.

      • I don’t know about most of South America, but I would recommend Peru, a Catholic nation with no political correctness. And I’m Protestant, but love the culture.
        My wife and I were on a plane out of Toronto and there was a muzzie who was wearing the white potatoe sack garb. When we arrived in Lima, he wasted no time in changing into jeans at the airport. My wife was of the opinion that he changed out of fear of being attacked for being dressed as a muzzie.

  13. Seneca III admirebly and astutely speaks in behalf of all the Freedom and Liberty advocates in Western Civilisation and beyond by exposing the true nature of the menace and existential threat we all face.
    The morally bankrupt and treacherous ruling elites and their bought and paid for whoring puppets in the political establishment and other subservient stooges are guilty of gross betrayal and egregious curruption against the civilian population of our collective societies.
    With each passing month a growing proportion of the general public thru out the West are being forced to WAKE UP AND WISE UP when confronted by the conclusive and irrefutable arguments and evidence that DEMOLISHES the official orwellian propaganda narrative.

  14. A wonderfully lucid article Seneca III, I think the final paragraph encapsulates all that is wrong with the elites of Britain and other Western European countries.
    I do think that if one country were to begin to take the measures necessary to protect its society; there would be a landslide of other nations following on. I recall how quickly Communism collapsed across Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain. I take heart from that; we just need our Western European version of the Iron Curtain (the E.U.) to implode, for that change to begin.

  15. The biggest reason we have free speech is because it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict ahead of time, exactly who will/will not be offended by something you say. And it comminly accepted throughout history that a law MUST be able to be complied with IN ADVANCE in order to be just. I.e. laws curbing “offensive” speech are inherently unjust.

  16. WHAT
    is the root of pathological altuism?

    has it taken such a deep root in Western Culture?

    benefits from pushing this suicidal ideology upon us and our children?

    We cannot answer these questions even though the truth stares us in the face.

    We are angry. We are scared. We are cowards.

    I have posed the questions that must not be asked.

    Gentlemen, Western culture died when Rome adopted a foreign, Middle Eastern philosophy. As a result, no longer did the Romans emulate the Eagle as they once did. They totemised and emulated the sheep. The wool was not simply pulled over their eyes. It was pulled over their entire body. The Holy Roman Empire (it was a republic when it followed Western ideals) then spread this disease over all of Europe. Western historians used to call this period the “Dark Ages.”

    Indeed, the European people have been groping in the dark for nearly 2000 years. The Reformation, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment are all counter-revolutions against this alien, Middle Eastern threat. Socially and politically, these movements do not represent the GROWTH of Western Society. They represent its REBIRTH. This is why the Church and other followers of Abrahamic religion oppose them with such ferocity. The ideals of these reform movements are a threat to the dominance of Abrahamic culture and are evil by definition to those who follow the Abrahamic god.

    What was needed to prevent the full awakening of authentic Western culture (and the associated fall of Abrahamic Middle Eastern culture) was a new pit to trap us in. Enter Marxism and all its associated spin-offs. Again, in the name of Love, we are to sublimate ourselves to masters. Again, we are to embrace original sin, this time in the form of white guilt. Again, we are to demonstrate our righteousness by rejecting who we really are. But this time, our absolution comes not by submitting to a life of serfdom and slavery on an individual level. No, this time our absolution comes only through total cultural and genetic martydom: the annihilation of ourselves as a distinct people, achieved through multiculturalism, one-way-anti-racism (wherein only whites are the racists) and genocidal miscegenation.

    We have lost this war because we were gullible and stupid. Our famed hospitality has been used against us in the most cynical way. We may never wield the influence we once did. But that is no longer the question. The question today is, “will we even survive?” Will there even be one pocket in the world where Western people exist and are able to create a Western society? To ask this is heresy. Our enemies call it hate while our own turn a blind eye, fearing what they may find if they look honestly at the data. Do you have courage? Then LOOK. And be honest with yourself about what you find.

    Never, ever, let them make you feel guilt over who you are. You are not evil. Your ancestors were not evil. This site claims to be about defending Western Civilization. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Western Civilization is calling you. The voice comes out of the mists of time. It is the voice of your ancestors. Will you listen?

