When Are We Going To Wake Up?

In the following Fox News video segment, Sean Hannity talks to Richard Miniter, a prominent author and expert on terrorism, and Bo Dietl, a former NYPD detective, about a spate of recent “lone wolf” terrorist attacks in Canada and the USA.

Specifically discussed are:

  • Zale Thompson, a.k.a. Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik, who attacked four policemen with a hatchet in Jamaica, Queens on October 23.
  • Alton Nolen, a.k.a. Jah’Keem Yisrael, who allegedly beheaded a former co-worker in Oklahoma on September 25.
  • Martin Couture-Rouleau, a.k.a. Ahmad Rouleau, who ran over two Canadian soldiers near Montreal on October 20, killing one of them.
  • Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a.k.a. Joseph Paul Michael Abdallah Bulgasem Zehaf-Bibeau, who killed a Canadian soldier on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on October 22.
  • Major Nidal Hasan, the Killer Shrink of Fort Hood.

This is not new material — the clip first ran in late October, just after the string of attacks in Canada and New York — but what’s interesting about it is that it occurred on the Hannity program. It used to be that Mr. Hannity avoided discussing Islam, and rarely took a hard line about it when he did. But all that seems to have changed:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “When Are We Going To Wake Up?

  1. Knowing your’ asleep is called lucidity. Watch out for the zombies. They aren’t lucid. They don’t understand.

  2. Rarely do I find something that I can correct in Gates -a combo of you guys being incredibly well informed and myself being much less so by a huge factor. But just for the record Hannity has been railing about Major Hassan since the event, when Obama called the dastardly deed work place violence. Hannity has also been hammering Islamists, if not Islam itself, for a long time. Plus he has been as strong a supporter of Israel as one could be, never backing down.

    • Fair enough; point taken. The truth is, I hadn’t paid much attention to Hannity for six or seven years, since those days when he was so fastidiously avoidant about Islam.

      A lot of conservatives seemed to be that way back then, following President Bush’s lead. If Mr. Bush said the terrorists were a “tiny minority of extremists who have hijacked a great religion”, then we must show restraint in our attitude towards Islam — that seemed to be the prevailing opinion at the time.

      Some of us decided to examine the evidence and make up our own minds. But it may be that important, famous conservative TV hosts were too busy to be able to do that.

  3. Muslim converts or otherwise need to be returned to the middle east unless they realy do respect other religions

  4. On his radio show, Hannity is expresses himself a bit more freely. At Fox News, Hannity must follow Fox News’ style book/policy. You can see this clearly in the immigration issue. Murdoch supports wide open immigration. Listen to how Hannity speaks about immigration on Fox and on his radio show.

  5. I can’t pass comment about other countries, but here in the U.K. I believe things will have to get much, much worse before there is a significant back lash against Islam.
    The British government are too afraid to even attempt to deal with the problems we have with Muslims here; they fear that they may not be able to stabilize the resultant disorder.
    There is also the factor of the staggering level of investment in the U.K. from Islamic countries (the Qatari Sovereign Wealth Fund being one example) and the leverage this gives them with the government and the financial, educational and media elites.

    • Sounds like Britain is in almost as deep as the USA and everywhere else. Tough choices. Tough luck. Nobody rides free.

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