    • Look no further than the EU and UN, they are demanding the borders be kept open every time a skirmish happens.
      Both are morally bankrupt, avaricious, ‘holier than thou’ traitors, and the latter is controlled by it’s Islamic voting block.

      The ‘leaders’ of all European countries should be telling the EU where to go, but instead, mindful of the high paying jobs to be had when they are voted out, they are crumbling like snow before a Chinook. Some are even starting to give traitorous words to their equally insane thoughts, Fredrik Reinfeldt the former PM of the once pleasant, enlightened country formerly known as Sweden is a perfect example. The man is not just a traitor, he is certifiably insane.

      • When a typical old socialist fella from until what was until recently a very impoverished Portugal can retire from Bruxelles on a base 100,000 Euros plus significant benefits……

  17. —I’ve been wondering where we poor English could seek asylum and as the gentleman above says, it’s amazing that Russia should be ‘a beacon of hope’,

    No, not the US: Islam is already taking over there, starting with the White House.

  18. The blind will go on leading the blind, but the sighted will follow a different path. Will they/we gain enough power to redirect Western Civilization (no less), or will the ‘ignorant armies’ go on clashing by night, till we are all done-in? All I can say is, Lord preserve us!

    • Look to the seige of Malta 1565 for strength – that looked hopeless too, 600 Christain knights and ancillaries against 40,000 Turks and assorted Muslims.

  19. Seneca III, Thank you for the simple, clear, eloquent description of these momentous days. As I read your commentary I was gently reminded of an old hymn; “Life at Best is Very Brief”, the first verse is as follows:

    Life at best is very brief,
    Like the falling of a leaf,
    Like the binding of a sheaf,
    Be in time!
    Fleeting days are telling fast
    That the die will soon be cast,
    And the fatal line be passed,
    Be in time!

    I grieve for the West. As my mother was wont to say, as she struggled in the death grip of fatal cancer, “The war may be lost but the battle is not over.”

    The quotation may be one of many mangled versions but it was true for her. And the West? I consider that our response may be too little, too late but we must still fight the battle with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul, and with all our strength. There IS still time.

  20. It has appeared to me that for the past 25 years and with increasing intensity that Islam was the truncheon in the hands of the powers-that-be to keep the masses in a subjugated and manageable state in Europe much the same way the homosexual lobby has been used here in America.
    However, as people have begun to wake up to the existential threat to their liberties that Islam in the hands of the Elite poses, the LGBT have been called to the fore so that neither the truth can be told nor dictates of conscience followed nor Jesus Christ proclaimed in the public square.
    What the Elites do not realize is that these truncheons have a mind of their own and may very well turn on their masters, (if they haven’t already) and force the Elite to do their bidding. We are seeing the beginnings of this in Ninth Circuit Court decisions. This does not bode well for those whom this earth is all there is. My trend lines indicate either anarchy or tyranny by the end of the decade. Islam and LGBT may very well find that at the end of the day a planet that is a wasteland and a victory that is pyrrhic at best.

  21. From a military perspective, the Islamic Enemy is PATHETICALLY weak. They produce no arms, they fire off weaponry mainly for the noise produced, and any damage done is by chance. They manage to chop off heads (of bound, helpless victims) and shoot prone hostages (in ditches) at the range of a foot or so–BUT THAT’S IT.
    The “weaponry” my Boy Scout troop possessed in the ’60’s–namely Winchester and Remington bolt-action .22’s and single-shot 20ga shotguns–would suffice against them.
    Of course–it would take both skill, and THE WILL to use them.
    I pity Europe, though things will be different here across the Pond.
    I agree with Seneca, though. Our first targets will NOT be the targeted muzzie. We will have to deal with their protectors, first.
    THAT will get messy, indeed.

    • Exactly. For whatever reason, Western man is excruciatingly slow to anger, but once aroused that anger burns white-hot. Just look at the Civil War, and WWs I and II. If we ever do take up arms in earnest against those 7th-century throwbacks, they’ll be annihilated in short order. In the meantime they’re free to pick us off a handful at a time.

    • I went to Israel where they are prepared to FIGHT BACK and are hated for it, but that route is only available to the few, and is becoming increasingly difficult even then.

  22. This has turned ino a real occupation needing a real resistence movement taking the form of whatever. Secret and everwhere turning the fear back on the occupiers. This EU “unity” is accommodating hordes and millions upon millions of standby and active muslims who most certainly are going for the gold.

    • Yes, it is astonishingly bad. Another reason for us Brits to gripe about the US, since they returned the totally gratuitous (and deeply unpleasant) Mr Morgan to his native shores!

  23. This is by no means limited to Islam alone. In the US they have established what the astute Black-things analyst Paul Kersey calls BRA, i.e. Blacks-Ruled America, which is run by greedy incomptetents who manage somehow to remain malcontent as well (a look at the face of the First Lady of New York City will prove instructive http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mccray-didn-wear-jeans-funeral-fashion-designer-article-1.2069689).

    As if that werent’ enough, they are inundating the country with an alien race, its being a race not important but its far lower mean IQ, lack of learning, lack of any grounding in the Western traditions and norms of civic society, and growing up in societal envelopes hateful to the US gringo definitive and alarming. The proscription against speakig thetruth about that is great, and the penalties so draconian — immediate loss of job, livelihood and future prospects — that even one of the sharpest arrow in theopposing quiver, Dr. Steven Camarota of CIS, is given to quotes like this:

    “Our system often seems like a black box to them,” said Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies. Camarota recently authored a study on immigrant mothers in the United States. “A fundamental transformation is going on in Arkansas among our immigrant population,” Camarota said. “It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It’s about education.”

    Northwest Arkansas will feel those effects the most since the Fayetteville-Rogers-Springdale metropolitan statistical area has seen a rapid rise in Hispanic population growth, Camarota said. The number of immigrant mothers without a high school diploma in the United States has skyrocketed, Camarota said. Most of the immigrants are Hispanic and many of the uneducated Hispanics are also unfamiliar with basic medical practices and terminology, he said. The combination of poor education and unfamiliarity with the medical system is an enormous problem for the industry, he said.”

    The price America will pay for all this is incalculable, and no lesser than the price Europe will play for its own brand of treasonous stupidity.

  24. “In our children’s lifetime? Yes: sooner than we think. Al Qaeda’s plan is for “Total Confrontation” in 2016.
    Not long now.”

    It might be a blessing if it came that soon! Before our governments and militaries and police are more infiltrated.

  25. And what will these elites get when Islam is ascendant? There is no way to put it down, except if it is done with consideration now. They are armed, brutal and dangerous.

  26. I vote for Seneca III as my next president. Furthermore. Since the traitor Cameron did not allow mr. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller to enter GB i revoked mr.Cameron “rights” to enter Holland.

  27. In reference to the deletion of comments, I had the same experience after the recent terrorist attack on the Lindt cafe in Sydney. The ‘truth that must not be expressed’ is that jihad is part of the culture of Islam and that terrorists are pious Muslims and there are no multi-culti magic solutions to the threat the ideology presents to our civilisation.

  28. Do not belittle the gangster religion!

    The massacre at the editorial office in Paris took place entirely according to the book. Equally genuine and Islamic pristine as alI ISIS divers activities. These warriors, Jahannam-angels, are authentic and true Muslims, ‘the guys with real mohammad inside’; The peaceful and so called moderate muzzies, who imagine that they will take over Europe, are just poor depictions of real Muslims – despicable hypocrites and puppets – quislings to the true faith.

    The story of the murder of the Prophet Mohammad’s critic, the poet ‘Kaab ibn`ul Ashraf’ is found in Hadith Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book 59, No. 369 and is valid even in the present day as the basic motivation and commandment for murder of critics of Islam and the Prophet.

  29. Hi
    It seems to me that the U.S. overall is much more accepting of freedom of speech. Most websites have comment sections and opinions are expressed fully. I do not frequent news sites or blogs that do nkt offer comment sections. It is obvious that the UK has a serious problem that their freedom of speech is so suppressed. It is in fact suffocating to me.

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